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         Shamanism:     more books (100)
  1. The Sin Eater's Last Confessions: Lost Traditions of Celtic Shamanism by Ross Heaven, 2008-07-08
  2. Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism by Daniel Pinchbeck, 2003-08-12
  3. Shamanism - Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy by Mircea Eliade, 1974
  4. Imagery in Healing: Shamanism and Modern Medicine by Jeanne Achterberg, 2002-01-15
  5. Riding Windhorses: A Journey into the Heart of Mongolian Shamanism by Sarangerel, 2000-03-01
  6. The Shaman's Body: A New Shamanism for Transforming Health, Relationships, and the Community by Arnold Mindell, 1993-11-30
  7. Shamanism: The Book of Journeys by Robert Levy, Eve Bruce, 2010-10-16
  8. Psychedelic Shamanism: The Cultivation, Preparation & Shamanic Use of Psychoactive Plants by Jim Dekorne, 1994-05
  9. Sex, Shamanism, and Healing: My Kissing Quest by Katie Weatherup, 2009-01-15
  10. An Introduction to Shamanism (Introduction to Religion) by Thomas A. DuBois, 2009-06-22
  11. Stone Age Wisdom: The Healing Principles of Shamanism by Tom Crockett, 2010-01-13
  12. Way of Shamanism by Leo Rutherford, 2002-04-25
  13. Walt Whitman: Shamanism, Spiritual Democracy, and the World Soul by Steven B. Herrmann, 2010-06-14
  14. Inuit Shamanism and Christianity: Transitions and Transformations in the Twentieth Century (Mcgill-Queen's Native and Northern Series) by Frederic B. Laugrand, Jarich G. Oosten, 2009-11-21

41. Sacred-texts: Shamanism
Buy Books about shamanism, shamanism. About the photo Ainu BearFestival. (photofrom Czaplicka). shamanism in Siberia from Aboriginal Siberia, by MA Czaplicka.
The Internet Sacred Text Archive is available on CD-ROM.
Every file with this icon is on the disk. Do your part to keep this site online and buy a copy today. Topics


Age of Reason


... Buy Books about Shamanism
About the photo: Ainu Bear-Festival. The matting wall is hung with various implements and fetishes used at the festival. The men are eating the flesh of the slain bear. They are supposed to be the guests of the bear. See also an episode from the Kalevala for a curious episode with a bear who gets invited to a feast....Perhaps the book titled 'To Serve Bear' should have been a giveaway. (photo from Czaplicka) Shamanism in Siberia from Aboriginal Siberia, by M. A. Czaplicka. [1914] 349,520 bytes
This is a comprehensive review of the ethographic literature concerning Shamanism in Sibera.
Map of Aboriginal Siberia
from Czaplicka. 72,918 bytes
Shaman, Saiva and Sufi
by R.O. Winstedt. (1925)
This is an ethographic account of spiritual practices in Malaysia at the start of the 20th century, which included Shamanism, Animism, Hindu and Islamic influences. 252,409 bytes

42. Torget
Kurser och f¶rel¤sningar.
Klicka här

43. Shamanism
The Tlingit Indians believed in malevolent spirits that interfered with their lives. Only an individual who possessed certain knowledge, i.e. the shaman, could intercede and break their power.
One of the more colorful and fascinating aspects of Tlingit ceremonial history is shamanism. The Tlingit Indians believed in malevolent spirits that interfered with their lives. Only an individual who possessed certain knowledge, i.e. the shaman, could intercede and break their power. For example, the shaman could cure the sick by driving out evil spirits; he could guarantee large fish runs and good weather. Often his powers were called upon to assure success in battle or to combat witches. A famous Yakutat shaman is credited with preventing the great smallpox epidemic of 1836 from reaching his village. A shaman had at his command a number of spiritual helpers called yeks through which he made contact with the supernatural world. Each yek was assigned a special name and song. Yeks could assume both animal and human form, and were the subject of shamanic art, especially carved masks. The success of the shaman, who incidentally was well paid in advance for his services, depended upon the number of yeks under his control, and his rapport with them . If the shaman's efforts met with failure, he usually had an explanation for the client such as interference by bad spirits. Another payment would then be required for further services. The appearance of the shaman must have been impressive. His hair was never cut or combed, and formed a long mat down his back. His costume- typically a hide apron, shoulder robe and crown-could be decorated with animal claws and carved bones. During his wild contorted dance to conjure up the spirit world, he often donned the mask of the desired yek. While manipulating rattles, charms and batons, the shaman would chant, groan, hiss, cry, and so forth, until he worked himself into a trance-like state.

shamanism Working With Animal Spirits includes commentary on wisdom frommany animals. Metista - spirituality and shamanism for American mutts.

