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         Solovyov Vladimir:     more books (100)
  1. Die Freiheit und das Bose nach Vladimir Solovev (Symposion, philosophische Schriftenreihe) (German Edition) by Ludwig Wenzler, 1978
  2. Vladimir Solovev und Max Scheler;: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Phanomenologie im Versuch einer vergleichenden Interpretation (Sammlung Wissenschaft und Gegenwart) (German Edition) by Helmut Dahm, 1971
  3. Vladimir Solov'ev: Reconciler and Polemicist (Eastern Christian Studies)
  4. The Heart of Reality: Essays on Beauty, Love, and Ethics by Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov, Vladimir Wozniuk, 2003-05
  5. The justification of the good; an essay on moral philosophy by Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov, Natalie Duddington, 2010-09-08
  6. War, Progress, and the End of History (Esalen-Lindisfarne Library of Russian Philosophy) by Vladimir Solovyov, 1990-06-15
  7. Biography - Solovyov, Vladimir (1853-1900): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2002-01-01
  8. Platonists: T. K. Seung, George Grant, Vladimir Solovyov, List of ancient Platonists, Thomas Taylor, Leo Mikhailovich Lopatin,
  9. Ethical thought in Germany and Russia. Schelling and Vladimir Solovyov / Eticheskaya mysl v Germanii i Rossii. Shelling i Vl.Solovev by Lazarev V.V., 2000
  10. Philosophical aesthetics of Vladimir Solovyov. Holy Harmony / Filosofskaya estetika Vladimira Soloveva. Svyataya garmoniya by Kormin N.A., 2001
  11. V. Soloviev, my double Vladimir Solovyov. The dastardly tales and paradoxes essays / Solovev V. Moy dvoynik Vladimir Solovev. Podlye rasskazy i paradoxy-esse by Solovev V.I., 2009
  12. Sophiology: Hildegard of Bingen, Harmony Society, Sophia, Jakob Böhme, Sergei Bulgakov, Vladimir Solovyov, George Rapp, Jane Leade
  13. Russian Bandy Players: Valeri Maslov, Mikhail Butusov, Vsevolod Blinkov, Sergei Solovyov, Vladimir Savdunin, Sergey Obukhov
  14. SOLOV'ËV (SOLOVYOV), VLADIMIR SERGEEVICH(18531900): An entry from Gale's <i>Encyclopedia of Philosophy</i> by Piama Gaidenko, 2006

41. Vladimir Solovyov - Resume
Online resume of vladimir solovyov, Client/Server and Internet Software Developer. vladimirsolovyov Client/Server and Internet Software Developer

42. Astronaut/Cosmonaut Statistics
days Yuri Romanenko 326.485 days Sergei Krikalyov - 311.834 days Oleg Atkov- 236.951 days Leonid Kizim - 236.951 days vladimir solovyov - 236.951 days
Astronaut/Cosmonaut Statistics
(as of December 07, 2002 Total Time Spent By Humans In Space
- In excess of 70 man-years Total Number of People Who Have Been in Space ( USAF definition Total Number of People Who Have Been in Space ( FAI definition Total Number of People Who Have Been in Earth Orbit Ten Longest Individual Durations in Space:
Valeri Polyakov
- 437.479 days
Sergei Avdeyev
- 379.62 days
Musa Manarov
- 365.944 days
Vladimir Titov
- 365.944 days
Yuri Romanenko
- 326.485 days
Sergei Krikalyov
- 311.834 days
Oleg Atkov
- 236.951 days
Leonid Kizim
- 236.951 days
Vladimir Solovyov
- 236.951 days Anatoli Berezovoi - 211.337 days Ten Longest Total Durations in Space: Sergei Avdeyev - 747.601 days Valeri Polyakov - 678.42 days Anatoliy Solovyov - 651.009 days Sergei Krikalyov - 624.387 days Viktor Afanasyev - 555.775 days Yuri Usachyov - 552.934 days Musa Manarov - 541.022 days Aleksandr Viktorenko - 490.068 days Yuri Romanenko - 430.765 days Aleksandr Kaleri - 415.14 days Most Trips Into Space: 7 trips Franklin Chang-Diaz Jerry Ross 6 trips Curtis Brown Franklin Musgrave James Wetherbee John Young 5 trips John Blaha Kenneth Bowersox Kenneth Cockrell Bonnie Dunbar ... Janice Voss Eleven Longest Individual EVA's: Susan Helms - 8.933 hours

