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         Church Of Scotland:     more books (100)
  1. A Letter From A Blacksmith To The Ministers And Elders Of The Church Of Scotland: In Which The Manner Of Public Worship In That Church Is Considered (1824) by John Witherspoon, 2010-05-22
  2. Styles of writs, and forms of procedure, in the church courts of Scotland
  3. The making of a Christian: Studies on the Christian life for Bible classes, fellowships and study circles (Church of Scotland youth series) by George M Dryburgh, 1955
  4. THE ANGLICAN-PRESBYTERIAN CONVERSATIONS the report of the panels of the Church of Scotland, Presbyterian CofE, the CofE, and the Episciopal CofS by Panel Of Four Churches, 1966
  5. The challenge of need: a history of social service by the Church of Scotland, 1869-1969 by Lewis Legertwood Legg Cameron, 1971
  6. Confessions of faith and the books of discipline of the Church of Scotland; of date anterior to the Westminster Confession, to which are prefixed, A historical ... of Scotland ... and a historical preface ... by Edward Irving, 2010-05-13
  7. The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Scotland:it's congregations ministers and students by W. J. Couper, 1925-01-01
  8. Theory of Interest: Simple & Compound, Derived from First Principles, & Applied to Annuities of All Descriptions ... with an Illustration of the Widows Scheme in the Church of Scotland by David Wilkie, 2010-01-10
  9. A handbook of the Church of Scotland by James Rankin, 2010-08-30
  10. History of the Catholic Church of Scotland from the Introduction of Christianity to the Present Day: From the Accession of Charles I. to the Restoration of the Scottish Hierarchy, A. D. 1625-1878 by Alphons Bellesheim, 2010-01-12
  11. The history of the sufferings of the church of Scotland from the restoration to the revolution, with an original memoir of the author, extracts from his correspondence, and preliminary dissertation by Robert Wodrow, Robert Burns, 2010-09-08
  12. Brief Notes On The Church Of Scotland, From 1555 To 1842: With A Summary Of Her Ecclesiastical Government And Discipline, Bearing Upon The Present Controversy (1843) by Edward Charles Harington, 2008-08-18
  13. History of the Catholic Church of Scotland (Volume 04); From the Introduction of Christianity to the Present Day by Alphons Bellesheim, 2010-03-28
  14. Theological Institutes In Three Parts: Heads Of Lectures In Divinity; View Of The Constitution Of The Church Of Scotland; Counsels Respecting The Duties Of The Pastoral Office (1803) by George Hill, 2008-06-02

21. A Tale Of Two Kingdoms
A History of the church of scotland from the Reformation to the Glorious Revolution by Jeff Spitler in audio realAudio and MP3 form; bibliography; links.
A Tale of Two Kingdoms
A History of the Church of Scotland from the Reformation to the Glorious Revolution
Dr. Jeff Spitler
Sir, as diverse times before, so now again I must tell you there are two kings and two kingdoms in Scotland; there is Christ Jesus and His Kingdom the Kirk, whose subject King James the Sixth is, and of whose Kingdom he is not a king, nor a head, nor a lord, but a member; and they whom Christ has called, and commanded to watch over His kirk and govern His spiritual kingdom, have sufficient power of Him and authority so to do, both together and severally, the which no Christian King nor prince should control and discharge, but fortify and assist, otherwise not faithful subjects, not members of Christ.
Andrew Melville to James the Sixth (First) in 1596

This class will attempt to tell the story of two kingdoms in Scotland: Christ's Kingdom, the Church, and that kingdom which also belongs to Christ, but is ruled by the civil magistrate. Man, in his fallen state, is often tempted to assert his autonomy over God. For the civil magistrate, the temptation often takes the form of extending his dominion beyond its proper boundaries.
We will cover the period between the first reformation (mid-1500's) and the Glorious Revolution (1688). During this time, the struggles between the civil magistrates (Mary of Guise, Mary Stuart, and the Stewart Kings) and the Church were particularly intense. Ultimately, the Church's testimony that it would have no King but Christ was sealed with the blood of many martyrs.

