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         Archaeology:     more books (99)
  1. Manual of Egyptian Archaeology and Guide to the Study of Antiquities in Egypt by G. Maspero, 2010-09-05
  2. The Archaeology of Knowledge & The Discourse on Language by Michel Foucault, 1982-09-12
  3. Order of Things: An Archaeology of the Human Sciences (Routledge Classics) by Michel Foucault, 2001-12-21
  4. The Treasury of Ancient Egypt Miscellaneous Chapters on Ancient Egyptian History and Archaeology by Arthur E. P. B. Weigall, 2009-10-04
  5. Archaeology: Down to Earth by Robert L. Kelly, David Hurst Thomas, 2010-01-01
  6. Archaeology for Kids: Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past, 25 Activities (For Kids series) by Richard Panchyk, 2001-10-01
  7. Archaeology and the Old Testament by Alfred J. Hoerth, 2009-01-01
  8. Archaeology and the New Testament by John McRay, 2008-02-01
  9. The Archaeology of the Bible by James K. Hoffmeier, 2008-05-28
  10. The Archaeology of Greece: An Introduction by William R. Biers, 1996-07-19
  11. Greek Art and Archaeology by John G. Pedley, 2007-01-28
  12. The Stones Cry Out: What Archaeology Reveals About the Truth of the Bible by Randall Price, 1997-11-01
  13. Discovering Our Past: A Brief Introduction to Archaeology by Wendy Ashmore, Robert Sharer, 2009-04-22
  14. Archaeology For Dummies by Nancy Marie White, 2008-10-06

1. Archaeology Magazine
This popular magazine also provides the latest news in archaeology from around the world.Category Science Social Sciences archaeology News...... Secrets of the Maya, Secrets of the Maya A new book from the editors ofarchaeology. Exclusive Online Features. EUpdate, archaeology's E-Update!


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AIA tours travel links BAZAAR reader service WWW LINKS archaeology websites WRITE TO US letters to the editor writer's guidelines ADVERTISING media kit Archaeological Institute of America American Journal of Archaeology ... Cultural Heritage in Iraq A Site Q monument in the Dallas Museum of Art is changing our view of ancient Maya royal women. Portus Cosanus Exploring a Roman port and fishery Secrets of the Maya A new book from the editors of A RCHAEOLOGY Exclusive Online Features Protecting Iraq's Ancient Heritage Looting followed the 1991 Gulf War, and archaeologists worry about the fate of Iraq's cultural heritage in the event of another conflict. A New Home for the Acropolis Treasures The design for Athens' New Acropolis Museum is on display in New York. Interactive Digs How did the Maya site of Waka' fit into the struggle between two superpowers? Excavating Hierakonpolis Join us this season as we dig into the dawn of Egyptian civilization. Past digs Tiwanaku, Bolivia

2. Internet Archaeology - Electronic Journal - Home Page
Scholarly ezine on the state of today's archaeology includes numerous features and articles. Advertisement. Advertise in Internet archaeology. See our guidelines for more details.
Advertise in Internet Archaeology. See our guidelines for more details. View advertisers index
ISSN 1363-5387 URL:
The first fully refereed e-journal for archaeology
Marketing Consultancy brief
"... for anyone studying or working (or wishing to publish) in the subject, this is an important online resource "
New Scientist
Select an issue to view the lists of contents Journal article search About the journal Editorial Policy Submissions ... Comments Internet Archaeology is a not-for-profit academic electronic journal, published by the Council for British Archaeology
The journal is hosted by the Department of Archaeology at the University of York
The Editor is Judith Winters
Address: Internet Archaeology, Department of Archaeology, University of York, The King's Manor, York, YO1 7EP
Telephone: +44 (0)1904 433955 Fax: +44 (0)1904 433939 Email:
Subscription queries should be sent to Terms and conditions of use

3. Classics And Mediterranean Archaeology
List other indexes for Classics and Mediterranean archaeology; C MA sortedalphabetically (725 items); Bookstores; OWAN); On Line archaeology.
(Last modified September 25, 2000 The 50 most recent additions. . Updates have been few lately but I'm working on it. Feel free to resend if I've missed anything.)
This document collects links to internet resources of interest to classicists and Mediterranean archaeologists. Please feel free to copy the links in this page for whatever purposes you see fit (the pages referred to come with their own restrictions). Entries followed by
Search Tools
Table of Contents
Texts, Projects, Journals, Bibliographies

