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         Archaeology:     more books (99)
  1. Andean Archaeology (Blackwell Studies in Global Archaeology)
  2. The Archaeology of North American Farmsteads (The American Experience in Archaeological Perspective) by Mark D. Groover, 2008-08-31
  3. Evolutionary Archaeology - Paper (Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry) by Michael J O'Brien, 1996-11-19
  4. The Cambridge Companion to Historical Archaeology
  5. Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives: Sex, Gender, and Archaeology by Rosemary A. Joyce, 2009-03-16
  6. Gender and Material Culture: The Archaeology of Religious Women by Roberta Gilchrist, 1997-04-07
  7. Soul: An Archaeology--Readings from Socrates to Ray Charles by Phil Cousineau, 1995-01-19
  8. X Marks the Spot: The Archaeology of Piracy (New Perspectives on Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology)
  9. Field Methods in Archaeology: Seventh Edition by Thomas R. Hester, Harry J. Shafer, et all 2008-12-31
  10. Handbook of Landscape Archaeology (World Archaeological Congress Research)
  11. Forensic Archaeology: Advances in Theory and Practice (Forensic Science) by John Hunter, Margaret Cox, 2005-12-22
  12. Rubbish!: The Archaeology of Garbage by William Rathje, Cullen Murphy, 2001-03-01
  13. Concise Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Timothy Darvill, 2010-02-08
  14. World Prehistory and Archaeology: Pathways through Time by Michael Chazan, 2007-03-22

61. American Journal Of Archaeology
Journal of the Archaeological Institute of America has regular features, articles, book reviews and Category Science Social Sciences archaeology Publications...... Heinrich Schliemann, the bestknown figure in the history of archaeology,began his literary career as an amateur travel writer.

Search Info Contacts ... Prerelease TOC
In This Issue: 107.1 AIA Publications Rafael Frankel on the Olynthus mill.
Lucrezia Spera
on christianization and the evolution of the suburban landscape. ... on the archaeology of Turkey.
Heinrich Schliemann, the best-known figure in the history of archaeology, began his literary career as an amateur travel writer. In The Archaeology of Heinrich Schliemann: An Annotated Bibliographic Handlist , Curtis Runnels traces - through the long list of Schliemann's own publications - his evolution into a scientifically thorough archaeologist.
A searchable electronic version of the handlist, condensed from the full publication, is now available online.

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Archaeological Institute of America

RCHAEOLOGY ... Magazine

62. Connell O'Donovan's Home Page
Study of ancient homosexuality and transexuality, using archaeological and anthropological evidence of ancient Queer roles and cultures. Covers modern Queer spirituality and Radical Faeries.

63. Peabody Museum Of Archaeology And Ethnology
The Peabody Museum of archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University, founded in1866 by George Peabody, is one of the oldest museums in the world devoted to
Save on admissions at the Harvard Museums with the Harvard Hot Ticket!

64. MMM Group Home Page
This site is dedicated to various mysteries forbidden archaeology, Egypt, OOPARTS, strange photos, anomalies in the past and other various mysteries.
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Click here for the ENGLISH version

Le piramidi di Cheope, Chefren e Micerino - The pyramids of Cheops, Chefren and Menkaura
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65. Archaeology Data Service: Homepage
A searchable digital archive for archaeology, including Sites and Monuments Records for parts of the Category Science Social Sciences Topics Archaeological Computing...... The archaeology Data Service (ADS) supports research, learning andteaching with high quality and dependable digital resources.
About Us Publications Policy + Guidelines ... Index
Latest news
ArchSearch is stable again after maintenance
Christ Church Spitalfields tutorial and archives launched
Shropshire Sites and Monuments Record
now available in ArchSearch
Archaeological Records of Europe: Network Access Project (ARENA)

Online Access to the Index of Archaeological Investigations (OASIS)
pilot study for data submission tools
AHDS Digitisation Workshops 2003
now taking bookings
The Archaeology Data Service (ADS) supports research, learning and teaching with high quality and dependable digital resources. It does this by preserving digital data in the long term, and by promoting and disseminating a broad range of data in archaeology. The ADS promotes good practice in the use of digital data in archaeology, it provides technical advice to the research community, and supports the deployment of digital technologies. The ADS hosts the AHDS Centre for Archaeology.
  • ARCHSearch Catalogue Holdings - browse the resources available through the ADS catalogue.
  • ARCHway - The archaeology journal holdings of 25 UK research libraries united into one searchable resource.

