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         Sephardi:     more books (101)
  1. Sephardi and Middle Eastern Jewries: History and Culture in the Modern Era (History & Culture in the Modern Era)
  2. The Road from Babylon: The Story of the Sephardi and Oriental Jews by Chaim Raphael, 1985-12
  3. Sephardi Jewry: A History of the Judeo-Spanish Community, 14th-20th Centuries (Jewish Communities in the Modern World) by Esther Benbassa, Aron Rodrigue, 2000-02-13
  4. An Alternative Path to Modernity: The Sephardi Diaspora in Western Europe (Brill's Series in Jewish Studies) by Yosef Kaplan, 2000-11-01
  5. Images of Sephardi and Eastern Jewries in Transition: The Teachers of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, 1860-1939 by Aron Rodrigue, 1993-12
  6. Spain and the Jews: The Sephardi Experience, 1492 and After
  7. Sephardi Jews in the Ottoman Empire: Aspects of Material Culture
  8. A Liter of Soup and Sixty Grams of Bread: The Diary of Prisoner Number 109565 (The Sephardi and Greek Holocaust Library, 2) by Chaints Salvator Kounio, Heinz Salvator Kounio, 2003-08-01
  9. Sephardi Family Life in the Early Modern Diaspora (HBI Series on Jewish Women)
  10. The Sephardi Haggadah: With Translation, Commentary and Complete Guide to the Laws of Pesah and the Seder by Jonathan Cohen, 1988-03
  11. Zion and Zionism among Sephardi and Oriental Jews by W. Zeev et al. Harvey, 2002
  12. Discord in Zion: Conflict Between Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews in Israel by G. N. Giladi, 1990-12
  13. Pleasant Are Their Names: Jewish Names in the Sephardi Diaspora (Studies and Texts in Jewish History and Culture: the Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies, University of Maryland)
  14. From the Rivers of Babylon to the Whangpoo: A Century of Sephardi Jewish Life in Shanghai by Maisie J. Meyer, 2003-06

1. The Sephardi Connection
An excellent resource for sephardi culture, religion, language and genealogy. News, information, Category Society Religion and Spirituality Denominations sephardi......The sephardi Connection, About this Community Welcome to the sephardiConnection. We Issues . ©The sephardi Connection 19972000

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Sephardi Tahor

Who is an Arab Jew?
Crypto-Judaic ...
6-8 August
About this Community Welcome to the Sephardi Connection. We are a very large and rapidly growing international CyberCommunity built around the subject of Sephardic Judaism and Sephardim, their history, culture, literatures, languages, genealogy, their past, present and future struggles and concerns. Members, guests and visitors come from every continent. So come in, browse at your leisure and leave us a message Select your forum Welcome Genealogy Israel Middle East Social Issues Judaism Customs Cuisine Languages Literatures Education Research Arts Entertainment Communities Havuroth People Finder Events Classifieds French Francophone Portuguese Poetry Moshe Benarroch Featured Poet in the June-July issue of Poetry Magazine History Activism Rather than Prayer and Payoff by Dolores J. Sloan

2. Ivri-NASAWI Sephardi/Mizrahi Arts
sephardi, mizrahi, jewish, arab, middle eastern, culture, arts, jewish identity, middle eastern identity, arab jew,
This page last updated January 5, 2003
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What is Ivri-NASAWI?

Levantine Cultural Center
For more information write:
or call our main office
at 323-650-3157 Ivri-NASAWI
1033 N. Orlando Ave,
Los Angeles CA 90069 New York Chapter
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Washington, DC-Baltimore Chapter Heard any great music lately? Tell us about it: email your favorite discography
sephardi, mizrahi, jewish, arab, middle eastern, culture, arts, jewish identity, middle eastern identity, arab jew, mizrahim, sephardim, sephardic judaism, crypto-judaism, pluralism, multiculturalism, poetry, writing, middle east peace, arab jewish dialogue, artists, writers, sephardi/mizrahi arts and cutures Ivri-NASAWI read here about the Levantine Center Read Poetry Read poetry, visit the Ismi Anthology banner exchange welcome Benjoya Morocco Sephardic Cuba Sunlight and Shadow, the Jews of Islam - Book Review

Articles dealing with the history of sephardic Jews, with a special interest in Crypto Jews.
On this page you will find articles I have written dealing with the history of Sephardic Jews, with a special interest in Crypto Jews.


