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         Aeronautics:     more books (100)
  1. An Introduction to the Mathematics and Methods of Astrodynamics, Revised Edition (Aiaa Education Series) by Richard H. Battin, 1999
  2. Rocketdyne: Powering Humans into Space (AIAA Education) by Robert S. Kraemer, Vince Wheelock, 2005-09-30
  3. Starting Something Big:The Commercial Emergence of GE AIrcraft Engines (Library of Flight Series) by Robert V. Garvin, 1998-12
  4. Boundary Layer Analysis (Aiaa Education Series) by Joseph A. Schetz, 2010-08
  5. Spatial Disorientation in Aviation (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics)
  6. Dynamics of Atmospheric Re-Entry (Aiaa Education Series) by Frank J. Regan, Satya M. Anandakrishnan, 1993-11
  7. Journey to the Moon: The History of the Apollo Guidance Computer (Library of Flight Series) by Eldon C. Hall, 1996-09
  8. Fundamentals of Kalman Filtering:: A Practical Approach (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics) by Paul Zarchan, Howard Musoff, 2009-09-30
  9. Modeling and Simulation of Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics (Aiaa Education Series) by Peter H. Zipfel, 2007-04-15
  10. The Engines of Pratt & Whitney: A Technical History (Library of Flight) by Jack Connors, 2009-12-15
  11. Practical Aeronautics: An Understandable Presentation of Interesting and Essential Facts in Aeronautical Science, by Charles Brian Hayward, 2009-04-27
  12. The Fundamentals of Aircraft Combat Survivability: Analysis and Design (Aiaa Education Series) by Robert E. Ball, 2003-10
  13. Space Vehicle Dynamics and Control (Aiaa Education Series) by Bong Wie, 2008-09
  14. Basics of Aerothermodynamics (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics) by Ernst Heinrich Hirschel, 2004-11-23

The official governing body for model aviation in Canada.Category Recreation Aviation Airplanes Governing is the web site for the Model aeronautics Association ofCanada, the official governing body for model aviation in Canada.

  • News
  • Events
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  • Links
    It's Aeromodeling and it's been around since man's early attempts at flight. In the past fifty years aeromodeling has come a long way from kid's toys. Today you can build model airplanes of incredible realism and fly them as expertly as a pilot sitting at the controls. So if video games don't offer you the challenge they once did, you're ready for live action in three dimensions. Turn off your TV, grab a friend or the whole family, and come to the wild blue world of aeromodeling. It's a wonderful form of self-expression. And, as you will see, it has something for everyone. There's a Plane Just for You! So you like tranquility or something more physical? Are you into gadgets? Or are you a purist? Whatever your preferences, there is an airplane that will suit you. There are large planes and tiny ones. You can race them or watch them float on rising air currents. you might engage in combat, become adept at aerobatics, or just stand out in a field and fly your plane. Free Flight Free Flight is for the thinker. These airplanes are adjusted for a specific flight pattern before takeoff. Then the model is on its own until it returns to earth for another flight.
  • 22. ÄϾ©º½¿Õº½Ìì´óѧ
    General introduction to the institution and its activities.
    Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics NUAA has set up as many as 50 research institutes, such as Pilotless Aircraft Research Institute and Helicopter research institute , and 58 laboratories, among which 1 is national key laboratory, 2 are provincial key laboratories,5 are ministerial key laboratories and 1 is national base for the instruction of Electronics and Electronic Engineering. NUAA enjoys best facilities either for teaching and scientific research.
    NUAA is very strong advantages in the research and application of basic science, the application of basic science and the development of high technology. NUAA has developed "CK" series of super pilotless aircraft, AD series of super-light airplanes and other series of helicopters that have filled in the national gaps in these fields in China and also measured up to the advanced world standards, and it has also made a lot of breakthroughs in many key projects concerning aeronautic and astronautic research and national defense programs. According to the statistics issued by the Ministry of Education, NUAA remained one of the ten top universities for 7 consecutive years (from 1991 to 1997) in terms of the total number of achievements and awards in scientific research.

