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         Condensed Matter:     more books (100)
  1. Principles of Condensed Matter Physics by P. M. Chaikin, T. C. Lubensky, 2000-10-09
  2. Basic Notions Of Condensed Matter Physics (Advanced Books Classics) by Philip W. Anderson, 1997-11-28
  3. Magnetism in Condensed Matter (Oxford Master Series in Physics) by Stephen Blundell, 2001-12-06
  4. Condensed Matter Field Theory by Alexander Altland, Ben D. Simons, 2010-04-30
  5. Soft Condensed Matter by Richard A.L. Jones, 2002-08-15
  6. Group Theory: Application to the Physics of Condensed Matter by Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Gene Dresselhaus, et all 2010-11-30
  7. Condensed Matter Physics by Michael P. Marder, 2010-11-09
  8. Lectures on Non-equilibrium Theory of Condensed Matter by Ladislaus Alexander Banyai, 2006-08-01
  9. Advanced Condensed Matter Physics by Leonard M. Sander, 2009-03-16
  10. Soft Condensed Matter Physics in Molecular and Cell Biology (Scottish Graduate Series)
  11. Many-Body Quantum Theory in Condensed Matter Physics: An Introduction (Oxford Graduate Texts) by Henrik Bruus, Karsten Flensberg, 2004-11-11
  12. Shock Waves in Condensed Matter-1983: Proceedings of the American Physical Society Topical Conference Held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 18-21, 1983 by J. R. Asay, R. A. Graham, 1985-03
  13. Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics by Alexei M. Tsvelik, 2007-01-18
  14. Symmetry and Condensed Matter Physics: A Computational Approach by M. El-Batanouny, F. Wooten, 2008-05-26

1. Condensed Matter & Materials Physics Conference 2000
The annual CMMP meeting is a major international conference. This year it will be held in Bristol and will again have a range of symposia with speakers and contributors from the UK, elsewhere in Europe and beyond. The wide range of invited and plenary talks will cover novel aspects of condensed matter and materials physics and applications into other areas of science and technology. Advanced Find Contact us Institute Conferences:
Registration and Call for Papers 19 - 21 December 2000
University of Bristol

General Information
The annual CMMP meeting is a major international conference. This year it will be held in Bristol and will again have a range of symposia with speakers and contributors from the UK, elsewhere in Europe and beyond. The wide range of invited and plenary talks will cover novel aspects of condensed matter and materials physics and applications into other areas of science and technology. We hope that we shall again have a broad range of participants representing all parts of the CMMP community. One of the principal features of this annual meeting is the opportunity it gives to young researchers to present their work and this will again be strongly encouraged through both the symposia and the poster sessions. There will be prizes for the best student posters. In addition, the Student Day, which will take place on Monday 18 December, will include lectures designed to enhance appreciation of the key scientific issues of the meeting. In view of the growing interest surrounding the application of physics to the life sciences, a special symposium "Physics at the Biology Interface", is also planned for the Wednesday afternoon, 19 December. Venue
The focal point for the conference will be the Wills Memorial Building on Park Street, within the University precinct. Bristol is served by two railway stations, Temple Meads and Parkway, the former being closer to the city centre and conference venue. The approximate journey time by rail from either London or Birmingham is 90 minutes, by coach from Heathrow is 90 minutes and from Bristol International Airport is 30 minutes. Accommodation will be provided in halls of residence some 3 km from the University, in the pleasant Downs area of the city. Transport will be provided to and from the conference. Evening meals will be at the halls of residence and lunches and snacks will be available at the conference.

2. Condensed Matter eprint server. Free preprints of journal papers from 1992 onwards.
Condensed Matter (since 4/92)
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3. Springer LINK: Zeitschrift Für Physik B
Translate this page The Springer Journal Zeitschrift für Physik B condensed matter has been mergedinto The European Physical Journal B (EPJ B) starting 1998. Springer LINK,
Managing Editors: S. Grossmann, H. Rietschel
ISSN: 0722-3277 (printed version)
ISSN: 1431-584X (electronic version)

4. Theory Of Condensed Matter Group
These pages contain information on the research interests, members and publications of the group.Category Science Physics condensed matter Organizations......These pages contain information on the research interests, members and publicationsof the Theory of condensed matter group of the Cavendish Laboratory
Theory of Condensed Matter
Theoretical condensed matter physics is about building models of physical processes, often driven by experimental data, generalising the solutions of those models to make experimental predictions, and transferring the concepts gained into other areas of research. Theory plays an important role in understanding known phenomena and in predicting new ones.
Solids often show unusual collective behaviour resulting from cooperative quantum or classical phenomena. For this type of physics a more model-based approach is appropriate, and we are using such methods to attack problems in magnetism, superconductivity, nonlinear optics, mesoscopic systems, polymers, and colloids.
Collective behaviour comes even more to the fore in systems on a larger scale. As examples, we work on self-organising structures in "soft" condensed matter systems, non-linear dynamics of interacting systems, the observer in quantum mechanics, and models of biophysical processes, from the molecular scale up to neural systems.
Research Interests

Members of the Group

Diary of TCM Seminars

Diary of regular events
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Links related to crystals, mathematical modeling, quantum liquids and the Hall effect, among others.
The Net Advance of Physics: CONDENSED MATTER
General and Various Defects and Dislocations Field Theory Methods Materials ...
  • Surface Science GENERAL AND VARIOUS:
  • 6. Condensed Matter Theory Group, University Of Mainz
    Publications Working ?