... View My Guestbook

4. BNAI SEPHARAD - Sephardi Organizations Around The World
Link to worldwide sephardi organizations by first clicking on the country of origin. Mizrachi and sephardi organizations around the world.
Mizrachi and Sephardi organizations around the world. Welcome Page
Form Page

Message Center

Select a nation
What is Bnai Sepharad?
    Bnai Sepharad is a place to find, and to list, Mizrachi and Sephardi organizations - community centers, museums, schools, synagogues, etc. - throughout the world. If you know of an organization that should be included on the list, please use the Form Page or send an email to Bnai Sepharad has a Message Center where you may post questions and comments of interest to Mizrahim and Sephardim. The only requirement is that you must identify yourself and provide an email address (so people can respond to you). Bnai Sepharad is not a place for politics of any type. Nor is it a place to advertise anything. Finally, it is not a place with hundreds of links. Aside from links to Mizrachi or Sephardi organizations listed on Bnai Sepharad pages, there are only two other links:
    at; Maven is the Jewish links list.
    , at, is a paper and on-line magazine devoted to Conversios. If you have a Jewish-interest Web site that should be announced to the world, let Maven know.

5. Etsi - Sephardi Genealogical And Historical Society
sephardi genealogical and historical society based in Paris offers a quarterly review, membership and subscription forms, and contact details. sephardi Genealogical and Historical Society
Sephardi Genealogical and Historical Society Website created in August 1998 You are visitor since January 5th, 2002 Last update = November 4, 2002
Table of contents of the Review
General Index of the Review
Places or Historical Subjects researched by
Etsi members
Index to books and reviews concerned by Sephardi Genealogy and History
"Etsi" my tree , in Hebrew) is the first Sephardi Genealogical and Historical Society,
founded in 1998 in Paris, by
  • Laurence Abensur-Hazan (Mrs), president
  • Sidney Pimienta, vice-president
  • Jimmy Pimienta, secretary
  • Philip Abensur, treasurer
  • Anne-Marie Rychner-Faraggi
  • Claude Missistrano (Mr)
  • Lucette Marques-Toledano
The purpose of "Etsi" is to help people interested in Jewish Genealogical and Historical Research in the Sephardi World. "Etsi"'s field of study covers the Ottoman Empire (Turkey, Greece, Palestine, Syria, Libya, Egypt...), North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia), Spain, Portugal, Italy and Gibraltar. The study of every Sephardi community or family who lived in other regions is equally within the society's aim. The objective of the founders is to create an international exchange forum for genealogists and historians interested in research into the Sephardi world.

6. Shehebar Sephardic Center - Midrash Sephardi
Welcome to the Midrash sephardi Website! We are a sephardic Yeshivain The Old City of Jerusalem. We have students from all over
W elcome to the Midrash Sephardi Website! We are a Sephardic Yeshiva in The Old City of Jerusalem. We have students from all over the world, including many from the U.S., Russia, Spain, France, South America, Japan, England, and many more countries world-wide. We Offer The Following Programs: Going Places Visit one of Shehebar Sephardic Center's
Synagogues the next time you travel! Kowloon Synagogue
Shehebar Sephardic Center's Hong Kong Project.
SSC Communities Around the World
List of Sephardic Rabbis around the world, and their Synagogues. Dedication Opportunities List Of Rabbis Around The Globe ... History

7. Song Of Songs Chant: Sephardi
A sample of how the Song of Songs is sung in the sephardic tradition, as sung by cantor Solomon Amzallay (of Morocco).
Song of Songs Chant
Sephardic Tradition
This is a sample of how the Song of Songs is sung in the Sephardic tradition. The sample is Song of Songs 1:1-4, as sung by cantor Solomon Amzallay (of Morocco). Click on a line of text to hear a sound file in Sun audio (.au) format. Or, click on the RealAudio icon to hear the whole text in RealAudio format.
Sights and Sounds of Song of Songs
Last Modified: July 7, 1996 Jay Treat

8. Sephardic Studies Caucus
The central aim of the sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus is to promote the integration of sephardi and Mizrahi Studies

Organizations and Resources



Call for Papers
The central aim of the Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus is to promote the integration of Sephardi and Mizrahi Studies into general Jewish Studies, both in teaching and in scholarship. The Caucus has initiated an ongoing electronic discussion of its resolutions and goals. The Caucus facilitates contacts among scholars and students interested in Sephardi/Mizrahi studies and serves as a source for information about scholas, organizations, publications and syllabi related to the field. The Caucus will assist undergraduate/graduate students to form their own linked academic support group for those focusing on Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies. The Caucus first met at the annual conference of the Association for Jewish Studies in December 1998, and will continue to meet annually at the AJS annual conference. Send us a message
Discussion List

9. Hanukkah
Halakha, observances, and recipes. (From The sephardi Connection.)Category Society Religion and Spirituality Chanukkah......Hanukkah, Hanukkah Halakhot sephardicFrom the Judaic Studies Seminar.Hanukkah From the Midrash Ben Ish Hai sephardic-Iraqi tradition.
Hanukkah Hanukkah Halakhot
Sephardic-From the Judaic Studies Seminar Hanukkah
From the Midrash Ben Ish Hai
Sephardic-Iraqi tradition Hanukkah Story, background, games
From the Pedagogic Center Hanukkah recipes
Mikem elekhem: From you to you. Take a recipe and leave us your own.
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10. The Sephardi/Mizrahi Review
back SMR The sephardi/Mizrahi Review is a new quarterly publication, onlineand print editions, launching in 2002/2003. click here for larger image.


