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         Sephardi:     more books (101)
  1. jewish law and sephardi studies by a. z. kaddari, 1974
  2. The Sephardi Culinary Tradition by Elsie Menasce, 1984
  3. Sephardi entrepreneurs in Eretz Israel: The Amazalak family 1816-1918 by Joseph B. Glass, 1991
  4. Sephardi Communities Today by David Sitton, 1985-06
  5. WORLD FEDERATION OF SEPHARDI COMMUNITIES: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa 2</i> by Mia Bloom, 2004
  6. The American Sephardi Autumn 1971 Vol. 5 No. 1 - 2 Journal of the Selphardic Studies Program of the Yeshiva University by Hyman, J. (editor) Campeas, 1971-01-01
  7. SEPHARDI JEWS A Pageant of Spanish Portuguese and Oriental Judaism between The Cross and the Crescent by Edmond s. Malka, 1979
  8. Ethnic Groups in Greece: Romani People, Albanians, Sephardi Jews, Bulgarians, Pomaks, Cham Albanians, Aromanians
  9. Road from Babylon: Story of Sephardi and Oriental Jews by Chaim Raphael, 1985-10-17
  10. A Legacy of Leaders: Inspiring Stories and Biographies of Sephardi Hachamim by Yehuda Azoulay, 2008-04-07
  11. Yael Naim: New Soul, In a Man's Womb, Yael Naim (Album), Israel Defense Force, Israel Air Force, Sephardi Jews, Ramat HaSharon, The House Bunny
  12. Christ and the Resurrection of Israel by Jonathan Sephardi, 1987-08
  13. Sephardic Cuisine by Stella Cohen, Sephardi Ladies Zimbabwe, 1986
  14. History and creativity: In the Sephardi and Oriental Jewish Communities

81. Sephardi And Middle Eastern Jewries
sephardi and Middle Eastern Jewries. Edited by HarveyE. Goldberg. History and Culture in the Modern Era.
Sephardi and Middle Eastern Jewries
Edited by Harvey E. Goldberg History and Culture in the Modern Era
H istorians, anthropologists, and linguists from Israel, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States provide a comprehensive picture of Sephardi and Middle Eastern Jewries in modern times. The volume touches on such themes as the impact of modernization upon Sephardi communities in North Africa, the Balkans, and other areas of the Ottoman Empire; responses to cultural change in Sephardi communities of Iraq and North Africa; issues relating to contemporary Jewish languages and literatures; and conceptions of ethnicity and gender in Sephardi communities. Contributors include Joelle Bahloul, Jacob Barnai, Esther Benbassa, Yoram Bilu, David M. Bunis, Joseph Chetrit, Harvey E. Goldberg, Isaac Guershon, AndrÈ Levy, Laurence D. Loeb, Susan Gilson Miller, Amnon Netzer, Aron Rodrigue, Esther Schely-Newman, Daniel J. Schroeter, Norman A. Stillman, Yosef Tobi, Yaron Tsur, Zvi Yehuda, and Zvi Zohar. Harvey E. Goldberg

82. Midrash Sephardi V. Town Of Surfside
Midrash sephardi, et al. The original federal complaint in this case was filedon June 4, 1999 by Midrash sephardi and Young Israel of Bal Harbor.
Midrash Sephardi, et al. v. Town of Surfside, et al. The original federal complaint in this case was filed on June 4, 1999 by Midrash Sephardi and Young Israel of Bal Harbor. But the dispute began earlier, in state court, and was on appeal to the Supreme Court of Florida when the petition for review by the plaintiff was voluntarily dismissed on April 26, 2002. Surfside permits churches and synagogues in only one of the town's eight zoning districts (two-family residential), and even there only after issuance of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Initially, plaintiffs challenged the constitutionality of the portion of the ordinance setting out procedures for obtaining a CUP, but the challenge was dismissed for lack of standing. (They had not applied for a CUP, on grounds that there was "a substantial likelihood that it will be enforced against the plaintiffs based on Surfside's conduct to date.") Religious assembly uses are prohibited in the other seven zoning districts, even though other private clubs and other non-religious assembly uses are permitted. In an order issued on July 13, 2000, the court held that the zoning ordinance was facially neutral and that there was no evidence of discriminatory purpose or intent in creation of the code, and dismissed the plaintiff's equal protection claim.