    7. ...:::ICMP:::...
    General information, departments, condensed matter Physics online journal, publications by ftp, links, conferebces, workshops, seminars.

    8. The Condensed Matter Theory Sector Of SISSA
    The condensed matter Sector purses several projects of clear scientific relevance, mainly to understand by microscopical
    Attendere prego...

    9. Chemistry Of Condensed Matter
    Chemistry of condensed matter, P.O.Box 80.000, 3508 TA Utrecht, The Netherlands.
    Chemistry of Condensed Matter , Debye Institute, Utrecht University.
    Keywords: electron transport, photoelectrochemistry, quantum dots, luminescence, semiconductors, chemistry and physics of condensed matter.

    10. NCSA Condensed Matter Physics Home Page
    Useful algorithms for a diverse range of quantum manybody systems such as the Monte Carlo Method.Category Science Physics condensed matter......Quantum Simulations of condensed matter Systems This is the NCSA CondensedMatter Physics home page. A variety of Quantum Simulation
    About Us NCSA Alliance TeraGrid Outreach EOT Community Partnerships Private Sector Program Expeditions Atmospheric Discovery Community Codes Performance Engineering Petascale Data ... Scientific Workspaces User Information Getting Started Consulting Training Alliance Resources News Access Online data link Newsletter Press Room Quantum Simulations of Condensed Matter Systems This is the NCSA Condensed Matter Physics home page. A variety of Quantum Simulation Methods, mostly Monte Carlo, such as Path Integral Monte Carlo (PIMC), diffusion Monte Carlo (DMC), Green's Function Monte Carlo (GFMC) and Variational Monte Carlo (VMC), are employed to investigate a diverse range of quantum many-body systems. Our group develops new quantum simulation algorithms and applies them to various physical systems using high-performance computers.

    11. Condensed Matter Physics Department University Of Basel
    condensed matter GroupCategory Science Physics condensed matter Organizations......Uni Basel,. Physics Department, condensed matter. Welcome to the condensedmatter home page of the Institut für Physik der Universität Basel.
    HTTP 200 Document follows Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 18:54:15 GMT Server: NCSA/1.5.2 Last-modified: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 09:13:26 GMT Content-type: text/html Content-length: 6795
    Physics Department,
    Condensed Matter Welcome to the condensed matter home page of the . There are three experimental groups and one theoretical group at the institute dealing with condensed matter:
    the group of
    The main activity of the group is focused onto the application of scanning probe methods (SPM) on a wide variety of surfaces. The instruments ( STM LTSTM AFM LTSFM, MFM ... OT ) are operated in various environments, such as air, UHV and fluids, from room temperature down to 1.5 K.
    the group of Prof. Dr. P. Oelhafen
    This group is working in the fields of general surface physics, experimental determination of the electronic structure of disordered condensed matter and thin film technology. The experimental methods include photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS, XPS, time resolved photoelectron spectroscopy on laser excited sample surfaces), optical characterization methods and thin film deposition by various plasma assisted preparation techniques.
    the group of
    Our research is directed towards static and dynamic electric-transport properties of nanostructures of various kind including normal metals, superconductors, and organic conductors. The structures are fabricated either by high-resolution electron-beam lithography or by using a chemical approach.

    12. Redirect Page
    Information about condensed matter Physics atAmes Labratory at Iowa State University.Category Regional North America Research Areas

    13. Physical Review B Homepage
    Find a table of contents and abstracts from the latest issue of this journal featuring articles on condensed matter and materials physics.
    Phys. Rev. A Phys. Rev. B Phys. Rev. C Phys. Rev. D Phys. Rev. E Phys. Rev. ST AB Phys. Rev. Lett. Phys. Rev. (Series I) Phys. Rev. Rev. Mod. Phys. Vol.: Page/Article:
    Announcements: Color Online Only for Physical Review
    Retractions of several ( ) Phys. Rev. B papers and one Phys. Rev. Lett. paper . See also: Report of Lucent Technologies Investigation Committee
    Recent and Future Issues
    Vol. 67, 15(II) - No. 12 - Mar (with Rapids) open Vol. 67, 15(I) - No. 11 - Mar (with Briefs) open Vol. 67, 1(II) - No. 10 - Mar (with Rapids) open Vol. 67, 1(I) - No. 9 - Mar (with Briefs) open Vol. 67, 15(II) - No. 8 - Feb (with Rapids) Vol. 67, 15(I) - No. 7 - Feb (with Briefs) Vol. 67, 1(II) - No. 6 - Feb (with Rapids) Vol. 67, 1(I) - No. 5 - Feb (with Briefs) Accepted Papers Vol. 67, 15(II) - No. 4 - Jan (with Rapids) Vol. 67, 15(I) - No. 3 - Jan (with Briefs) Vol. 67, 1(II) - No. 2 - Jan (with Rapids) Vol. 67, 1(I) - No. 1 - Jan (with Briefs) Vol. 66, 15(II) - No. 24 - Dec (with Rapids) Vol. 66, 15(I) - No. 23 - Dec (with Briefs) Vol. 66, 1(II) - No. 22 - Dec (with Rapids)