SMR: The Sephardi/Mizrahi Review is a new quarterly publication, online and print editions, launching in 2002/2003.

click here for larger image
), providing we can prove that there is a genuine interest in, and support available for, such a publication.
SMR proposes to focuse on the art, culture and oral history of the Spanish/Portuguese Jews and their descendants, and Jews of the Middle East/West Asia. SMR includes creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, art and lifestyle articles, devoted to exploring both contemporary life and traditional cultures of the Sephardim/Mizrahim.
SMR seeks essays, articles, interviews, reviews, short fiction, poetry, art, photography, music and video for use in its online version, accessible and downloadable in PDF format and printable for all subscribers. A print-only version will go to member/subscribers of the association. SMR will be funded in part by private foundations, and plans to accept additional sponsorship through grants, appropriate corporate donors, and organizational charitable contributions.

11. Kleyne Lider
Jewish folk songs from the Yiddish and Ladino/sephardi heritage, performed by a group based in Stuttgart. With member profiles, release information, and links.
htmlAdWH('7002948', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002336', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help Kleyne Lider Yiddish and Ladino songs
Welcome! This page provides song texts, translations, information and musical samples of Yiddish and Ladino songs
Diese Seite auf
Now also a available on
CD with ... arrangements Welcome to the Kleyne Lider homepage Songs in Yiddish 1 Zun in Mayrev [3'31"] 2 A Maise [3'54"] 3 Vos Toyg Mir Der Sheyner Vayngortn? [2'09"] 4 Yome, Yome [2'14"] 5 Fisherlid [3'41"] 6 Unter Beymer [4'25"] 7 Shlof Main Fegele 2'40"] 8 Vi Shlekht Un Vi Bitter [2'12"] 9 Unter Di Grininke Beymelekh [1'52"] 10 Yoshke Yoshke [1'08"] 11 Rozhinkas mit Mandeln [3'04"] 12 Regndl [3'06"]
Songs in Ladino 13 El Dio Alto [3'43"] 14 Mi Coracón [1'40"] 15 La Vida Do Por El Raquí [1'26"] 16 Una Noche Al Lunar [1'13"] 17 Durme Durme [3'19"] 18 Era Escuro [2'14"] 19 La Rosa Enflorece [4'03"] 20 Como La Rosa En La Guerta [4'05"] 21 Adio Querida [2'43"] 22 Havlo Con Coraje [3'05"] LINKS
ENGLISH Zemerl- Jewish song database Alan R. King's home

12. American Sephardic Federation Portal
American sephardi Federation At the Center for Jewish History 15 West 16 Street,New York, NY 10011 Tel(212)2948350 Fax (212) 294-8348 E-Mail mustaev@cjh
American Sephardi Federation
At the Center for Jewish History
15 West 16 Street, New York, NY 10011
Tel:(212)294-8350 Fax: (212) 294-8348 E-Mail:
ASF Art Contest
Urgent Project ........ Israel Needs Your Help........ Prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, there were 930,000 Jews in Arab countries. Now there are fewer than 4,000. Many of these Jews who left were forced to leave their possessions behind, with little or no compensation.
The American Sephardi Federation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of the State of Israel and other organizations, is leading an effort to document the property and possessions left behind by Jews who were forced to flee Arab Countries.
Go To Jewish Refugees Web-Site

EXHIBIT: Jews from Arab Countries The Loss of Ancestral Inheritance ... Click For A Complete List Of ASF Events
ASF MISSION The American Sephardi Federation (ASF) is a national Jewish organization dedicated to strengthening and unifying the American Sephardic community and promoting its spiritual, cultural and social traditions. As a national, not-for-profit federation, ASF serves as a home and community resource for numerous regional organization, synagogues, community centers and foundations.
ASF supports the Sephardic community with cultural and academic programming, the only permanent Sephardic exhibit gallery and an online library dedicated to promoting Sephardic culture in America

13. Hanukkah
Halakha, observances, and recipes. (From The sephardi Connection.)
Hanukkah Hanukkah Halakhot
Sephardic-From the Judaic Studies Seminar Hanukkah
From the Midrash Ben Ish Hai
Sephardic-Iraqi tradition Hanukkah Story, background, games
From the Pedagogic Center Hanukkah recipes
Mikem elekhem: From you to you. Take a recipe and leave us your own.
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14. American Sephardi Federation
0, 0, July 28 2002 095311, Contains new posts since last visit. No new postssince the last visit. American sephardi Federation. © 2002. Go To Top Of Page.

