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         Setianism:     more detail

41. Gert's Theodish History
It would take a long time before I understood all of that and the full situationof Edred's setianism, which wasn't hidden, and much of which would have been
Theodish History Online
Gering Homepage Articles History Abannings ... FAQ
Gert Remembers: by Gert AEscbeam McQueen
The orlay of Wyrd: I was 40 years old, on a quest to find out who God was, and had begun to start a new life, when I had moved to Watertown, New York on Dec 17, 1987, interestingly enough, just before the Ring of Troth was instituted on Mother Night 1987. I met Garman Lord in March of 1988, twelve years after he founded Theodish Belief, and it was from Garman that I first learned about Heathenry, the religion of the Elder Gods. The orlay of 1988: I wrote to Edred Thorsson, whom Garman knew, because I was impressed with Edred's books, requesting information about membership in the Rune Gild. Edred's first letter to me was dated August 6, 1988, in which he says, "thank you for your inquiry to the Rune was buried in a stack of materials and the Steward just found it. If you would like to join us...we would welcome you into our Halls." He had also sent some introductory material for the Ring of Troth. The orlay of 1989 The orlay of 1990: The next Idunna (Jan 90) I received again announced the first Ostara, I wanted to attend, but other commitments prevented that from occuring. The next Idunna, April 90, had a review of the Ostara event, in which it said, "Edred led a discussion concerning the future of the Ring of Troth and the elder training program. Three folks from out of town, including Prudence Priest of Yggdrasil fame, returned to their steads with authorization to found hearths in their local areas." I was greatly disappointed that I could not make that event.

42. Neolithic Cave Drawings. Dated 10 000 BCE. Fabled God, Baphomet
their vast intellect and higher reasoning to this ancient religious order, now called Satanism (and sometimes refered to as setianism and Luciferianism ).
Declaration of the Year of the Beast The birth of Satanism was the day when humans first realized that we were just another animal with animalistic desires and needs (which was the Neolithic Age, beginning in 10 000 B.C.E.). Satanism, therefore, is the celebration and practice of being natural creatures, not forcing our physical existance into a spiritual context which stiffles and shuns true intelligence, wisdom, and human protential. This declaration hereby changes the Satanic dating system , from the out-dated LaVeyan system (1966 c.e. as year one), to a renewed honor of our ancestors, and their ancient practices which originally realized that we, as humans, are merely animals. As well, to honor the philosophers, writters, and Occultists (like the Marquis de Sade, Eliphas Levi, Immanual Kant, Fredrich Nietzsche, George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, Aleister Crowly, and Micheal Aquino, among others) who have added their vast intellect and higher reasoning to this ancient religious order, now called "Satanism" (and sometimes refered to as "Setianism" and "Luciferianism"). Thus, too purify the Satanic philosophies of the modern perversions (both LaVeyanism and “Devil Worship”), the Satanic dating system must reflect the truest origin of our Satanic philosophy. Therefore, the year 2000 of the

43. Intrepid Traveller@
includes details on Setian philosophy. The essential principle ofsetianism is individualism. For example, Setians believe that
nd Edn, 12 th of April, 2001 Semester One Location: Room 809 Menzies building Day/Time: Thursdays at 1pm Semester Two Location: Room 322 Menzies building Day/Time: Thursdays at 1pm
Look on our notice board and check your email for updated information regarding events and activities.
Welcome EAS members,
This is our second edition of Intrepid Traveller for the 2001. In this newsletter we have included an article on Satanism which relates to our week 11 club meeting topic. We have also included a current list of up-coming events. Anyone is welcome to submit articles, book reviews and other relevant material. We are happy to announce that we have had an increase in members who turn up to meetings and hope that this continues. An up-date of what we are talking about!
26 April (Wk 8): Biblical Contradictions 3 May (Wk 9): Creation Science 10 May (Wk 10): Herbal Healing 17 May (Wk 11): Satanism 24 May (Wk 12): Incense Meditation 31 May (Wk 13): Food and Spirituality
As with most things this schedule is not set in stone, so depending on the interests of the members and available speakers we may alter the schedule.
Satanism On Thursday May 17th at 1pm, Bec and Amanda will be doing a talk on Satanism. This talk is not meant to be provocative, rather it is meant to be informative. Bec and Amanda will attempt to dispel some common myths about Satanists and Satanism. The talk will focus on the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set, the two most well known Satanic churches.

