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         Anthropology:     more books (98)
  1. The Dictionary of Anthropology
  2. Our Origins: Discovering Physical Anthropology by Clark Spencer Larsen, 2008-03-13
  3. Flesh and Bone: An Introduction to Forensic Anthropology by Myriam Nafte, 2009-01-01
  4. Biological Anthropology (2nd Edition) by Craig Stanford, John S. Allen, et all 2008-02-22
  5. Anthropology: Appreciating Human Diversity by Conrad Kottak, 2010-02-04
  6. Linguistic Anthropology: A Reader (Blackwell Anthologies in Social and Cultural Anthropology)
  7. Core Concepts in Cultural Anthropology by Robert Lavenda, Emily Schultz, 2009-02-13
  8. An Anthropology of Biomedicine by Margaret Lock, Vinh-Kim Nguyen, 2010-05-04
  9. Exploring Biological Anthropology: The Essentials by Craig Stanford, John S. Allen, et all 2007-03-01
  10. Anthropology and Child Development: A Cross-Cultural Reader (Blackwell Anthologies in Social and Cultural Anthropology)
  11. Biological Anthropology: An Introductory Reader by Michael Park, 2009-07-23
  12. Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective (with InfoTrac?) by Gary Ferraro, 2005-03-28
  13. Beyond the Body Proper: Reading the Anthropology of Material Life (Body, Commodity, Text)
  14. Field Ethnography: A Manual for Doing Cultural Anthropology by Paul Kutsche, 1997-12-21

61. Death Of The Father: An Anthropology Of Ends In Political Authority
Multimedia study on the death of father figure dictators from Hitler to Ceaucesceu; anthropologists and artists explore the process of closure political regimes in 20th century.
21 Oct 1999
Mussolini Hitler Hirohito Ceausescu Stalin Tito
How did they die?
Why is it important?
Of what significance is the symbolization of the Father and his dead body for the form of national authority that follows the collapse of a regime? Of what importance is the mode of death, treatment of the corpse, and the nature of mourning in bringing closure? An international team of anthropologists and artists, pose these questions as they address the end of an authority crisis that spanned most of this century, and that crystallized around the regimes of Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and the State Socialist systems of East Germany, Yugoslavia, Romania, and the Soviet Union.

62. Welcome To The Faculty Of Archaeology And Anthropology
Introduction, links to departmental research projects, information for prospective students, and a staff list.
Visit our Open Day on March 10, 2003
for further details email Sandra O'neill
Introduction to the Faculty Staff list Research in the Faculty ...
Exam Classification information for current students
For additional information, please contact the Faculty Office, Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3DZ. Tel: (+44) 1223 333500; Fax: (+44) 1223 333503; email This page is maintained by . Last updated December 2000.

63. Anthropology And Archaeology CareersAdvice From Northern
anthropology CAREERS. Everyone is welcome. Free and open to the public. top ofpage. Career Choices in anthropology NKU anthropology Careers Day Talk.
Careers in Anthropology

Careers Day, NKU

Careers Advice

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Albert Schweitzer
Anthropology is more than a career. It's a way of life. In everything I do, I am an anthropologist. Sharlotte Neely
Please don't let me be pigeonholed in no regular job. Marshall Mathers
Careers in Anthropology:
Where the jobs are:

[NKU Anthropology is] one of the best sites you'll find, it offers a lengthy list of organizations that have hired anthropologists...In addition, the site offers some great advice on general career planning. Anthropology, University of Toronto at Scarborough
A very useful guide to careers in anthropology...Lots of links to specific job opportunities. Anthropology, University of Alabama Excellent information on career opportunities in Social-Cultural, Archaeology and Applied anthropology. Anthropology, Saint Mary's College of California An excellent resource that lists possible sources of jobs, as well as advice on finding jobs in the field of anthropology. Anthropology, Boston College

64. Macquarie University Library: Subject Guides: Subject Guides
Search tools and resource guides for the anthropological sciences from Macquarie University Library.
Quick Links Catalogue Reserve Journal Finder Databases Hours Help Home Site Search Site Map Feedback ... Contact Us You are here: Library Research Central Research Guides Research Central ... Need Help?
Anthropology: Internet Resources
Need Help? Search our FAQs or Just Ask Campus Links Macquarie University Home Online Teaching Facility MQnU: Student Portal Macquarie University