4. SAAweb - Society For American Archaeology
Dedicated to the research, interpretation and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas. The mission of the Society for American archaeology is to expand understanding and appreciation of humanity's past as
  • What's New? Members Section Jobs, Jobs, Jobs Links Mission Statement The mission of the Society for American Archaeology is to expand understanding and appreciation of humanity's past as achieved through systematic investigation of the archaeological record. The society leads the archaeological community by promoting research, stewardship of archaeological resources, public and professional education, and the dissemination of knowledge. To serve the public interest, SAA seeks the widest possible engagement with all segments of society, including governments, educators, and indigenous peoples, in advancing knowledge and enhancing awareness of the past. Society for American Archaeology
    900 Second Street NE #12
    Washington, DC 20002-3557 U.S.A.
    Tel: 1+ 202-789-8200
    Fax: 1+ 202-789-0284

    Updated: March 20, 2003

5. Council For British Archaeology Internet Information Service
Protecting and promoting Britain's historic environment. Info on the CBA, ongoing projects, online publications and archaeology news. Council for British archaeology. The gateway to British archaeology online
C ouncil for B ritish A rchaeology
The gateway to British archaeology online
What's New Search Site Map Feedback ... Usage
The CBA is the principal UK-wide non-governmental organisation that promotes knowledge, appreciation and care of the historic environment for the benefit of present and future generations. ONLINE PUBLICATIONS
Internet Archaeology

international electronic journal British Archaeology
popular magazine CBA Briefing
information listings Research Reports
conference proceedings Occasional Papers

Breaking news

Fieldwork opportunities

Conference diary
New books ... Grants and awards THE CBA A brief history Strategy 2001-2005 Conservation Education ... How to join EMAIL SERVICE BRITARCH email discussion list Recent BRITARCH messages BRITARCH message archive Joining/Leaving the BRITARCH list ... Other relevant email lists ONGOING PROJECTS The Defence of Britain National Archaeology Days HEIRNET ONLINE SERVICES Archaeology Data Service Archaeology email directory Database of radiocarbon dates Defence of Britain project database ARCHAEOLOGY ONLINE United Kingdom Europe (via ARGE) World (via ArchNet) CURRENT ISSUES SOS Newport campaign Increasing public participation The Valletta Convention Portable antiquities ... Stonehenge Last updated 3 March 2003.

6. The Society For Historical Archaeology
Apply for or renew a membership, peruse journals and newsletters, explore the bibliography, and check news and event announcements. Awards of the Society for Historical archaeology. * Links in Historical archaeology
What Is Historical Archaeology....

Who We Are....
Including ethics statement, Board of Directors, and standing committees. Membership Information
Annual Meetings

Awards of the Society for Historical Archaeology

Links in Historical Archaeology
Teaching Archaeology in the 21st Century

Historical Archaeology
........12 July 02
The SHA Publications Style Guide

Newsletter Bytes
- Winter 2002 24 Jan 03 Employment Opportunities 23 Jan 03 Current Research 24 Jan 04 Available Publications VISITOR INFO: SHA INTERNET RESOURCE Join SHA Renew Your Membership Submit an Address Change Claim a Missing Journal or Newsletter ... 2004 SHA Abstract Site FUTURES IN HISTORICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Careers in Historical Archaeology Guide to Higher Education in Historical and Underwater Archaeology ........ 15 May 2002 Kids! Is the Past in Your Future?

7. Archaeology : An Introduction - An Online Companion © Kevin Greene 2002
Kevin Greene's selection of Internet links to supplement the 4th edition of his book, by chapter and section, with alphabetical index.

8. Perseus Art & Archaeology
Massive library of art objects and museums. With descriptions of objects, their contexts, and images. Art and archaeology. email us problems and comments copyright statement
Perseus Tufts Collections: Classics Papyri Renaissance London ... Support Perseus
Art and Archaeology
e-mail us problems and comments Look through a massive library of art objects, sites, and buildings. The library's catalogs document 523 coins, 1548 vases, over 1400 sculptures, 179 sites and 381 buildings. Each catalog entry has a description of the object and its context; most have images. This web site currently publishes over 33,000 pictures! Descriptions and images have been produced in collaboration with many museums, institutions and scholars. Catalog information and keywords have been taken from standard sources, which are cited in the entries for each object.
(See some examples to get you started.) For a great introduction to the Greek world, check out Thomas Martin's Overview of Archaic and Classical Greek History . This work contains over 3000 links to Perseus' primary materials and is also available as a book from Yale University Press . Also check out highlights of the Perseus Web site.
Catalogs of sites, buildings, and objects

9. Kelsey Has Moved!
University of Michigan facility offers virtual tours of its past and present exhibits, with images and descriptions of featured artifacts.
The Kelsey Museum web page has moved to:

Please update your links accordingly!