22. Short History Of The United Free Church Of Scotland
Covers the church of scotland, the secession, the disruption, the unification and the 1929events.
United Free Church of Scotland Home General Assembly Congregations on line Church Directory History Press Releases Special Features Statement of Faith Stedfast Magazine ... Email
Short History of the United Free Church of Scotland Presbyterianism Presbyterian describes a method Church Government. The word presbyter means elder, and Presbyterianism means government of the Church by elders, These are divided into two classes, those who rule over the spiritual affairs of the congregation, and those who teach and rule. The latter the ministers, the former the elders, and together they form the Kirk Session, A separate body in a congregation, variously known as a Committee of Management, a Deacons Court, or a Congregational Board, is concerned with property, income and expenditure. Presbyterianism has always asserted pointedly the duty of every member of Church to care personally for the Church and to further it in all its activities by his personal support and interest. Every member has the right to take part in the election of the minister and in the management of the affairs of the congregation. Every member is expected contribute according to his resources. The Church in Scotland The Reformed Church in Scotland came into being in 1560. It was established in 1567. The essence of Establishment is a contractual relation with the state involving certain undertakings and securing certain exclusive privileges and preferences. This contract is expressed and embodied in a series of statutes from 1567 onwards (That in 1587 declares 'There is no other face of Kirk, nor other face of religion, than is presently by the favour of God established within this realm,') concluding with the act of 1921 which embodies nine articles setting forth the constitution of the

23. Home Page–Main
Located in Aberdeen. Contact details, various articles, links to related newsletters, and free literature.
Bible Messages About our Church Services, Notices, Other Meetings Sermon Tapes ... Links to Other Sites
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24. Cairneyhill Parish Church Home Page
News and Information on vibrant church of scotland village congregation.Includes times of services, magazine and diary of events
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. Cairneyhill Parish Church Church of Scotland Cairneyhill, Dunfermline, Fife
(Crèche Available) Evening Informal Service "Journey of Tranquillity" 3rd Thursday of month 8.00pm Monthly Evening Praise Service "On Fire" (normally) 1st Sunday 7pm at Cairneyhill or Limekilns or Crombie Vestry Hour at Cairneyhill Old Manse, 5 Main Street Wednesdays 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm Also: Women's Group, House Groups, Summer Holiday Club Minister: Rev Norman Grant BD Session Clerk: Derek N I Peters Contact us: E-mail Derek Peters , Session Clerk

25. Church Of Scotland Impact Site
Official website for Impact church of scotland events. Details of outreach activities throughout Scotland, bulletin board, photographs. Children and Youth ministry. Get involved!
Welcome to the IMPACT Website
NEW BULLETIN BOARD - Far more functionality and more discussion topics. New Prayer Thing for Oct-Dec 2002 CORE Team of 2002 - Now's the chance to get involved for 2003! New Photo's added to Crossover Kinghorn and Queen's Cross
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26. Glasgow Presbytery - Home Page
The Presbyterian Church's local presence.
Presbytery of Glasgow home committees news vacancies ... prayer
Welcome to the Church of Scotland in Glasgow

A series of personal reflections by members of the Presbytery of Glasgow. In this section...
The Moderator is elected annually by the Presbytery and serves for one year.
Former Moderators

Names and dates of office for all Presbytery Moderators since 1946.
Glasgow Presbytery Vision Statement

Our aim as a presbytery. Committee Pages Much of the work of the Presbytery is done by its members meeting in committees throughout the year. News Pages Forthcoming events, Presbytery Newsletters, and "Good News Stories" from around the Presbytery. Vacancies Pages Do you have a skill or gift which can be used in the church? Vacancies for all aspects of Christian Service are advertised here. Congregations Pages There are some 151 congregations within the Presbytery of Glasgow. Details about churches, service times and locations are available here. Agencies Pages The work of the Presbytery is enhanced by the service of people working in various agencies of the Presbytery. From Young People, to the Homeless, to the Asian community, our Christian witness impacts the life of our society.

