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         Gnosticism:     more books (100)
  1. Sethian Gnosticism and the Platonic Tradition (BibliothequeaCopteadeaNagaHammadiaSectionaEtudes) by J.D. Turner, 2006-02-27
  2. Gnosticism and Later Platonism: Themes, Figures, and Texts (Symposium Series (Society of Biblical Literature))
  3. The Elements of Gnosticism (The "Elements of..." Series) by Stuart Holroyd, 1997-12
  4. The Trail Of Gnosis: A Lucid Exploration Of Gnostic Traditions by Judith Mann, 2008-02-01
  5. Gnosis and Faith in Early Christianity: An Introduction to Gnosticism by Riemer Roukema, 1999-11-01
  6. Gnosticism And The Templars, Rosicruicians, And Freemasons by C. W. King, 2010-05-23
  7. The Connection Between The Templars And Gnosticism by Hargrave Jennings, 2010-05-23
  8. Pan-Gnosticism: A Suggestion in Philosophy by Noel Winter, 2010-03-02
  9. Living Gnosticism: An Ancient Way of Knowing by Jordan Stratford, 2007-11-01
  10. Six Lectures on Plotinus and Gnosticism by Th.G. Sinnige, 2010-11-02
  11. Science Politics and Gnosticism by Eric Voegelin, 1986-06
  12. Gnosis and Gnosticism: Papers Read at the Eighth International Conference on Patristic Studies (Nag Hammadi Studies) by England) International Conference on Patristic Studies 1979 (Oxford, Martin Krause, 1997-08
  13. Gnosticism: A Source Book of Heretical Writings from the Early Christian Period
  14. Gnostiques Et Gnosticism: Etude Critique Des Documents DuGnosicisme Aux Deuxieme Et Troisieme Siecles by Eugene Faye, 1913-06

41. The Grail Chapel Of Our Lady
Religions order influenced by gnosticism, Esoteric Christianity, Wicca and the Grail legend.
The Sphere is sealed. The Circle is unbroken. You have crossed over the threshold of the sacred Circle. You have stepped upon the shape-shifting shores of Annwn, that Invisible Land beyond the doors of day where light and dark are lost in hues of ever-dawning dusk. You have entered the shadowed Sphere of spirits, where hills are hollow and fairies fly; where windy breezes humming with harps echo the ballads of Brythonic bards. You have come nigh unto Dinas Affaraonthe Place of the Higher Powers where abide the Ancient Elder Gods, and the castles of the Keepers of the Cauldron.
Welcome to our Virtual Chapel,
This Website contains spiritual practices of the Ordo Arcanorum Gradalis, a Grailcentric Order. Here you will find some of our rituals,information about our training programs for priest/esses and our contact information. Check out a couple great poems for Hallowmas on the Hallowmas page . If we get enough encouraging e-mails, we may even add a MIDI file for music or two hint ;)
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42. (DG040-1) GNOSTICISM AND THE GNOSTIC JESUS (Part One In A Two-Part Series On Anc
gnosticism AND THE GNOSTIC JESUS (Part One in a TwoPart Series on Ancient andModern gnosticism). 1 gnosticism has come to mean just about anything.
(Part One in a Two-Part Series on Ancient and Modern Gnosticism) by Douglas Groothuis
Popular opinion often comes from obscure sources. Many conceptions about Jesus now current and credible in New Age circles are rooted in a movement of spiritual protest which, until recently, was the concern only of the specialized scholar or the occultist. This ancient movement Gnosticism provides much of the form and color for the New Age portrait of Jesus as the illumined Illuminator: one who serves as a cosmic catalyst for others' awakening.
Many essentially Gnostic notions received wide attention through the sagacious persona of the recently deceased Joseph Campbell in the television series and best-selling book, The Power of Myth. For example, in discussing the idea that "God was in Christ," Campbell affirmed that "the basic Gnostic and Buddhist idea is that that is true of you and me as well." Jesus is an enlightened example who "realized in himself that he and what he called the Father were one, and he lived out of that knowledge of the Christhood of his nature." According to Campbell, anyone can likewise live out his or her Christ nature.
Gnosticism has come to mean just about anything. Calling someone a Gnostic can make the person either blush, beam, or fume. Whether used as an epithet for heresy or spiritual snobbery, or as a compliment for spiritual knowledge and esotericism, Gnosticism remains a cornucopia of controversy.

