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  1. Energy Psychology Interactive Self-help Guide by David Feinstein, Candace Pert, 2004-01-11
  2. Heal Your Self: A Journey to Find You (Volume 1) by Janet Greene, 2008-05-15
  3. The Origins of Unhappiness: A New Understanding of Personal Distress (Psychology/self-help) by Davis Smail, 1999-09
  4. Child Psychology and Development For Dummies (For Dummies (Psychology & Self Help)) by Laura L. Smith PhD, Charles H. Elliott PhD, 2011-03-08
  5. The Man Who Loved a Polar Bear and Other Psychotherapist's Tales (Psychology/self-help) by Robert U. Akeret, 1996-04-29
  6. Alter Egos: Multiple Personalities (Psychology/self-help) by David Cohen, 1996-01
  7. Sports Psychology: A Self-Help Guide by Stephen J. Bull, 1999-05-01
  8. What to Do If Your Child Can't Read (Psychology/self-help) by Lyn Murray, 1999-08-02
  9. The Samaritans: Befriending the Suicidal (New Revised and Expanded Edition) (Psychology/self-help) by Chad Varah, 1988-11-14
  10. Byron (Psychology/self-help) by Andre Maurois, 1984-10-15
  11. The Black Plaque Guide to London (Psychology/self-help) by Felix Barker, Denise Silvester-Carr, 1987-10-26
  12. One Flesh, Separate Persons: Principles of Family and Marital Psychotherapy (Psychology/self-help) by A. C. Robin Skynner, 1976-01
  13. Violence in Society: The Reality Behind Violent Crime (Psychology/self-help) by Elie Godsi, 1999-10
  14. Illusion and Reality: The Meaning of Anxiety (Psychology/self-help) by David Smail, 1997-11

1. Robert F. Sarmiento - Cyber Psychologist - Depression, Addicition,
Self-help service to reduce stress and depression, overcome addictions, and improve relationships .Category Health Mental Health Online Individual Practitioners......Welcome to the psychology selfhelp Web Site Your on-line source forself-help to reduce stress and depression, overcome addictive
Welcome to the Psychology Self-Help Web Site Your on-line source for self-help to reduce stress and depression, overcome addictive behaviors, improve relationships and enhance career and personal satisfaction. My name is Dr. Rob Sarmiento. I am a licensed psychologist in practice for twenty-five years in Houston, Texas. My web site is divided into four main sections:
  • The Self-Help Center focuses on personal growth topics. The Self-Help Tools are practical exercises and methods you can start using right away. Site Features include various useful items like links, a reading list, advice on finding a therapist and so on. The Consulting section highlights services for mental health, human resources, legal and business professionals.
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2. Psychology Self-Help Resources On The Internet
psychology selfhelp Resources on the Internet If you don't find your topic (1) Use the "find" commandcontrol-f in Netscapeto look for a key word.
Back to Psych Web Home Page
Psychology Self-Help Resources on the Internet
Updated 08/09/02. This page [ ] contains links to non-commercial sites providing information and help about specific disorders related to psychology. In addition to this page, Psych Web maintains lists of brochures and articles related to psychology (many of which are related to self-help issues), commercial psychology-related sites on the web, psychology departments on the web, psychology journals on the web, other megalists of psychology resources , and scholarly psychology resources on the web. If you don't find your topic... Brochures and Articles page here on Psych Web...there are many more self-help articles there. (3) Visit the other mega-sites listed on the Other Mega-Sites page. Every link on this page was working on the day it was updated.
  • Alphabetized list of Disorders and Links to Resources
    Alphabetized List of Disorders and Links to Resources
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    About Self-Help and Self-Help Resources
    • Internet Mental Health ["A free encyclopedia of mental health information" this is a wonderful resource for abnormal psychology, with descriptions of virtually all mental and behavioral disorders.]
  • 3. Psychology Self-Help Resources On The Internet
    Back to Psych Web Home Page. psychology selfhelp Resources on the Internet.Updated 08/09/02. This page http//

    4. Free Counseling Advice: Very Practical, Expert Psychology Self-Help Articles
    Self-help reference book offering practical advice for personal, family, or relationship issues and Category Shopping Publications Health Mental Health Self Help...... Free Counseling psychology selfhelp Articles from the Book,
    By Chuck Falcon
    Practical, Expert Counseling Advice at Your Fingertips! Great National Psychology Reviews and Endorsements
    Clearly Describes How to Find Happiness and True Love, How to Improve Relationship Problems and Parenting Skills
    Up-to-Date Critiques of Controversies in Psychology

    bibliography, index, ISBN # 0-9628254-2-5, LCCN # 2001090305
    20% Discount
    Call One of Our 24-Hour 800 Numbers
    Free Counseling:
    Psychology Self-Help Articles from the Book
    PO Box 2687
    Lafayette, LA 70502

    Books/tapes for weight loss, anxiety, depression, sexual problems, relationships, and many psychology selfhelp topics. Free self-help chat and BB to help you help yourself.