43. Solov_conf1
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON vladimir solovyov, at the University of Nijmegen,The Netherlands PRELIMINARY PROGRAM. Transnational vladimir solovyov Society.
at the University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands
(Nikolaj Berdaev, "Filosofskaja istina i intelligentskaja pravda", in: Vekhi, p. 38)
Organized by
  • University of Nijmegen ( Faculty of Philosophy , Faculty of Theology, Institute of Eastern Christian Studies) Institute for Missiological and Ecumenical Research, Utrecht University Transnational Vladimir Solovyov Society
Sponsored by
  • Institute of Eastern Christian Studies, Nijmegen IIMO, Utrecht University Department of Metaphysics, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nijmegen Department of Social and Political Philosophy, Fac. of Philosophy, University of Nijmegen Faculty of Theology, University of Nijmegen
  • Tuesday evening 15 September - Friday 18 September 1998
Programm Registration Form (Word6.0-Doc.) General Information TUESDAY 15 SEPTEMBER arrivals and check-in from 18.00 onwards: registration in the Aula/Congresgebouw 19.30, Aula Minor: welcome addresses 20.00 - 21.30, Aula Minor: plenary session: key note addresses: 1. Sutton, dr Jonathan [Dept. of Modern Slavonic Languages, University of Leeds]: Vl. Solovyov: Reconciler and Polemicist

44. Vladimir Solovyov On Chemiakin
The summary for this Czech page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set. Bazaar.html
News "Бессмертная тема смерти", - шутит художник-некрофил, который умерщвляет реальность во имя искусства. Russian Bazaar, 1986 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214, USA News Page

45. Russain PSE Booklist
7w SAKWA (Richard) Gorbachev and his Reforms, 19851990. 7x SALLNOW (John) Reformin the Soviet Union. 7y solovyov (vladimir) and KLEPIKOVA (E.) Boris Yeltsin.
POLITICS, SOCIETY AND ECONOMY IN RUSSIA FROM 1953: Session 2001/02 Key Texts Reference Works Atlases Eyewitness accounts, memoirs etc.. ... Environmental issues KEY TEXTS 1a BROWN (Archie) The Gorbachev Factor 1b GALEOTTI (Mark) Gorbachev and his Revolution 1c KEEP (John) Last of the Empires 1d McCAULEY (Martin) The Khrushchev Era and Khrushchev and Khrushchevism 1e NOVE (Alec) An Economic History of the USSR latest ed. 1f NOVE (Alec) Stalinism and After 1g WALKER (Rachel) Six Years that Shook the World 1h WESTWOOD (John) Endurance and Endeavour 4th ed. 1j WHITE (Stephen) Gorbachev and After and After Gorbachev 1k ANDRLE (Vladimir) A Social History of Twentieth Century Russia Reference Works Cambridge Encyclopedia of Russia and the Soviet Union Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States pp.365-564 2c VRONSKAYA (Jeanne) and CHUGAEV (V.) The Biographical Dictionary of the Former Soviet Union Atlases 3a DEWDNEY (John) The USSR in Map 3b GILBERT (Martin) Dent Atlas of Russian History or his Soviet History Atlas 3c CHANNON (John) The Penguin Historical Atlas of Russia Eyewitness accounts, memoirs etc..

