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         Acoustics:     more books (100)
  1. Acoustic Emission and Critical Phenomena: From Structural Mechanics to Geophysics
  2. Acoustics and Hearing by Peter Damaske, 2008-06-05
  3. Fundamentals of Physical Acoustics by David T. Blackstock, 2000-02-22
  4. Complete Acoustic Guitar Method: Beginning Acoustic Guitar by Greg Horne, 2000-06-01
  5. Numerical Ocean Acoustic Propagation in Three Dimensions by Ding Lee, Martin H. Schultz, 1995-09
  6. Acoustic Piano Ballads (Keyboard Recorded Versions) by Various, 1999-11-30
  7. Complete Acoustic Guitar Method: Beginning Acoustic Guitar (Book & DVD) by Greg Horne, 2005-05-01
  8. Theoretical Acoustics by Philip M. Morse, K. Uno Ingard, 1987-01-01
  9. Elements of Acoustic Phonetics by Peter Ladefoged, 1995-12-01
  10. Acoustic Classics (Strum It Guitar)
  11. Bulk Acoustic Wave Theory and Devices (Artech House Acoustics Library) by Joel Rosenbaum, 1988-06-01
  12. Acoustic Guitar (Guitar): The Composition, Construction, and Evolution of One of World's Most Beloved Instruments (Guitar Reference) by Richard Johnston, Michael Simmons, et all 2008-05-26
  13. Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life by Brandon LaBelle, 2010-04-01
  14. RGT - Acoustic Guitar Playing - Grade 3 (RGT Guitar Lessons) by Laurence Harwood & Tony Skinner, 2007-12-26

81. Welcome To The Epos WebSite
Minimalist very British highend speakers; well-reviewed.Category Business Consumer Goods and Services HiFi Speakers......Epos Global Expansion. M12 wins award in Australia. Epos stands nowhere. The new M5 M8. M12 Hits The Top! ES14 repairs. This site
Epos Global Expansion M12 wins award in Australia Epos stands now here M12 Hits The Top! ... ES14 repairs.
This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5.5
and a screen size of 1024x768

82. Structural Acoustics, Inc. Failure Analysis - Biomedical Engineeering - System D
Engineering consultants and failure analysis experts in mechanical and biomedical engineering. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Welcome to: 5540 Centerview Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606
Mobile ............. 919-264-8336
Structural Acoustics, Inc. Rapid system prototyping for solutions to difficult design, failure analysis and test problems. The mission of Structural Acoustics, Inc. is to develop and advance analytical and experimental methods in the investigation of system and component failures, mechanical stress and vibration, design defects, and accident causation. The company is able to rapidly develop and implement system and component test procedures, instrumentation, and protocols to evaluate design, manufacturing, and materials. Its methods have been applied to numerous structures and devices, ranging from biomedical applications involving mechanical heart valves and pacemaker lead components weighing less than one gram, to hydroelectric turbines, aircraft, and transportation systems. Finite Element stress analysis of a mechanical heart valve outlet strut.

83. Visual Ears, Eugene, Audio Consulting, Electronic Crossover, Active Crossover, S
very reasonable. © 2001 KB acoustics POBox 130 Veneta, OR 97487 Office541935-5008 If busy or no answer try 541-606-0739 (cell).
For some years, the primary interest of KB Acoustics has been it's Visual Ears software and custom audio installations. We have now teamed up with Ygbsm Electronics and offer a unique combination of talents and equipment which can maximize the potential of your audio system. KB Acoustics will focus on services, acoustics and speaker systems while Ygbsm Electronics will be paying particular attention to the often neglected concept of bi-amplification and it's many advantages. Turn on your graphics, we've a pretty fast loading site!
Your room, and where in your room you have chosen to locate your speakers and prime listening position, can make a very significant difference in the quality of reproduction. Visual Ears helps you find positioning for yourself and your speakers which can reduce the effects of the room by as much as 15db! Laboring under the impression that your speaker purchase was a mistake? Believe you need more amplifier power? Unhappy with your bass? Before you start thinking about changing equipment you need to be sure that you are not simply suffering from improper speaker placement. Every single audio authority on this planet, to a man, knows that to achieve maximum performance from your system, you need to pay attention to speaker placement. This is not a debatable subject and no one denies it's importance.

