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         Acoustics:     more books (100)
  1. Guitar Player Repair Guide: How to Set Up, Maintain, and Repair Electrics and Acoustics Second Edition by Dan Erlewine, 1993-12-29
  2. A Field Manual of Acoustic Phonetics by Joan Baart, 2009-12-18
  3. The Ultimate Beginner Series: Acoustic Guitar Basics, Steps One & Two Combined by Wyat (Keith Wyatt), 1996-07-15
  4. 100 Tips for Acoustic Guitar: You Should Have Been Told (100 Tips) by David Mead, 2002-02-14
  5. Acoustics by Leo L. Beranek, 1986-12
  6. Nonlinear Acoustics: Theory and Applications by Mark F. Hamilton, David T. Blackstock, 1997-10-31
  7. Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms by Floyd Toole, 2008-07-25
  8. Acoustic Blues Guitar/157 by Kenny Sultan, 1993-10-01
  9. Acoustic Analysis of Speech by Raymond D. Kent, 2001-12-21
  10. Acoustic Blues Guitar (The Ultimate Beginner Series) by Keith Wyatt, 1997-11
  11. Acoustic Emission Testing
  12. Underwater Acoustics: Analysis, Design and Performance of Sonar by Richard P. Hodges, 2010-08-10
  13. The Best Acoustic Rock Songs Ever - Easy Piano (Easy Piano Songbook) by Various, 2008-09-01
  14. Acoustic Guitar Owner's Manual Book (String Letter Publishing) (Acoustic Guitar) (Acoustic Guitar Guides) by Master Teachers at Acoustic Guitar, 2000-02-01

41. MWM Acoustics Sound Smarter
Provides high performance, cost effective microphone solutions to the telephony, computing, and multimedia markets.

42. Dynaudio Acoustics Home
Dynaudio acoustics is now shipping AIR 20, the latest addition to the revolutionaryAIR Series and the first 3way design to take advantage of AIR technology.
The history Dynaudio News Dynaudio News Press releases Press releases Passive Near-fields Active Near-fields AIR 20 Passive mid-fields and main-monitors SubWoofers BX-30A AIR-BASE 1 AIR-BASE 2 AIR World Enter the AIR world AIR 6 AIR 15 AIR 20 ... AIR PC-IP PC-Interface Knowledge base Articles, Brochures and Manuals Dealer List Magazines Organisations Educations Related companies Accessories Acoustic consulting Surround Artists Newsletters Want to have the latest news ?
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Featured speakers AIR 20 adds 3-way refinement to the AIR Series!
Read more about AIR 20 and get the Cutsheet Here!
Read more about AIR Technology in AIR World!
Latest News The m.i.p.a. award is a recognition from the press. 55 magazines from all over the world have voted for the best products of 2002/2003 in more than 40 categories Highly respected postproduction facility, Arrogant Music, Relies on AIR monitors Latest PDF download
Download AIR 20 PDF

43. Marine Acoustics Limited - Sonar System Technology
Supplies a wide range of sonar products and related services to both the defence and commercial customer. Technical papers and career opportunities.
Marine Acoustics Limited
Sonar System Technology
(now part of the Chelsea Technologies Group -
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our Home page to browse the site.
If you do not see a navigation menu above please use our alternative Home page to browse the site. Home Products Services
Company Overview
... Career Opportunities
For your convenience the following links are provided direct to the product pages, covering acoustic projectors, acoustic transducers, acoustic receivers, AUV system products, echo repeater systems, hydrophones, sidescan transducers and acoustic telemetry command and release systems. Sonar Test and Evaluation Systems

44. Faurecia - One Of The Leaders Worldwide In Automotive Equipment
Produces automobile modules for automakers worldwide including seats, cockpits, door panels, and acoustics and soft trim. Features a range of corporate, financial, and product data.
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Faurecia - One of the leaders worldwide in automotive equipment
Faurecia designs and manufactures essential automotive components. The Group is one of the leaders worldwide in major modules : seat, cockpit, door, acoustic package, front-end and exhaust. These modules contribute to passenger comfort and safety, environmental protection and vehicle design. As a partner of automakers worldwide, Faurecia provides unique research and development expertise. Faurecia's engineering offices and technical centers work closely with their automaker counterparts to develop innovative solutions.

automotive modules

automotive supplier

steering column

search week day countries online where we are site map contact us mailing-list
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- New information for Suppliers
Standard Faurecia General Purchasing conditions are online

- Faurecia assembles cooling fan systems for the new Nissan Micra Since November 2002, Faurecia has been assembling the cooling fan systems for the new Nissan Micra. With the new Micra, which is the first vehicle of the common B Platform to Renault - Nissan, Faurecia has reinforced its partnership with the carmaker.