46. Russian Philosophy - Internet Resources
vladimir solovyov (18531900) Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy -vladimir solovyov; vladimir solovyov Society; vladimir Sergeevitch
In Japanese
Russian Philosophy - Internet Resources
  • General
  • Religious Philosophy in 19th Century
  • In the Soviet Period
  • Contemporary Russian Thought ...
    Main Page
    General Resources
    Religious Philosophy in the 19th - early 20th Centuries Vladimir Solovyov (1853-1900) Nikolai Fyodorov (1828-1903)
  • 47. ƒƒVƒA‚ÌŽv‘zE“NŠwF@î•ñƒŠƒ\[ƒX
    The Gallery of Russian Thinkers maintained by Mikhail Epstein; TheRussian Philosophy Forum - The vladimir solovyov Society; Religious
    In English
  • ‘S@”Ê
  • Šv–½‘OƒƒVƒA‚̏@‹³“NŠw
  • ƒƒVƒA‚ÌŒ»‘ãŽv‘z
  • ˜_•¶EƒGƒbƒZƒC ...
  • ƒƒCƒ“Eƒy[ƒW
    Šv–½‘OƒƒVƒA‚̏@‹³“NŠw ƒjƒRƒ‰ƒCEƒtƒ‡[ƒhƒƒt (1828-1903) ƒƒV[ƒŠ[EƒƒU[ƒmƒt (1856-1919)
  • 48. Res Mixtae - Filosofie, Politiek, Religie
    Terug. Studies over het theologischpolitieke vraagstuk bij vladimir solovyov Anizar,Humberto Encarnacion, 'teologia politica vladimir Soloviev', Th.D. diss.
    Studiegroep "Res Mixtae" Studiegroep in
    Filosofie, Politiek, Religie Terug naar Welkom Terug naar Documentatie Presentatie Programma studiedagen ... Archief
    Vladimir Solovjov (1853-1900)
    Webstekken Publicaties Studies over Solovyov] [Tekst: Anton Simons] Solovjov wordt door velen als de grootste Russische filosoof beschouwd vanwege zijn veelzijdigheid en zijn poging om diverse inzichten tot een grote synthese te verenigen. Nog tijdens zijn studie aan de fysisch-mathematische faculteit interesseerde hij zich voor filosofie, en vervolgde zijn studie aan de historisch-filologische faculteit. Zijn meesterdissertatie (1874) bevat een uitgebreide kritiek op de westerse filosofie en het positivisme. Zijn doctorsdissertatie ("Kritiek van abstracte principes") bevat een onderzoek van principes waardoor mensen zich in hun handelen laten leiden en die in hun levens worden weerspiegeld.
    Voor de politieke theologie is Solovjov vooral van belang wegens zijn teksten van de jaren '80 en '90. Dan komt hij in discussie met de slavofielen tot een bezinning op de nationale identiteit van Rusland, de rol van de godsdienst hierin en de betekenis van Rusland als reddende natie in de wereldgeschiedenis. Kenmerkend voor Solovjov zijn zijn uitgesproken kritiek op een exclusief nationalisme en zijn pleidooi voor een theocratische samenleving, waarin God over de uiterlijke samenlevingsvormen en over het menselijk innerlijk heerst. In de jaren '80 gaat het schrijven bij Solovjov samen met inspanningen om een verzoening tussen de oecumene tussen de roomskatholieke kerk en de orthodoxe kerken te bewerken. In de jaren '90 geeft hij deze pogingen op en wijdt hij zich aan de theoretische uitwerking en fundering van zijn principes.

    49. Denkers
    Lübbe, Hermann. Metz, JohannBaptist. Nancy, Jean-Luc. Palmquist, Steve. Schmitt,Carl. Strauss, Leo. solovyov, vladimir. Taubes, Jacob. Voegelin, Eric. Terug.
    Gegevens over denkers op het gebied van filosofie, politiek, religie
    De gegevens omvatten: een korte omschrijving van de wijze waarop de auteur het theologisch-politieke probleem denkt, verwijzingen naar webstekken, relevante literatuur van en over de auteur. Inhoud: Bataille Benjamin Derrida Lefort ... Terug

    50. IX Congress Poster
    Prunariu, vladimir Remek, Stu Roosa, Victor Savinykh, Paul ScullyPower, VitaliSevastyonov, Helen Sharman, Anatoli solovyov, vladimir solovyov, Bob Springer
    IX Congress of the Association of Space Explorers
    Vienna, Austria
    October 10-17, 1993
    Commemorative Poster This poster commemorates the 9th Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers. The Congress took place October 10-17, 1993 in Vienna, Austria. Bearing the authentic signatures of fifty-five of the participating astronauts from fourteen nations, it is part of a series of limited collector's edition posters that have been produced and signed at each ASE Congress since the Association was founded in 1985. Signature Key *US Federal employee, signature not included on Collector's Edition Poster Home The Association ASE Members Planetary Congress ... Corporate Members