43. Shamanspace Login
Resource on Internecine deicide cult, Prevail, gnosticism and the Cult of Alix.
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44. From Gnosticism To A Contemporary Spirituality
Sarah Benson gives a personal account of esoteric Christianity beginning with the Gnostics, and concludes Category Society Religion and Spirituality Anthroposophy...... Our knowledge of gnosticism has been considerably broadened by the discoveryin 1945 of a library of Gnostic texts in the cliffs at Nag Hammadi, Egypt.
From Gnosticism to a contemporary spirituality
by Sarah Benson
When I discovered Gnosticism and early Christianity, I felt like a detective who has finally found the vital clue to a baffling mystery. For maybe here lay the origins of contemporary Western spirituality. Today many religious scholars are returning to the origins of Christianity - the period before 'right belief' (which is the meaning of the Greek word, ortho-doxia) replaced the culture of experiences and beliefs. Email this Page to a Friend The word Gnostic derives from the Greek word meaning knowledge, or insight that which revealed God, the origin and destiny of mankind, and how the spiritual element in people could find redemption by uniting with the spiritual in the cosmos. The pre-Christian Gnostic movement was complex. The Jewish sects of what is now northern Syria provided the foundation for Gnostic ideas. These sects were also influenced by Iranian religious thought (Zoroastrianism) and by the Greek-speaking Jews. Ancient Egyptian spiritual culture was also incorporated, for instance the mystery cult of Isis and Osiris. Existing within the Roman Empire, the Gnostics were nevertheless also in conflict with it. They were a movement of the spirit without definite frontiers, in many lands, through many centuries. Since then, scholars have indicated that the Roman Empire's role in the crucifixion of Christ was significant. Could the early confluence of Christian and Judaic ideas have implications for the religious and political conflicts that still exist today could people of diverse religious backgrounds find common ground once again in ideas arising from the search for truth?

45. OMCE
An international non profit fraternal organization for the study of metaphysics, mysticism, gnosticism, 17th Century Rosicrucianism and Rosicrucian history.
The OMCE is an international non-profit fraternal organisation. The Order, which studies such subjects as metaphysics, mysticism, gnosticism, 17th Century Rosicrucianism and Rosicrucian history, expresses itself using the oral, ancient, western esoteric tradition. The OMCE also promotes projects consecrated to the spiritual upliftment of humankind.
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46. Gnosticism: The Gnostic Gospels Of Thomas And Eve.
The Gnostics releasing the light within. A history of pantheismand scientific pantheism by Paul Harrison. Are you a pantheist?

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The Gnostics - releasing the light within
A history of pantheism and scientific pantheism by Paul Harrison. Are you a pantheist? Find out now at the Scientific Pantheism site.
I am sown in all things; and whence thou wilt, thou gatherest me, but when thou gatherest me, then gatherest thou thyself.
Garden of earthly delights (detail) Hieronymus Bosch
Unlike Mohammed, unlike the Buddha, there is no reliable body of sayings or teachings of Jesus which represent his own views beyond reasonable doubt. The four gospels are only four out of dozens that were whittled down by the formation of the church canon, and by censorship and physical destruction of rival texts. With no authoritative statements from Jesus himself, the field lay wide open for a dizzying range of interpretations. The first centuries of Christianity saw a luxuriant flowering of sects which all used the name of Christ, but differed dramatically in their teachings and practice. Many of these sects were known as Gnostic, and offered exotic blends of Christian, Platonic and Zoroastrian ideas. Two of the Gnostic gospels - the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Eve - have a clearly pantheistic tone in places. They state that God or Christ is present in everything and everyone. Yet they are not monistic or world- affirming. The divine light has to be liberated from the darkness of matter imprisoning it.

A cultural fusion based on traditional gnosticism, Thelema, transphysics, historical materialism and Jungian psychology.
Gnostics The Social Revolution This site is dedicated to a comprehensive presentation of Modern Gnosticism “the cyclical inner revelation of originating consciousness,” and its relevance to the long awaited International Social Revolution . Based on traditional spiritual sources, and expanded with original and contemporary contributions from Marxist Historical Materialism; the Arts, Science, and Christo-Paganism— Gnostics and The Social Revolution advocates an enlightening world-view, Celebrating the Divinity-in-Nature, and a Gnostic Humanist Vision of The Great Work and The New Aeon of the Conquering Child WHY WE RENAMED THIS SITE THE GNOSTIC PAGAN TRADITION NEWSLETTER K ... s New! NEW AEON SOCIALIST JOURNAL New! ACTION NOTES ARCHIVES New! REVIEW: LAND Patti Smith New! Review: THE LAW IS FOR ALL? Review: THE JESUS MYSTERIES SECRET BOOKS OF THE EGYPTIAN GNOSTICS Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan Gnostic Communications 2001, 2002
P.O. Box 1083
Forestville, CA 95436