65. ABFA Home Page
Promoting standards for professional forensic anthropologists and certifying members who meet those Category Science Social Sciences Organizations...... In response to this professional mandate, the American Board of Forensic anthropologywas organized in 1977 to provide, in the interest of the public and the
Officers and Board of Directors
Background, Functions, and Purposes of the ABFA

Definition of Forensic Anthropology

Application for Certification
Educational Programs with Diplomates
ABFA Officers and Board of Directors for 2002-03:
Marcella H. Sorg, President
Phone: (207) 581-2596
H. Gill-King, Vice President
Phone: (940) 565-2011
Leslie Eisenberg, Secretary
Phone: (608) 264-6503
Turhon A. Murad, Treasurer and Webmaster Phone: (530) 898-6192 Jane E. Buikstra Phone: (505) 277-3004 Madeleine J. Hinkes Phone: (619) 221-0282 Thomas D. Holland Phone: (808) 448-8032 Kenneth A. R. Kennedy Phone: (607) 254-4214 Norman J. Sauer Phone: (517) 353-2950 Steve A. Symes Phone: (901) 544-7200 To Shoot to the Top
Background, Functions, and Purposes:
The unequivocal need to identify forensic scientists qualified to provide essential professional services for the nation's judicial and executive branches of government has long been recognized. In response to this professional mandate, the American Board of Forensic Anthropology was organized in 1977 to provide, in the interest of the public and the advancement of the science, a program of certification in forensic anthropology. In purpose, function, and organization, the ABFA is thus analogous to the certifying boards in various medical specialities and scientific fields. Certification is based upon the candidate's personal and professional record of education and training, experience, and achievement, as well as on results of formal examinations.

66. Northern Illinois University Anthropology Museum
Schedules, exhibits, and photographs.
The Anthropology Museum
at Northern Illinois

67. Music & Anthropology
Founded by the Study Group on anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures of the International Category Arts Music Musicology Ethnomusicology Journals......Music anthropology, Journal of Mediterranean Musical anthropology

Journal of Mediterranean Musical Anthropology
Home site at University of Bologna (Italy) Issues Database Editorial Board ... Your comments
online multimedia peer-reviewed journal
promoted by
the Study Group on
"Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures"
of the
International Council for Traditional Music
Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo
Università di Bologna Fondazione Olga e Ugo Levi Mirror site at UMBC (USA) © 1996 Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo dell'Università di Bologna, Via Barberia , 4

68. Mexican National Museum Of Anthropology
Photos and comments about the museum's contents.
maya, ruins, aztec, teotihuacan, mount alban, monte alban, alban, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Mexico D.F., yucatan, uxmal, xpujil, xpuhil, chichen itza, palenque, merida, quintana roo, chiapas, coba, rio bec, chinanna, becan, mexico, cancun, tulum, kabah, sayil, labna, tribe, tribal, name, Indian, american indian, native american, americanindian, first people, Cherokee, Phil Konstantin maya, ruins, aztec, teotihuacan, mount alban, monte alban, alban, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Mexico D.F., yucatan, uxmal, xpujil, xpuhil, chichen itza, palenque, merida, quintana roo, chiapas, coba, rio bec, chinanna, becan, mexico, cancun, tulum, kabah, sayil, labna, tribe, tribal, name, Indian, american indian, native american, americanindian, first people, Cherokee, Phil Konstantin, amerian indian, amerian, native, aboriginal, museo de la cultura maya, chetumal, chichén itzá, kabáh, labná, becán, chicanná, cobá, can cun, kukulcan, kukulcán, itza
My Trip to the Aztec and Maya Ruins of Mexico in 2001 - Picture Page 4 (Lots of photos, descriptions and travel tips)

69. The ANTHAP Home Page
The Applied anthropology Computer Network mailing list.Offers information on training and includes Category Science Social Sciences anthropology Applied anthropology......ANTHAP The Applied anthropology Computer Network ( Thegoals of ANTHAP. ANTHAP is a service to applied anthropology.
The Applied Anthropology Computer Network (
Applied anthropologists are professional consultants and on-board problem solvers in many fields that require a theoretical and practical understanding of human cultural behavior or human biology. They work in advertising, market development, health care, cultural resource management, educational research, business management, economic development, migrant settlement, forensic analysis, and many other areas. They utilize the research techniques and background information of the anthropological sciences in practical settings where they also develop special anthropological approaches to problem solving.