84. HEAD Acoustics - Encyclopedia - Frame
Communication Quality Analysis Systems and Consulting Services for the Telecom Sector (and other sectors related to speech, audio, electroacoustics)

85. Neat Acoustics - Loudspeakers And Speaker Stands
Handbuilt in County Durham.Category Business Consumer Goods and Services HiFi Speakers......

86. Appian:PA System Speaker Drivers
PA loudspeaker drivers, horns and crossovers for groups, guitars, disco and karaoke. Glasgow.
Public Address system loudspeakers and crossovers for the DIY speaker builder. PA Speaker system crossovers,drivers and horns for the loudspeaker designer Appian Acoustics 457 EGLINTON STREET GLASGOW G5 9RU TEL 0141 420 3662 FAX 0141 420 3353 PRICES

87. Music Acoustics
Learn about acoustics of different instruments, the sound spectrum, standing wave patterns supported by different air columns on this page by The University of New South Wales, Australia .
Music Acoustics
Physics and music have been closely related for thousands of years. This site presents, in musician-friendly format, some of our research work in music acoustics. In each area there is a non-technical introduction. Introductions to general topics are listed under 'Basics' on the navigation bar.
  • Researchers and research projects . An introduction to all of our research projects in acoustics and a list of publications. You can also meet the people - graduate students, staff and visitors - working in the Lab. Flute acoustics A collection of acoustical measurements of flutes of different types. It includes sound files and several pages of introductory material. The Virtual Flute is a tool that will find alternate fingerings, microtonal fingerings and multiphonics, and rank them by pitch or playability. Shakuhachi acoustics Preliminary information about our acoustical measurements of the shakuhachi.

88. Acoustics & Vibrations Laboratory At MIT
acoustics Vibrations Laboratory at MIT. About The Lab. The acousticsand Vibrations Laboratory at MIT was established in 1964.
About The Lab The Acoustics and Vibrations Laboratory at MIT was established in 1964. Since its establishment, over two hundred twenty students have obtained their graduate degrees for their research conducted in the lab. Of these, over eighty students earned their PhDs.
At present, the lab hosts research projects in nonlinear dynamics, noise and vibration control, and nonlinear control. Projects conducted in the laboratory are supervised by individual faculty members associated with the lab.
AV Lab Brown Bag Seminars
Current Industry-Funded-Research Projects
MIT Summer Courses Offered by The Lab Faculty

89. WWW Virtual Library On Acoustics And Vibrations
WWW Virtual Library on acoustics and Vibrations has moved to a permanent homeat http// Please update your URL link list.
WWW Virtual Library
Acoustics and Vibrations
has moved to a permanent home at

Please update your URL link list.
J. Robert Fricke ( This information was last updated September 26, 1996

90. Welcome To Castle Acoustics
Castle acoustics Limited, Park Mill, Shortbank Road, Skipton, NorthYorkshire BD23 2TT, England. Tel. (01756) 795333 Fax. (01756
Castle Acoustics Limited, Park Mill, Shortbank Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 2TT, England.
Tel. (01756) 795333 Fax. (01756) 795335
Today, loudspeakers are mostly made from internationally sourced piece parts which are then assembled, tested and packaged wherever labour is cheapest. This approach is as alien to Castle now as it was when the company was founded almost 30 years ago. Then, at Castle, we set out to design and build complete loudspeaker systems at our home base in Skipton in North Yorkshire, a place where traditional values still count. So, today, when you select a Castle speaker, whether for listening to music, or enjoying home cinema, virtually every part of it will have been designed and built right here, in Skipton. Because of this uncompromising philosophy, not only can we offer a full five year guarantee for all our products, we are still able to repair virtually every loudspeaker we have ever made.
High quality audio components from Norway