66. Arabic Folk Medicine And Magic:20th Century Amulets From The Kelsey Museum Of Ar
History, photos, cures and traditions surrounding curative amulets of the Middle East.
Arabic Folk Medicine and Magic:
20th Century Amulets from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
A CHICO Project featuring a collection of amulets from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. Produced by Sheila Cummins and Kris Poole

67. Archaeology Data Service - ArchSearch Terms And Conditions
Similar pages More results from Irish archaeologyIrish archaeology. A guide to Irish archaeology both for the interestedlayman and the professional archaeologist. As the principal
Terms and Conditions
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The ADS hosts the AHDS Centre for Archaeology

68. BBC - History - Meet The Ancestors
Providing online support for the BBC2 archaeology programme setting out to find our ancestors using the very latest techniques in facial reconstructions and scientific dating processes.






23rd March 2003
Text only

BBC Homepage
History Topics ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! Meet the Ancestors Play history detective and explore how excavations can help solve the mysteries of the past. Find out details of when these programmes will be shown. Find out what happened in the live video chat with Julian Richards - did he answer your question? The Mummies of Cladh Hallan by David Keys Were Bronze Age Britons practising the ancient art of mummification? Find out more in Prehistory City of the Dead by Michael Fulford Explore the remains of a once-thriving Roman town - Calleva Atrebatum. Find out more in Romans The Amesbury Archer by Andrew Fitzpatrick Could a Bronze Age grave reveal the King of Stonehenge ? Find out more in Archaeology Britain's Oldest House by Julian Richards The remains of an ancient dwelling in Howick, Northumberland, provides a tantalising glimpse into a Mesolithic past . Find out more in Archaeology Napoleon's Lost Army by Paul Britten-Austin A mass grave outside Vilnius provides clues to the retreat from Moscow . Find out more about Wars and Conflicts Boesinghe: A Forgotten Battlefield by Paul Reed What remains of an abandoned Belgian battlefield? Find out more about

69. Untitled
This page is mirrored at Videoon-Line This page contains all kinds of archaeologicalinformation for European archaeology, especially the Mediterrenean.
last updated: 1. march 1997
This page is mirrored at Video-on-Line
This page contains all kinds of archaeological information for European archaeology, especially the Mediterrenean. It also provides a lot of interesting links to archaeology and/or architecture related web-sites.
This site is also meant to be an open forum for archaeological discussion and publications. If you want to have an article on this site, please mail it to me and I will place it on the appropriate subpage.
I'll try to update this site at least once every one or two months.
European Archaeology
Greek Archaeology Roman Archaeology
Computers in Archaeology
... Web-sites
Sources of the illustrations: if not otherwise mentioned:
Menne C. Kosian
Medio Ancient Architecture CD-ROM

70. Perseus Digital Library
An Evolving Digital Library has lots of information including a digital database of art and archaeology images.

text-only home page


Greek, Latin, Archaeology

Duke Data Bank English Renaissance
Shakespeare, Marlowe, ... London
Bolles Collection California
Upper Midwest


Library of Congress Tufts History Since 1852 Boyle Papers History of Science Home site: Somerville, MA Mirror sites: Berlin, Germany Oxford, England A graph of the places and dates mentioned in Perseus

71. Southwestern Archaeology (SWA)
SouthWestern archaeology. SWA has moved! The new URL is http// Copyright © 1996 1997 by Brian Kenny Matthias

72. A Foyer Of A Virtual Exhibition Of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage
A panoramic view of a site where Folk and Elite Culture, Baltic archaeology, Landscape and Architecture, History, Ethnic Minorities, Art, Intellectual life, Religion are considered in depth. A visitor can choose here a short guided tour or long excursion.
Lietuvi skai
The Balts and Baltic Archaeology
The Lithuanian Statutes ...
Worship and Art

Humanistic Ideas in Lithuania During the 15th-17th Centuries

Vilnius in Old Photographs
Lithuanian Sports Lithuanian Tatars Lithuanian Ethnic Culture
Russian Old Believers in Lithuania: Their History and Culture Vilnius Art School Lithuanian

Lithuanian Karaims

Art Deco in Lithuania A Virtual Exhibition of a Millennium of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage:
Visitor's Guide Review Site Map ... Information Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, 1998-2000
Contact address: . Page updated

73. Гуманитарная паутина
Информационный портал. Отечественные и зарубежные гуманитарные информационные ресурсы, разбитые по категориям.

