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         Alchemy:     more books (99)
  1. Spiritual Alchemy: How to Transform Your Life by Dr. Christine R Page, 2005-06-01
  2. The Alchemy Reader: From Hermes Trismegistus to Isaac Newton
  3. The Tower of Alchemy: An Advanced Guide to the Great Work by David Goddard, 1999-06-01
  4. Body Alchemy: Transsexual Portraits by Loren Cameron, 1996-10-16
  5. Magic Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy by Clark Heinrich, 2002-09-30
  6. The Last Sorcerers: The Path from Alchemy to the Periodic Table by Richard Morris, 2003-12-31
  7. The Secret Art of Alchemy by Stanislas Klossowski De Rola, 1986-04
  8. Alchemy: Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul by Titus Burckhardt, 1997-01-01
  9. Emotional Alchemy: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Heart by Tara Bennett-Goleman, 2003-07-03
  10. The Alchemy of Healing: Psyche and Soma by Edward Whitmont M.D., 1996-01-01
  11. The Alchemy of Illness by Kat Duff, 2000-11-21
  12. The Book of Alchemy: Learn the Secrets of the Alchemists to Transform Mind, Body, and Soul by Francis Melville, 2002-08-10
  13. Unlimited Wealth: The Theory and Practice of Economic Alchemy by Paul Zane Pilzer, 1990-12-09
  14. The Alchemy of Love and Lust by Theresa L. Crenshaw, 1996-03-19

61. Lapidary Journal: The Alchemy Of Precious Metal Clay (April 1998)
Discusses the pluses and negatives of working with this material. By Nina Cooper. Lapidary Journal
Pull down to navigate BEAD FEST 2002 JEWELRY ARTS AWARDS FEATURES Feature Story Jewelry Journal Feature Story Technique Articles Business Articles Product News Tool Guide Sites to See/Links - Helpful Resources - Step-by-Step Project SEARCH Bead Classes Recommended Books Book Reviews Museums Schools Clubs Professional Associations Bead Societies Index to Past Articles Safety in the Studio Grant Opportunities Show Calendar Product SEARCH Bulletin Board Order Catalogs Advertising Classified Ads Media Kits/Ad Rates Web Directory Listing Forms - The Magazine - Subscription Information Subscriptions Buy Back Issues StepByStep Beads Holiday Jewelry Special Colored Stone Fall Show Guide Vegas Show Guide Tucson Show Guide Int'l Source Guide TOUCHSTONE FEATURE STORY
Those with a background working with clay are often the first to see the potential of PMC. Shellie Brooks combines the new material with polymer clay in pieces like her Tikal pendant. Photo: Ralph Gabriner. PMC Step-by-Step Projects Large Hollow Bead by Barbara Becker Simon (August 2001)
Hidden Silver Clasp
by Linda Bernstein (May 2001)
By Celie Fago (October/November 1999)
The Alchemy of Precious Metal Clay With PMC, jewelry makers turn clay into silver or gold.

62. Translation, Localization Tools CAT Tools Alchemy Software
Catalust is a single integrated application that combines powerful localization tools with project Category Computers Software Localization Catalyst......Entry page to alchemy Software Development's web site. Find info, downloads,support for alchemy CATALYST Localization Environment

63. Página De Alquimia De Rubellus Petrinus
is a multilingual alchemy website maintained by the Portuguese alchemist Rubellus Petrinus. The website is a treasure trove of practical spagyrics and alchemical symbolism, as well as original texts such as the Speculum Veritatis by Eirenaeus Philalethes.
Alquimia e Espagíria
Alquimia: Simbolismo alquímico (Speculum Veritatis) Alquimia: Textos Espagíria: O Primeiro Ser Vegetal Espagíria: Textos A Grande OBRA Alquímica

A Alquimia "AQUÍ "


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64. Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy Training At Alchemy Institute Of
Founded for the purpose of preparing students to work as spiritual hypnotherapists, hypnotherapeutic Category Health Alternative Hypnotherapy Training......alchemy Institute of Healing Arts hypnotherapy training and audiotapesextensive library of information on selfhealing with hypnosis.

