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         Acoustics:     more books (100)
  1. Master Handbook of Acoustics by F. Alton Everest, Ken Pohlmann, 2009-06-22
  2. The Acoustic Guitar Method, Complete Edition Book/CD (String Letter Publishing) (Acoustic Guitar) (Acoustic Guitar (String Letter)) by David Hamburger, 2002-08-01
  3. Acoustic Design for the Home Studio (Book) by Gallagher Mitch, 2006-07-01
  4. Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics: Second, Revised Edition by Arthur H. Benade, 1990-11-01
  5. Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar: Complete Instructions and Full-Size Plans (Book) by Jonathan Kinkead, 2004-02-01
  6. Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars (Book & CD-ROM) by Zachary R. Fjestad, 2009-08-26
  7. Architectural Acoustics (J. Ross Publishing Classics) by M. David Egan, 2007-01-30
  8. Best of The Beatles for Acoustic Guitar (Guitar Signature Licks) by Wolf Marshall, The Beatles, 2001-11-01
  9. Acoustic and MIDI Orchestration for the Contemporary Composer: A Practical Guide to Writing and Sequencing for the Studio Orchestra by Andrea Pejrolo, Richard DeRosa, 2007-11-09
  10. Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer: Supplement to The Piano Book
  11. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Acoustic Guitar Songs by Alfred Publishing, 2007-08-01
  12. Acoustic Guitar Solos by David Cullen, Mike Dowling, et all 2005-05-01
  13. Roots & Blues Fingerstyle Guitar Book/CD (String Letter Publishing) (Acoustic Guitar) (Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Private Lessons) by Steve James, 1999-09-01
  14. Fundamentals of Acoustics by Lawrence E. Kinsler, Austin R. Frey, et all 1999-12-30

1. Boston Acoustics, Inc.
Longtime speaker maker now focuses on home theater, car, and computer sound.Category Business Consumer Goods and Services HiFi Home Theater......Tech Support.

Tech Support
Important Announcement for MRB Owners

Employment Opportunities

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2. AKG Acoustics - Home
Stage and studio microphones, PAs, wireless systems.Category Business Arts and Entertainment...... A stateof-the-art version of the legendary classic with CK 1 acoustics – a realtest winner! A Harman International Company© 2003 AKG acoustics, Austria.
//setcookie('real_fontsize',12) Home
Please select Microphones Headphones Headsets Conference systems Processors and mixers In-ear monitor systems Package Deals Accessories
AKG Germany
AKG USA Other Countries WMS 4000 – The Visionary Wireless Microphone System
Innovation and ease of use at a level never previously attained!
EMOTION / TRIPOWER Series: New Vocal Microphones for Outstanding Performance.

Hardwire or wireless? That is no longer the question. The new EMOTION / TRI-POWER Series offers the right microphone for every application.
HEARO 777 QUADRA for Perfect Surround Sound

The ideal home theater wireless headphones with integrated surround decoder
K 1000 High-end Headphone/Monitor System

An absolute MUST for music lovers and audio purists
HEARO 999 AUDIOSPHERE Digital Processor: Headphone Amplifier with D/A Converter and Room Acoustic Processor
Reference monitor headphones for stationary or mobile equipment C 451 B – The Absolute Standard for Professional Applications A state-of-the-art version of the legendary classic with CK 1 acoustics – a real test winner! Username Password Register Lost password?

3. Center For Computer Research In Music And Acoustics
Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and acoustics has audio files and software for downloading. University Center for Computer Research in Music and acoustics is a multidisciplinary facility where composers and
Department of Music