10. Archaeology And The Bible - Christian Answers
News and articles from an apologetical position, hosted by Associates for Biblical Research, which organizes excavations and publishes the quarterly Bible and Spade .

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Before Israel

Old Testament Israel

New Testament



Indonesian ... Spanish Swedish QUOTABLE QUOTE "In every instance where the findings of archaeology pertain to the Biblical record, the archaeological evidence confirms, sometimes in detailed fashion, the historical accuracy of Scripture. In those instances where the archaeological findings seem to be at variance with the Bible, the discrepancy lies with the archaeological evidence, i.e., improper interpretation, lack of evidence, etc. not with the Bible." Dr. Bryant C. Wood, archaeologist, Associates for Biblical Research RECOMMENDED ARCHAEOLOGY RESOURCES Associates for Biblical Research The Latest Scoop ... on Recent Developments in Biblical Archaeology Bible and Spade magazine Join a dig in Israel Garry Brantley, Digging for Answers (Apologetics Press Ephraim Ster, ed., The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land Faith Lessons videos Discovering the Bible videos The Indestructible Book video How Jesus Died: The Final 18 Hours video The World That Perished - video and book In the Days of Noah book Grand Canyon: Monument to the Flood video The Great Dinosaur Mystery video The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible book Creation and Time: A Report...

11. Ashmolean Museum: Home Page
Attached to the University of Oxford. Antiquities collections range from Palaeolithic to Victorian, from Egypt to Britain.
Britain's Oldest Public Museum
Visiting the Ashmolean

Admission: Free
Opening Times

Location and Accessibility


Current Gallery Closures
The Departments

Collections are held by:

Cast Gallery
Eastern Art Heberden Coin Room ... Online Resources Related Resources Education Service and Childrens' Pages Books for Sale Conservation Frequently Asked ... Vacancies Collections Information System (AMCIS) Learning Resources Online Catalogues Out-of-Print Publications Object Seeker (AMOS) ... Beattie Archive (Oriental Carpets) Brass Rubbings Freshers' Page Islamic Ceramics PotWeb: Ceramics ... Bate Collection (Musical Instruments) Beazley Archive (Classical Archaeology) Blackbird Leys Virtual Exhibition Griffith Institute (Egyptology) POEM: Project Oxford East Mapping Other links Fund Raising and Donations ... Last Update: 20th-Mar-2003 The Ashmolean Museum is supported with funds from the Arts and Humanities Research Board The Museum has also received support from the Designation Challenge Fund used here and in its Museum Web pages.

12. SFU Museum Of Archaeology And Ethnology
At Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, gives a taste of archaeology in Canada. Includes photographs and descriptions of prehistoric sites at Charlie Lake Cave, Namu and Keatley Creek.

13. Institute Of Egyptian ArtView The Exhibit Of Egyptian Artifacts Residing At The
Library from the University of Connecticut provides access to archaeological resources available on the Internet. serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for archaeology. This server provides access to archaeological resources

14. The WWWorld Of Archaeology
THE WWWORLD OF archaeology General archaeology, Search tools, journals, and instituteswhose coverage stretches across more than one of the following categories.
General Archaeology
Search tools, journals, and institutes whose coverage stretches across more than one of the following categories Africa/Egypt Links to websites on Africa, including Egypt Asia and Pacific Includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Central Asia, and the Caspian region Near and Middle East Mesopotamia and Syria-Palestine, including biblical archaeology Classical Archaeology Greek and Roman archaeology, including Magna Graecia and the Roman provinces Europe Mainly the pre- and postclassical archaeology of Europe Mesoamerica Mexico, Central and South AmericaAztec, Maya, and Inca North America Both prehistoric and historical archaeology Underwater Archaeology Underwater archaeology worldwide Other Related Sites Resources in allied disciplines such as anthropology, historic preservation, and museum studies Online Excavations Websites following past and present archaeological digs around the world, many including day-by-day accounts. Bazaar Links to a variety of interesting products and services
Note: The WWWorld of Archaeology is not intended to be a comprehensive list of archaeological web sites. Apart from a few staff picks, it includes indexes to archaeological web sites and the home pages of archaeological organizations and journals. In order to find a specific resource, look on one of the index pages listed in the relevant section. If that fails, try one of the big search engines such as