91. Speech Web Sites
Variety of links to mainly acousticsrelated sites.
Speech Web Sites Sound Math Speech Spectrograms ... Hearing Sound
  • Hyperphysics (Nave)
  • Physics Classroom
  • Russell's Acoustics Home Page
  • Time Domain Representation ...
  • The Soundary Mathematics and Matlab Help
  • Logarithms
  • SOS Math
  • Trigonometry I
  • Trigonometry II ...
  • Matlab Acoustic Demos Speech resourses Spectrograms Speech Syn thesis Text-to -Speech Synthesis
  • 92. DRD Technology
    Computer Aided Engineering Firm. Finite element analysis in the areas of structural, thermal, magnetic, acoustics, vibration, dynamics, fluid flow. Motion studies also performed.
    For more than 20 years DRD Technology has provided its customers with Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) technology through engineering problem-solving in addition to sales, training, implementation and support for world-class CAE software.

    93. NPL Acoustics: Home Page
    Our most fundamental role is to develop and maintain primary measurement standards for sound in air Category Science Technology Institutes and Universities...... Welcome to acoustics. A new acoustics Pressure Vessel of strategic importanceat the National Physical Laboratory is now open for business.
    The UK's National Measurement Laboratory Advanced Search Acoustics Home What's New Research Programme ... NPL Publications How can we improve the site for you? Email Address Full Feedback Form
    Welcome to Acoustics
    Contact Us Website Map Our fundamental role is to develop and maintain primary measurement standards for sound in air and water across a wide range of frequencies, from the infrasonic to tens of megahertz. We deliver a range of high quality measurement services A new Acoustics Pressure Vessel of strategic importance at the National Physical Laboratory is now open for business. It will provide vital measurements demanded by manufacturers and designers of sonar equipment used in the oil and gas, oceanographic and defence industries. We run training courses , workshops and user clubs . Our bi-annual Acoustics News contains information on our services, research, staff and international standards. We also arrange talks and meetings , to which visitors are welcome. Our research programme explores new methods of acoustical measurement, including the modelling of new sensors by finite-element techniques. Specialist research areas are the measurement of machinery and environmental noise, characterisation of the output of medical ultrasonic equipment and high-accuracy underwater acoustical measurements. Production of Technical Guidance Notes also forms part of our core programme of work. The first of these to become available focuses on

    94. Penscil, Inc. Oceanographic Project Resource
    Product development services, project consulting and writing for oceanographic instrumentation and underwater acoustics.
    Penscil engineering and scientific services... h o m e
    box 6249
    los osos

    Penscil specializes in scientific and engineering services with a focus on efficient performance and effective communications.
    We contribute to all phases of development from planning and simulation to prototyping and characterization. We offer quality technical writing and engineering documentation in support of our designs or as a separate service.
    Penscil's customers include university and government laboratories, commercial electronics manufacturers, software development firms and technology consultants requiring specific sub-contract skills.
    Our expertise is in sea-going instruments and oceanographic applications, particularly sonar.
    Please contact us to find out how we can make a contribution to your project. FreeFind search: Penscil site entire web SITE MAP home services development integration ... distraction Are you looking for one of these other sites with a similar URL? P.E.N.C.I.L.

    95. Arup Acoustics
    Arup acoustics is an international design consultancy embodying unique experiencein all areas of acoustic, audio visual, noise and vibration design.

    SECTORS DOWNLOADS OPPORTUNITIES ... FAQ's Arup Acoustics is an international design consultancy embodying unique experience in all areas of acoustic, audio visual, noise and vibration design. With offices in the UK, USA, Asia and Australasia, we are able to address local contexts and requirements as well as drawing on international expertise to provide a service which is unsurpassed in our field. Our scope of expertise encompasses Performing Arts, Recording, Broadcast, Sport, Leisure, Transportation and the Environment. The practice embodies a total commitment to excellence in acoustic design, to its integration with other professions and disciplines and to the development of innovative yet practical techniques and methods for sound and vibration control This web site provides you with an overview of our business, unique knowledge and innovative nature. For more information about Arup go to or click on the Arup logo