45. Dowsing Shamanism Tantra Yoga Courses & Holidays Ireland
Resources in dowsing, divining and shamanic healing practice, including courses, therapies, guided Category Health Alternative Courses and Schools......Information on shamanism, holistic healing, tantra yoga, dowsing, divining and shamanicland practices in Ireland including courses, holidays and sacred site
Joe Mullally
Dowsing Shamanism Tantra Yoga
Courses and Holidays Ireland
ANAM Holistics Information on shamanism, holistic healing, dowsing, divining, tantra yoga and shamanic land practices in Ireland - including courses, holidays and celtic sacred site guided tours. And the ANAM Center - a rural retreat offering time - out and therapies, including shamanic healing. IN BRIEF....
ANAM is a resource for practices, discussions, courses and holidays concerning dowsing, divining, shamanism, earth healing, tantra yoga and working with sacred space.
We will also cover related areas of alternative therapy and shamanic healing practice. Our emphasis throughout is on the practical aspects of working experience. We hope you will join us and we welcome your correspondence, comments, insights, and experiences. There is so much to be gained by honouring all paths, and sharing openly and honestly between all the various systems and traditions ... Latest ANAM Events Update - 12 th February 2003 Tantra - **The Path of The Heart** Special Valentine's weekend tantra workshop further information Shamanism - Working with The Spirits of Plants further information Dowsing - Divining Course Weekend - 2 March further information Tantra - Dawn Cartwright in Ireland Dawn's workshops and talks in further information Dowsing - Irish Diviners' Society Meeting Rathgar Dublin ... Saturday 8th March

46. Healing, Reiki Shamanism
Master Elizabeth Desrochers offers classes and treatments. Rates and FAQ.

47. Celtic Shamanism Ireland
Celtic shamanism Ireland shamanic healing and land practices in Ireland includingshamanism courses, holidays, celtic sacred site guided tours, and shamanic
Joe Mullally
Celtic Shamanism
Shamanic practices courses and holidays Healing Spirit, land and place in Celtic Ireland Run by Joe Mullally 'Old Mother Hawthorn'
This section on the ANAM site is devoted specifically to Irish Celtic shamanism and shamanic healing practice. Discussions, courses and holidays exploring our interaction and relationship with the land, our ancestors, finding our true life purpose, and coming home to the heart. Our emphasis is on the practical aspects of shamanic working and in sharing our own experience. Each worker's practice is unique, grown of their own work, experiences, and relationships with guides, animals, spirits and teachers. Perhaps the one thing we all have in common is our deep connection to land and spirit. I am blessed to live in the countryside in Celtic Ireland so this is where my practice is based. Great insights and awareness are always found in openly sharing between all our different paths and traditions....
ARTICLES Shamanic techniques in House Clearing practice Working with Sacred Space Shamanic Workshops and Site Tours Summer Workshop Shamanism Program - Dates and Costs This Shamanism Web Circle site is owned by Joe Mullally Previous 5 Sites Skip Previous Previous ...
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48. Boniface's Shamanism
A web poem exploring Lycian shamanism by means of a labyrinth of words and pictures.
Seek and you shall find...

49. Geo Cameron - Celtic Shamanism
Instruction in Tuatha Dé, a family tradition of Celtic shamanism. Offers workshops, tapes and cds, Category Society Religion and Spirituality Workshops and Tours......The great misunderstanding of modern Western culture is that it's difficultto come into contact with the Sacred. It isn't. What's
The Celtic tradition exists as one gateway to the mystery and the meaning of our lives, a gate through which you are now invited to step.

50. Aziz Shamanism
shamanism is an art in which the individual wakes up to reality by shedding the illusions of humanity Category Society Religion and Spirituality shamanism Healing......shamanism is an art in which the individual wakes up to reality by shedding theillusions of humanity and withdrawing into the wilderness to learn directly
About Aziz Shamanism Peter Aziz was born in 1960, into a family with a deep shamanic bloodline. His maternal grandmother, who passed the tradition to him, was from a long line of Hungarian Shamans. When deceased she often came in vision to teach him. He has also studied North American Pueblo Indian and Kahuna Shamanism, as well as homeopathy, acupuncture, kinesiology, iridology, and body electronics. He also has a degree in physics. He now has over thirty years experience of Shamanism, and has become well known for healing 'incurable' illness, and for his experience at communicating with nature spirits. He lives in Devon, where he practises as a healer and runs courses in shamanic healing, magick, and body electronics. Shamanism is an art in which the individual wakes up to reality by shedding the illusions of humanity and withdrawing into the wilderness to learn directly from nature. It does not belong to any culture or religion; the true ideal of a Shaman is to go beyond the limitation of any human structure.