44. The Testament Of Lucifer
So although I do try my best to give accurate information, please keepin mind that not everyone will agree with me. ;). setianism .
Satanic Denominations - Other
Eclectic Satanism Eclectic Satanism is just that eclectic. It draws from diverse sources and combine ideas into a type of "personal religion". Sometimes these ideas may be from various denominations of Satanism, or even from different religions such as Paganism, Wicca, Christianity, Agnosticism, etc. I have met Pagan Satanists, Christian Satanists, and even one girl who expressed interest in being a Jewish Satanist! All of these, provided they espouse the ideals of free-thought, independance, intelligence, and ambition , I view as valid pathways of Satanism. For an example, the Christian Satanist who claims that they must be "evil" and obey all of Satan's orders without question in order to claim their place in Hell, I would not consider Satanic. But the Christian Satanist who has thought about the Bible and the nature of God and Satan and decided to worship Satan because he/she feels that that is the "right" thing to do for them, and have actually considered the ramifications of that, I would likely consider Satanic.
I should note that the majority of Satanists don't agree with my view on this. It's a common (although unfortunate, in my view) mindset of Satanists that only THEIR denomination is the correct one, and that at very least, you can't be Satanic/Pagan or Satanic/Christian or anything like that. But as it's my website, I'm including my views ;)

45. Browsing Society Religion And Spirituality S Category
Salvation Army Satanism Schwarzenau Brethren Scientology Sephardi Set, Temple ofsetianism, Seventh Day Baptists Seventhday Adventists Shamanism Shintoism

46. Temple Of SET? - Satanic Community
I am not a member of the Priesthood and am very much in the middle of my own exploration of setianism so I can only offer my limited personal opinions

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48. Temple Of NOX - First Satanic Church Of Luxembourg
Author Frank Lerch. Publisher Bohmeier Verlag ; (2001). Volume pages. ISBN3890943071. Content German book about magic of Satanism/setianism/Vampirism.
Satanic literature
Archive of the most popular Satanic books
Title: Satanic Bible Author: Anton Szandor Lavey Publisher : Avon ; Reissue edition (June 1989)
Firstcreator Ltd. ; limited Temple of NOX edition (December 2002) Volume: 272 pages ISBN: Content:
Title: Devil's Notebook Author:
Anton Szandor Lavey Publisher : Feral House ; (December 1992) Volume: 147 pages ISBN: Content: A collection of essays, lectures, short stories
Title: Satanic Rituals Author: Anton Szandor Lavey Publisher : Avon ; Reissue edition (April 1991) Volume: 220 pages ISBN: Content: A collection of Modern Satanic Rituals by Church of Satan
Title: Satan Speaks ! Author: Anton Szandor Lavey Publisher : Feral House; ; (September 1998) Volume: 192 pages ISBN: Content: Opinions and ideas full of dark humor, self-proclaimed hard-won wisdom by Anton Lavey
Title: Satanic Witch Author: Anton Szandor Lavey Publisher : Feral House ; (August 1989) Volume: 274 pages ISBN: Content: This is the classic guide to using and interpreting the black arts for seduction and manipulation
Title: Secret Life of a Satanist: The Authorized Biography of Anton Lavey Author: Blanche Barton Publisher : Feral House ; (September 1992)

49. The Heart Of Darkness
I am a Black Magician, a devotee of the Lefthand Path. For additional links to sitesrelated to Satanism or setianism, please visit the Nephren-Ka Pylon site.
This page is dedicated to Satanism and other areas of the occult. I am a Black Magician, a devotee of the Left-hand Path. For additional links to sites related to Satanism or Setianism, please visit the Nephren-Ka Pylon site
What is a Satanist?
- A short essay which I wrote on Satanism.
- This site is run by a friend of Mine in NYC, Cliff Low. I am the moderator of Darkpaths-L, a mailing list based here that you can join if you like.
- An annotated collection of links to several Satanic sites.
The 600 Club
- Satanic evangelists?
Avatar Search
- A search engine dedicated to the occult community on the Internet.
Miss Szandora’s Satanic Witchery
- A cool page. This lady has an attitude that’s almost as big as My own!
Equinox Books and Occult Supplies
- A good source for magickal materials and texts. They do have some texts available online as well.
Misery Children
- I include this site for two reasons. First, they do have some really cool graphic backgrounds to their web pages. I can’t do cool backgrounds like that. The other reason they’re included is to give you an example of what happens when you try to cross New Age philosophy with Satanism.