    51. V Congress Poster
    Roosa, Nikolai Rukavishnikov, Valeri Ryumin, Victor Savinykh, Russell Schweickart,Rakesh Sharma, vladimir Shatalov, vladimir solovyov, vladimir Titov, James
    V Congress of the Association of Space Explorers
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    November 11-15, 1989
    Commemorative Poster This poster commemorates the 5th Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers. The Congress took place November 11-15, 1989 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Bearing the authentic and original signatures of fifty-one of the participating astronauts from eleven nations, it is part of a series of limited Collector's Edition posters that have been produced and signed at each ASE Congress since the Association was founded in 1985. One hundred and forty-seven posters were signed at the 5th Congress. The poster has two headings, the main heading in Arabic at the top, with the English and Russian displayed at the bottom. Around the periphery are printed translations of "Association of Space Explorers" in the native languages of all individuals who have flown in space. Clockwise, from upper left with Arabic at the top, they include Romanian, Dutch, Czech, German, Arabic, Italian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Bulgarian, Mongolian, French and Polish. The background is taken from NASA archive photo # 83 HC 213 which has been used for each set of posters in the series. The central image of the poster reflects the Congress theme "Space for Earth" and was painted by Saudi artist Prince Khaled Al-Faisal al-Saud, Governor of Asir Province. The painting depicts the traditional Arab bedouin in the natural environment he inhabits - the island Earth in the vastness of space - relying on his camel, his Saluki hunting dog and the date palm and contemplating the heavens as a source of navigation, inspiration and spiritual guidance. The image represents the natural unity that binds humanity to its surroundings.

    52. A Solovyov Anthology
    Augustine's Press. Hailed as “the Russian Newman,” the great Eastern theologian,poet and mystic vladimir solovyov has been unjustly neglected in the West.
    St. Augustine's Press
    Print out, fax, or mail your order
    A Solovyov Anthology
    Vladimir Solovyov
    Introduced by Aidan Nichols O.P.
    With a preface by Cardinal Giacomo Biffi
    250 pages, clothbound
    ISBN: 1-901157-19-9, 2001

    53. "Vladimir Simosko" Books & Magazines: Compare Prices, Check Store Ratings, And R
    Released 1995. Rating —. 7. Politics, Law and Morality. Author vladimir S.solovyov, vladimir Wozniuk. Subtitle Essays. ISBN 0300079958. Format Hardcover.,mss__cat_id--80,keyword--Vladimir Simosko,rf--wgg.html
    March 23, 2003
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    54. Solovyov Home Page
    solovyov.htm. Encyclopedia article from http// Gallery
    Home Page
    Soloviev Home Page
    Sometimes the spelling "solovyov" is used instead. Article: Soloviev and Our Time by Cardinal Biffi Conference: Vladimir Soloviev; The Russian Newman? General Links: The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on Soloviev
    Encyclopedia article from The Gallery of Russian Thinkers, Philosophers, Theologians, Prophets, Scholars. The Transnational Vladimir Soloviev Society Soloviev web group:
    This group is for discussion of the work and legacy of the Russian philosopher Vladimir Soloviev (1853-1900). Soloviev is generally considered to be his country's greatest 19th century philosopher. He was a decisive figure in the birth of Russia's "Silver Age" in the arts, literature, philosophy and religion (about 1895-1922). 2000 is the 200th anniversary of his death. Articles in Communio:
    Spring 1997: articles on Soloviev b y Greg Glazov and Aidan Nichols.