    23. K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook
    Learning resources for teachers, students, and enthusiasts interested in aeronautics including an online textbook, lesson plans, and interactive activities.
    We're moving.
    The K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook site ( and site has been moved to Click on the following link to access the new site: (
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    La pagina del Libro de Texto de Aeronautica K-8 en la Internet ( y se ha mudado a Presione el siguiente enlace para conectarse al nuevo sitio: (

    24. Principles Of Aeronautics
    An online textbook discussing the basics of flight, drag and lift with content and lesson plans appropriate to all educational levels.
    We're moving.
    The K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook site ( and site has been moved to Click on the following link to access the new site: (
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    La pagina del Libro de Texto de Aeronautica K-8 en la Internet ( y se ha mudado a Presione el siguiente enlace para conectarse al nuevo sitio: (

    25. Aeronautics Trivia Game - Apollo, Mustang Or 747?
    Interactive quiz to test your knowledge of aviation and space.
    aeronautics Online contest Trivia rules Game requirements aeronautics - enigma Homepage ... Email Interactive trivia game - 350 questions - Compete for this week's best score! aeronautics ESA NASA
    Other Cosmoquiz games
    Cars trivia game ... Others... Ready for take-off For all aeronautics enthusiasts Click here to play immediate, no download Category Economy Difficulty Questions Update Results
    A good training... Seek the intruder! A clue... The right answer...

    The perfect place to play with your friends (the socialites!) , to evaluate your knowledge (the anguished!) , to cultivate your mind (the intellectuals!) , to beat the other players (the competitive ones!) , or to prove that you are the most cultured person on the Web (the megalomaniacs!)

    26. Christopher Basiliere - Digital Resume
    The principle of jet aviation; modern military, private, and commercial jets; 3D models, graphics, video
    Computer Skills:
    • Web Design and Development Computer Graphics / Photo Editing Macromedia Flash (including version MX) Macromedia Dreamweaver Macromedia Director Microsoft FrontPage Multimedia Design/Editing Digital Video Editing (Sonic Foundry Software) GUI Design Adobe Acrobat Adobe Photoshop JASC Paint Shop Pro Microangelo Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Excel
    Work Samples:
    Note: Some animations on this page may appear slower than normal, depending on your computer's processor speed and amount of RAM. Title and Preview Link Summary At the request of my client, no link will be provided to this site. Although this process of accessing e-mail may seem arduous, it was tailored to the specifications set forth by my client.
    View This is a web site that sells tickets to and promotes nightclub events and concerts in New York City. Operation: Chem
    Download Beta Version of Program "Operation: Chem" is a computer program that I

    27. NASA Aeronautics Cyberpostcards
    NASA center providing a feature to email electronic postcards with pictures about aeronautics.
    W elcome to the aeronautics postcard page of the Airbreathing Systems Analysis Office at the NASA Glenn Research Center! S end a free electronic greeting card to a friend. Why worry about postage and finding a mailbox when you can sit down and send a digital postcard in comfort from your home computer? And what could be better than an exciting and educational aeronautics greeting from NASA?
    How do I send a card?
    I t's easy. All you have to do is select an aeronautics category, pick an image and caption you like, enter your friend's e-mail address, and add your message! Start by selecting a category below.
    Available now... High Speed Research General Aviation Propulsion Inlets High Performance Computing ... Aeronautics and Space Transportation Technology And ... NASA Glenn Aeronautics Overview Coming soon... Advanced Subsonic Technology Smart Green Engines Nozzles Structures Materials Icing Research Emissions Acoustics Combustion Turbomachinery Environmental Research Aircraft You are Aero Cyberpostcard visitor Please send us your comments and suggestions
    For site reviews

