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         Animal Biology:     more books (102)
  1. Field Work in Animal Biology by M.A. Besly, G.R. Meyer, 1975-12-31
  2. Zoogeography of the land and inland waters (Text-books of animal biology) by L. F. de Beaufort, 1951
  3. Animals in Wildlife: Biology, Behavior and Vectors for Disease: Index for New Information by Bruce J. McNally, 1995-08
  4. Principles of animal biology,: By A. Franklin Shull (McGraw-Hill publications in the zoological sciences) by Aaron Franklin Shull, 1929
  5. A Guinea Pig's History of Biology: The animals and plants that taught us the facts of life by Jim Endersby, 2007-05-22
  6. Principles of Animal Physiology (Contemporary Biology) by Dennis W. Wood, 1983-01-01
  7. Fertilization in Animals (Studies in Biology) by Brian Dale, 1983-11-01
  8. Biology of plants and animals by Patrick Kelley, 1988
  9. High School Biology: A Laboratory Block on Animal Growth and Development- for Experimental Use During the School Year 1960-61 by Florence Moog, 1963
  10. Membranes of Animal Cells (New Studies in Biology) by A. P. Lockwood, A. G. Lee, 1984-03
  11. Colour of Animals (Studies in Biology) by Gwynne Vevers, 1982-10-01
  12. The elements of general zoology;: A guide to the study of animal biology, correlating function and structure with notes on practical exercises, by William J Dakin, 1946
  13. Nuclear Import and Export in Plants and Animals (Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit) by Tzvi Tzfira, Vitaly Citovsky, 2010-11-02
  14. ADP Ribosylation in Animal Tissues: Structure, Function, and Biology of Mono (ADP-Ribosyl) Transferases and Related Enzymes (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology)

101. Animal Science
Researches the biology and management of domestic animals.

102. From Beehives To Burrows, Animal Building Sheds New Light On Biology
Kurt Schwenk reviews 'The Extended Organism The Physiology of animalBuilt Structures' by J. Scott Turner.

103. Ultra Biologics Inc.
Agriculture animal and aquaculture health nutrition and environmental product manufacturers, manure and waste treatment odor control.

104. Biology Department
Courses emphasizing the molecular nature of living systems as well as courses treating cell biology, genetics, development, plant and animal morphology and function, ecology, field studies, and evolution.

105. Department Of Developmental, Cell And Molecular Biology
Composed of faculty from the Departments of Botany and Zoology interested in basic knowledge of how animal and plant cells function. Research focuses on questions about how cells divide, develop, and regulate specific functions.

106. Animal Sciences Unit
Teaching and research emphasizing food and fiber producing animals. Programs range from management to molecular biology.

107. Roslin Institute
The Roslin Institute concentrates on UK farm animal science research, combining the advances in molecular and cellular biology to develop new scientific opportunities in biotechnology, animal production, breeding and welfare.

108. Department Of Zoology.
Teaches and researches in several interrelated areas animal evolution, aquatic ecology, behavioural ecology, conservation biology, environmental physiology, neurobiology, population genetics and wildlife management. Information on undergraduate and postgraduate study, staff, research, publications, facilities and Te Roopu.

109. Harvard Bio Labs Library
Graduate level texts, research monographs, and serials in biology, with an emphasis on molecular biology, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, plant and animal physiology, immunology, and neurobiology. Site includes library policies and links to catalogs.

110. Fish With Fingers
A description of Ted Daeschler and Neil Shubin's discovery of a transitional fishtetrapod animal.

111. Enchanted Learning Cells
Contains cell glossaries, drawings and activities for animal and plant cells

112. The Animal Files
Brief notes on the biology of about 50 animal species as well as their role in mythology, shamanism, and dream symbolism.

113. Iowa State University Animal Physiology
Two areas of specialization (Reproductive Physiology and Muscle biology) are available to graduate students in animal Physiology at both the M.S. and Ph.D. level, including the nonthesis option.

114. Animal Fact Sheets - Hyena
A fact sheet on spotted hyenas, describing their range, biology, classification, diet, behaviour. A photograph is included, along with some information on conservation.

115. Animal Behavior And Sociobiology Courses
Research and teaching in animal and human behavior by Dr. Paul J. Watson, University of New Mexico and Flathead Lake Biological, Montana. Field courses, graduate and independent study student supervision, and workshops.

116. Microbiology
Develops and transfers basic new technologies and applications in bioprocess engineering, cellular recognition, gene control and expression, and plant and animal molecular biology.

117. Farrell, Anthony P.
Professor of animal physiology and enviromental toxicology. Current research program, publications, pictures, Portable Swim Tunnel Research and seminars.

118. Lioncrusher's Domain
Web page on spotted hyenas, with information about their biology, social systems, relations to other predators, along with a few photos.

119. J.C.Biology Home Study
Home study correspondence program leading to a Diploma in animal Behavior accredited by the Institute for animal Care Education.

120. Journal Of Experimental Biology
A leading journal in comparative animal physiology. Published by The Company of Biologists Limited.

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