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         Animal Biology:     more books (102)
  1. The Process of Spermatogenesis in Animals (Developmental and Cell Biology Series) by Edward C. Roosen-Runge, 1977-04-29
  2. Aristotle's Classification of Animals: Biology and Conceptual Unity of the Aristotelian Corpus by Pierre Pellegrin, 1987-02
  3. Animal Science in Action (Focus on Biology) by Caroline Barnes, 1995-04-20
  4. Biology of Metabolism in Growing Animals: Biology of Growing Animals Series by Douglas Burrin PhD, Harry J. Mersmann PhD, 2005-04-19

141. Order Hyracoidea/Family Procaviidae
biology and taxonomy of hyraxes from the animal Diversity Web.

142. Tapiridae
biology and taxonomy of the tapirs from the animal Diversity Web.

143. Suidae
biology and taxonomy of the pig family from the animal Diversity Web.

144. Blarina Brevicauda (Short-Tailed Shrew (Giant Mole Shrew))
Article about the biology of the shorttailed shrew, plus some anatomical images, from animal Diversity Web.$narrative.h

145. Echinosorex Gymnura (Moon Rat, Gymnure)
David Fox's brief summary of the biology of the moon rat, for animal Diversity Web, plus several anatomical images.$narrative.

146. Nowicki Lab
Research at Duke University on the ecology and evolution of animal behavior, particularly of birds.

147. Animal Info - Giant Panda (Ailuropoda Melanoleuca)
Facts and links about the animal and its biology, including population estimates, weight, habitat, gestation period, longevity, social organization and behavior.

148. Chapter 28 What Is An Animal? - Biology The Dynamics Of Life
biology The Dynamics of Life 1998. Select a Chapter. Glencoe Online. Science HomeProduct Information Site Map Search Contact Us. Chapter 28 What is an animal?

149. Zoo Biology
Articles concerned with reproduction, demographics, genetics, behavior, medicine, husbandry, nutrition, conservation and all empirical aspects of the exhibition and maintenance of wild animals in wildlife parks, zoos, and aquariums.

150. About - Animals And Wildlife
Brief articles and extensive links.Category Recreation Outdoors Wildlife...... snout? Find this and more in this fact sheet from the animal Encyclopedia.More Reptiles Explore links from around the Web. Special

151. Home
Department of biology University of Wisconsin La Crosse This site was last modified September 25, 2002. Note This page is best viewed at a screen size of 800 X 600 pixels

152. Biological Cybernetics / Theoretical Biology At The University Of Bielefeld, Ger
The Department for Biological Cybernetics at the University of Bielefed, Germany, is Focussed in the Research for Movement Control in Animals and Humans.

153. Neighbourhood Biology
An actionorientated approach helping people take the initiative in re-creating their local places - plants, animals and people.

154. OSC Marine Biology
Classdeveloped website has pictures and information on many of the plants and animals found on Seahurst Beach.

155. Dolphin Enounter
Find out about the Marine biology Research Camp designed for teenagers who want to learn about oceans and the animals that live there.

156. Miami Seaquarium
Marine park established in 1955, offering shows and participatory programs concerned with marine biology, the oceans, and animals such as killer whales and dolphins. Prices for admission and swimming with dolphins, hours, FAQs.

157. John O. Almquist Research Center
A unique facility for research on reproduction in farm animals through wellequipped laboratories for biochemistry, molecular biology, cell physiology, histology, cell culture and cryobiology.

158. Kentucky's Flora And Fauna
A large collection of information, including links to other sites, about the state's animals and plants.

159. Home
Department of biology. University of Wisconsin La Crosse. This sitewas last modified September 25, 2002. Note This page is best

160. Zoomorphology
Journal emphasizing analysis of the interrelationship between structuralfunctional systems of animals and their general biology, including environmental adaptations and behavior. Accepts original papers based on morphological investigation of invertebrates and vertebrates at the macroscopic, microscopic and ultrastructural levels, including embryologcial studies.

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