27. Stobswell Parish Church
Stobswell church of scotland Parish site. Information on events and church news.

The Kelty Kirk Homepage is the internet presence of Kelty church of scotland, a lively, busy village congregation with a weekly attendance of around 160180 people. We are near Dunfermline in West Fife.
NEW: VISIT THE ONLINE KELTY KIRK SHOP HOME WORSHIP COMMUNITY ... WEB SHOP WELCOME TO THE KELTY KIRK WEBSITE click on the coloured animation above which links to a special page for this month only Supporting the Year of the Child check out our new kid's page Check out the other special features at the bottom of this page! Kelty Church of Scotland can be found at the heart of our community which is near Dunfermline in Fife, Scotland. We are a busy, growing congregation of over 400 members with an average attendance of approxmately 160-180 people at our weekly worship services. We hope you enjoy browsing around our site. If you are not too far away, why not come and pay us a visit sometime. You can easily find us at Junction 4 of the M90 motorway, just north of the Forth Road Bridge. We have a church office which tries to co-ordinate all the issues of communication that are associated with a busy church. The Church Office is based in the church itself with operating hours between 10-12 each Monday to Friday and 7-9pm each Wednesday evening. Telephone (01383) 831 219 E.mail:

29. Morningside United Church
Edinburgh. Joint church of scotland/United Reformed Church. Contact information, worship schedule, mission statement, activities, monthly newsletter.
Morningside United
Home Page

Mission Statement

Our Community

Contact Us

Morlich Fundraising
Morningside United Church is situated at Holy Corner in South Edinburgh. We are an ecumenical parish in membership of the Church of Scotland and of the United Reformed Church. Holy Corner is a major crossroads two miles from the city centre. There are four church buildings at that location. The community is described elsewhere on this site.
© Morningside United Church 2003 Easter Week Services

30. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Free Church Of Scotland
(Catholic Encyclopedia)
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... F > Free Church of Scotland A B C D ... Z
Free Church of Scotland
(Known since 1900 as the UNITED FREE CHURCH) An ecclesiastical organization in Scotland which includes (1908) more than 500,000 of the 1,200,000 inhabitants of that country professing adherence to Presbyterian principles. The existence of the Free Church as a separate ecclesiastical body dates from 1843, when a large number of members, both lay and clerical, of the Established Church of Scotland, severed their connection with that body as a protest against the encroachment of the civil power on the independence of the Church, especially in the matters of presentation to vacant benefices. According to the Free-Church view, the Church of Scotland, from the date of its inception in 1560, upon the overthrow of the old religion had possessed the inherent right of exercising her spiritual jurisdiction through her elected assembly, absolutely free of any interference by the civil power. Such an independence had been asserted by her first leaders, Knox and Melville, and especially laid down and claimed in both the first and second books of discipline, issued in 1560 and 1581. The restoration of "prelacy"(the episcopal form of church government) in 1606 by James I, the revival of self governing powers of the Assembly in 1649, its subsequent suspension under Cromwell in 1653 and again after the Restoration, the Revolution The well-wishers of the new United Free Church are naturally looking forward to an enlarged field of influence and a wider scope of activity, both at home and in the mission-field. What must, however, fill with anxiety every friend of Scottish

An article from the Free church of scotland, which demonstrates that the doctrine of universalism involves gross misinterpretations of Scripture.
UNIVERSALISM History of Universalism Eternal Hope The Doctrinal Basis of Universalism That this doctrine has been congenial to human nature there is ample evidence stretching back to the day when our first parents heard and heeded the assurance: "Ye shall not surely die." Jeremiah lamented that his heart within him was broken because of the false prophets of his day who sought to curry favour with their hearers by proclaiming: "The Lord has said, Ye shall have peace; and they say unto every one that walketh after the imagination of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you" (Jer. xxiii, 17). The doctrine of Universalism is related to certain manifestations of the being and character of God given to us in the Scriptures. It is related, for example, to the character of God as Love. Love here is equated with benevolence that cannot inflict pain or suffering on His creatures, except for an end consistent with His benevolence. All suffering is, therefore, remedial and has in view the reformation and restoration of the sinner, if not in this life, then in the life to come. Here the divine benevolence and the happiness of man alone are brought into view, and all other aspects of God's nature and man's are disregarded. As regards God, it creates a false antithesis between righteousness and love. As regards man, it is baseless optimism. To argue that sooner or later he will find God's love irresistible is to fly in the teeth of reality. If a Judas could develop in closest proximity to that love in its supreme manifestation, what further manifestation is it to receive that will prove irresistible?

32. Gillespie Memorial Church
The congregation of Gillespie Memorial Church seeks to be a family and a light for Jesus Christ in the centre of Dunfermline.

