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81. Contents
I want nothing to do with Luciferean Satanism, setianism, Black Vodou,Black Magick of any kind, Vampirism, or any other lefthand path.
Some Pictures of Me
My Astrological Information
My Likes...
My Dislikes...
Witches who practices Vampirism, Black Magick, Satanic or Demonic Invocations, or anything having to do with Vampirism, Black Magick, or Satanism. I also dislike drug addicts and intolerant Judeo-Christians, whether they be Christians, Jews, Muslems, Masons, Satanists or Kabbalists, but if they're not judgemental then they don't bother me. One of my best friends in the world, someone I consider to be my brother in life, is a Christian. Just keep anything Satanic, Vampiric, or anything else of the left-hand path away from me! I'm a serious Priest and don't have time to play around with "the dark side" like many other young Wiccans do. Anyway, I've rambled enough. If you want to contact me, there's nothing stopping you Blessed be,
- Corvy My Contact Information E-mail address: MSN Messenger: ICQ (I Seek You): AIM:
My Testimony - Part 1: Breaking the bonds of a lifetime's indoctrination
I was more or less raised in a Christian family. Ever since I began kindergarten in St. Mary's Catholic School, I'd believed in

82. MLO
potent. These three dark paths are The Draconian setianism, The SumerianChaosGnosticism and The Kliffotic (Anti-) Kabbalah. All

83. S Directory
S Top Sites in the worldreviews, links and more.

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85. AChDAE's Favorite Occult Links
Links The Best of the Best This list will start out small, but asI find other great websites out there, I'll add them on. If you
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This list will start out small, but as I find other great websites out there, I'll add them on. If you have any links or anything that you think I might like to add, please e-mail me! General Magickal Sites Living With Magick Day Obscured
Rosicrucianism Rosicrucian Fellowship Builders of the Adytum
Elemental Wizzardry
Whispering Wood ...
Hermetic Magick Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Biblioteca Arcana Norton's Imperium
Thelema The Libri of Aleister Crowley A.'.A.'. Realm of Shade
Chaos Magick Chaos Matrix Marik's Website Phil Hine's Fifth Aeon Agregore Anti-Illuminati ... Specularium
Vampire Magick
Satanism/Setianism/Luciferianism Death and Hell Choronzon The Church of Satan I shun the light of hypocrisy and embrace the dark Voudoun/Santeria Voudun in the UK The Temple of Yahwe Lucky Mojo Taoism Buddhism Alchemy Alchemy Lab HOME page created with Easy Designer

86. Society: Religion And Spirituality: S -
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Gender male. What is your religion? Christianity. Are you practicing any kindof magic?
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88. Plush Doggy - Go Boy Go!
Society, Spirituality, and the Sacred A Social Scientific Introduction. Don Swenson,Donald S. Swenson. List Price $26.95. Our Price $26.95. Read more

Society Religion and Spirituality : S A B C D ... R S T U V W ...
  • Sumerian Mesopotamian Jean Houston, Margaret Rubin List Price: $12.00 Our Price: $9.60 Read more... Daily Readings from Quaker Writings Ancient and Modern Linda Hill Renfer List Price: $31.95 Our Price: $31.95 Read more... Society, Spirituality, and the Sacred: A Social Scientific Introduction Don Swenson, Donald S. Swenson List Price: $26.95 Our Price: $26.95 Read more... Meditations Sylvia Browne List Price: $9.95 Our Price: $9.95 Read more... Manresa: Or the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Catholic Publication Society List Price: $28.00 Our Price: $28.00 Read more... Inside a Magical Lodge: Group Ritual in the Western Tradition John Michael Greer List Price: $17.95 Our Price: $17.95 Read more... Rufus Jones: Essential Writings (Modern Spiritual Masters Series) Rufus Matthew Jones, Kerry Walters, Robert Ellsberg List Price: $16.00 Our Price: $11.20 Read more... Beyond the Cultic Tendency in Religion and Spirituality and in Secular Society (Truth for Real Series) Avatar Adi Da Samraj List Price: $1.95
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    BUCH-EMPFEHLUNG Espresso - Caffe-Bars in Italien
    Sergio Bammbaren: Das weiße Segel
    Andreas Altmann: Einmal runherum - Geschichte einer Weltreise
    Neuseeland. VIS a VIS

    Stefanie Zweig: Wiedersehen mit Afrika
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