Stanford University

Stanford, CA 94305-8180
tel: (650) 723-4971
fax: (650) 723-8468
The Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics is a multi-disciplinary facility where composers and researchers work together using computer-based technology both as an artistic medium and as a research tool. News and upcoming events
New on the CCRMA website: Planet CCRMA
...a tour of the Linux world at ccrma (a work in progress).
Planet CCRMA at Home
, a collection of software packages for RedHat Linux, managed using apt-get for easy installs and upgrades. Summer Workshops 2003! Announcing the strictly Ballroom Spring 2003 calendar: : sfSound : Nicholas Chase Winter 2003 course offerings Music 15N: Technology and the Arts Music 150: Musical Acoustics Music 151: Psychophysics and Cognitive Psychology for Musicians Music 192b: Fundamentals of Sound Recording Music 220b: Synthesis Techniques, Compositional Algorithms, Psychoacoustics and Spatial Processing ... Industrial affiliates program Partnerships within the music, audio, and multimedia industries. Match: All Any Format: Long Short Created and maintained by Fernando Lopez-Lezcano graphic design by Christopher Burns

4. Materials To Control Sound And Eliminate Noise
Offers acoustical foam, ceiling treatments, diffusers, bass traps, sound barriers, and similar products.
See us at "THE SHOW"
Product Listing
  • The Transfusor The 1014 AcoustiKit Cutting Wedge Art Diffusor ... Wall Treatments


    Glass Fiber
    Diffusers ...
    Installation Photo Gallery ACOUSTICS FIRST CORPORATION offers a full range of acoustical materials including sound absorbers, barriers, diffusers, and specialty products. These are used in STUDIOS for recording, broadcast and multi-media production; ENTERTAINMENT including Karaoke, home theater and critical listening rooms; ARCHITECTURAL applications in auditoriums, churches, concert halls, gymnasiums, and theaters; EDUCATIONAL and COMMUNICATIONS functions such as distance learning classrooms and teleconferencing; and numerous INDUSTRIAL noise control situations. In the late 1970's, Alpha Audio Acoustics introduced Sonex anechoic wedge foam to the professional audio community as an instant solution to a common acoustical problem. Acoustics First Corporation was formed in 1997 by one of the founders of Alpha Audio to continue to bring such innovative products to an even broader market. Our knowledge and experience acquired over more than twenty years in the industry is freely shared with our end users to provide the best choice of materials for a particular application. If needed, we are happy to provide the names of qualified acoustical consultants and installers.

5. Penn State AcousticsInvestigate This Graduate Program By Reading A Description,
Official site of the society dedicated to acoustics. Read an intro to the science, their online journal, or download some sounds.

6. Acoustical Society Of America - Acoustics And You
The field of acoustics, because it is so diverse, offers many different career opportunities.
Acoustics and You
(A Career in Acoustics?)
What do all of these people have in common?
Their work deals with ACOUSTICS. Acoustics is the science of sound. It relates to recorded music, to speech and hearing, to the behavior of sound in concert halls and buildings, and to noise in our environment. Sound waves are used in medical diagnosis, for testing critical materials, and for locating fish in the ocean or oil-bearing rock formations underground.
What career opportunities are available for me in ACOUSTICS?
The field of ACOUSTICS, because it is so diverse, offers many different career opportunities. We have asked experts in several branches of acoustics to mention some of the opportunities that exist in their particular fields.
Architectural Acoustics
Architectural acoustics deals with sound in and around buildings of all kinds. Good acoustical design ensures the efficient distribution of desirable sounds as well as the exclusion of undesirable sound. It is the branch of acoustics that comes most readily to mind when a layperson thinks of "acoustics." Nearly everyone is aware of the importance of good acoustical design in concert halls, recording studios, auditoriums, and churches. But people spend more of their time in homes, offices, factories, or classrooms where little or no attention may have been given to the acoustical environment. Good acoustics should, and can, be engineered during the design of the building, since changes at a later time are expensive.

7. Music Acoustics
This site presents some of our research work. It also has pages written as an introduction to some aspects of musical acoustics. in musicianfriendly format, some of our research work in music acoustics. In each area there is a non-technical
Music Acoustics
Physics and music have been closely related for thousands of years. This site presents, in musician-friendly format, some of our research work in music acoustics. In each area there is a non-technical introduction. Introductions to general topics are listed under 'Basics' on the navigation bar.
  • Researchers and research projects . An introduction to all of our research projects in acoustics and a list of publications. You can also meet the people - graduate students, staff and visitors - working in the Lab. Flute acoustics A collection of acoustical measurements of flutes of different types. It includes sound files and several pages of introductory material. The Virtual Flute is a tool that will find alternate fingerings, microtonal fingerings and multiphonics, and rank them by pitch or playability. Shakuhachi acoustics Preliminary information about our acoustical measurements of the shakuhachi.