70. The Department Of Sociology And Anthropology Main Page
Sociology and anthropology (Newport, RI)

Faculty Major/Minor Course Descriptions ... Resources Human nature transcends time and place
Go directly to the Admissions Main Page or Return to the Undergraduate Majors Directory Updated September, 2002 HOME Contact the Webmaster

71. Anthropology_Today
anthropology Today. ISSN 0268540X Incorporating RAIN (issn 0307-6776; as fromvol. as well as that between anthropology and other academic disciplines.




Web Awards

For information please contact Webmaster
Anthropology Today
ISSN 0268-540X
Incorporating RAIN (issn 0307-6776; as from vol. 15: 0268 540X) Anthropology Today is a bimonthly publication which aims to provide a forum for the application of anthropological analysis to public and topical issues, while reflecting the breadth of interests within the discipline of anthropology. It is also committed to promoting debate at the interface between anthropology and areas of applied knowledge such as education, medicine, development etc. as well as that between anthropology and other academic disciplines. The journal is international both in the scope of issues it covers and in the sources it draws from. Contents of: current volume issues in 2002 in 2001 issues in 2000 , Index: 2000-02 as PDF PDF version
Get Anthropology Today by joining online Notes for contributors
Advertising rates

Details from the inner cover
... Copy and press deadlines Blackwell Publishers Information page Electronic access to Anthropology Today is available via: JSTOR for institutional access INGENTA (free for Fellows and Members):

72. Sociology And Anthropology At The College Of Wooster
Sociology and anthropology (Wooster, OH)

Home Page
Faculty About the Major Independent Study ... Internet Links The basic challenge in sociology and anthropology is to understand ourselves and others more fully. Both disciplines ask us to probe beneath the surface and to question why people behave as they do, especially in group situations. The sociological perspective asks us to question the taken-for-granted, to ask why our society operates as it does and how our social arrangements could be different. Similarly, anthropologists hope that by understanding other cultures, we can come to a better understanding of our own culture and, eventually, of ourselves. The Sociology/Anthropology program at Wooster stresses, above all, the value of learning how to deal with contemporary social issues and how to develop problem-solving and research skills, including the use of computers. Jump to a Popular Wooster Site SEARCH WOOSTER Search WooInfo E-mail Directory Phone Directories GENERAL LINKS About the College Academic Programs Admissions Alumni Relations Athletics Computing Libraries Links to the World On Campus Student Life Wooster Interactive SELECTED SITES Wooster Webcam Take a Campus Tour Photo of the Week Apply to Wooster Online 1999 Pictures of the Year Sounds of Wooster How Others Rate Wooster Alert Messages International Dimensions WooInfo Survey: Give us Feedback OhioSeis: Seismic Station Wilson Bookstore Employment Opportunities The Ohio Light Opera Heather Fitz Gibbon

73. H-SAE Discussion Network
HSAE is also affiliated with the Society for the anthropology ofEurope, a section of the American Anthropological Association.
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    H-SAE is affiliated with H-Net, an independent, international consortium of scholars sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and Michigan State University, where it is located. H-SAE is also affiliated with the Society for the Anthropology of Europe , a section of the American Anthropological Association. H-SAE is open to scholars, advanced students, teachers, and professionals who desire participation in academic discussions of the anthropology of Europe.
    What's New?
    SAE Student Paper Competition for 2002
    CES/SAE Pre-dissertation Fellowship
    H-SAE_CFP: Engaging Imagination Steve Coleman [] H-SAE_CFP: Seeking AAA Panelists: "How Transnational (Im)migrants Navigate the Sarah S. Willen [mailto:swillen@LearnLink.Emory.Edu] H-SAE_FW: H-Net Job Guide submissions since 10-Mar-03 Anthony Galt H-Net Review Project Distribution List H-Net Review Project Distribution List H-SAE: Today's Announcements from H-Net Anthony Galt H-SAE_FYI: Recent Announcements from H-Net Anthony Galt
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  • 74. Department Of Sociology And Anthropology Home Page
    Sociology and anthropology (Huntington, WV)
    The Marshall University Department of Sociology and Anthropology
    Resources ...
    The Department is located in Smith Hall on the main campus. Students have access to a computer lab in Smith Hall as well as other labs across campus. The James Morrow Library houses the Human Relations Area Files (in micro fiche), allowing cross cultural research. The Archaeology Lab located in Old Main analyses data gathered by the Marshall University Archaeological Field School held each summer. The Department sponsors both the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, the national sociological honorary and the Beta Chapter of Lambda Alpha, the national anthropological honorary. In addition, students have many opportunities to participate in departmental research activities. These include the Oral History of Appalachia Project, the Huntington Ethnography Project and the Archeological Field School.
    E-mail us