45. Home Page
D-41372 NIEDERKR CHTEN Voice: (718) 931 8000 Voice: (44) (1962) 873000 Voice: (49) (2163) 99910 FAX: (718) 863 1138 FAX: (44) (1962) 873111 FAX: (49) (2163) 999123 I ndustrial A coustics C ompany has been providing sound control products and systems to architects and engineers in industry and government since 1949. IAC's extensive experience and expertise can provide turn key solutions to your sound control problems.

46. Acoustics Of The Vowel -- By Dieter Maurer   -
Experiments concerning the physical characteristics of vowels formants and pitches (F0), formant pattern ambiguity, formant number alteration. Important for all sciences related to speech, acoutsic phonetics, speech therapy and speech recognition.
This site contains frames! Please use a browser which can display frames!
Acoustics of the Vowel, Vowel, Vowels, Formant, Formants, Formant pattern, F0, Pitch, Normalization, Normalisation, Vowel production, Vowel perception, Vowel synthesis, Speech, Speech production, Speech perception, Speech synthesis, Speech analysis, Speech disorders, Speech recognition, Speaker recognition, Singing, Acoustic phonetics, Phonetics, Acoustics, Linguistics

47. Acoustics Software
Links to diverse websites for acoustical software.Category Science Technology Software......acoustics Software. The software on the links below is provided withoutany guarantee whatsoever. A recent browser will be required
Acoustics Software
The software on the links below is provided without any guarantee whatsoever.
A recent browser will be required to run Java or JavaScript programs. The software can also be saved and run offline.
Calculate A, C, U and AU weightings
Calculate A, C, U and AU weightings
Atmospheric absorption ISO 9613-1
Barrier correction for CRTN
Hearing impairment assessment ISO 1999
Calculation of Noise Criterion - NC
Calculation of Balanced Noise Criterion - NCB
Calculation of Noise Rating - NR
Calculate G weighting for infrasound
[Java] Vibration Isolation - Transmissibility [Java] The ANTI-NOISE Game [Java] Third-octave/octave summation/weighting [Java] Demonstration of Decibels (with sound) [Java] Loudness Calculator (Zwicker Method) [DOS] Loudness Calculator (Stevens Method) [Java] Speed of sound calculator [Java]
Some other sites
Barron Kennedy Lyzun Stephen Dance - Acoustics group SBU Win95 program by Richard Horne Fortran codes for the BEM in Acoustics ... Vibration software HomePage

48. Anthony Gallo Acoustics
From Anthony Gallo, the unique "eyeball" loudspeakers.Category Business Consumer Goods and Services HiFi Speakers......Anthony Gallo acoustics brings you the finest in lifestyle loudspeakers.In both stereo and home theater configurations. AGA Logo.

49. Snell Acoustics
Longtime builder of well-regarded high-end speakers - and a digital room-correction system.Category Business Consumer Goods and Services HiFi Speakers......New! Snell won 2002 Product of the Year for the XA1900THX. This honorwas awarded to Snell by Electronic House magazine at the 2002
New! Snell won 2002 Product of the Year for the XA1900THX. This honor was awarded to Snell by Electronic House magazine at the 2002 CEDIA EXPO 2002 in Minneapolis. Check out a picture from the award ceremony here! New! Click here for the details on the latest award for the K.5mk2! New! Read the latest Snell reviews and interviews here (including the September 2002 issue of Stereophile Guide to Home Theater and the August 2002 issue Stereophile) New! Snell is the first licensee to pass the rigorous new THX Ultra2 specification for the ultimate in home theater. Five products are now certified: XA1900THX, XA1900THX-Tall, AMC900THX, SR30THX and ICS Sub24. Check out the new THX Ultra 2 system here! Passion in every detail Snell has a 25 year history of handcrafting loudspeakers featuring leading edge design. Sophisticated design techniques such as our XA "eXpanding Array" wide directivity designs, allied with an obsessive approach to listening and refining the product have put us at the forefront of loudspeaker design. These impossibly high standards are applied to every speaker system that we build, earning us over 30 Stereophile recommendations in the past five years. Our products come in a variety of forms, from ultra stylish design statements to invisible in-cabinet or in-wall solutions.

50. Welcome To SSA Acoustics
Multidisciplined acoustical and vibration consulting firm. Architectural, mechanical, sound system and environmental acoustics.