    6. CyberPsychLink - Self-Help
    CyberPsychologist psychology self-help Center a self-help psychology site,by Dr. Rob Sarmiento, offering specific cognitive-behavioral methods to help
    Self-Help Links:
      Blain Nelson's Abuse Pages Self-help checklists, etc. BOOTSTRAPS The first monthly column on the Internet devoted to self-help and self-improvement Borderline Personality Disorders Explains BPD in layperson's terms. Browse and be entertained by classical music. Addiction Resource Guide contains free information on addiction treatment facilities and guidance on how to select the right one.. Counseling Center Self-Help (SUNY-Buffalo) a wide selection of documents, internet resources, referrals, and reading lists, all to help you with day-to-day stresses and difficult periods in your life. CyberPsychologist - Psychology Self-Help Center a self-help psychology site, by Dr. Rob Sarmiento, offering specific cognitive-behavioral methods to help people reduce stress and depression, overcome addictive habits, improve relationships and enhance personal and career satisfaction. David Baldwin's Trauma Info Pages For professional and/or consumer use. Contains very helpful information- as well as links to other interesting places. HabitSmart an abundance of information about addictive behavior: theories of habit endurance and habit change as well as tips for effectively managing problematic habitual behavior.

    7. This Is A Brief Collection Of The More Useful Resources For
    psychology selfhelp Resources on the Internet which contains links to non-commercialsites providing information and help about specific disorders related to

    8. Other Self-Help Sites
    Online Career Center. Psychology in Daily Life. psychology selfhelp Resourceson the Internet. Self-Help Psychology Magazine. Women's Resources on the Web.
    Text Only Site
    American Psychological Association PsychNET (SM)
    America's Job Bank Main Menu careerWEB - jobs, employment, and careers Text Only Site
    American Psychological Association PsychNET (SM)
    America's Job Bank Main Menu careerWEB - jobs, employment, and careers ... Women's Resources on the Web

    9. SelfhelpMagazine
    psychology Resources, Psychtoons. Welcome to SelfhelpMagazine! Humor. Health Spirituality.Internet psychology. Marriage Divorce. Men. Parenting. Personal Growth. Category Health Mental Health selfhelp
    Welcome to SelfhelpMagazine! Read our articles, participate in one of 100 discussion forums, learn to manage your stress, use our 1000's of resources, send postcards, meditate with us and subscribe to our newsletter. Please make yourself at home while benefiting from the combined efforts of over 300 volunteer professionals who have created one of the largest and most visited mental health sites on the Net. Buy the Book! Infidelity on the Internet Free Articles on Cyber-Dating
    Helping People You Care About with Their Substance Abuse Problems Being a Woman in a Man's World Sports and Parental Values Spirit at Work ... MORE! ...
    Anorexia: I'm Not a Child and I'm So Afraid Today's Roadmap For Tomorrow Creative Risk-Taking for High Performance Broken People ... The Black Hole of Cyberspace
    Break the cycle now!

    10. Mental Help Net
    A guide to mental health online, featuring over 9,000 reviewed resources. Covers topics in selfhelp, psychology, psychiatry and social work.
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    Site, LLC 570 Metro Place Dublin, OH 43017 NEWSLETTER Create, Edit, or Delete Your Newsletter Account TODAY'S FEATURES: Yoga For Mental Health I often try to provide a further pearl or two of wisdom that the writer might consider. Specifically, I tend to recommend activities known to be generally helpful in promoting mental health and peace of mind including socialization, exercise and relaxation. It has occurred to me that it is fully possible to get the benefits of all three of these recommendations by performing only a single activity which is called Yoga. FEATURED TOPICS: Abuse ADHD Anxiety Disorders Autism ... Show All Topics WHAT'S NEW: New Alcohol Screening Test We've put up a new alcohol screening test. This test doesn't produce a diagnosis, but it can help advise you as to whether you should go for help for your alcohol problem. Find the new test in our Substance Abuse topic center. LATEST NEWS: Trauma comes in many guises.

