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         Animal Biology:     more books (102)
  1. Plant and Animal Biology - Volume 2 by N. Rees A.E. Vines, 1968
  2. Parallels in Cell to Cell Junctions in Plants and Animals (NATO ASI Series / Cell Biology)
  3. A Biology of Man: Man the Animal v. 2 by Margaret E. Hogg, 1966-01-03
  4. Animal Watch: Behavior, Biology, and Beauty by Greg Dimijian, Mary Beth Dimijian, 1996-09
  5. Principles of Animal Biology by Aaron Franklin Shull, 2010-03-21
  6. The Biology of Estuarine Animals by James Green, 1968-06
  7. Laboratory directions in principles of animal biology by Aaron Franklin Shull, 2010-08-30
  9. Acid Toxicity and Aquatic Animals (Society for Experimental Biology Seminar Series)
  10. Gene Expression at the Beginning of Animal Development, Volume 12 (Advances in Developmental Biology and Biochemistry, V. 12)
  11. Animal Biology by J B S & Huxley, Julian Haldane, 1945
  12. The science of meat and biology of food animals by E. C Line, 1931
  13. This Side Up: Spatial Determination in the Early Development of Animals (Developmental and Cell Biology Series) by Robert Wall, 2005-07-07
  14. Mammalian Neuroendocrinology (European animal biology series) by Bernard Thomas Donovan, 1970-11

121. Cytotech-Immunology And Cell Biology Research Products
animal and normal human cell systems related media for in vitro research; serumfree and customized media, sera, growth factors, and supplements.

122. Setifer Setosus (Madagascar Hedgehog)
Nancy Shefferly's article about the biology of the greater hedgehog tenrec, for animal Diversity Web.$narrative.html

123. Tenrec Ecaudatus (Common Tenrec)
Detailed description of the biology of the common tenrec, plus some anatomical images, by Antonia Gorog for animal Diversity Web.$narrative.htm

124. Echinops Telfairi (Small Madagascar Hedgehog, Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec)
Article about the biology of this tenrec, by Bridget Fahey for animal Diversity Web.$

125. Bactrian Camel - Animal Info
biology, ecology, habitat, status, information on their native countries biodiversity, ecosystems, population, and land use.

126. Camelidae
biology and taxonomy of the camel family from the animal Diversity Web.

127. Netherlands Society For Behavioural Biology
Promotes research, education, and the spread of information related to animal behavior. In English and Dutch.

128. Center For Medical Mycology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
Unique resource combining clinical and basic science research in fungal biology, dermatophytes, candida albicans, fungal biofilms, fungal virulence factors, susceptibility testing, and animal models

129. Condylura Cristata (Star-Nosed Mole)
animal Diversity Web article about the biology of the starnosed mole, by Anna Bess Sorin. Also two anatomical images of the teeth.$narrative.h

130. Scalopus Aquaticus (Eastern Mole)
Antonia Gorog's article about the biology of the eastern mole, plus lots of anatomical images. Longer than the usual animal Diversity Web article.$narrative.h

131. International Institute Of Genetics And Biophysics
Research in animal genetics, biophysics, human genetics, molecular biology and molecular genetics . Seminars and meetings, job opportunities, education and library .

132. Current Issues In Molecular Biology
Review papers, since 1999, in all areas of molecular biology, including plant and animal systems, human genetics, molecular microbiology, virology, and biotechnology. Free access to contents and abstracts, but full text is for subscribers in US$ or UK£ to Horizon Scientific Press.

133. Molecular Biology Today
Primary research papers, short communications, and review articles, including plant and animal systems, human genetics, molecular microbiology, virology, and biotechnology. Contents and abstracts available back to 2000, but subscription required for full text, from Horizon Press.

134. University Of Massachusetts, Amherst - Immunology
Graduate work can be done under the auspices of any of several graduate programs in the biological sciences, including Microbiology, Molecular and Cell biology, and Veterinary and animal Sciences. Undergraduate training is available in several biological science major programs, as well as independent study research projects.

135. Higher Order Thinking In Teaching Science
AP biology and laboratories, with emphasis on genetics, evolutionary biochemistry, animal physiology, and unique Amphioxus model system.

136. UC Irvine Biotechnology Program
Special laboratory courses in Biochemistry, Molecular biology, and Genetics train students to manufacture recombinant gene products using bacterial, fungal, and animal expression systems.

137. The Journal Of Heredity
Articles discuss gene action, regulation, and transmission in both plant and animal species, including the genetic aspects of botany, cytogenetics and evolution, zoology, and molecular and developmental biology.

138. Biomechanics And Comparative Physiology Research Group
Research on animal flight mechanics including flapping energetics and aerodynamics. Contains publications list. University of Leeds, U.K.

139. Order Dermoptera/Family Cynocephalidae
biology and taxonomy of the colugos from the animal Diversity Web.

140. Order Pholidota/Family Manidae
biology and taxonomy of the pangolins from the animal Diversity Web.

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