15. Torah Scrolls
Kosher Sepher Torahs, sephardi and Askenazi, available for personal use, Bible exhibition or congregations.
WELCOME TO THE TORAH SCROLL PAGE The most sacred Jewish ritual object is the Torah Scroll, the Five Books of Moses inscribed by hand on the specially prepared skin of a kosher animal. Torah scrolls are not written on paper but parchment which is animal skin and written by hand with a quail and ink. It takes 6 months to a year to write a torah scroll, although some scribes write significantly faster and others much more slowly. . There are two types of scrolls Ashkenazi and sephardi the difference is mainly in the style of the writing.
In the Ashkenazi tradition the scribe writes with a quill on parchment; the Sefardi scribe uses a reed to write on parchment or leather. For example, there is a Sefardi scroll, whose material is fine golden-hued skin, and it fulfills the Talmudic injunction that a Torah Scroll be “written in good ink with a fine pen by an expert sofer [scribe].” Nothing is permitted on the scroll other than the biblical text, written without the vowel points. It is therefore difficult to ascertain the date or place of its fashioning.
While printed editions of the Torah abound, in both Hebrew and English translation, and with many different commentaries, when the Torah is read in the synagogue on Shabbat and holidays, it is read from a hand-written scroll, called a Sefer Torah, in keeping with age-old tradition.

16. Sephardic Museum - Toledo
View pictures and get some background on this museum housed in a synagogue. In Spanish.

17. Midrash Sephardi - American Program
The Shehebar sephardic Center's American Program. Brooklyn StudentsDaily Learning Program. A Wellrounded Program of Torah Study;
Home History List Of Rabbis Around The Globe Rabbinic Program ... SSC Communities The Shehebar Sephardic Center's
American Program
Brooklyn Students Daily Learning Program
  • A Well-rounded Program of Torah Study Full Bet Midrash and Library Facilities Personal Attention from Distinguished Rabbis and Teachers Extremely Successful Intensive Ulpan Fascinating Tours and Extra Curricular Activities Individualized Volunteer Chesed Program Special "Torah Tours" Modern Carpeted Dormitory
The SSC maintains an Accredited American Undergraduate College and Yeshiva for post high school students which is still available to be dedicated. This program is headed by Rabbi Ralph Tawil formerly of Congregation Beth Torah in Brooklyn, NY. Undergraduates have taken advantage of our structured learning environment covering all aspects of Jewish studies: Gemara, Tanach, Halacha, History, Philosophy and a successful Ulpan . Courses are set up as transferable college credits that range in level from basic to advanced so as to accommodate a wide variety of scholastic backgrounds. Over 500 of our graduates are back in their communities around the world as the next generation of leaders
Comments, Questions, Problems: email the

History, language, and culture of one sephardi family.
THE NAHMANS OF GERONA A Brief Introduction To Our History
Rabbi Moses ben Nahman, of Gerona,
his soul is at peace. Hazak.
(Be Strong
Benjamin H. Nahman
Los Angeles
A Brief Introduction To Our History I do not think that anyone can properly go into any subject, let alone that of one's historical roots without laying a foundation of the events that would help in understanding and getting a feel for the period in which they happened. We Nahmans, proceeding from the oft told oral history handed down through the generations from father to son, were the recipients of that history from our father Haim Joseph Nahman. That we were skeptical is an understatement but he was adamant and urged us to further inquiry. This is a humble compiling of what I have learned. The history of our people, the Sephardim, was told to us in bits and pieces. No books were read to us about that history but the pride in our heritage was imparted. Now there are books we can read. Who Are The Sephardim? There are a number of studies and more are continuing. Much of the history was lost due to the confiscation and/or burning of the literary works of the Jews of Spain before, during and after their expulsion from their homeland in 1492. Some documents are being uncovered on an ongoing basis at Cathedral archives in Spain.(

19. Misgav Yerushalaiym Research Center- English
Promotes academic research on sephardi and Oriental Jewish history and culture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Misgav Yerushalayim The Center for Research and Study of Sephardi and Oriental Jewish Heritage Misgav Yerushalayim, The Faculty of Humanities, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905, Israel Tel: 972-2-5883962 Fax: 972-2-5815460 E-mail:

20. North West London Sephardi Minyan
friendly community and minyan with Gibraltar, gibraltarian sephardi customs.
Pls click to continue if you cannot view Intro above. Pls click to continue if you cannot view Intro above.

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