50. The CoS Files
As for Aquino, so long as he doesn't pretend to be the CoS II, and enjoys hismerry little dark occultism known as setianism and not Satanism, we have no
The CoS Files
Dr. Aquino of the TOS is MA from previous responses. The Gidneys are JOB. All other responses are Dr. Aquino's. More of what the Gidneys had to say about the Barton COS. Subject: Re: First "Hello" to Dr. Aquino from JoB From: (Dr. Michael A. Aquino) Date: 2000/11/11 Newsgroups: alt.satanism -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 In article <20001111005020.27808.00000623 , (William Gidney) wrote: JOB : I will simply address issues given my experiences, the information I have collected from both sides of the CoS/ToS "debate" over the last 15 years, my personal maturation, and other relevant facts. MA : If your experience with Anton's group extends only back to 1985, then you've simply swallowed the post-1975 party line - which you regurgitated very well in your previous post. You, Densley, Gilmore (who also parroted it to me after I gave him the bum's rush), et al. can belch it as much as you like; the only thing it demonstrates to me is the ignorance and gullibility of the source - unless of course he knows better and is being deliberately deceptive to try to fool more uninformed bystanders. JOB : You should pick your adversaries better. I would never have insinuated myself into your business, but you obviously couldn't refrain from insinuating yourself in mine.

51. CoS Revisionism
Filan said At this point their philosophy owes precious little to Anton LaVey's*Satanic Bible,* much as Aquino's setianism bears more resemblance to Arthur C
CoS Revisionism
Now that the dark doctrines crew has been either expelled or asked to resign, the CoS is quick to apply revisionism to the proof that we provide. This is one example. Tani said: In article <4WoO5.4546$, (Kevin Filan) wrote: In article <8ucujl$n1k$, says... Yehudi said: Funny. CoSers LOVE to kvetch about "ridng the coatail of others" Yet, my Jesus of Borg himself is a redneck biker white trash freak who married an ex tripper who happened to inherit some money. What is that, but riding the coatails of others? Practise what you preach, Big Willy, and earn your own money. Oh well. I guess gas jockey is the best ya go do. Filan said: I'm curious as to why you have issues with the Gidneys. Tani said: Are you really curious? If I were Yachud, I'd charge $5.00 for each specific question requiring a one sentence answer. LOTS of people have issues with the Gidneys - I found that out big time when I was investigating bs for Peggy. People that the Gidney's thought were friends (cause they were polite) hated their guts instead. And the Gidneys have BIG issues with Andre. One big happy family-NOT. I don't know why. I just collected the data - I didn't bother to ASK - see, I wasn't interested! (Maybe I should have at least READ the stuff before forwarding it.....oh well). Filan said: Seriously: Ygraine, Will and I started out on opposite sides of a rather nasty flamewar before we ultimately reconciled our differences.

52. Books -
I don't care for Edred or Aswyn, personally. Edredd confuses much Egyptionsetianism in with his Northern lore and Aswyn tends to mix , as well.

53. System Message: Error
etc. A big difference is that setianism claims humans to be higher than other animals bacause we have gotten the gift of Set .

Social Scientific Study (SSRELL) Subscription (Donald R. Ploch) ** setianism Moderated Temple of Set

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58. Vampire Church: February Issue
Eternal, Barbie 23 dimensional thinking Greetings my Dark Angels!, To answerthe above question, I don't feel it necessarily pertains to setianism.
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This month features four articles.
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experience being gods, rather than praying to imaginary images of gods. But theybelieve in an external deity the idea of setianism without an external Set
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Count Zinzendorf : The Story of His Life and Leadership

John R. Weinlick An Ecumenical Theology of the Heart: The Theology of Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf
Arthur J. Freeman Nine Public Lectures on Important Subjects in Religion Nicholaus Ludwig Count Von Zinzendorf Moravian Book Shop Bethlehem, Pennsylvania The Society of Friends (Quakers) - The Religious Society of Friends Lutheran and Lutheran-influenced: The Lutheran Church - The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America The Lutheran Church - Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod The Lutheran Church - Church of the Lutheran Brethren in America Calvinist and Calvinist-influenced: The Presbyterian Church - The Presbyterian Church in America The Presbyterian Church - The Presbyterian Church in the USA The Presbyterian Church - Reformed Presbyterian Church (Covenanted)

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