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48. Near-Death Experiences - Early Christian Gnosticism
Early Christian gnosticism.
Early Christian Gnosticism Home Introduction About us Contact us NDEs Ritchie Storm Various Eby ... Paul Related Biblical Criticism Reincarnation Gnosticism Prophecies Apocalypse Differences Religions ... Poems Christian Gnosticism Index The early Christian mystery sects The apocalypse of Paul The gospel of Thomas The mystery teachings Got a question? Contact Kevin Williams
Christian Near-Death Experiences © 2000

St. Hegesippus, secondcentury writer, opposed Marcionism and gnosticism.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... H > St. Hegesippus A B C D ... Z
St. Hegesippus
(Roman Martyrology, 7 April). A writer of the second century, known to us almost exclusively from Eusebius, who tells us that he wrote in five books in the simplest style the true tradition of the Apostolic preaching. His work was entitled hypomnemata (Memoirs), and was written against the new heresies of the Gnostics and of Marcion. He appealed principally to tradition as embodied in the teaching which had been handed down in the Churches through the succession of bishops. St. Jerome was wrong in supposing him to have composed a history. He was clearly an orthodox Catholic and not a "Judaeo-Christian" , though Eusebius says he showed that he was a convert from Judaism, for he quoted from the Hebrew, he was acquainted with the Gospel according to the Hebrews and with a Syriac Gospel, and he also cited unwritten traditions of the Jews. He seems to have belonged to some part of the East, possibly Palestine. He went on a journey to Corinth and Rome, in the course of which he met many bishops, and he heard from all the same doctrine. He says: "And the Church of the Corinthians remained in the true word until Primus was bishop in Corinth; I made their acquaintance in my journey to Rome, and remained with the Corinthians many days, in which we were refreshed with the true word. And when I was in Rome, I made a succession up to Anicetus, whose deacon was Eleutherus. And in each succession and in each city all is according to the ordinances of the law and the Prophets and the Lord" (Euseb., IV, 22).

50. Welcome To POxy!
Information, background, texts and images of Greek papyri important for the study of early Christianity and gnosticism.
This site introduces the Oxyrhynchus Papyri Project . It is designed for frames and simple stylesheets.
Continue into POxy
: exhibition online! with symposium photos
The Philodemus Project : carbonised papyri from Herculaneum
HOW TO ORDER VOLUMES : the Egypt Exploration Society

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52. Gnosticism - Wikipedia
Other languages Svenska. gnosticism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.gnosticism is a Origins of gnosticism. The origins of
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Other languages: Svenska
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gnosticism is a blanket term for various religions and sects most prominent in the first few centuries A.D. The name of gnosticism comes from the Greek word for knowledge, gnosis esoteric knowledge.) The occult nature of Gnostic teaching and the fact that much of the evidence for that teaching comes from attacks by orthodox Christians makes it difficult to be precise about the differences between different Gnostic systems.
Gnostic Beliefs
Gnosticism taught generally that matter was evil, and was the creation of a lesser god, called the Demiurge , after Plato . But human bodies, although their matter is evil, contained within them a divine spark that fell from the good, true God. Knowledge (gnosis) enables the divine spark to return to the true God from whence it came.

gnosticism 'YOU WILL BE AS GOD' Copyright © 19972002 Zenith HarrisMerrill In John 1820, Jesus refuted the secret doctrine of
In John 18:20, Jesus refuted the "secret doctrine" of Gnosticism, and indeed all "secret doctrine": "Jesus answered him, 'I have spoken openly to the world; I always taught in synagogues, and in the temple, where all the Jews come together; and I spoke nothing in secret.'"
All schools and forms of Gnosticism share one basic belief: They receive secret knowledge through mystical initiation by experiencing what they believe to be union with deity, by merging with and dissolving their own identity into spiritual beings, during an altered state of consciousness which leaves them believing they, themselves are Christ, i.e., they are themselves God, and have need of no other saviour, or forgiveness of sins, for how can God sin?
Jesus also refuted the idea of "realizing that one is God through meditation or mystical illumination as He told his disciples shortly before his crucifixion, resurrection and ascension back to God the Father, whence He came: Matthew 24:24-27: "For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the electif that were possible.
See, I have told you ahead of time. "So if anyone tells you, `There he is, out in the desert,' do not go out; or, `Here he is, in the inner rooms,' do not believe it.