    11. Self-Help Psychology: Improve Your Spirituality, Health, Relationships And Love.
    Offering selfhelp psychology, improved spirituality, health, relationships, and love. Describes alternative medicine techniques. Joel Vorensky.
    Self-Help Psychology: Improve Your Spirituality, Health, Relationships And Love.
    Humankind seeks to establish true personal growth and spirituality in their lives. This is the challenge of the baby boom generation. The challenge of freeing the self from the age of anxiety and turning ones interests to developing true spirituality. How will they obtain success? What knowledge must they acquire to achieve their goal of effective and consistent self-help? Where are they going to learn the best techniques that correspond to their temperaments and personalities? "Joel Vorensky explores the sacred work of embodying Spirit, marrying body and soul to experience the fullest, richest potential of life. He illuminates the realms of spirituality, pleasure, and desire with the sites of our greatest fears, yearnings, satisfactions, and misunderstandings." Honoring both the linear analytical mind and the creatively chaotic mind, he shows how we must recognize and unite our passionate "dark" and serene "light" aspects to become whole and healthy spiritual beings. I DARE TO HEAL is an inspirational guide to wholeness. Joel invites us to become spacious enough to embody the entire drama of our personal and collective soul. I DARE TO HEAL is a magnetic field of wisdom and vision."

    12. SelfhelpMagazine: Article Index (text Version)
    selfhelp program, compulsive overeater, anorexia, the basics, bulimia, when therapydidn't help, coping, how to begin recovery, parents Internet psychology.

    Seeking the assistance of a therapist can be a difficult process ...
    A-F G-L M-R S-Z ... Take Our Site Survey Powers of Attorney, parents moving in, caregiver and stress, coping with memory loss, dementia, delinium, depression, educating, geriatric care, care managers, retiring, long distance caring, memory failure, suicide in terminal patients, myths and facts, older women and sex, planning for the future, depression and physical disabilities, parents relationships and a fulfilling marriage, holidays as signals for help. Alcohol, Nicotine and Other Drugs Addiction, anger, banning, behavior, coping, risk takers, health consequences, gender differences, struggle against recovery, study of attempts to quit, nicotine freedom, reasons people smoke, quitting, recovering, concern with drinking, influences of smoking, teens, increases stress, treatment and prevention, understanding, visual imagery used to quit, how to stop. Children's Behavior ADHD in the classroom, hyperactivity, violent video games, bullies, reading and television, cholesterol-lowering diet, anger and divorce, cruelty, disruptive children, drawing and emotional experiences, cultural discipline differences, effective behavior management, foreign language and reading skills, goals of children's behavior, talking to your children about violence, money, television, missing out on early attachments, summer camp homesickness, parent's guide to attention deficit disorder, sibling wars, sleep and elementary school children, boys and violence, measles and stress, OCD and tics in children, child sexual abuse, homework.

    13. Emotion Toolkit: A Personal Self-Help Guide To Emotional Healing, Recovery, And
    Notes and quotes from the journal of a psychology student about selfhelp topics.

    Growth and Strength Life and Love Joy and Laughter ... The Psychology of Emotion Emotional life is complex, sometimes overwhelming and confusing, sometimes painful. The notes and quotes in the Emotion Toolkit come from my journal, a collection of my thoughts and experiences, things I've learned, things I've read, and things I want to share. I have written here about the questions and dilemmas facing me and ways of healing emotional pain that helped me in the past. You will find quotes and research findings on emotional well-being, stories, anecdotes, and other materials that I hope will bring you closer to the insight and happiness you seek. MORE

    14. Psych Web By Russ Dewey
    One of the oldest and most well thought-out indices to psychological resources online, by Russ Dewey.Category Science Social Sciences psychology Directories...... Scholarly Resources In order by topic. selfhelp Resources Information aboutpsychological disorders. Self-Quiz for Introductory psychology by Russ Dewey.

    15. E-IQ Test, Love, Purity & Personality Tests - ABCs Personal Human Growth
    Psychological tests and quizzes together with book excerpts and a variety of articles.Category Health Mental Health self-help...... Read today online the entire text of the highly favorably reviewed selfhelp psychology book, Be Your Own Therapist psychology Self Help.
    A B C s of Personal Growth
    Sexuality Polls
    Emotional Polls Free E-mail
    Homepage Welcome to ABCs of Personal Growth homepage. This personal growth site is dedicated to giving psychology help today to those of average mental health for accomplishing as much therapy /personal-improvement as possible. Thought- provoking (and possibly offensive) ideas are an important part of this self help site. Educational ABC's = Core Ideas = Psychological Personality Tests/Quizzes ( thinking [Cognitive] E-IQ Test Emotional Intelligence spirituality quiz ). Psychological ABC's also = Educational articles ( love anger I.Q. Tests vs. Emotional Intelligence Tests sex , etc.) Nothing presented here is meant to replace a need for professional psychotherapy help. If you need professional help, please get it.
    Be Your Own Therapist Read today online the entire text of the highly favorably reviewed self help psychology book, Be Your Own Therapist - Psychology Self Help. Self help personal growth tests accommpanies each chapter. Popularity Most popular quizzes/ tests
    E-IQ Test

    Gender Purity Test
    Popular Book Chapters

    Human Sexuality -Sex Education
    Masculine/Feminine Weight Loss ... Psychology K.I.S.S.