8. Orpheus Acoustics
Acoustical consultants specializing in architectural acoustics including noise and vibration control for auditoriums, churches, synagogues, and other critical listening spaces.



Meeting Rooms

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Buy the Book Acoustics in your building can be clear, supportive, intimate, and natural.
As an acoustical consultant, I can help you design your new building so that people will be able to hear clearly naturally intimately . Do you want the acoustics of your space to allow dialogue and discussion ? Do you want music to sound rich natural and full Unfortunately, many spaces have dismal acoustics . Isn't that your experience? It is most certainly mine. As an acoustical consultant and violinist, I listen and play in many spaces. Most of the time I have difficulty hearing; the sound is either too loud, too soft, muddled, dry, harsh, shrill, unpleasant, unatural. I can't hear and I can't understand. Is it possible to have a space in which the acoustics allow you to understand speech clearly, naturally, in which music is rich and compelling ? Certainly! "You are nothing short of a miracle worker.... " (click here to read more)
Douglas S. Gordon WASD Music Teacher Lycoming Valley Middle School Home About Reports FAQ's ... Contact Orpheus Acoustics 925 Virginia Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603 - USA

9. Acoustics And Vibration Animations
a simple overview of the operation of the violinstring-bow system, and some more detailed information about our work on violin acoustics Violin acoustics. Some basics about the violin
Acoustics and Vibration Animations
Dan Russell
, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Applied Physics at Kettering University in Flint, MI The links below contain animations which visualize certain concepts concerning acoustics and vibration. The choice of animations coincides with topics covered in the courses PHYS-382, Acoustics I: Sounds and Sources , and PHYS-482, Acoustics II: Sound and Vibration , which I teach at Kettering University. The contents (and links) of this page were last updated June 11, 2002
New Animations:
Acoustics I: Sounds and Sources
Basic Wave Phenomena

10. Zefiro Acoustics
Digital audio I/O card for the IBM PC, allowing a user to move pro audio from any digital source.Category Computers Multimedia Music and Audio Hardware......This document contains frames. Click here for a no frames version.
This document contains frames. Click here for a no frames version.

11. Acoustics: An Unofficial Introduction - Yuan's Acoustics Home Page
Dr. Liu's introduction to the applied science of acoustics discusses its divisions, applications, and some research techniques. thus aeroacoustics, solid acoustics, and underwater acoustics (closely related to ocean acoustics, or oceanoacoustics).
What's New Physics Newfoundland Landor ... HOME
Acoustics: An Unofficial Introduction
(Last updated on 27 July 2002 by Dr. Yuan LIU. Click here to jump to other branches of physics.)
Table of Contents
  • Why Acoustics?
  • Various Sounds
  • Various Acoustics' and Acoustical Techniques
  • Interesting Acoustic Effects and Phenomena ...
  • On-line Resources
    Why Acoustics?
    TOC When I introduce myself as a physicist, one common reaction from other people is: "Oh, you are good at physical exercises." And when I introduce my field of study as acoustics, most people think I play with loudspeakers. What a physicist does is to be explained seperately. In this page, let's look at what some of the "acousticians" in the real world do. As you'll see, some do play with loudspeakers. But most don't; they play with different, yet equally interesting tools - and "instruments". As a profession, I do not do loudspeakers; but I was an amateur sound-system fan when I was in my senior high. I still remember the crude "sound-box" I made from a fruit box. It served my family for some five years. Was fun. If you are looking for inspirations of a career, acoustics as an applied science has its own attractions. Besides, look at the wide range of applications: acoustics is everywhere in your life. In the following, I'll try to cover some of the topics that may interest K-12/college students and the general public (although the depth of coverage varies), including what acoustics is, what "acousticians" study, and some interesting facts in this science.
  • 12. REL Acoustics Sub-bass Systems
    British manufacturer of quality subwoofers for HiFi and Home Cinema with full details of current and obsolete models plus an online resource for all bass problems.
    Manufacturers of quality sub-bass systems for use in
    hi fi and home theatre
    Welcome to the REL Acoustics website
    'Strength in depth'
    REL builds the world's finest sub-bass systems
    What is a sub-bass system? It is widely acknowledged that REL's special mix of attributes: build quality, peerless engineering and stunning performance, is without equal at every price level. Richard Lord's obsession with quality is legendary. All REL sub-bass systems are hand built. From the ultra-compact Q150E to the mighty Studio III, REL designs share the same philosophy, and the highest standards of construction. Components are selected for their ability to deliver a lifetime of performance. Innovations, like ZeroQ and ARM loading, superior ABC filters, and simultaneous line and loudspeaker level connection and calibration, ensure that REL systems provide the deepest, tightest and cleanest bass for both movie and music applications. RELs cabinets are individually jointed, glued and braced by RELs specialist cabinet makers in a range of high quality finishes to look beautiful in any room and there's a range of sizes to fit any listening space. If you are contemplating adding a sub-bass system to your audio system, the answer is REL. Please use the menu system above to navigate our site or proceed to our products pages
    July, 2002 : QUAKE LAUNCH