    28. Beginner's Guide To Aeronautics
    Prepared at NASA Glenn by the Learning Technologies Project (LTP) to provide background information Category Science Technology Aerospace aeronautics Aerodynamics......Beginner's Guide to aeronautics. Glenn Research Center. Welcome tothe Beginner's Guide to aeronautics Beginner's Guide to
    Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics
    Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics How do airplanes work? Why does a wing change shape on takeoff and landing? Beginner's Guide to Propulsion How do jet engines work? Why are there different kinds of jet engines? Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets The Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets will show you the basic math and physics that govern the design and flight of model rockets. Beginner's Guide to Kites The Beginner's Guide to Kites will show you the basic math and physics that govern the design and flight of kites. I n the 21st century, airplanes are a normal part of everyday life. We see them fly over, or read about them, or see them on television. Most of us have traveled on an airplane, or we know someone who has. Do you ever wonder how airplanes fly? What causes the lift that gets the airplane off the runway? How does a pilot control the movement of the airplane? Why are the engines on an airliner different from the engines on a fighter plane? How does aerodynamics affect the flight of a model rocket or a kite? The information at this site is provided by the NASA Glennn Learning Technologies Project (LTP) to give you a better understanding of how aircraft work. Each page at this site describes a single topic related to basic airplane aerodynamics, propulsion, model rockets, and kites. At the top of each page is a slide that illustrates the topic. The slide is accompanied by a caption that explains what the slide is all about and goes into some detail about the physics and math related to the subject of the slide. There are often links and references to other slides and sites where you can find additional information.

    29. Home Page
    Corporate and technical consultants in aviation for airlines, aircraft manufacturers. Sale, lease and management of corporate, regional and transport aircraft. Representative of Bombardier Aerospace.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    30. Venik's Aviation
    Russian, US and European military aviation.Category Recreation Aviation Military Guides......You would see a nice menu here if you had Java enabled AntiGravity.Anti-gravity. 12-23-02 update. A look at the anti-gravity
    sl="1.3" You would see a nice menu here if you had Java enabled... Anti-Gravity [ 12-23-02 ] update A look at the anti-gravity research and future methods of propulsion for air and spacecraft. In the Press [ 01-16-03 ] update Here you will find various magazine articles in PDF format about aviation. The latest article is Mil Mi-24 versions and history Sukhoi Globalizm Sukhoi expects its world fighter market share to reach 20% and its yearly budget - $2 billion. Fifth - generation fighter and modernization programs are well underway. Aggression against Iraq Latest information from the Russian Army Intelligence: Elements of the US 3rd Infantry Division and the 1st Marine Infantry Division ended up in an exceptionally difficult situation. While attempting to encircle Basra from the north and to block An-Nasiriya elements the 3rd and 1st infantry divisions found themselves wedged between the defending Iraqi forces
    GRU intel from Iraq From Afghanistan to Iraq Russian Aerospace Review The GRU has full command of all intelligence-gathering assets of the Russian Armed Forces, including spy satellites, reconnaissance aircraft, ships, submarines and other equipment

    31. AERO
    Michigan Department of Transportatioon Bureau of aeronautics Welcome to the new Michigan Department of Transportation aeronautics Web site!
    Welcome to the official web site. This site uses adaptive technology. Instructions are provided within the Accessibility Policy Skip Navigation Home
    Aero Home ...
    General Aviation Security Advisory

    THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS RAISED THE SECURITY THREAT LEVEL TO ORANGE (HIGH). This change in threat condition is likely to prompt the issuance of additional flight restrictions. Pilots are advised to check NOTAMS before each flight. Report suspicious activity to the TSA at 866-GA-SECURE. FAA NOTAMS NBAA
    National Business Aircraft Association Latest information from AOPA Latest information from EAA
    10th Annual Aviation Aerospace Teacher Workshop - May 17, 2003

    Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan Keynote Speaker Aeronautics Up Close Mark your Calendar! 2004 Great Lakes International Aviation Conference
    Welcome to the new Michigan Department of Transportation Aeronautics Web site!
    Aeronautics Calendars ... Aeronautics Commission clears $4.7 million for improved air travel
    QuickLinks Michigan Airport Statistics Events Calendars Michigan Airport Directory Home
    ... State Web Sites