51. Celtic Wisdom
Celtic shamanism, myths, legends, poetry, oracle, power animals, gods and goddesses, journeys, and meditations.
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52. The Llewellyn Journal
Articles by both new and wellknow writers on a variety of topics including new age, healing, spirituality, magic, ghosts, UFOs, shamanism, Tarot, Taoism and Wicca.
Sunday, Mar. 30, 2003
Read E-mail to the Journal
Welcome to The Llewellyn Journal
Date: 2001-07-01 By: Donald Michael Kraig
An introduction to The Llewellyn Journal and its editor, Donald Michael Kraig. Includes the subjects that will be covered in the journal such as the New Age, astrology, ceremonial magic, cryptozoology, UFOs, Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, ghosts, spirit communication and more.
'E-Mail To The Journal' is Here

Date: 2002-08-20 By: Donald Michael Kraig
The Llewellyn Journal institutes a new feature: posting your email comments about articles. Here, Journal editor Donald Michael Kraig explains how you can participate.
Celebrating Life During Tough Times

Date: 2003-03-06 By: Elizabeth Owens
Author explains how we should celebrate all aspects of life, including the unpleasant aspects, including even death. A simple ceremony is described.
Decoding Dreams
Date: 2003-02-24 By: Henry Woodhouser Dreams Working Interactive is a handy tool for interpreting and understanding your dreams. Eternal Secrets for Everyday Life Date: 2003-02-24 By: Ernest Wentwhistle Webster’s Success Secrets are the simple but eternally powerful truths which must remain secrets no longer.

53. Source Quest Consulting
Ross Andaloro is a transformational counselor with roots in shamanism. His work is focused on assisting individuals to become aware of unconscious selfsabotage.

54. Metista: Spirituality And Shamanism For American Mutts
Describes the path of Metista including tools, practices, prayers, and rites.Category Society Religion and Spirituality shamanism...... The Metista Bookshelf Recommended reading for students of shamanism. Advanced SiteSearch.•Site Map• •Basics• •shamanism• •Sacred Integrity
Shamanic Spirituality for American (and other) Mutts
Please join us in a loving kindness meditation recorded for the
recent disasters by Dharmachari Bodhipaksa of

Table of Contents
Important Note: Shamanism is not "Native American Religion"
Metista opposes the exploitation of Indigenous spirituality. We do not borrow, teach, or practice the traditions of Native cultures.
NEW! Metista Sitemap
The long-awaited index of articles on the Metista website. This is probably the easiest way to find what you're looking for.
Metista Discussion Forum is Temporarily Not In Service
Ongoing discussions about Metista, Shamanism and related topics. Sometimes sweet, sometimes controversial, sometimes obnoxious. Still under construction, but it works!
About Metista
What the heck is with this Metista Spirituality thing, anyway? Articles etc.
Metista In Practice
Applied spirituality; practical applications; rites rituals and traditions in development . Articles etc.

55. International School Of Shamanism - Main Page
Information on shamanism; also group meeting and instruction details.
The International School of Shamanism - Path of the Wolf - Workshops Couples Workshop Introduction to Shamanism Introduction to Mesa Building Journey to Manhood ... Personal Intensives
Recurring Groups
Shamanic Healing Circle Atlanta Men's Group Mexico City Men's Group
The Resurgence of Shamanism Shamanic uses of Incense
Main Contact Us About Us What do we offer? Consultations Sessions for Individuals, Couples, and Groups Ongoing Energetic Therapy and Healing Ritual and Ceremony Rites of Passage Marriages and Commitments Boyhood to Manhood Sacred Journeys and Meditations Personal Intensives Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice Shamanic Training Thomas Richard Lake, Th.M.
Tom is an internationally known Shaman, Healer, Therapist, Teacher, Board Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Guide with over 30 years of experience. He teaches Shamanism and the Art of Self Healing world wide.