51. Applied Marine Acoustics - Home
Digital sidescan sonar survey contractor based in Midwest US.
Applied Marine Acoustics
Sidescan Sonar Imaging Services Existing Customers: Click HERE to enter the customer data gateway.
We are a small company located in Northeast Illinois specializing in digital sidescan sonar imaging. Our small size and low overhead make it possible for us to offer you the amazing benefits of sidescan sonar imaging at a very affordable price. Our sonar equipment, manufactured by Marine Sonic Technologies Ltd. , is some of the highest resolution and most portable available on the market today. We invite you to visit their web site at and see what their equipment is capable of, or click on the sonar image below to see some samples of our work. We maintain our own survey craft, but can easily operate our equipment from almost any vessel. Our smallest boat (18' aluminum) is specially configured for the ability to trailer launch from difficult locations and transit to search areas in very shallow water. Our primary vessel will also trailer launch and has true all season capabilities. All are equipped with Differential Global Positioning interfaced to the sonar which allows us to pinpoint targets with a positional error of as little as 5 feet. In an emergency, we can usually be enroute to your location within an hour of your call. Once on scene, we can operate in very in-hospitable locations. Our experience includes operating in two foot deep water, in driving snowstorms, through holes in sheet ice, in drainage ditches, quarries, even among PWCs.

52. The Laboratory Of Seismics And Acoustics
We are very sorry,. You cannot view our renewed homepage. However,you can watch the old version of our homepage. We remark though
We are very sorry,
You cannot view our renewed homepage. However, you can watch the old version of our homepage. We remark though that these pages are not updated anymore. We suggest, therefore, to use a browser that supports HTML V2

53. Marschall Acoustics Group
Designer and supplier of geophysical instrumentation, hydrophones, towed hydrophone arrays, downhole arrays, sonars, ocean CTD profilers and other hydrographic equipment.
The Marschall Acoustics Group is a designer and supplier of geophysical instrumentation, hydrophones, towed hydrophone arrays, downhole arrays, sonars, and hydrographic equipment. We also supply information technology and processing systems in support of these and related activities.

54. Welcome To Ambiance Acoustics, Loudspeakers...defining The Art Of Sound!
Loudspeaker system using full range drivers and signal processing instead of woofers and tweeters .Category Shopping Consumer Electronics Audio Speakers...... Copyright © 19942002 by Ambiance acoustics. Welcome to the Ambiance acousticswebsite, home of the California, Super and Hyper Cube loudspeaker systems.
...defining the art of sound
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W elcome to the Ambiance Acoustics website, home of the California Super and Hyper Cube loudspeaker systems. We'd like to share with you our technological approach to sound reproduction. An approach that uses no woofers, tweeters or crossovers, but instead employs quality, full range drivers and signal processing (a little "black box"). This state of the art technology creates an accurate, enjoyable and satisfying listening experience. Whether you're a recording professional, an audiophile, or a home theater buff, we have a loudspeaker that'll exceed your needs.
Don't be fooled by loudspeakers from competitors that rely on reflected sound as the primary means to sound reproduction. Our approach relies predominantly on directional sound, a principle which we feel is necessary for accuracy and the ability to recreate the reality of a recording.
Our goal?

55. AC Acoustics @ CanEHdian
Profile of the Scottish band includes a biography, audio, message board, poll and links.
Directory Fan Forums Free Email MP3 Guide ... Advertise
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Top Music Links
Artist Profiles - AC Acoustics
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CanEHdian Music
Artist Directory
Album Reviews

Band Interviews
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AC Acoustics Biography
Scotland is one of those places where everything about the music scene is cool: the clubs, the bands and the fans. However, despite this cool status, local bands and artists have had trouble gaining exposure beyond their own backyard, which has spelt the splitting up of too many talented groups, and a divine loss to the music world of perhaps the next "true thing". Stuck amongst the hordes that come and go may be the next Rolling Stones , or the next Beatles, or even the next Graham Parker. Glasgow band ac acoustics is one such example of the breadth of talent that exists in the land of Scots. Mellow, in the purest example of the word, ac acoustics live up to their moniker in haunting, exquisite terms. Despite the lack of attention given to the genre of Mellow in the days of Bizkit, these quiet lads seem determined to define a new, original brand of music. Behind the vision exists a band that has stuck out days of good and band. Despite a lack of widespread publicity, ac acoustics have played together since 1990, when the band dabbled "with noisy experimentalism and film soundtracks". Releasing their debut album

56. WHOI Ocean Acoustics Lab Home Page
Research from the Ocean acoustics Lab at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Otheracousticsrelated Web links (Labs, projects, libraries, education, )
"Sound in the Sea", OCEANUS, Volume 20, #2, Spring 1971.
Colladon and Sturm on Lake Geneva, Switzerland measuring sound speed Department of Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Research Information Acoustic Monitoring of Sediment Transport
STRESS experiment, CA, 1995 LEO-15 site, NJ, 1995 STRATAFORM experiment, CA, 1997