74. What Is Archaeology?
An illustrated introduction from the Department of Anthropology at the University of South Dakota.
What is archaeology?
The Bliss Bone Bed Site Archaeology is the scientific study of peoples of the past... their culture and their relationship with their environment. The purpose of archaeology is to understand how humans in the past interacted with their environment, and to preserve this history for present and future learning.
What archaeology isn't.
Sometimes people get confused about what archaeology studies.
Why study archaeology?
Archaeological sites are a non-renewable resource; that is, once they are destroyed, the information they contained is lost forever. By learning about life long ago through archaeology, we can learn many ecology and history lessons that are still applicable today. Follow these links to find out more about archaeology: What do archaeologists do? How are sites found? What do archaeologists do at a site? What can we learn from artifacts? ... Go back to the first page
ljz, 10/9/95

75. Graves
In Florida has collections covering Florida, South America, Africa, Ancient Egypt, the Mediterranean, marine archaeology and paleontology, including dinosaurs.



Virtual Tour
Graves Museum of Archaeology (formerly South Florida Museum of Natural History) 481 South Federal Highway, Dania Beach, FL 33004-4160 (954)925-7770 Fax (954) 925-7064 Exhibits include dinosaurs, paleontology, minerals, the geology, history and first natives of Florida, shipwrecks and underwater archaeology, Pre-Columbian ceramics African, Egyptian, and many Mediterranean cultures. School tours, workshops, outreaches, birthdays and theme parties available. Family archaeology and fossil trips. What's Hot! Santa gives museum a hand...and a dinosaur! Go to story LAST CALL! Register for the Phosphate Mine Expeditions NOW! Adventure Alert! Register for the Peace River Expeditions NOW! Get Details See photos of the Adventure Team In Action! See photos of the October 11th sleepover, Expedition to Egypt ... Get Details and Register —Special Scout Sleepover Adventures Museum Take the Virtual Museum Tour!!! Education Department School Tours Workshops Outreach at Your School Birthday Parties Museum Educators Wanted Family Adventures Get on the Adventure Team E-Mail List Peace River Fossil Expedition Phosphate Mine Expedition ... Special Sleepover for Scouts Anthropology Department B roward C ounty A rchaeological S ociety Inc.

76. Archaeology's Dig -- A Magazine For Kids!
An online version of the children's magazine on archaeology from the publishers of archaeology Magazine .Category Kids and Teens News Magazines and Ezines E-zines......A children's magazine on archaeology published with the ArchaeologicalInstitute of America and Cobblestone Publishing Company. The
The dig website has moved to
Please update your bookmarks.
Graduate to A RCHAEOLOGY Magazine for in-depth information
on this fascinating subject. Click here
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Internet Services

77. ThinkQuest
Provides a look at what archaeology is, the kinds of things that archaeologists have discovered, the process of discovery, and some of the bestname individuals in the field.

78. Archaeology : An Introduction - An Online Companion © Kevin Greene 2002

79. Archaeological Adventures Of Arizona
Offers opportunities to discover and participate in archaeology in the Phoenix area.
a r i z o n a Home About Trips Contact Of Interest
Clicking any photograph on our site will display it at this size.
Archaeological Adventures is an educational discovery program dedicated to the preservation and documentation of archaeological sites. We offer our guests the unique opportunity to probe the mysteries of the past, to touch history and feel it come alive while participating in a hands-on working field program to map and record unexplored archaeological sites. Your guides on these adventure trips are professional archaeologists and historians. If we look familiar to you, you might have seen us featured on National Geographic Today , the National Geographic cable television program. "We take only memories... we leave only footprints." enter

80. Underwater Archaeology
Directory of resources on the Internet from Tanya Rabourn.Category Science Social Sciences archaeology Topics Underwater......A Guide to Underwater archaeology Resources on the Internet Institutes andDepartments of Underwater archaeology Organizations, universities
A Guide to Underwater Archaeology Resources on the Internet
Institutes and Departments of Underwater Archaeology
Organizations, universities and degree programs in Underwater Archaeology.
Museums and Sites
Nautical museums, shipwreck sites, and opportunities to volunteer on underwater excavations.
Maritime History and Sailing
Internet indices with links to Web pages concerning things maritime both past and present.
Underwater Archaeology Online
Newsletters, electronic discussion lists (listservs), and online publications.
All of the best SCUBA Internet indices.
Tools for Underwater Archaeologists
Cartographic, metorological and oceanographic information online. As well as, archaeological Internet resources (including other Underwater Archaeology Internet indices).
Find out about this page . You may submit a link to be added to this Web site by email, change the word at to the at symbol. Last update: Friday, 26-Jul-2002 01:44:35 EDT

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