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         Animal Biology:     more books (102)
  1. The Biology of Animal Stress: (Cabi) by G Moberg, J A Mench, 2000-02-06
  2. Studies of Plant and Animal Biology by Thomas Lonergan, 2008-01-01
  3. Man and Animal in the Zoo: Zoo Biology by Heini Hediger, 1970-02-05
  4. Functional Biology of Clonal Animals (Functional Biology Series) by R.N. Hughes, 1989-10-31
  5. Animal Migration (Society for Experimental Biology Seminar Series)
  6. Biomechanics in Animal Behaviour (Society for Experimental Biology)
  7. Epithelial Cell Culture (Handbooks in Practical Animal Cell Biology)
  8. Plant and Animal Biology: v. 2 by A.E. Vines, N. Rees, 1986-11
  9. Introduction to Animal Biology by Claude Alvin Villee, Warren F. Walker, 1979-05
  10. Biology of Animal Behavior by James W. Grier, Theodore Burk, 1992-01
  11. Elementary biology, animal and human by James Edward Peabody, Arthur Ellsworth Hunt, 2010-08-28
  12. Cell to Cell Signals in Plants and Animals: Progress Report (Nato a S I Series Series H, Cell Biology) by Volker Neuhoff, 1991-05
  13. Redox Metabolism and Longevity Relationships in Animals and Plants: Vol 62 (Society for Experimental Biology)
  14. An introduction to animal biology, by John Bernard Parker, 1955

61. 208-101 Farm Animal Biology
208101 Farm animal biology. Availability. Dookie and Parkville campuses. CreditPoints. 12.5. HECS Band. 2. Coordinator. Mr Chris Laird and Dr Brian Leury.
Subject information Search Index Institute of Land and Food Resources Bachelor of Agriculture
Prev 202-402 Industry/Research Project
Next 208-102 Field Engineering
208-101 Farm Animal Biology
Availability Dookie and Parkville campuses. Credit Points HECS Band Coordinator Mr Chris Laird and Dr Brian Leury Prerequisites 202-103 Biology for Land and Food Resources. Semester (view timetable) Contact Thirty-six hours lectures, 36 hours of practicals Subject Description On completion of this subject students should:
  • understand the basic anatomy of the major domestic and agricultural animal species and the principal functions of the major organs and tissues; understand how and what products are harvested from farm animals and how manipulating animal form and function can alter animal production; understand animal behaviour, factors modifying its expression and the influence of behaviour on animal production as well as the implications for animal welfare; be able to analyse how the environment and genetics influence animal performance and the quality of products harvested; and appreciate the importance of animal health in animal production systems and that disease usually has animal management as a component of its occurrence, prevention and treatment.

62. The Animal Biology Degree
Introduction. The animal biology Hons. degree is a new programmewhich combines the study of the more traditional whole organism
The Animal Biology Hons. degree is a new programme which combines the study of the more traditional whole organism aspects of animal science (e.g. ecology, behaviour, physiology, diversity) with the modern molecular and cellular approaches. It is designed to provide an exciting and integrated programme of study to equip the next generation of scientists with the interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of animal systems to drive this fast moving subject forward.
Entrance Requirements
BBCC at SCE Higher Grade or BC or CCD at A level. Subjects must include one of Biology, Human biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or some other appropriate science at B grade SCE or D grade A level. Maths at Standard grade (3) or GCSE (C) is also essential.
  • Direct entry into the second year is possible with BBB at A level or Advanced Higher including Biology or Human Biology and one of Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics.

63. Centre For Research In Animal Biology
Centre for Research in animal biology. School of Science and Technology.Phone 4720. Fax 07 838 4324. Data as at 6 February 2003. Back to Top.

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Centre for Research in Animal Biology
School of Science and Technology
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64. Integrative Animal Biology / Biologie Animale Intégrative
Integrative animal biology / Biologie Animale Intégrative. Name /Nom Department / Département Institution, Project Title / Titre
Integrative Animal Biology / Biologie Animale Intégrative Name / Nom
Department / Département
Institution Project Title /
Titre du projet Term /
Durée Program / Programme $ awarded /
$ accordé Albert, Paul
Biology Insect chemosensory mechanisms RGPIN Anderson, Gail
Biological Engineering Mechanotransduction in bone-the role of glutamate and estrogen RGPIN Archambault, Denis
Québec à Montréal Sciences biologiques Déterminants moléculaires associés à la réplication et la biogenèse des artérivirus RGPIN Babcock, Mark Wilfrid Laurier Kinesiology and Physical Education Pulmonary system limitations during exercise RGPIN Ballantyne, James Guelph Zoology Membranes and metabolism in lower vertebrates and invertebrates RGPIN Ball, Ronald Alberta Nutrition and metabolism laboratory- swine research and technology with:
  • Sauer, Willem
  • Baracos, Vickie
  • Feddes, John
  • Foxcroft, George EQPEQ Betteridge, Keith Guelph Biomedical Sciences The biology of early pregnancy in the mare with:
    • Raeside, James RGPGP Bilodeau, Jean-François