83. Sephardi Club Lends Spicy Flavor To SCW
sephardi Club Lends Spicy Flavor to SCW. That is why the sephardi Club Dinner onthe fifth night of Hanukkah, December 4, 2002, was such a popular event.
Sephardi Club Lends Spicy Flavor to SCW By Danielle Yunatanov
There’s a rumor circulating that Sephardim are known to be extra fun, extremely exciting and especially spicy. It’s true. That is why the Sephardi Club Dinner on the fifth night of Hanukkah, December 4, 2002, was such a popular event. Even Ashkenazim made it their business to attend.
“We were very impressed with the turnout and were especially grateful for the warm and humorous environment,” said Shirly Dayan, SCW Sephardi Club President, who worked with YC Sephardi Club president Josh Malka to make the evening at Café Classico on 57th Street a success. Twenty-five students from SCW and 35 students from YC attended the dinner, which was sponsored by Yeshiva.
The ambiance was pleasant, the lights were dim and the people were friendly at the Hanukkah dinner. Waiters circled the tables, offering the students samples of classical ethnic Sephardic dishes, which ranged from hot and spicy poppers and platters of humus and tehina salad, to steamed chicken and sweet and sour meatballs.
“It was a pleasure to dine on such delicious food while being entertained by such exceptionally stimulating company,” said SCW junior Lisa Sutton.

84. Sephardi Mizrach
sephardi Mizrach. This design, inspired by classic oriental sephardic decorationmotifs comes in a special square format (7 1/2 x 7 1/2 ). sephardi Mizrach.
Home Jerusalem Mizrach Sign Jerusalem Skyline Mizrach
Jerusalem Natalie Mizrach

Sephardi Mizrach This design, inspired by classic oriental sephardic decoration motifs comes in a special square format (7 1/2" x 7 1/2").
Sephardi Mizrach Click Here

85. American Sephardi Federation Jewish Refugees From Arab Countries
As part of an international effort, in association with major Jewish communalorganizations, the American sephardi Federation has launched a campaign to
Project Statement
As part of an international effort, in association with major Jewish communal organizations, the American Sephardi Federation has launched a campaign to collect testimonials from Jews displaced from Arab countries. In order to preserve the historical record and document the material losses, all former Jewish refugees or family members are urged to fill out the Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries (JRAC)
Testimonial Claim Form.
Home ASFOnline Israel Ministry of Justice

86. American Sephardi Federation Jewish Refugees From Arab Countries
Below is a list of the materials that may be found in the American sephardiFederation Library on the topic of Jews of Arab countries.
RESOURCES Below is a list of the materials that may be found in the American Sephardi Federation Library on the topic of Jews of Arab countries. Come in to check out the details or contact the Library
  • Articles:

    “The Other Refugees.” Ad, NY Times, Jan. 30, 2001. The American Jewish Committee.
    Fact Statement from the International Committee of Jews from Arab Lands – with comparative estimates compiled by George E. Gruen and revised December 9. 1997
    “The Forgotten millions, The Modern Exodus of Jews from Arab Countries” dated 8/28/2000 Fax History Report – by Malks Hillel Shulewitz.
    “Sephardic Jews seek to tell their stories” Article from “The Jewish Week” dated 4/6/01
    Jews expelled from Arab countries left behind $30b. in assets. - dated 1/3/01 Article from: The Jerusalem Post”
    Sephardim gauge financial losses during exodus from Arab countries Article : by Daniel Kurtzman Image: Middle East and JTA Daily News Bulletin, Jan. 21, 1999.

87. Sephardi
Kosher Kooking page 7, sephardi Style Stuffed Tomatoes (Medyahs). Background6 portions as a main course; 12 portions as a side dish.
Kosher Kooking page 7 Sephardi Style Stuffed Tomatoes (Medyahs) Background:
6 portions as a main course; 12 portions as a side dish. This is a great dish - a little time consuming, but if you make extra you can get more than one meal out of it and just need to re-heat it in the microwave or oven briefly. **During the year you can substitute corn meal or coarse wheat flour for the Matzoh Meal. Ingredients:
6 large tomatoes
1/2 lb ground beef
1/2 lb ground lamb
2 medium onions finely diced
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 well beaten medium eggs
1 tablespoon water
1/3 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon finely chopped coriander 1 1/2 cups matzoh meal* 1 tablespoon fresh parsley Salt and pepper to taste Coating: 3 well beaten eggs 1/2 cup Matzoh meal with a pinch of salt mixed in Frying: Parve margarine or olive oil Baking: 1/2 cup water Cut the tomatoes in half, length-wise (from stem to toe).