Basic Bible-Bible Study
ChristianAid ChurchInformation ChurchManagers ... YouthChurch Gillespie Memorial Church of Scotland Welcome. We hope this site provides you with useful information about Gillespie Church, its events and the family of around 400 people, who are the body of His Church. " . . and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ " ( 2 Peter 1 v 11
Our Mission Statement
Gillespie Memorial Church seeks to be a family and a light for Jesus Christ in the centre of Dunfermline by : L iving for God as individuals and as a community. O pening our doors to others in fellowship, love, hope and faith. V aluing those we meet of all ages and backgrounds. E ncouraging people to experience the challenge of the Kingdom of God in their everyday lives. visitor number What's New? T he Basic Bible (Bible studies by Gordon Reid) [ Home ] Bible Studies/Sermons Links Search What'sNew Send feedback, comments, suggestions to webmaster@gillespiechurch,org with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: February 24, 2003

33. Abbeygreen Church Of Scotland
Abbeygreen church of scotland is a thriving, reformed, evangelical church situated in the village of Lesmahagow.
WELCOME. Abbeygreen is a thriving, reformed, evangelical church situated in the village of Lesmahagow, approximately 25 miles south of Glasgow. It is our belief, as taught in the Bible, that as men and women, we can only be truly happy and content when we are in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, one of the main reasons for our existence as a church is that, humbly, we might share this truth with others, offering to people the reality and thrill of God's blessing upon their lives. Abbeygreen is... Our Beliefs Meeting's Tape Ministry ... Contacting Us Search the Bible:
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34. Barclay Church Of Scotland
Information for visitors to and members of Barclay Church, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Click to enter site

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35. Catholic Church In Scotland
Web Site courtesy of Dunkeld News offering contact addresses, news and other publications. Links to other parishes within scotland.

36. Links System
The Way UK church directory. Find Christians in England, scotland, Wales and Ireland
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You can search just by putting in the name of the town in the search box below, or click on the county name on our side panel.
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Please also remember that we would like a photo of your Church, and any Logo you may have so that we can personalise your entry. There will be a facility to up load any pictures with your listing, but should you want to send it separately, send it to the address below by post or by email.
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37. Women's Network In Scotland
Local circuit and church links, devotions, Easter offering, events, newsletter, domestic violence study, recipes, Scottish structure and committee, events, external women's groups, overseas links also Methodist Connexional information about Network including aims, history and magazine.
Women's Network
of the Methodist Church in Scotland
Greetings from the Chairman of the District

District Connexion
Methodist Churches in Scotland

News from the Circuits


Easter Offering
Photo Gallery

For further information please contact Anne Johnson, Scottish District Women's Network President 2000 - 2002, who is a member of Peterhead Methodist Church.
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38. Currie Baptist Church
Local Baptist church serving Currie, scotland.

39. Thomas Coats Memorial Church, Paisley Scotland.
Part of the Paisley skyline for a 100 years the church is sometimes called the Baptist Cathedral of Europe.
Thomas Coats Memorial Church
Paisley Scotland
The Baptist Cathedral Of Europe
T he Church has been part of the Paisley sky-line for a 100 years and is sometimes called the Baptist Cathedral of Europe. The spiritual home of a broad-based congregation in the Baptist tradition, the Church is primarily a place of worship, prayer, music and the preaching of the gospel. As such it offers a welcome to all who come through its great oak doors.The beauty of the building speaks its own silent message. There is the intricate beauty of the wood carvings and the spaciousness and symmetry of the sanctuary with its vaulted roof and cruciform shape. Marble, alabaster and mosaics abound. The building, in red sandstone, is Gothic in design, topped with a crown spire rising to more than 60 metres above ground-level.

40. Is It Well With Your Soul
Kirkcaldy, Fife, scotland.
Your browser does not support script Is It Well With Your Soul? The Church of Christ meeting at Hayfield Road, Kirkcaldy,Fife, Scotland welcomes you and invites you to discover more about the Christians who meet here. Here you will find details of our meeting times; information tracts which you are free to print out; an opportunity to take a correspondence course, or online study courses, to help your understanding of the scriptures; information about the history of our congregation in this town (a history which goes back over 200 years); and links to other sites which we believe may be of interest and benefit to you. We have also provided a means for you to contact us by e-mail should you wish more information. It is our prayer that you find information here which will enable you to say, in truth: "It is well with my soul". sw="none";sd="none";ref=""+escape(parent.document.referrer);

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