54. Strange Directory - Gnosticism
gnosticism Everything you need to know about gnosticism. Free gnosticism relateddownloads. Links to gnosticism related pages. Chakra Tuning. gnosticism
Everything you need to know about gnosticism.
Free gnosticism related downloads.
Links to gnosticism related pages. Chakra Tuning
Chakra tuning and tantric meditation Supergreens Alkalize and energize. Lose weight naturally. Massively increase your energy Mobile Phone Protection Protect yourself from mobile phone emissions Brainwave Harmonics Amazing series of downloads and CDs. Learn how to astral project, induce deep trance and much more Reiki Questions Providing the answers
to all Reiki questions in life On Line Homeopathy On line diagnosis and homeopathic medicines Meridian Energy Therapy Meridian Energy Therapy Download gnosticism links Select a Theme acupressure acupuncture ADD addiction after death alawashka alchemy alien altered states alternative med schools alternative medicine alternative technology american gothic tarot amulets anandamarga angelic angels animal care archaeological anomalies aromatherapy arts crafts asatru ashtanga yoga astral travel astral-projection astrology astrology software atlantis audinometry aura ayurveda azrael bach flower baguazhang bahai biofeedback biorythmes body awareness bodywork buddhism buddhist meditation cabbalah cancer candles castaneda celtic chakra chi chi generators chi gung chiropractic christian meditation chupacabra conspiracy theories cornish paganism cosmology crop circles Crowley crystal bowls crystal healing crystal imagery crystal-balls crystals dharma drum divinity dogon dowsing dragons dream dictionaries dreams druids drumming earth mysteries egyptian tarot Electromagnetic effects electrosensitivity

55. Zion Mainframe Guide To The Matrix
Features a collection of essays dedicated to the film. Topics covered include the principle of resistance, metaphysics, Christianity, gnosticism, and others.
Zion Mainframe Guide To The Matrix
Have a technical question about how the Matrix works? Want to discuss the moral dilemmas of the Matrix characters? This is my attempt at a compendium of all things detailing the Matrix universe. Not yet fully complete, when finished it will be a comprehensive technical manual of the Matrix universe. I welcome any and all suggestions, comments, and criticism, and any input or theories sent to me on topics of the Matrix will be posted on it's appropriate page. This site is open ended, I don't know all there is to know about the Matrix, its such an immense world, and I'd like it to be a forum of sharing that knowledge between each other as fans of the movie. ***Recent Updates*** The site nears comletion as I have almost finished with the entire Matrix universe section and have started on the first of the philosophy/allegory pages. Still must do Nebuchadnezzer...***
Guide To The Matrix The Resistance - Waging a war to free humanity The Artificial Intelligence -Captors of our minds
Tools of the Resistance
-Weapons and Equipment
Metaphysics of the Matrix
-bendable and breaking rules and boundaries of the virtual world
Philosophical, Ideological, and Religious Allegory in the Matrix

56. Gnosticism
Several articles on gnosticism. A source of information for deeper understandingof religious subjects. gnosticism. {nahs' ti - sizm} General Information.
General Information Gnosticism was a religious philosophical dualism that professed salvation through secret knowledge, or gnosis. The movement reached a high point of development during the 2d century AD in the Roman and Alexandrian schools founded by Valentius. Scholars have attributed the origins of gnosticism to a number of sources: the Greek mystery cults; Zoroastrianism; the Kabbalah of Judaism; and Egyptian religion. The early Christians considered Simon Magus (Acts 8:9 - 24) the founder of gnosticism. His doctrine, like that of other gnostic teachers, had nothing in common with the knowledge of the mysteries of God that Saint Paul called wisdom (1 Cor. 2:7). Christian leaders looked upon gnosticism as a subtle, dangerous threat to Christianity during the 2d century, a time marked by religious aspirations and philosophical preoccupations about the origins of life, the source of evil in the world, and the nature of a transcendent deity. Gnosticism was perceived as an attempt to transform Christianity into a religious philosophy and to replace faith in the mysteries of revelation by philosophical explanations. BELIEVE
web-site Our List of 1,000 Religious Subjects