    16. Syked! Self Help
    A selfhelp and psychology site, with articles, diagnosis and treatment information, online quizzes, free professional advice and a dictionary of mental health terminology.
    Home Page Tests and Quizzes Psychiatric Disorders Self-Help Articles ... Feedback Syked! adj ) Enthusiastic, excited, gung ho ( slang ), enthralled, inspired, stimulated, thrilled, or just plain into it. var site="s11syked" We're back! Due to the overwhelming number of emails and the powerful words in each, I now understand that the Syked! website has taken on a quality larger than anticipated. We are read by over 500 visitors per day, that's over 12,000 a month, and will very soon top a quarter million total visitors. Syked! was originally designed to be a helpful resource for individuals seeking information, reassurance, motivation, and insight. I see now that it has achieved just that, and more. To those individuals who took the time to share their stories with me, I thank you. To those who have helped others through this site, I applaud you. And to those who seek help, know that by doing so, you are on the road to recovery.

    17. ARE YOU SIGMUND FREUD? Pop Self-Help Psychology Humor - Freudian Quiz
    Click Here Click Here! Are You Sigmund Freud? Pop psychology Humor Freudian? Quiz. Playful Pop psychology This pop psychology
    Click Here!
    Are You Sigmund Freud?
    Pop Psychology Humor - Freudian? Quiz Playful Pop Psychology
    playful sneaky pop psychology test created by a non- Freudian who believes that laughter and humor are useful helpers for improving mental health. Answers here. Was Sigmund Freud your previous incarnation?
    Male Female More, please
    1. Freud's psychology theory once focused upon the female condition of "penis envy." Concerning this Freudian condition
    Miss Piggy suffered from penis envy
    Karen Horney was well known for her penis envy ideas.
    Sigmund Freud's ideas were correct
    2. For a healthier USA society, it would be better if we physically touched each other more often
    3. For many of us, hatred is very difficult. It is recommended that hatred usually be avoided usually be expressed directly to those whom one hates always be felt but only expressed in limited circumstances
    4. Freud thought he understood what a woman wanted. True False
    5. In terms of your day-to-day happiness, which one of the following psychology areas is much less important than the others? body condition emotional responses thinking spiritual ideas
    ..Sigmund Freud answers revealed... ..Sigmund Freud awards you win... Anger? Love? E-IQ Test - Emotional Intelligence Test

    18. Pop Psychology Myths
    Kerby Anderson's disposal of five selfhelp myths in the light of Biblical teaching.

    Social Sciences


    Current Issues



    What's New
    Special Interest Past Features Other Sites Help LU About LU ... Feedback Navigation Site Map Site Index Advanced Search Browsing Help ... LU Home LU Updates Receive LU-Announce
    Probe Ministries
    Pop Psychology Myths
    Kerby Anderson
    Go into any bookstore and you will see shelves of self-help books, many of which promote a form of "pop psychology." Although these are bestsellers, they are filled with half-truths and myths. In this essay we are going to look at some of these pop psychology myths as exposed by Dr. Chris Thurman in his book Self-Help or Self-Destruction . If you would like more information or documentation for the issues we cover in these pages, I would recommend you obtain a copy of his book.
    Myth 1: Human beings are basically good.
    The first myth I would like to look at is the belief that people are basically good. Melody Beattie, author of the best-seller Codependent No More , says that we "suffer from that vague but penetrating affliction, low self-worth." She suggests we stop torturing ourselves and try to raise our view of ourselves. How do we do that? She says: "Right now, we can give ourselves a big emotional and mental hug. We are okay. It's wonderful to be who we are. Our thoughts are okay. Our feelings are appropriate. We're right where we're supposed to be today, this moment. There is nothing wrong with us. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with us."

    19. Psych Web
    Search this database of psychology books, publications, academic programs and selfhelp resources. Also link to other databases. self-help Resources. Information about psychological disorders. Self-Quiz for Introductory psychology. by Russ Dewey

    20. The Psychology Of Virtual Communities
    Research articles and essays about virtual therapy, online selfhelp groups and the psychology of Cyberspace.
    STORMSITE The Psychology of Virtual Communities
    Created and maintained by Storm A. King. Resources Online journals and e-mail discussion groups that deal with the psychology of virtual communities and links to sites for researchers interested in the psychology of virtual communities. Articles Research articles and essays by Storm A. King about Virtual Therapy, Online Self-Help Groups and The Psychology of Cyberspace. Fun Stuff A large collection of humorous notes found on the net, and my W atermelon Seed Removal site.
    This CyberStudies Resources site is owned by
    Storm A. King
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