    13. Associates In Acoustics, Inc.
    Consulting firm in industrial noise measurement, engineering noise control and hearing conservation programs. Includes noise manual downloads and resource links.

    Covers the theoretical aspects of vibration of objects, acoustic fields and the interaction of the two.Category Science Technology acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration......
    Sorry, our site contains frames that your browser cannot display.

    15. Violin Acoustics
    Application of acoustical physics to the violin. From the School of Physics, University of New South Wales.Category Arts Music Instruments Stringed Bowed Strings Violin......a simple overview of the operation of the violinstring-bow system, and some moredetailed information about our work on violin acoustics. Violin acoustics.
    Violin Acoustics
    Some basics about the violin
    Libraries of Chladni patterns
    Some explanatory notes and related pages on this site
    Some links to related sites

    16. Avalon Acoustics Home Page
    Wellregarded US-made high end speakers.Category Business Consumer Goods and Services HiFi Speakers......Avalon acoustics, the world's premier loudspeaker manufacturer, designsand crafts works of art for the astute music lover. HOME.
    EIDOLON in Hi-Fi News, download this review!


    2003 CES Report
    Avalon Acoustics, the world's premier loudspeaker manufacturer, designs and crafts works of art for the astute music lover who appreciates the subtlety and emotion of a moving musical experience. The Avalon Acoustics philosophy is simple:
    To build the finest loudspeakers possible, without compromise.
    The listening experience must provide a precise re-creation of the original musical event, conveying all of its emotional impact and nuance of detail. Each speaker will be a work of art in itself, a union of music and aesthetics attained through uncompromising dedication to the highest quality standards. All products designed by Neil Patel for Avalon Acoustics.
    Website created by: Avalon Acoustics. Artwork created by: John de Lisle design and photography
    Avalon Acoustics

    17. Acoustics & Vibrations WWW Virtual Library
    Good set of links to other sites.

    18. Boettger Acoustics - Audiophile Loudspeakers For The High-end, Home Audio Enthus
    Audiophile loudspeakers for the highend home audio enthusiast to compliment the esthetically minded. Informative site.
    Audiophile loudspeakers for the high-end home audio enthusiast
    to compliment your home decor.

    19. Acoustics
    acoustics. Click Here TMobile Gives You Unlimited Nights and WeekendMinutes. acoustics-A acoustics-B acoustics-C acoustics-D acoustics

    20. : Marshall Day Acoustics :
    acoustics and noise engineering consulting firm that provides acoustical, environmental noise, and noise control design services, including concert hall and auditorium design, environmental noise assessments, and building services and industrial noise control.

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