57. Introduction To The New Age Movement
Christian site exposes dangers of New Age spiritualism, channeling, medicine, gnosticism and other aspects.
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New Age Movement
Introduction to the New Age Movement Home
"He shall honour the God of forces: a god whom his fathers knew not"... he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws Dan:7:25;11:38
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We are told in Bible Prophecy that Satan has a Plan for One World Religion and a One World Government. When we look at the prophecies of the Word of God and compare them with what is now transpiring in the World around us, we realize that something very remarkable is taking place! We are now living in the final chapters of Earth's History and we are witnessing the culmination of the battle between the powers of good and the powers of evil! The Bible forecasts a great period of rebellion against the God of Heaven and a worldwide Religious Apostasy, during which time the nations of Earth will confederate themselves into a One World Political and Religious System. There will be frightening changes in our Society. We are living in momentous times! Daniel, one of the Lord's greatest Prophets, told of a World Ruler who would magnify himself above all, while blatantly disregarding the laws of Heaven. Placing Himself above the one true God, he would instead

58. Gnosticism
particular, Protestantism. Part I gnosticism. Parts from Wikipedia, thefree encyclopedia. gnosticism Origins of gnosticism. The origins of
Gnostics, Zoroastrians, and Dualism
By Lewis Loflin In AD 1209 , the entire population of the Albigens was slaughtered at the order of Pope Innocent III. The Albigens, in the south of France, was then the most populous, the most technically, socially, and economically advanced part of Europe. Its population was largely Gnostics and Arian Christians, and were a sanctuary for Jews who were persecuted almost everywhere else in Europe. All of these groups had a high percentage of literacy and read the Bible, which was prohibited by the Vatican. Innocent III was seeking to put a stop to the "Gnostic heresy", but found it to be entrenched throughout Europe, so he followed the "Cathar Crusade" with the creation of the Inquisition, resulting in countless millions of people being slowly and brutally tortured to death over the next 500 years for even the mere suspicion of being witches. Innocent also reinstated a prohibition against the owning or reading of Bibles by anyone other than clergy, under penalty of death. Who are the Gnostics? The Book of John and Revelation are both Gnostic in origin. Gnosticism is a pagan, dualistic system (God verses Satan, etc. from

59. Christian Gnosticism - Apocrypha For The Royal Christ
This is a personal web page advertising for sale a book about mysticism, Christianity, gnosticism, as well as the Christine Kingdom as described by the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.
htmlAdWH('7002253', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002114', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help Apocrypha for the Royal Christ
Modern Holy Scriptures
In Acts 1:3, the Holy Bible states that Jesus taught his followers and Apostles through Spiritual "Gnosis" after he was crucified and resurrected. "On these occasions He talked to them about the Kingdom of God." That Sacred and Christian Gnostic teaching was then recorded as the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Therefore, building upon the Foundation of those Gnostic Scriptures, this body of Spiritual Knowledge further sustains, strengthens, and elaborates on Christian Theology in the Truest Sense. Nothing in this interpretation of Gnosticism entitled Apocrypha for the Royal Christ contradicts anything in the Holy Bible. It merely serves to invite and refine those predestined for the Kingdom of Christ!
The use of the word "Gnosis" in the orthodox Christian context has come to imply outright "heresy," but on this Website, truly, Gnosticism implies living the life of a Disciple of Jesus Christ in the deepest sense of "knowing" and having intimacy with the Most High Spirit of Truth and Love!

gnosticism ANCIENT AND MODERN. They believed that Jesus was the son ofJoseph. Interaction of gnosticism and Early Mainline Christianity.
Also see:
Summary Gnosticism is a philosophical and religious movement which started in pre-Christian times. The term is derived from the Greek word gnosis which means "knowledge". It is pronounced with a silent "G" (NO-sis). Gnostics claimed to have secret knowledge about God, mankind and the rest of the universe of which the general population was unaware. It became one of the three main belief systems within 1st century Christianity, and was noted for its: novel beliefs about Gods, the Bible and the world which differed from those of other Christian groups tolerance of different religious beliefs within and outside of Gnosticism lack of discrimination against women The movement and its literature were essentially wiped out by the end of the 5th century CE by heresy hunters from mainline Christianity. Its beliefs are currently experiencing a rebirth throughout the world. The counter-cult movement and some other Christian ministries disseminate a great deal of misinformation about the movement
Gnosticism consisted of many syncretistic belief systems which combined elements taken from Asian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Syrian pagan religions, from astrology, and from Judaism and Christianity. They constituted one of the three main branches of early Christianity: the other two being: the remnants of the Jewish Christian sect which was created by Jesus' disciples, and the churches started by St. Paul, that were eventually to grow and develop into "mainline" Christianity by the end of the third century.

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