The objectives of our undergraduate course for a Major in animal biology aretwofold (Major in animal biology) is three years, and for a B.Sc.
  • Introduction
  • Course Structure
    • B.Sc. in Animal Biology
    • Double Major ... Next The objectives of our undergraduate course for a Major in Animal Biology are two-fold:
    • to provide a broad-based foundation in zoology and
    • to acquaint students with various specialised subjects that are related to zoology. The mainstay of teaching is the traditional lecture, supported by supervised laboratory practicals and field trips. Part of the assessment for the courses conducted in each semester will be formal written examinations to be held at the end of each semester. Assignments, laboratory practical reports and essays may also contribute to the overall assessment for a course. In addition to these tests, assessment for Honours students will include doing a research project with subsequent examination of the resulting dissertation and poster presentation. The usual period of study for a B.Sc. (Major in Animal Biology) is three years, and for a B.Sc. Honours (Zoology), four years. Students with good grades may, however be able to obtain an Honours degree in three years. Some prerequisites for Level 2000 and 3000 modules may be waived, subject to the approval of the Director of the School of Biological Sciences. The prerequisite to do a Major in Animal Biology is 'A' level Biology; however, students with only 'O' or 'AO' level Biology will also be considered. Students without a Biology background should read modules AB1307 and AB1308; after passing either of these two enrichment modules, they will be allowed to read Level 1000 AB essential modules in the following semester.
  • 66. Animal Biology
    animal biology. 1. Changes to Chapter 3, Section 3 of 199798 Handbook Changesto modules offered and prerequisites Code. Honours in Zoology (animal biology).
    ANIMAL BIOLOGY 1. Changes to Chapter 3, Section 3 of 1997-98 Handbook: Changes to modules offered and prerequisites Code Comments* Semesters Replaced by Replaced by Replaced by II I Combined with BP1308 as I *Note that BB1101-4 are the new essential modules for all students starting majors in the Life Sciences; there is an equal contribution to each from SBS and one or more paramedical Departments. Students can enrol for a maximum of two of these modules in any one semester. Prerequisites: BB11xx modules AB1311 and SB1301 : None Code Comments Semesters Now I Split into two elective modules: I (SB2201) II (SB2202) II Prerequisites: AB2101 and AB2102 : Pass in BB1101 or AB1101 and AB1202 : Pass in AB1103 (or BB1103) AB2204, AB2206, AB2207 and AB2208 : Preferably a pass in any Level 1000 AB module or any BB11xx module : Pass in BB1102 and BB1104 or AB1103 and AB1204 : AB1101 or BB1101, or at least a C grade in either SB1302 or AB1307 and AB1308 : Pass in AB1101, AB1104 or any BB11xx module

    67. School Of Biological Sciences
    Integrative animal biology.

    68. BSc Animal Biology
    animal biology You will study advanced topics in animal biology andtopics such as human development and animal sensory systems.
    Tel: 01902 322667
    Fax: 01902 322680 Email:
    Admissions: 01902 322126 Animal Biology

    Animals provide fascinating subjects for biological study because of their more advanced nature and structural complexity. They move and migrate, show immune responses, demonstrate intelligent and instinctive behaviour and have evolved to make up by far the most described range of organisms. The human species has already modified a quarter of the Earth's land surface and has now developed the technology to clone itself as well as other organisms. For good or ill, we genetically modify the biota to suit our purposes. Only the human animal has evolved morals and ethics to influence these activities. You will get a thorough grounding in the study of modern biology with an emphasis on how humans and other animals interact as the source of food and medicines, companions, competitors and enemies. Animal biologists will study topics from the molecular level up to the whole organism and as members of communities and populations. These could include basic subjects such as cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, ecology, morphology, physiology, parasitology, developmental biology, evolution and adaptation. Career Possibilities
    A wide range of careers are open to animal biologists in areas such as teaching, industrial production, environment and leisure industries and research.