15. Welcome To The London Museum Of Archaeology
Museum devoted to the study, display, and interpretation of the human occupation of Southwestern Ontario over the past 11,000 years.
Welcome to the
T he London Museum of Archaeology is a unique Canadian museum devoted to the study, display, and interpretation of the human occupation of Southwestern Ontario over the past 11,000 years. The Museum is located beside the Lawson Prehistoric Indian Village, a site occupied by the Neutral Indians in the 15 th century A.D. T his Website will give you an overview of the services, activities, displays, and events offered by the museum.
Special Exhibit
Stories of (Pre)History: The Jury Family Legacies Join us for an exhibition chronicling the extraordinary lives of Amos, Wilfrid, and Elsie Jury.
From February 2003 to March 2004
V isit the Virtual Museum for a tour through the Museum Gallery and the prehistory of Southwestern Ontario, or see the reconstructed Lawson Prehistoric Indian Village . Also read about our latest temporary exhibit, Iroquoian Peoples of the Land of Rocks and Water T hen, browse the

16. ArchNet - WWW Virtual Library - Archaeology
The WWW Virtual Library for archaeology. Contains links to many internet sites relating to archaeology Category Regional North America Connecticut Society and Culture...... ArchNet serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for archaeology. Pleaseexcuse the delay. archaeology Conference Announcements!

17. About Archaeology
Explains what archaeologists do and definitely don't do. From the Museum of archaeology and Ethnology.

Simon Fraser University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Simon Fraser University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

18. Odyssey, Adventures In Archaeology
Offers archaeological tours of Europe and the Near East from Canada.
March, 2003
Odyssey, Adventures in Archaeology presents articles on various aspects of the ancientworld and information on lecture programmes in the Toronto area. We are also pleased to offer guided tours by professional archaeologists to Greece, Egypt, Turkey and the British Isles. For further information, click on the appropriate section on the directory at the top of the page. The most recent additions and updates are listed below. Temple of Poseidon at Sunion
Recent Additions:
15 March, 2003 Scotland Trip Itinerary 2 January, 2003 Photos of Last Summer's Trip to Scotland 18 December, 2002 New Trips to Ireland and Turkey 4 December, 2002 New Courses (Winter 2003) 24 September, 2002 Greece Trip Itinerary, April 2003 15 June, 2002 16 November, 2001

19. Near Eastern Archaeology
Large collection of links with descriptions.
REGIONAL: NEAR EAST Home Books AON Web Ring Add A Site ... ABZU
Abzu is an experimental guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East via the Internet. American Oriental Society
The Society was founded in 1842, preceded only by such distinguished organizations of general scope as the American Philosophical Society (1743), the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1780), and the American Antiquarian Society (1812). From the beginning its aims have been humanistic. The encouragement of basic research in the languages and literatures of Asia has always been central in its tradition. This tradition has come to include such subjects as philology, literary criticism, textual criticism, paleography, epigraphy, linguistics, biography, archaeology, and the history of the intellectual and imaginative aspects of Oriental civilizations, especially of philosophy, religion, folklore and art. American Oriental Society - News Pages American Schools of Oriental Research
The American Schools of Oriental Research's U.S. based coordination center, its publications program and its affiliated overseas centers in the Middle East have been in the forefront of American research efforts and publications related to these efforts since 1900. The main object of Schools is to enable properly qualified persons to pursue biblical, linguistic, archaeological, historical, and other kindred studies and researches under more favorable conditions than can be secured at a distance from the Holy Land.

20. Archaeology On The Net
Searchable index of archaeology resources on the web categorized under35 subject headings. AON Web Ring. REGIONAL Africa America

America North South
Anatolia (Turkey)

Near East
Academic Journals

Academic Departments

Associations and Organizations

Web Ring
GENERAL Anthropology Archaeological Computing Archaeometry Conservation ... Books CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Greek Art and Archaeology Greek Architecture Greek Sculpture Greek Vase Painting ... Byzantine Art and Archaeology NEAR EASTERN Biblical Archaeology Islamic Archaeology Egyptology Near Eastern Archaeology CULTURES Assyrians Aztecs Babylonians Celts ... Vikings AMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGY American Southwest Mississipian Archaeology Native American Archaeology North America ... South America REGIONAL Aegean Africa Anatolia Arctic ... Scandinavia PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Paleolithic Mesolithic Neolithic Chalcolithic ... Iron Ages METHOD AND THEORY Cognitive Archaeology Ethnicity Ethnoarchaeology Ethnography ... Method and Theory - General ANCIENT HISTORY Egypt Greek Medieval Mesoamerica ... E-Mail

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