    14. Condensed Matter Physics - Caltech
    condensed matter Physics. California Institute of Technology. CondensedMatter Physics Caltech 11436 Pasadena CA 91125 Category Reference Education Research Physics and Astronomy
    Condensed Matter Physics
    California Institute of Technology
    Condensed Matter Physics
    Caltech 114-36
    Pasadena CA 91125
    Research Groups

    Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

    Solid State Sciences Seminar

    Last modified Friday, October 4, 2002

    15. Journal Of Physics: Condensed Matter
    Learn about the experimental and theoretical groups at this Swiss university's department of condensedmatter physics. Also get contact information. condensed matter. Welcome to the condensed matter home page of the Institut für Physik der Universität Basel.
    Journals sitemap: IOP home page IOP online services EJs HOME JOURNAL HOME   - Editorial information   - Scope   - Editorial board   - Submit an article   - Pricing and ordering   - Request sample copy EJS EXTRA   - IOP Select   - IOP Physics Reviews   - BEC Matters! SEARCH   - Content finder   - Default searches AUTHORS   - Submit an article   - Status enquiry   - Get LaTeX class file   - Classification schemes   - Scope   - Editorial board   - How to get published REFEREES   - Submit referee report   - Become a referee   - Update personal details   - Classification schemes   - Scope   - Editorial board LIBRARIANS   - Register your institution   - Pricing and ordering   - Library branding   - How to link to IOP journals   - Librarian help USER OPTIONS   - Create account   - Lost password
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    IOP Physics Reviews
    IOP journal news BEC Matters! IOP books (new window) IOP journal archive Latest issue Vol 15, No 12, 2 April 2003 (L191-L217, R441-R469, 1813-2135)

    16. SpringerLink: The European Physical Journal B
    The European Physical Journal B (EPJ B) condensed matter is a merger of Il NuovoCimento D, Journal de Physique and Zeitschrift für Physik B. Springer LINK.
    A merger of , Journal de Physique I, and
    Il Nuovo Cimento D
    Recognized by the European Physical Society Would you like to automatically receive every new table of contents of European Physical Journal B ? Then register with our free-of-charge mail service LINK Alert by entering your mail address here: You will receive confirmation via email. ISSN 1434-6028 (printed version)
    ISSN 1434-6036 (electronic version)

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    18. Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Group
    The group of David A. Weitz works on the physics of soft condensed matter, materials which are easily Category Science Physics condensed matter Soft condensed matter......We study the physics of soft condensed matter, including colloids, emulsions,gels, glasses, polymers, foams, and biological samples.
    Current Cool Image
    We study the physics of soft condensed matter, materials which are easily deformable by external stresses, electric or magnetic fields, or even by thermal fluctuations. These materials typically possess structures which are much larger than atomic or molecular scales; the structure and dynamics at the mesoscopic scales determine macroscopic physical properties. The goal of our research is to probe and understand this relationship. We study both synthetic and biological materials; our interests extend from fundamental physics to technological applications, from basic materials questions to specific biological problems. The techniques we use include light scattering, optical microscopy, rheology, and sheer brain power We sponsor an informal seminar every Wednesday the squishy physics and pizza night. To learn more and check the schedule of speakers, check out our "Squishy Physics Talks" webpage On our "extras" page, we have listed the various instruments we use; we encourage people who have an interest in using these facilities to contact us to schedule experiments. In addition, there are links to tutorials we have written about our techniques.

    19. UPenn Soft Condensed Matter Group
    Index to this large group in soft condensed matter physics.Category Science Physics condensed matter Soft condensed matter......Soft condensed matter. Group Homepages. Heiney Group; Yodh Group; Quantum CondensedMatter Theory. Other Links of Interest. Comments? Last Modified 25 July 2001
    Soft Condensed Matter
    Department of Physics and Astronomy
    University of Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia, PA 19104
    What We Do
    Colloids and Emulsions
    Liquid Crystals
    Polymer Physics
    Statistical Mechanics
    See Some of Our Review Articles and Conference Proceedings
    Group Homepages
    Other Links of Interest ...
    Comments? Last Modified 25 July 2001

    20. FLC MRSEC
    The former Condensed Matter Laboratory (CML) website has moved to the Physics Department server:
    please update your links to point to the Condensed Matter Laboratory site
    If the page does not automatically redirect to the new location in a few seconds, please click on the new link. See you there!

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