Ocean Acoustic Tomography

Shallow Water Acoustic Propagation and Tomography
SWARM '95 and solitons New England Shelfbreak Front Experiment - Primer '96 Primer '97 , Shelfbreak Front Experiment in winter ASIAEx 2000 , Asian Sea International Acoustics Experiment - May 2000.
ASIAEx 2001 - South China Sea - May 2001 Acoustic mode coupling

Acoustic Scattering
in the ocean from Zooplankton and OAL Scattering lab website. OAL Online Information Staff
Students ftp site

Oceans toolbox for Matlab
CSIRO Seawater toolbox for Matlab
Other AOPE Department WWW Sites Advanced Engineering Lab
Air-Sea Interaction Lab

Coastal Ocean Fluid Dynamics Lab
Deep Submergence Lab ... Ocean Systems Group
For more information about WHOI, see the WHOI Home Page.

57. ICES Acoustics In Fisheries Symposium
As climate change, environmental factors, and fisheries depletion increase concern about marine life, the need for accurate assessments of fish and plankton becomes ever more urgent. Acoustical methods are the primary remotesensing tool in the aquatic environment. The fifth ICES Symposium on acoustics of aquatic systems will explore recent advances and the expansion of acoustical methods into a broad range of environments.
ICES Homepage FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT ICES SYMPOSIUM: "ACOUSTICS IN FISHERIES AND AQUATIC ECOLOGY" Montpellier, France 10-14 June 2002 As climate change, environmental factors, and fisheries depletion increase concern about marine life, the need for accurate assessments of fish and plankton becomes ever more urgent. Acoustical methods are the primary remote-sensing tool in the aquatic environment. The fifth ICES Symposium on acoustics of aquatic systems will explore recent advances and the expansion of acoustical methods into a broad range of environments. New analytical techniques, new technologies, and innovative acoustical implementations are changing the way we evaluate aquatic life. This ICES Symposium, the first on this topic to be held in the new millennium, will provide a unique opportunity for the international community to take stock of this rapidly evolving field. OBJECTIVES AND SCOPE Since the first symposium on fisheries acoustics, 30 years ago, these methods have been used extensively for observation and measurement in oceans, lakes, and rivers. Scales of study extend from a few centimetres to hundreds of kilometres, and from individual organisms to entire populations of fish and plankton. Recently the scope of acoustics has increased dramatically, and the methods and tools provide information to fisheries biologists as well as to ecologists, in most aquatic ecosystems : from the deepest oceans to extremely shallow waters, from unicellular organisms to the biggest marine mammals, for limnological and littoral environments, for pelagic, demersal and benthic populations, or even bottom type and

58. European Acoustics Association
DOCUMENTA ACUSTICA the literature distribution system of the European acoustics Association EEIG.Category Science Technology Ultrasound Resources...... For accessing the Webpage of the European acoustics Association (EAA) please ONLYuse one of the following NEW URLs (This domain will disappear soon ).
Information For accessing the Webpage of the
European Acoustics Association EAA
please ONLY use one of the following NEW URLs:
(This domain will disappear soon...)
Please change your Bookmarks!

59. RSA, SUBSEA LEAK DETECTION/LOCATION: Rocket Science Acoustics, RocketScienceAcou
Provides subsea leak detection and location services, deployed via ROV or diver, for leaks and flow problems in pipelines, valves, and associated infrastructure
*Site updates frequent. For detailed pdf files, see below.
100% field-proven results Rapid in-field deployment via ROV, diver or ship-towed vehicle Pipelines - risers - valves - all subsea components exhibiting a contained-to-ambient pressure differential, or internal fluid flow
RSA methods are deployed via ROV or diver (Flocator sm ), or when appropriate, ship-towed vehicle (Towcator sm
Additional capabilities RSA is based in Elfin Forest, California, USA. For further information* or service, please contact RSA anytime: Tel: Fax: Mob: email:

60. Active EM(TM) Subsurface Imaging System
See through the earth with Active Electromagnetic Imaging, identify ore bodies, geologic structures, old workings, and hazards. Offshore, use high resolution seismic with solid streamer cable towed hydrophone arrays.


Design, Manufacture, and Supply

Contact Details


MAI's Active EM Imaging System is capable of obtaining high resolution images through most geologies to depths over 300 meters. Unlike high resolution seismic, this system permits imaging through blasted rock and into old mine workings. Many minerals, as well as their grade, can be identified directly by their characteristic signatures. Multimetallic steeply dipping pod shaped ore-bodies in highly folded Cambrian strata have recently been imaged to depths in excess of 250 meters with great success.

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