    69. B.Sc. Biological Science, Plant And Animal Biology Theme
    UCW Homepage The Plant and animal biology Theme in the Field of BiologicalScience. Students can choose animal biology. A number of
    The Plant and Animal Biology Theme in the Field of Biological Science Students can choose to follow a broad-based course on Biological Science and/or focus on one of the two following themes - Ecology or Micro and Human Biology . All themes lead to the qualification B.Sc. (Hons.) Biological Science. The field offers a wide range of over forty modules to choose from. Animal Biology Plant Biology Genetics Course Structure The Undergraduate Modular Scheme at Worcester comprises introductory modules at level 1 (year 1), which provide a foundation for more advance modules at level 2 (second and third years). A common core is studied at level one providing the basic knowledge and skills to study Biological Science at a deeper level. All students study the compulsory core modules and Cell Biology . Students who wish to specialise in Ecology also study Introduction to Ecology and those wishing to peruse Micro or Human Biology Introduction to Microbiology . Many students keep their options open and study all four core biology modules and a wide range of modules at level two. At level two all students study Genetics and Gene Technology . This subject is central to the understanding of all biological subjects. Students wishing to undertake an Independent Study in the field will also study Research Methods in their second year. This assists in choosing and carrying out the Independent Study in the third year.

    70. Patrick Bateson's Animal Biology IB Course
    Bateson Martin Chapter 5; Animal Communication; Welfare and Suffering.Return to Patrick Bateson's home page. Email
    Papers for course
    Return to Patrick Bateson's home page. Email:

    71. Animal Biology Department
    animal biology, animal biology Department. Location School of Biology. Web address http// Areas animal biology 045.
    Animal Biology
    School of Biology Address: Campus Universitario Sur City: Santiago de Compostela Director: Tito A. Varela López Phone: Ext. Fax: E-mail: Web address: Areas: Animal Biology 045 Designed by COIE
    Modificada 24 de abril de 2001

    72. Undergraduate-Animal Biology Y1 Module
    animal biology. Degree programmes. Biological Sciences. Year 1/Year 2/Year 3. Microbiology/Virology.Year 1/Year 2/Year 3. Microbiology. Year 1/Year 2/Year 3. Virology.
    Animal Biology Degree programmes Biological Sciences Year 1 Year 2 ... Year 3
    This module deals with evolutionary themes in the animal kingdom and is assessed 50% on project work involving computer-aided study and the production of a group poster.

    73. BTO: Animal Biology 2h
    animal biology 2h, Course websites. Dr. Graham Stone Instituteof Cell, Animal and Population Biology.
    @import "css/additional.css"; THE UNIVERSITY of EDINBURGH > B TO home C ourses ... nd year > AnBi 2h Animal Biology 2h Course websites BTO home 1st year Chemistry for Life Sciences 1Ah Chemistry for Life Sciences 1Bh Psychology 1 Quantification in the Life Sciences 1h 2nd year Animal Biology 2h Biometrics 2h Chemistry for Life Sciences 2h Ecology 2h Evolution in Action 2h Neuroscience with Pharmacology 2h Psychology 2 Soil, Water and Atmospheric Processes 2h The Dynamic Cell 2h 3rd year Animal Production Behavioural Ecology Comparative Nutrition Developmental Biology Immunology Land-use Ecology Medical Microbiology Molecular Cell Biology Molecular Genetics Natural Resource Management Parasite Biology Pharmacology Physiology Plant Science Psychology 3 Reproductive Biology Rural Business Management Honours Agriculture Animal Science Biochemistry Crop Science Developmental Biology Ecology Environmental Science Experimental Pathology Forestry Genetics Honours Electives Immunology Integrated Honours Medical Microbiology Microbiology Molecular Biology Neuroscience Pharmacology Pharmacology with Industrial Experience Physiology Plant Science Psychology Resource Management Virology Wildlife Management Zoology Summary Objectives Staff Lectures ... rintable version
    Zoology has many facets, from the traditional which provides the basis for understanding animal structure, function and evolution to the use of molecular techniques for monitoring population dynamics. Material such as these skeletons from the University's significant

    74. KNDV - Animal Biology
    animal biology, NEW Flyer animal biology (PDF). An international ABOUT. AnimalBiology is published in yearly volumes of four issues. The subscription
    Animal Biology NEW: Flyer Animal Biolog y (PDF) An international journal, published on behalf of the Royal Dutch Zoological Society, by VSP/ Brill Academic Publishers , Leiden, The Netherlands. Animal Biology is formally a continuation of Netherlands Journal of Zoology , the official journal of the Royal Dutch Zoological Society since its foundation (1872), (until 1952 known as Archives Neerlandaises du Zoologie ). As such, it can boast a rich tradition. However, the Board of the Society felt that modern zoological research required a new, international approach for the journal. The Society appointed a brand new Executive Editor and installed a completely new international editorial board, consisting of leading scientists in zoology. The new editorial team will consider manuscript submission from all quarters of zoology, inluding ecology, behaviour, evolution, morphology, neurobiology, developmental biology, physiology, cognition, endocrinology, systematics, genomics and theoretical biology. Animal Biology is Indexed/Abstracted in BIOSIS, CABS, Current Content/Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences, FISHLIT, Geo Abstracts, and the Science Citation Index.