65. Alchemy Works Seeds & Herbs Main Page
Offers seeds, herbs, incense, and supplies with information on planetary influences and on the historical use of plants in spirituality and alternative medicine.
Nervous about using your credit card online? Order by phone - (607)737-9250 - or use the shopping cart to figure your shipping and print out an order form you can mail in with credit-card info, money order, check, or even cash
Welcome to Alchemy Works!
let me know

Click on Saturn to see my planetary correspondence chart. Find out how plants relate to the planets, the zodiac, aspects of the divine, and elemental forces. With the help of this info, you can learn how to recognize for yourself the influences on plants you encounter. How to make a flower essence
Codes for Herbs (or when a black cat is not one)

Storing seeds

Growing Wild Plants
Ordering information
"A society of people who are responsible for their own health and able to gather or grow their own medicines is a hard society to rule." from This Is Anarcho-Herbalism
Payment: Top Shipping: Everything to US addresses, regardless of weight, is sent Priority Mail, which takes 2-3 business days once it hits the post office. I do my best to send out all orders within 48 hours. International orders go by Air Mail unless they are for seed packets only, in which case they can go by the cheaper and faster Global Priority Mail. It just has to fit into a flat envelope, so it does not work for herbs, bulky resins, etc. If you want something overnight, give me a call at (607)737-9250.

66. Books And Alchemical Prints For Sale
The alchemy Web Bookshop Alchemical and Hermetic books Study courses on alchemyCDRoms and coloured prints for sale Back to alchemy web site home page.

67. The Society For The History Of Alchemy And Chemistry
Information on how to join the Society, its activities, journal and conferences.
The Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry The Society for the history of alchemy and chemistry was founded in 1937 and has consistently maintained the highest standards of scholarship in all aspects of the history of alchemy and chemistry from early times to the present. Registered as a Charity. This site is maintained by Dr K.D. Watson ( The Open University kindly hosts this site, but has no responsibility for its contents.
Last updated February 2003

68. Alchemy
Online magazine of news, articles and product reviews.Category Computers Software Magazines...... alchemy Suspends Publication. With much regret, Putman Media has suspendedpublication of alchemy magazine as of its November/December, 2002, issue.

69. Pastlife.html
Discussing the uses of past life regression in alchemical hypnotherapy.
Alchemy of Past Life Regression
Past life regression in Alchemical Hypnotherapy has many uses in addition to clearing trauma. You can contact creativity, bring forth a hidden but needed talent, break a debilitating past life contract, and more. David A. Pierce, College Park, MD (2 1/2 blocks from Metro)301-699-6066.
Potentials Unlimited

70. The Golden Elixir Home Page
An introduction to some facets of the history and doctrines of Chinese alchemy.Category Science Anomalies and Alternative Science alchemy...... The alchemy Virtual Library. A Website on Chinese alchemy. The Golden Elixir is anintroduction to some facets of the history and doctrines of Chinese alchemy.

71. Li Thia Gelvdael
Information on guilds, including skill requirements, alchemy, and magical devices, portrait gallery, tips for avoiding scams, fraud, and horrors.

72. Alchemy Group Limited
Internet, Intranet, Extranet, and general Web site design and hosting. Information on products, services, Category Regional Oceania Business and Economy Internet......alchemy logo. enter html, enter flash,

Footnoted journal article by Edmund Brehm, discussing Bacon's contributions to alchemy. Features a diagram showing how alchemy fit into Bacon's world system.
AMBIX Vol. 23, Part I, March 1976
by Edmund Brehm
A LCHEMY , throughout its history, has shown a dual nature. On the one hand, it has involved the use of chemical substances and so is claimed by the history of science as the precursor of modern chemistry. Yet at the same time, alchemy has, throughout its history, also been associated with the esoteric, spiritual beliefs of Hermeticism and thus is a proper subject for the historian of religious thought. The chemical approach is easily understood. As the distinguished historian of alchemy, the late F. Sherwood Taylor, concluded: "The hopeless pursuit of the practical transmutation of metals was responsible for almost the whole of the development of chemical technique before the seventeenth century, and further led to the discovery of many important materials. This is the commonly recognized contribution of alchemy." Mircea Eliade and others, on the other hand, have emphasized the soteriological function of alchemy as working toward the perfection and liberation of the human soul or spirit, a process symbolized in the perfection of metals into gold and of the human body to a state of optimum health and even immortality. Such an approach is complemented by the psychological studies of C. G. Jung, which correlate alchemical symbolism with the development of the psycho-religious life of the individual. Eliade has conclusively demonstrated the religious nature of alchemy in Eastern cultures, and Jung has discussed the psychological basis of Western alchemy during its later period (the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries). But European alchemy during the Middle Ages, especially from a religious point of view, has received little attention.