88. WebGuest - Open Directory : Society : Religion And Spirituality : Judaism : Deno
JudeoSpanish (7); Synagogues (8). Sites sephardi Connection *Cool Site* - Anexcellent resource for sephardi culture, religion, language and genealogy.
Browse thru 1000's of books about religion and spirituality:
About Us

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... Contact Us
the entire directory only in Denominations/Sephardi Top Society Religion and Spirituality Judaism ... Denominations : Sephardi

89. Sephardi Congregations Add/Change Form
Additions and Changes to List of sephardi Congregations and other organizationsof Jewish interest. Note Your name and Email address
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Additions and Changes
to List of Sephardi Congregations
and other organizations of Jewish interest
Note: Your name and Email address fields at the bottom of the form must be filled in before the other information can be included in the lists. If you do not wish to be credited for the information, send an email message in addition to the form asking that your name be omitted.
Organizational Information
Organization name Organization type (select one) Afternoon school Community Center Day school Social organization Sports organization Sunday school Synagogue Yeshiva Other (Use Comments ) Street Address City State/Province Mail (ZIP) Code Country Telephone Number Fax number Email Web site (URL) Contact person
Synagogue-specific information
Morning Afternoon Times of Monday and Thursday Services Morning Afternoon Evening Times of Other Weekday Services Morning Afternoon Evening Tradition(s)
(select all that apply) Algerian Egyptian Greek Italian Iranian Iraqi Israeli Lebanese Moroccan Portugese/Spanish Syrian Tunesian Turkish Yeminite Other (Use Comments ) Classification
(select one) Orthodox Traditional (but mixed seating) Conservative Reform Reconstruction Other (Use Comments )
Community information
Number of Sephardim in community Total number of Jews in community Jewish services in area
(select all that apply) Afternoon school(s) Jewish bookstore(s) Jewish cemetery Jewish community center(s) Jewish day school(s) Kosher market(s) Kosher products in other markets Kosher restaurant(s) Lodging near synagogue Mikvah

90. Other URLs Of Interest To The Sephardi Community
and is updated weekly. For sephardi and Mizrachi congregations andorganizations, Bnai Sepharad pages remain the place to look.
Free Web site hosting -
Last revised: 1 Adar 2 5757 (February 9, 1997 ce)
Other URLs of interest
    For a complete list, go to the Maven list at This is the Jewish List of Lists and is updated weekly. For Sephardi and Mizrachi congregations and organizations, Bnai Sepharad pages remain the place to look.

91. Jewish And Israeli Web Directory And Search Engine: Synagogues And Movements/Sep
Synagogues (6). LINKS Arthur Benveniste's sephardi Page Articles dealing withthe history of sephardic Jews, with a special interest in Crypto Jews.
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New Links Cool Links ... Synagogues and Movements : Sephardi CATEGORIES:


  • Arthur Benveniste's Sephardi Page
    Articles dealing with the history of Sephardic Jews, with a special interest in Crypto Jews.
  • Crypto Jews in the U.S. Southwest "A Report on Research, Resources, and the Changing Search for Identity," by Dr. Seth Ward of Denver University.
  • European Sephardic Institute Safeguarding and conserving all elements still existing in the Sephardic culture of Greece, Turkey, Morocco and elsewhere, as well as the Spanish and Portuguese Judaism before 1492.
  • Halapid The on-line journal of the Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies serves the following purpose: The fostering of research and networking of information into the contemporary development of Crypto-Jews of Iberian origins.

92. Beged Ivri -- Tying Tzitzit According To Nusach Sephardi
Tying Tzitzith (according to Nusach sephardi), Step 1. Gather togetherthe four white ends and insert them in the corner of the garment
Tying Tzitzith (according to Nusach Sephardi)
Step 1.
Gather together the four white ends and insert them in the corner of the garment... A WORD FROM BEGED IVRI W e are taught that if all the Jews would keep but two Sabbaths we would usher in the Messianic Era. Forty eight years ago the Jewish people kept the first of those two Sabbaths, we call it Hakamat Hamidinah (the establishment of the State of Israel). What stands before us is the second Sabbath, the Great and Holy Sabbath in which, once again, all the Jewish people, in one mind and of one spirit, will come together to build the Holy Third Temple. W e are a generation that is writing a Bible story, the final book of Ta'anach. We are the generation that is fulfilling the ancient prophecies. We are the generation that returned - upright - to our Land. We made Aliyah, we returned from the far corners of the earth to Jerusalem. A liyah, however, does not stop with bringing your physical bodies, families, and assets to Eretz Yisrael. We came here because, when we were children in Hebrew School and in Sunday School, and we heard for the first time Bible stories, stories of David and the Maccabees, Devorah and Esther, we had a dream. A pure and holy dream, the dream of a child to be a King David, to be an Esther. And as we grew up we learned that there existed a State of Israel, and we took concept to reality and made Aliyah, and then some of us stopped dreaming. We became Israeli rather than Israelite. We need yet to complete the process of Aliyah, Aliyah of mindset.