    75. LookSmart - Zoology
    Search the Web Sponsors. animal biology. Entomology, Join the Zealcommunity and help build the animal biology Directory Topic.

    76. SIUC - COS - Zoology Department - ZOOL 118 Principles Of Animal Biology
    ZOOL 118 Principles of animal biology Spring 2003 Instructor 1998. A laboratorytext for animal biology, 7th edition. Stipes Publishing Co.
    F. Wilhelm Home Teaching Zoology Science ... Contact Info ZOOL 118 - Principles of Animal Biology
    Spring 2003 Instructor Dr. Frank M. Wilhelm
    LS II Room 355E (453-4121)
    Office Hours MWF 12:00 - 14:00 or by appointment Lectures MWF - 11:00 - 11:50 Lawson 151 Textbook Hickman, C. P. Jr., Roberts, L. S., and Larson, A. 1998. Biology of animals, 7th edition. McGraw Hill Companies Laboratories TW Life Sciences (LS) II Room 381 Laboratory Manual Garoian, G. S., Englert, D. C., and Stains, H. J. 1998. A laboratory text for animal biology, 7th edition. Stipes Publishing Co. Laboratory Manager: Mrs. Kathy Jacobson
    LSII Room 323 (453-4116) T.A.s Mylisa Bowman (LSII 321)
    Robyn Thessing (LS II 370)
    COURSE DESCRIPTION An introduction to the basic concepts of animal biology including chemical organization of protoplasm; organization of matter into cells, tissues, organs and organ systems; classification and distribution of animals; ecology; heredity and organic evolution; economic biology and conservation; and animal behavior.
    • increase your familiarity with the processes of science aid your understanding of basic biological phenomena in living organisms including yourself kindle your interests in animal biology and science in general

    77. Animal Biology - Eduseek
    Home, Subjects, Help, Age Groups. Subjects Science Science 16+ Biology animal biology, Categories. Animal Behaviour Animal Functions.

    78. Animal Biology Major At UC Davis
    Preparation for the animal biology Major. High School Level. Biology ChemistryEnglish composition Mathematics, 4 years Physics. animal biology.
    Preparation for the Animal Biology Major
    High School Level Biology
    English composition
    Mathematics, 4 years
    Recommended (quarter units):
    English (8 units)
    General chemistry (15 units)
    Organic chemistry (6 units)
    Biological sciences (15 units)
    Principles of biology
    Statistics (4 units)
    Calculus (9 units)
    Physics (12 units)
    Humanities and social science
    courses (20 quarter units)
    *see below

    (see the UCD General Catalog for course descriptions) *Transfer students please note: Due to the individualized nature of this major and that several lower division preparatory requirements must be taken at UC Davis, completion of this major will require a minimum of 3 years in residence at UC Davis regardless of the number of transfer courses completed. Please contact Advising Center for details.
    College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

    Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach Services

    Undergraduate Majors
    UC Davis Home Page
    Animal Biology
    The Animal Biology major offers students training in the biological principles of evolution, ecology, physiology, nutrition, genetics, and molecular biology as these apply to animals. Emphasis is on the application of fundamental biological knowledge in solving societal problems associated with production animals in agriculture, pest management, domesticated animals in suburban and urban areas and vertebrates and invertebrates in natural environments.
    The Program
    The Animal Biology major consists of preparatory courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. The student then takes a core of biological studies that build an understanding of animal biology from the molecular to the ecological and evolutionary levels of organization. After completing these core courses, students have the option of specializing in various interdisciplinary aspects of animal biology. In consultation with their adviser, they plan their chosen emphasis of study. The program includes a senior thesis, which the student designs to bridge the disciplines of the major and hence a capstone to his or her studies.

    79. Biology Research Areas
    poster thumbnail graphic, Research in animal biology. Animalia is the bestknownkingdom of life on earth, yet much of animal biology remains mysterious.

    80. Animal Science 300 - Integrated Animal Biology
    Penn State Shield with lion 1855. Animal Science 300 Integrated animal biology.Spring 2002. MWF 230-320 135 Reber. Instructor Dr. Sally E. Johnson.

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