    32. Aeronautics - Principles Of Flight - Level 1
    To Javaempowered ALLSTAR Network.
    To Java-empowered ALLSTAR Network Home Research For Teachers ... Admin/Tools partially funded by NASA, it is still a private site. Therefore, before downloading any materials for use, you need to ask permission.
    There are two ways to browse the site: (1) use the search button above to find specific materials using keywords; or,
    (2) go to specific headings like history principles or careers at specific levels above and click on the button.
    Teachers may go directly to the Teachers' Guide from the For Teachers button above or site browse as in (1) and (2).
    Principles of Flight - Level 1
    Uses of Airplanes Aviation means: all flying done by general aviation, the military, and the airlines. Parts Of An Airplane Learning the names and functions of the surfaces of an airplane will help you appreciate the construction and design as well as the aerodynamics of an airplane. Experiment 1 - Airfoil
    Experiment 2 - Airfoil

    Experiment 3 - Airfoil

    Experiment 4 - Propeller
    What Makes An Airplane Fly?
    For an airplane to fly, it must always engage in a tug of war between the opposing forces of lift versus weight and thrust versus drag How A Plane Is Controlled?

    33. Aeronautics Activities
    Contains many readymade K-12 lessons, activities, and experiments that deal with the science of aerodyna Category Science Technology Space NASA Education......aeronautics Related Activities, Experiments, and Lesson Plans. Below aeronautics.aeronautics Related Activities, Experiments, and Lesson Plans.
    Aeronautics Related Activities, Experiments, and Lesson Plans Below are activities, experiments and lesson plans that will help explain some of basic principles of aeronautics.
    Aeronautics Related Activities, Experiments, and Lesson Plans
    Below are activities, experiments and lesson plans that will help explain some of basic principles of aeronautics. Please send any comments to:
    Responsible Official:

    34. Cranfield University. First Choice For Second Degrees. UK University.
    A threecampus university based in Cranfield (Bedfordshire), Silsoe (Bedfordshire) Shrivenham (Wiltshire). Offers undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development courses to a worldwide base of students. Subject areas include aeronautics, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, Management, Medical, Life Science, Environment, and Defence.
    Search Home Contact us Cranfield University Welcome to Cranfield University :: First choice for second degrees
    Information for...
    Prospective Students


    Information on...
    The University


    Cranfield School of Management School of Engineering Shrivenham Campus Silsoe Campus Cranfield College of Aeronautics Cranfield Postgraduate Medical School University Library Student Life HR/Current Vacancies
    Latest news...
  • Cranfield University Annual Report 2003
  • It was all in the pipeline for Cranfield
  • Who gives Cranfield $70,000?
    Welcome to Cranfield University
    A small, virtually bespoke university, Cranfield University is distinctive. Our postgraduate study programme is focused on real life rather than on pure theory. We facilitate work with industry and commerce, rather than just within the lecture room. Industrial and commercial sponsors recognise this, so our contract research income outstrips that of most other UK universities. As a result of our unique approach, our graduates are found worldwide, making significant contributions in their fields - an enviable network of men and women with the reputation for excellence that the name of Cranfield bestows. Top of Page Published by © Cranfield University.
  • 35. Aerospace Technology Enterprise
    Current events, FAQs, goals, library, general information.Category Science Technology Aerospace aeronautics...... Turning Goals Into Reality Conference June 1012, 2003 Enterprise Aerospace FacilitiesNACA/NASA Contributions to aeronautics timeline website Aerospace
    SITE MAP Advanced Search
    In 1926:
    The prototype Fairey IIIF fleet spotter, light bomber and general-purpose biplane is flown. In production form it is widely operated by the RAF and Fleet Air Arm.
    Day in the Life of air traffic over the United States

    An eagle morphing into an advanced concept vehicle

    Aircraft Graphics Collection

    Aircraft Photo Collection
    Enterprise Aerospace Facilities

    NACA/NASA Contributions to aeronautics timeline website
    Aerospace Technology Advisory Committee

