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Real Satanism and intellectual integrity Let me start of with this setianism,Luciferianism, Diabolism, etc. There is none in calling setianism Satanism .

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    25. || What Religion For Geeks?
    setianism (3.00 / 1) ( 598) by BlackRose on Mon Aug 27th, 2001 at 020712AM EST http// The only reasonable (by which

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    By ghjm
    Tue Aug 21st, 2001 at 10:23:12 AM EST
    Most mainstream religions require more in the way of faith-based belief than is comfortable for a rationalist geek. Can religion and rationality coexist? When you go see a movie, a key requirement for having a good time is the willing suspension of disbelief you must suppress your natural tendency to recognize obvious irrationality and simply enjoy the film for what it is. Sometimes Hollywood make this more difficult than it should be, but hey, it's only a movie, right? For many people this is easy. But for a minority of the overall population perhaps a majority of Kuro5hin readers suspending rationality is extremely difficult. For this type of person, it is hard to engage in activities which don't seem rational. At the risk of sounding extreme, I will call these people hyper-rationals . The stereotypical "geek" falls squarely into this category. Most religion requires a large exercise of faith, or in other words, holding beliefs despite having no rational reason to do so. Some religions also require a stronger form of faith: holding beliefs despite

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    31. Cuir Underground
    setianism, at its best, represents the highest level of sophistication theLeftHand Path has reached in the Western world thus far. Sex Magic.
    From Issue 4.2 - Summer 1998
    Sado-Magic for Satan
    An Interview with Zeena Schrek
    By Kiki Scar
    Secret nocturnal rituals of sex and pain, homage to a sadistic whip-wielding overlord, dank underground dungeons decked with iron implements, profane acts of shocking perversity all this and more lie in the shared fantastical realm of sadomasochism and satanism. Regrettably the banal reality is less inspiring than the dark recesses of our imaginations, yet the modern young institutions of sadomasochism and satanism share shadows in our dark side. What shapes do these intersecting shadows form? One figure can be made out among the many: Zeena Schreck, baptized by her late UnFather Anton LaVey into the Church of Satan as a baby, and now a Priestess in the neo-satanic Temple of Set (ToS), and Alpha Female of the Werewolf Order. Once the spokesperson for the Church of Satan, the striking Ms. Schreck formally and ritually exorcised herself of all affiliations with the Church and her UnFather in 1990 in disgust with LaVey's lies and charlatanism. An open sadomasochist and dominant, Schreck is also a Black Magician and sincere student of the "Left Hand Path," as many occultniks call it. She has practiced sex magic and sado-magic, as well as more traditional forms of black magic, for many years.

    32. Dontent
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    33. SATANISM
    disagreement, and organized the Temple of Set. This follows the religionof setianism. Members recognize a preSatanic deity, the
    Six pseudo-Satanisms
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    Six types of pseudo-Satanism:
    As noted elsewhere , we define a group or individual as Satanic (or Christian, or Muslim, etc) if their members sincerely regard themselves to be Satanic. Unfortunately, "Satanism" and related terms have often been used as universal "snarl" words. The following are five essentially unrelated beliefs and activities that have been referred to as "Satanism:"
  • Gothic Satanism: This is an imaginary , profoundly evil religion that was invented during the late Middle Ages by the Christian church. Gothic Satanists were said to ritually kill children, boil down their bodies to make magical implements, sell their soul to the devil, break crucifixes, conduct black masses, bring hail storms to damage crops, cause disease in farm animals and humans. etc. They were said to totally dedicate their life to harming others.
    The church's creation of Gothic Satanism gave the theological foundation for the " burning times " in which tens of thousands of religious heretics, mentally ill people, and supremely unlucky individuals were burned at the stake (in Roman Catholic countries) or hung (in Protestant countries).
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    35. Scroll Of Guests's Dreambook
    I`ve read most of your essays. Are you interested in setianism. Sunday,February 2nd 2003 101014 PM Name Steve. E-mail address
    Scroll of Guests Welcome to Dreambook , a nifty new free service from:
    New Dream Network
    Dreamhost , and Dreamservers If you have a minute, please sign my Dreambook too! Name: Leile E-mail address: Homepage URL: How did you find me?: link Comments: You got a great side with lots of good informations!
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    blond Lolita livesex
    I'd like to create such a lovely side either! Maybe, you can give me some good advice for my own webside? You can look around and tell me your opinion... Stay well Gina Are you interested in:: esoterics Thursday, February 27th 2003 - 01:08:27 PM Name: Pierre E-mail address:

    36. Dreambook - Scroll Of Guests
    Comments, Are you interested in esoterics occultism satanism setianismegyptology all of this none of this all.
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    37. Infek Bin Laden: Church Of Latter Days Satanists
    years earlier. Luciferianism, Shaitanism, setianism, all involvedambiguous connotations. I chose therefore the name. SATAN . as
    This post is for ALL: for every Working Sex Magickian, Hot-Vessel(tm), and Homunculus. My former work has been misunderstood, and its scope limited, by my use of technical terms. Fuck the Tree of Life! It has attracted only too many brown-nosers and eccentrics, weaklings seeking in "Satan" an escape from reality. I myself was first consciously drawn to the subject in this way. And it has repelled only too many Black Magickal and terrorist oriented minds, such as I most designed to influence. But LATTER DAY SATANISM is for ALL Working Sex Magickians. Let me explain in a few words how it came about that I blazoned the word SATAN upon the Banner that I have borne before me all my life. Before I was 5 years old I was already aware that I was The Archetypal Therimorph whose Gematria of Nothing proved 666 = 0. I did not understand in the least what that implied; it was a passionately estatic sense of identity. In my third year of taking LSD, I devoted myself consciously to Satanic Pride, understanding thereby the gift of becoming a Working Sex Magickian, free from constraints, accidents, and deceptions of civilian life. I found a loss for a name to designate my work, just as the Master Therion, Timothy Leary and William S. Burroughs some years earlier. Luciferianism, Shaitanism, Setianism, all involved ambiguous connotations.

    38. Infek Bin Laden: Satanic Pride 2001
    If you pracitice setianism, Satanism or any other form of Black Magickal art,consider whether your goals for such use are effectivly manifesting.
    Demand legalization and proper government regulation of psychic vampyrism, sex drugs, ritual sacrifices, surreptitious LSD usage and other Satanic activities, including those pracitices deemed both sinister and benign!
    • Numerous evidence shows that ritual sacrifices are indispensable in many spiritual and religious practices, and essential in artistic expression, philosophical and political discourse. These are activities protected by the First Amendment. Demand the repeal of anti-constitutional restrictions against ritual sacrifice in the name of Satan or Set!
    • Benign Satanic practices have many medical and psychological benefits including treatment for depression, anemia, sexual dysfunction and anorexia. Hence the placement of ritual murder as a capitol crime is fraudulent!
    • Satanism has been the object of ridicule amongst the media as well as in "new age" and "magickal circles". Help bring back the respectablility Satanism deserves as a major world theological movement.
    • The genuine risks of benign Satanism are far lower than the risks of Xianity, the Moslem faith, sports and many other legal activities. At the same time, their spiritual and emotional and material benefits can be much more enriching when developed "naturally" both physically and psychologically. Demand rational and consistent government policy and fair play from the "family values" oriented "right wing" press.

    39. Dead Jellyfish's Poetry
    jagged, to shock consciousness. Shamanism, setianism and Chaos MagickTheory are all common themes in my poetry. And there's some
    Welcome to my humble section of my personal poetry. A lot of my poetry is Chaotic and Discordian I like to play with language and intentionally make some parts of the poetry jagged, to shock consciousness. Shamanism, Setianism and Chaos Magick Theory are all common themes in my poetry. And there's some material that's intensely personal and will probably only be understood by a few others. In any case, I hope you enjoy my poetry, and let me know what you think about it Apple of Gnosis Apple of Gnosis by Dead Jellyfish Azathoth Azathoth by Dead Jellyfish Black Black by Dead Jellyfish Black Night of the Soul Black Night of the Soul by Dead Jellyfish Confusion Confusion by Dead Jellyfish. Cthuloid Dreams Cthuloid Dreams by Dead Jellyfish. Duality Duality by Dead Jellyfish. Eternity Eternity by Dead Jellyfish Flux Flux by Dead Jellyfish Good and Better Good and Better by Dead Jellyfish Internal Freedom Internal Freedom by Dead Jellyfish. Jellyfish A Poem about Jellyfish by Dead Jellyfish Journey's End Journey's End by Dead Jellyfish Lost Aardvark A Poem about a Little Lost Aardvark by Dead Jellyfish Lovers The Lovers by Dead Jellyfish.

    40. Websites Hosted By Chaosmagic.Com: V
    Vmg.Chaosmagic.Com, A French Website about setianism and the Left HandPath. Highly Recommended. Vore.Chaosmagic.Com, Anton's Vore site.

    B C D ... Verthaine.Chaosmagic.Com The Non-United Church of Eris of Gothic / Industrial Saints. Vmg.Chaosmagic.Com A French Website about Setianism and the Left Hand Path. Highly Recommended. Vore.Chaosmagic.Com Anton's Vore site. A B C D ... Z

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