    Department of Sociology and Anthropology
    One John Marshall Drive
    Huntington, WV 25755-2678

    75. Display ANTH101-1 Spring 2000
    @import url(""); Intro To Anthropology
    ANTH101-1 Spring 2000 Select Class Page Feature General Information Syllabus Announcements Materials ... Instructional Toolkit is maintained by
    Rector and Visitors
    of the University of Virginia

    76. Carleton Sociology Anthropology
    Sociology and anthropology (Ottawa, ON)
    Welcome to the Web site of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University, and by that means, to the Department itself. More here Bruce Curtis 's book wins John A. MacDonald and John Porter awards Pat O'Malley named Canada Research Chair in Criminology and Criminal Justice Bruce McFarlane receives honor for "outstanding support to students" Partnership between Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and Carleton University helps educate students More here Faculty Margaret Foddy Aaron Doyle Phillip Thurtle, and Pat O'Malley join department Qualitative Analysis Conference: Traditions and Transitions
    Carleton University, May 21-24, 2003 Pat O'Malley to give Opening Address at "Risk and Responsibility" in Sydney Australia and Closing Plenary Address at Intenational Conference on Policing and Security John Shepherd to give the 2003 Riddell Lecture at the University of Regina Department of Sociology and Anthropology
    7th Floor, Loeb Building, Carleton University

    77. Anthropology At Berkeley Home Page
    anthropology at Berkeley. About Us, People, Degrees, Courses. News,Resources, Alumni, Forms. College of Letters and Science UC Berkeley
    Anthropology at Berkeley College of Letters and Science
    UC Berkeley

    About these Images

    Web Manager
    Anthropology, 232 Kroeber Hall
    Berkeley, CA 94720-3710
    Phone: 510.642.3391
    Fax: 510.643.8557
    Contact Us

    78. Department Of Sociology And Anthropology At Central College
    Sociology and anthropology (Pella, IA)
    Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Central College
    General Information
    The Sociology/Anthropology Curriculum
    Web Resources for Sociology/Anthropology
    To Return to the Central College Home Page, click here.

    79. Society For Medical Anthropology
    The website of the Society for Medical anthropology serves the needs of medicalanthropology graduate students, practicing anthropologists, scholars, and
    This website is an official publication of the Society for Medical Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). Use the buttons to the above or below to navigate the site. For submissions and contact information, see below.
    About the Site: The site is intended as an information resource for members of the Society for Medical Anthropology, students and prospective students, and all those interested in the field of medical anthropology. The following resources are on offer:
    • The current news column features the most current SMA news column (usually about 2 months prior to publication in the Anthropology Newsletter ) plus related items of interest to SMA members. Past issues are archived under the heading, SMA News Columns The announcements page features requests for information or cooperation; and late-breaking news on seminars, conferences, calls for papers, and open positions. A simple form for submitting short announcements is provided. The official page for the Medical Anthropology Quarterly provides, along with contributor information, the contents and abstracts of the most current issues.

    80. About Kacike--The Journal Of Caribbean Amerindian History And Anthropology
    A concise explanation of the history, development, audience, and purposes of this online peerreviewed academic journal.
    The Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology Important Links: Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink Santa Rosa Carib Community
    First Nations of Trinidad and Tobago KACIKE: The Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology Contact the Editor: Dr. Maximilian C. Forte Name: Email: KACIKE: The Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology , is an online, peer reviewed journal operated, managed and maintained by academics. Some of the leading scholars in this area of studies are members of the international board of consulting editors.
    Unlike a print journal, Kacike receives free and wide distribution and is already listed in the e-journal databases of some of the world's leading university libraries. Authors of articles in Kacike benefit from a wider and more numerous reader audience than do those who publish in expensive and unevely distributed print journals.
    Kacike also allows the publication of articles of any length. Finally, scholars can express themselves without being limited to the arbitrary 20 page limit, itself a product of the costs of running print journals. Moreover, Kacike encoourages the publication of a wide spectrum of writing, whether descriptive and ethnographic, to historical and theoretical.
    Kacike was established in 1999. Given the specialized nature of the journalindeed a specialization that only the Internet could realistically permitand given prevailing biases amongst institutional scholars against electronic journals as somehow less credible than printed sources, Kacike is still developing slowly.

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