74. Alchemy Communications Inc.
alchemy is a fast growing, premiere provider of high performance web hosting,collocation, Internet connectivity, data center managed services, web video

75. AMI PNG/MNG Construction Set
Create MNG animations using PNG images. The program features an animation wizard, to rotate, crop, coloradjust, and resize all or part of an animation sequence. Convert animated MNG files to AVI format, create 2D, rotating animated graphics, and protect the graphics using a protection matrix.
For Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000 and NT PNG/MNG Construction Set represents the state of the art in animation software. It will assemble your original animations effortlessly through its Animation Wizard, squeeze them down to as close to nothing as possible with its Supercompressor; create eyecatching banners and animated transitions; manage your MNG files; add transparency to existing PNG graphics and a lot more. The extensive documentation and tutorials included with PNG/MNG Construction Set will get you up to speed in less time than it takes most elected officials to redefine the truth. PNG/MNG Construction Set requires a Pentium or better processor. A display adapter and Windows screen driver capable of displaying more than 256 colours are recommended. This software is available for electronic delivery and on CD-ROM.

This bit's important... This build of PNG/MNG Construction Set has been released before all its scheduled features are in place. While it embodies a lot of functionality and can manage basic PNG and MNG transparencies and animations, it's a long way from being complete. We hope you'll take this opportunity to try out PNG/MNG Construction Set and get up to speed with it. Registered users of PNG/MNG Construction Set will be able to download the complete version at no additional cost.

76. Alchemist's Handbook - Poetry, Artistry, Music, Dreams
Kansas bluegrass band. Band history, lyrics, and art.
Alchemy, Dream Interpretation, Music, Art, Poetry
alchemy, dream interpretation, music, art, poetry, bands, dreams, dreaming,
poems, alchemistists, energy readings, angel magic, Isis, symbols, carl
jung, music, art, poetry, poem, music, energy reading, artistry, immortality, gold, poems,
alchemy, music, art, poetry, dream interpretation, visual arts,
transformation, spirituality, music, art, poetry, search for immortality,
gold, synchronicity, prophets, music, art, poetry, alchemy

A comprehensive site intended to establish relevancy for alchemy today, arguing for its inclusion Category Science Anomalies and Alternative Science alchemy......My essential request was (and is) to find a new way for alchemy today. alchemywas our mother, but now she is a grandmother, faded and exhausted.

78. Welcome To Old-Mage
alchemy, magic, readings, old secrets, new discoveries. A variety of topics, including alchemy, history.
Welcome to
Old Secrets and New Discoveries Enter Here
Psychic impression to Harold Reality Shows Scripted
Received February 28, 2003 10 AM EST more to come if the media does not break the story soon.
Other Topics: Alchemy Alien Technology Alternative Point of Views Book Reviews Channeling Community Gnosis Kaballa (Cabala, Qubala) LUXSource-ry Magick New Perspectives on Old Ideas Occult Explained PK/Psionics Personal Power Science Symbols Transformations
Visit often, continually updated. New products and information coming.
More Riddle Clues - More Riddle Clues 'Dr' Dee's / Channel 7
Tolerance for all Religion Respect for all Human Life, home of 'Dr' Dee's/Channel 7 , explores the occult (hidden) and gnosis (knowing through experience). We promote personal power, healing and discovery. Our tools are alchemy, magick, channeling, imagination, experimentation, mysticism, transformation and a lot of research. Our wizard in residence is Harold M Gillespie
FREE energy and transformations await you.
We empower people to be healthy, free, know their own will, and allow other's the same. We share information about Magick, religious freedom, and a wide range of beliefs. You may help improve conditions for yourself and others through FREE services at Old-Mage.

79. Alchemy Imagination
Web design and solutions, and graphics design including commercial and custom package.
If you are not able to see the animation above, please click on the "Get Macromedia Flash Player" picture below to
download the Macromedia Flash plug-in
For best viewing : Screen resolution : 800X600 pixels
Browser : Micorsoft Internet Explorer 6.0

80. Alcoholism And Addiction Prevention, Treatment And Recovery
A free resource offering articles, book reviews, audio and press news, book sales, alcohol and drug Category Health Addictions Substance Abuse Resources......Alcoholism and addiction prevention, treatment and recovery resourcesprovided by The alchemy Project Ltd. With online radio, news

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