A dynamical systems model of the creative process and transformational experiences in shamanic emergence .Category Society Religion and Spirituality shamanism Healing......CREATIVITY, HEALING, AND shamanism Part 1 A Dynamical Systems Model of exceptionalencounters in Brazil. Creativity, Healing, and shamanism The Workshop.

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A Dynamical Systems Model of exceptional encounters in Brazil.
Carlisle Bergquist, MA, Ph.D.c.

Introduction A blue gray horizon loomed outside the window of the plane as it slowly banked and turned toward the airport still miles ahead of us. The plane turned as another glow punctuated the breach between the zodiacal light and the darkness that enveloped the earth below. The glow had the yellow-white tinge of city lights reflected up from a huge urban aggregate of life, power, and activity. As we descended into the dark landscape a long tentacle of lights reached out below, stretching from that still distant aurora. More tentacles appeared below stretching in all directions. Motionless, they laid full the valleys, extended up ridge lines and spilled over crests as if to defy containment. At last the conglomerate of lights radiated below us. We sailed through the sky above it for thirty minutes or more. It was as if we were gazing down at some giant primordial sea creature that had flung itself from the ocean depths and wedged among the rolling hills to await the warming sun of morning. The sprawl below us was not what I had expected. This was not the emerald forest I had imagined, rather it was a jungle of humanity into which we descended. It was not my preconceived notion of idyllic tribal life with the local witchdoctor to show us his healing gifts. It was a world of urban shamans. Not the chic metropolitan healers suggested by the cover of Gabrielle Roth's book titled

57. Of Wolf And Man...Welcome To The World Of ZaWolfSpirit
Site dedicated to shamanism in all its aspects, with a penchant towards Wolf.
Moon-dog of my soul.
Teaching us how to know.
Mar 13, 2001
Oh how the days and months fly! Mid-March already, can you believe it? I know it's been a LONG time since my last post, I just haven't felt inclined to write anything, but was suddeny kicked back into action. The newest post is a little blurb on my view of the world and it's belief structure, it's a little philosophical so you'll have to pardon me for being a little intense. Anyway, there should be another post soon, I'm working on writing up meditation techniques. But for now, this'll havta do ;-)
Jan 5, 2001
Welcome to the new year and the new millenium! The turning of this past calender is a reminder to us all that we control our future, that no matter what the past has held, we lead ouselves into the new millenium with hope and promise. In this light, I wish to present to you a tale sent to me by one of our clan sisters. It is, of course, with the other links at the bottom of the page, and if I may say so, a definite must read!!!! Oct 20, 2000

58. Creativity, Healing, And Shamanism Workshop
A 4 day workshop that will teach the Shaman's art of entering sacred space within the framework of Category Society Religion and Spirituality Workshops and Tours......An experiential 4day workshop that explores the Shaman's art of entering sacredspace within traditional shamanism, chaos theory and emerging science, and
Home Vantage Quest Transpersonal Counseling Thoughts Beneath The Trees ...
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The Workshop
Next workshop in summer 2002.
Make plans to come for the journey!
For 20 millennia droning drums and rattles have guided seekers to the sacred space between creation and the formless.
Becoming a shaman one treads a path of experiential learning. Creativity, Healing, and Shamanism is a 4 day workshop that will lead participants to three objectives on the shaman's trail: education, experience, and encounter. Intentionally primitive, attendees will camp on the earth, gather around the fire, and learn beneath the open sky. This workshop will teach and contrast the Shaman's art of entering sacred space within the framework of traditional shamanism, chaos theory and emerging views in science, and Spiritual traditions from around the world. This workshop does not advance a specific religious perspective but rather explores the common threads woven through many creeds. Attendees will learn by doing as they make their own drums, form a creative community, and engage the power of solitary contemplation and fasting. As a participant in this workshop, you will follow the stages of the creative process to explore a new paradigm for an ancient art, to experience a connection to your faith, nature's spirits, and to evoke the creativity and healing of your inner shaman.

59. The Way Ahead Spiritwise
Teaching and spiritual guidance in a variety of new age subjects is available for a fee. Workshops in introductory shamanism are offered.
THE WAY AHEAD 'SPIRITWISE' singles directory great gift ideas , animal essences,connections, correspondence course and contemporary shamanism. Click on this text to follow "The Way Ahead" UK Searcher site award 1st January 2000

60. Soul Quest -
Sheryl D. Tracy shares her ideas on shamanism, symbolism and healing. With input from readers.

Soul Quest
Religion and Spirituality
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