    55. Cosmon
    1976 Leonid G. Ivanov, Leonid K. Kadenyuk, Nikolay T. Moskalenko, Sergey F. Protchenko,Yevgeniy V. Saley, Anatoliy Y. solovyov, vladimir G. Titov, vladimir V
    TsPK, GROUP 1, March 07, 1960 Ivan N. Anikeyev, Pavel I. Belyayev, Valentin V. Bondarenko, Valeri F. Bykovsky, Valentin I. Filatyev, Yuri A. Gagarin, Viktor V. Gorbatko, Anatoli Y. Kartashov, Yevgeni V. Khrunov, Vladimir M. Komarov, Aleksei A. Leonov, Grigori G. Nelybov, Andrian G. Nikolayev, Pavel R. Popavich, Mars Z. Rafikov, Georgi S. Shonin, Gherman S. Titov, Valentin S. Varlamov, Boris V. Volynov, Dmitri A. Zaikin. TsPK, GROUP 2, February 28, 1962 Tatiyana D. Kuznetsova, Valentina L. Ponomaryova, Irina B. Solovyova, Valentina V. Tereshkova, Zhanna D. Yorkina. TsPK, GROUP 3, January 10, 1963 Yuri P. Artyukhin, Eduard I. Buinovski, Georg T. Dobrovolski, Lev S. Dyomin, Anatoli V. Filipchenko, Aleksey A. Gubarev, Vladislav I. Gulyayev, Pyotr I. Kolodin, Eduard P. Kugno, Anatoli P. Kuklin, Aleksandr N. Matnichenko, Vladimir A. Shatalov, Lev V. Vorobyov, Anatoli F. Voronov, Vitali M. Zholobov. TsPK, GROUP 4, January 25, 1964 Vladimir N. Benderov, Georgi T. Beregovoy. MIXED GROUP, May 1964 Konstantin P. Feoktistov, Georgi P. katys, Vasili G. Lazarev, Aleksei V. Sorokin, Boris B. Yegorov.

    56. Witness To Mir’s Beginning And End
    MOSCOW, March 23, 2001 — vladimir solovyov says he’s seen “two sides of thecoin” in the space business As a cosmonaut, he was among the first to live

    57. Directory ::
    solovyov, vladimir (6) Sites. vladimir solovyov (18531900) solovyov's lifeand main philosophical works; includes primary and secondary resources.

    58. NewsReader: MADNESS.911.TALK: ñïèñîê ñîîáùåíèé
    8 (9), 13/12/01 104817, ? ? NNTP? Denis solovyov (25070/912.1),vladimir Polukonov. Denis solovyov (25070/912.1), vladimir Polukonov.

    59. "publications.html"
    Papers Russian History and Actuality in the Work of vladimir solovyov A CaseStudy of His Perception of the Polish Uprising (1863-1864) and Russia's
    Joint Publications
    Eastern Christian Studies V. 2 edited by A. Davids, B. Groen, H. Teule (Peeters Leuven) 2000 ISBN 90-429-0959-5
    - 'Review of Andrzej de Lazari et al. (eds.), Idei v Rossi / Idee w Rosji /Ideas in Russia; Leksykon rosyjsko-polsko-angielski (Warsaw: Naukowe - Semper, 1999)' [M. de Courten, P.Schrooyen, A. Simons, E. van der Zweerde, and F. Nethercott], Studies in East European Thought
    - 'Russische Filosofie' (E. van der Zweerde, N. Plotnikov, P. Schrooyen, M. de Courten, A. Simons) Wijsgerig Perspectief 4 (1999/2000) (in Dutch) Dr. Evert van der Zweerde
    - " 'Civil Society' and 'Orthodox Christianity' in Russia: A Double Testcase" 27 (1999) p. 23-45. Papers
    - "Is Europe a Christian Super-Nation? Some Considerations on Politics and Universality&auot;, paper presented at the Conference Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Europe Leeds, 25-28 June 2001.
    - "Pour une nouvelle lecture de la philosophie de Vl. Soloviev" paper presented at the Colloque Comment Justifier le Bien Aujour'hui : Vladimir Soloviev et notre temps , Fribourg, 15 oktober 1998. See also:

    60. "activities.html"
    Contemporary Europe. Moscow, Russia August 2630, 2000 vladimir solovyov2000 vladimir solovyov and His Philosophical Legacy . Tampere

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