    Centennial of Flight
    2001 Aerospace Technology Enterprise Annual Report 2002 Annual Report will be online by June 1. The NASA Aeronautics Blueprint Presentation is now on-line. The newest edition of the January 23, 2003, OAT Newsletter is on-line. NASA Headquarters Responsible Official: Code R Curator: SAIC Information Services

    36. ONERA - Office National D'Etudes Et De Recherches Aerospatiales
    Covers all the scientific disciplines involved in aircraft, spacecraft and missile design.
    Applications pour l'industrie Dimension internationale Recrutement Formation par la recherche ... Centre de Toulouse
    L'image du mois
    Ecoulement autour
    d'aubes de turbine
    image et textes
    Programme et inscription Programme et inscription
    Micropropulsion. Microcombustion

    Les tourbillons de sillage d'avions

    Le cahier de laboratoire

    Publications scientifiques
    Nouveau site

    du concours universitaire DGA - ONERA EChO L'association des Etudiants Chercheurs de l'ONERA EHA The European Hypersonic Association GARTEUR SM/AG28 Impact Damage and Repair of Composite Structures GARTEUR GoR/SM Structures and Materials EUROMECH-449 UAVNET Rechercher Publications ... In English Commentaires et suggestions :

    37. S.K.M Aeronautics - Rubber Products, O-Rings, Seals, Gaskets  - Israel
    Rubber manufacturer specializing in production of molded and injected rubber parts for the automotive, aviation, transportation and associated industries.
    S.K.M Aeronautics 1987 LTD.
    Company Profile
    We manufacture O-Rings, different kinds of rubber seals, vehicle and aviation spare parts, brake rubber parts (SAE J1601, Israeli standard number 225), integrated rubber, plastic and metal parts and many other rubber products. We manufacture from most of the available rubber types (natural rubber, silicones, fluorosilicon, viton, neoprene, NBR and many more) complying with international standards, such as: ASTM-D-2000 (SAE J200) MIL-ST and others. Amongst our customers S.K.M Aeronautics manufacturing methods are approved by the ISO-9002 standard.
    Contact Information
    Telephone FAX Postal address
    24th. Nachshon St. Petah-Tiqwa 49277 Israel. (view map)
    Electronic mail
    General Information:

    For information or orders fill out our request form Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
    Last modified: 09/15/01

    38. Aeronautics And Astronautics Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind
    EBusiness Office. Questions or Comments Purdue University School of aeronautics Astronautics 315 N. Grant St. West Lafayette, IN 47907 - 2023.

    Open Faculty Position
    AAE News Course Info AAE Employment ... Faculty
    Research ...

    and AAE Calendar
    Indiana Space Grant


    , and
    Industry Affiliates
    SEARCH Purdue HomePage ... Questions or Comments... Purdue University 315 N. Grant St. West Lafayette, IN 47907 - 2023 Phone: +1 765 494 5117 FAX: +1 765 494 0307

    39. NASA Timeline
    History Timeline. PreNASA Chronology of aeronautics and Astronautics. EarlyNASA aeronautics and Astronautics Chronology (Pre-Apollo).
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    History Timeline
    Pre-NASA Chronology of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    Early NASA Aeronautics and Astronautics Chronology (Pre-Apollo)
    NASA Aeronautics and Astronautics Chronology
    Special Chronologies
    NACA/NASA Aeronautical Research Chronology

    Updated December 23, 2002
    Steve Garber, NASA History Web Curator

    40. UW Aeronautics & Astronautics
    Information about the Department of aeronautics and Astronautics.Category Science Technology Aerospace Academic Departments...... models. The Department of aeronautics and Astronautics is one of theoriginal Aerospace Engineering departments in the nation. It
    Wind-tunnel testing of Insitu's new UAV Seascan is currently taking place at UW's Kirsten Wind Tunnel. This miniature robotic aircraft is aiming to cross the Pacific in order to perform long range weather reconaisance.
    University of Washington

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