    96. ORE Offshore's Home Page
    Specialized hydroacoustics company in Falmouth, Massachusetts and Houston, Texas. Builds the Trackpoint II and LXT underwater acoustic tracking and navigation system, and sells and leases equipment for marine surveys and oceanographic research.
    Welcome to ORE Offshore
    Innovative Technology - Legendary Service
    Home About ORE Products/Services Customer Support ... Contact Us What's Your Area of Interest? Email Addresses for ORE Offshore Staff and Representatives Tracking and Navigation Communication and Control Search the Site Hot News! ORE Offshore introduces New 8242XS Heavy Load Release all about it ORE Offshore introduces New Diver Tracking System all about it Interesting photos of ORE Offshore Trackpoint II in operation ...take a look Trackpoint II Helps NOAA and HBOI to explore USS "Monitor" Marine Sanctuary all about it EdgeOne LLC acquires assets of ORE Offshore all about it Trackpoint 4440A Meets "Inverted" Tracking Requirements

    97. Acoustics Records (UK)
    Virtuoso recordings of celtic and classical mandolin, Irish accordion, folk songs and children's music.Category Arts Music Styles Folk Record Labels......acoustics Records site and home of virtuoso recordings of mandolin, Irishaccordion, folk songs, children's music. Original . traditional .
    Original . traditional . Celtic classical . children's CDs . tapes music books . instructional videos "lovingly delivered acoustic music and beautifully crafted pieces" Rock 'n' Reel Hello, and welcome to the new Acoustics site. We now have secure online ordering of our CDs, books and videos, so if you'd like to order anything just click the 'shopping trolley' buttons. You can choose to buy in either British Pounds or US Dollars, but if you live outside these areas, for example the Euro Zone, Canada, Australasia, Japan or anywhere else, simply choose either Pounds or Dollars and your credit card company will convert the amount to your local currency automatically. If you're just browsing, we hope you'll find lots of interest here. with artists' tour dates and links to their own sites. Please bookmark this site and come and see us again. Acoustics Records PO Box 350, Reading RG6 7DQ, England Tel: +44 (0)118 926 8615 Fax: +44 (0)118 935 3216 Acoustics is a division of Slatecity Ltd. Registered Office: 2 Victoria Mews, Fleet, Hants GU13 8DQ. Registered in Cardiff No. 2528890

    98. Marschall Acoustics Group
    The Marschall acoustics Group supplies geophysical instrumentation, seismic equipment, and solid towed hydrophone array seismic streamers. Performs ActiveEM imaging of metallic mineral ore shoots and coal deposits.
    The Marschall Acoustics Group is a designer and supplier of geophysical instrumentation, hydrophones, towed hydrophone arrays, downhole arrays, sonars, and hydrographic equipment. We also supply information technology and processing systems in support of these and related activities.

    99. Power Acoustics, Inc. Power Industry Acoustical Consultants
    Acoustical consultants specializing in the power industry. Designed noise control for hundreds of Category Business Energy and Environment Consultants......Power acoustics, Inc. Professional acoustical consultant specializing inthe power generation industry. Gas Industry. Power acoustics, Inc.
    Acoustical Consultants Specializing in the Power Industry Power Acoustics, Inc. consultants provide quality professional acoustical consulting services including: computerized plant noise modeling, environmental impact assessments, noise control design services, ambient sound surveys, acoustic compliance measurements and analysis for all industrial applications.
    Power Acoustics' principal consultant, Dave Parzych , has designed noise control for hundreds of simple cycle combustion turbine (gas turbine), cogeneration and steam power plants and is committed to working closely with the power industry on turbomachinery and similar industrial noise problems. We are sensitive to our customer's need for noise abatement at reduced costs in increasingly competitive markets. Our computerized design capability assures optimum noise control designs. Also available is Version 2 of , a low cost environmental sound propagation model based on the ISO 9613 standard provides calculations of specific field points and predictions of A and C-weighted sound level contours as well.
    4x2 Combined Cycle Project
    Viewed from backyard of nearby neighbor
    M ember ANSI and ISO Gas Turbine Noise
    Standards Committees Power Acoustics, Inc.

    100. ThinkQuest
    Violin history, manufacture, players, and acoustics. In English and French.
    We're sorry. The website you are trying to access is currently unavailable. If you are the owner or creator of this site, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at Thank You.

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