93. English Definition Of Sephardi -
Source The Collins English Dictionary © 1998 HarperCollins Publisherssephardi s fa di n., pl. dim -d m. Judaism. 1. a. a

94. Kulanu Honour Our Portuguese Sephardi Ancestors
Honour our Portuguese sephardi ancestors. Rufina Bernardetti Da SilvaMausenbaum. My father always called me by my first name, Rufina

95. : 3990G 6.0 - The Sephardi Jews: Analysis Of Survival
Social Science (Arts). Rm. S744 Ross Bldg., 416736-5054. AS/SOSC 3990G 6.0 Thesephardi Jews Analysis of Survival. Differs from printed Lecture Schedule.
Social Science (Arts)
Rm. S744 Ross Bldg., 416-736-5054
AS/SOSC 3990G 6.0 The Sephardi Jews: Analysis of Survival
Differs from
printed Lecture Schedule Term Section LOI Type Meet Cat No. Days Time Room Instructors Y EN SEMR R BC 325

96. The Sephardi Bulletin, London
Le fondement de l'état repose sur l'éducation de la jeunesse Diogèneoffert par l'architecte Zajtman. The sephardi Bulletin, London.
Soutenez BELSEF, le magazine pluriel au service de la communauté, pour 10 Euros par mois. "Le fondement de l'état repose sur l'éducation de la jeunesse" Diogène
offert par l'architecte Zajtman
The Sephardi Bulletin, London
MENU Sefarad


Rhodes, un pan de notre mémoire Moïse Rahmani has made it his life's work to preserve the heritage of the Spehardim. Ten years ago he started the Institut Européen in Brussels; he edits the journal Los Muestros (ours). He runs one of the most comprehensive sites of Sephardi interest on the web (, which, incidentally, host the Sephardi Bulletin on line.
But the Jews of Rhodes are closer to the author's heart. He himself is partly descendent from a Rhodesli (as they like to call themselves) family. This book (in French) is Moïse Rahmani's personal tribute to a Sephardi community deported and wiped out by the Nazis (among them one Wehmarch officer named Kurt Waldheim) "This is the stone I place on the graves of those who have none" Rhamani writes.
The community met an abrupt end on 16th August 1944 : 1500 Rhodian Jews were gassed in the ovens at Auschwitz after an exhausting journey from the Eastern Aegean. They had spent weeks crammed in boats and cattle trucks.

97. Testimonials : American Sephardi Federation (USA)
Translate this page FERMER CETTE FENETRE / CLOSE THIS WINDOW / CERRAR ESTA VENTANA. Judeo-Spanish atAuschwitz - Le judéo-espagnol à Auschwitz - El Judeo-español en Auschwitz.

98. World Sephardi Congress

99. The Sephardic Minyan Of Newton At  Congregation Beth El
The sephardic Minyan of Newton at Congregation Beth El. 561 WardSt., PO Box 590315 Newton Centre, MA 02459 Tel 617244-9643 or
The Sephardic Minyan of Newton at
Congregation Beth El 561 Ward St., PO Box 590315 Newton Centre, MA 02459
Tel: 617-244-9643 or 617-964-6922 Fax: 413-643-6420
Email: HOME About us Directions to the Sephardic Minyan of Newton Schedule of Services Current Events ... Site Map

Other Sephardic Congregations in the area: Sephardic Community of Greater Boston
74 Corey Rd, Brighton/Brookline, MA
Daily services. Orthodox.
Call Rabbi Hamaoui (617 789-4343) for more details. Sephardic Congregation of New England
1566 Beacon St (chapel of Beth Zion), Brookline, MA
Shabbat and Holidays services. Orthodox
Call Dr. Baruch Mazor (617 734-3743) for more details. Last updated on: Thursday, October 26, 2000

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