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         Control And Data Acquisition:     more books (100)
  1. Mechatronic System Control, Logic, and Data Acquisition (The Mechatronics Handbook, Second Edition)
  2. Log Data Acquisition and Quality Control by Philippe Theys, 1999-08-15
  3. PC Interfacing for Laboratory Data Acquisition and Process Control by Sanjay Gupta, 1989-06
  4. ANSI/IEEE C37.1-1979: IEEE Standard Definition, Specification, and Analysis of Manual, Automatic, and Supervisory Station Control and Data Acquisition. by IEEE Standards Board, 1979-01-01
  5. Energy sector owners, operators, and system vendors team up with DOE to boost control system security.(SCADA Gets Tough)(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ... An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Robert C. Hill, Robert Pollock, et all 2007-02-01
  6. SCADA Cyber Security Training.(supervisory control and data acquisition): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Al Rivero, Shabbir Shamsuddin, et all 2009-11-01
  7. SCADA under scrutiny.(Tech Talk)(supervisory control and data acquisition): An article from: Security Management
  8. PNM is upgrading measurement and SCADA systems.(Public Service Company of New Mexico upgrades System and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Peter Ford, 2007-04-01
  9. Snohomish Spells success "S-C-A-D-A".(supervisory control and data acquisition)(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Bulletin (Northwest Public Power Association) by Mike Smith, Gary Coleman, 2000-01-01
  10. DNP3 protocol recommended for pipeline, gathering and distribution applications.(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)(Distributed Network Protocol): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Philip Aubin, 2009-02-01
  11. Scada Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition by Suar ABoer, 2009
  12. An Architectural Framework for Describing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems by Michael P. Ward, 2004
  13. An Approach to Vulnerability Assessment for Navy Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems by Dennis J. Hart, 2004
  14. SNMP is becoming the new framework for SCADA.(Simple Network Management Protocol)(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Vishal Prakash, Robert Casey, 2009-02-01

21. Apple - Science & Technology - Data Acquisition, Test, And Analysis
LabVIEW is a graphical programming development environment for instrumentcontrol and data acquisition, analysis, and presentation.
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The next evolution in the acquisition of test and research data is the virtual instrument. A virtual instrument uses software to simulate core components of a test set, such as an oscilloscope or strip chart recorder. This use of software enables the creation of virtual test set facilities for a fraction of the cost of dedicated physical test instruments. Virtual instruments also have the advantage of being accessible over the Internet.
Berkeley Madonna
is the fastest, most convenient, general purpose differential equation solver available for the Macintosh. Developed on the Berkeley campus under the sponsorship of NIH and NSF, it is currently used by academic and commercial institutions for constructing mathematical models for research and teaching. Data Desk G-Lab is a graphical and object-oriented measurement and data acquisition package.

22. CSS / : Certified Scientific Software.
a UNIXbased software package for instrument control and data acquisition used for X-ray diffraction at synchrotrons and in university, national and industrial laboratories.

spec C-PLOT Support ...

... Meeting the software needs of scientists since 1985 ...
Certified Scientific Software's spec X-Ray Diffraction and Data Acquisition software provides scientists with reliable instrument control at more than 350 X-ray and neutron diffractometers at over 150 locations worldwide
Developed in 1986 for X-ray diffraction experiments, spec 's portability, flexibility and power also make it valuable for general-purpose data-acquisition. spec is available on a wide range of UNIX platforms and supports numerous hardware configurations.
spec 's features and functionality reflect years of input from a broad user base. Unlike typical home-grown or public-domain software, spec is well-documented and backed by committed support.
Included with spec (and also available separately) is the C-PLOT Scientific Graphics and Data Analysis package. Together, these programs can take you from data acquisition, through data analysis, to preparation of figures for publication.

    Current spec release: 5.03.01 as of March 16, 2003.

23. Data Acquisition, Test, And Measurement Information For Electronic Design Engine
AnalogI/O PCIbus DSP Card Supports Servo Control, Data-Acq A new analog-I/ODSP card is designed for servo control and data acquisition applications.
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Benchtop Engineering Data Acq and Control Subsections
Features News Products Resources ... - Benchtop Engineering (Top Page) -
USB To Retain Its Hold

Another Look at PID Controllers

ChipCenter EE Expert Peter Raeth takes another look at adaptive proportional/integral/derivative (PID) controllers. 'A significant issue is implementing them so that they're fast enough to make a difference,' says Raeth. (ChipCenter: EE Expert)
Budget Modules Gather Data

News Co-Op To Spur Process Control Software
Siemens says it will soon be integrating its soft-sensor technology and a PID tuner into Simatic's IT Framework and the Simatic PCS 7 process control system. The cooperation bnetween the two firms is expected to integrate automation in everything from process control at the factory level to plant and corporate management. (ChipCenter: WebScan) Standard Might Link Factory Software, Sensors

24. Control System Consulting
Provides technical expertise to utility companies seeking supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system procurement. Services and contact information.

25. HRC Facility
Canberra MCA PC card. Data Acquisition and Control and Data Archiving. ctr. data acquisition,stability test control and data acquisition; PC for HV bias control;
The High Resolution Camera (HRC) Calibration Facility
This page describes the HRC Calibration Facility - the physical layout and the specialized equipment available for the calibration of x-ray detectors and detector components.
Ground Rules for Working in the Facility
1. When you don't know what you're doing, do it neatly.
2. First draw your curves, then plot the data.
3. Experience is directly proportional to the equipment ruined.
4. Experiments must be reproducible; they should all fail the same way.
5. A record of data is essential; it indicates that you have been working.
6. In case of doubt, make it sound convincing.
7. Do not believe in miracles; rely on them.
8. Teamwork is essential in the lab; it allows you to blame someone else.
Layout of the Facility
Calibration Laboratory Equipment

26. Metrix Electronics - Electronic Instrument Solutions For Industry
Manufactures instruments for industrial measurement, control and data acquisition applications.
Sefram 8420
Thermal Recorder
Panel Meters SEFRAM DAS 1000
Paperless Recorder
More information
OR-X Arbitrary
Waveform Generators
More information
Mini Data Logger Bargraph Displays Electronic Instrument Solutions for Industry Metrix Electronics Limited supplies and supports an extensive selection of electrical and electronic instruments for laboratory and industrial applications. We operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000. In addition to our own products we are the exclusive UK representatives for thermal, pen and 'paperless' recorders from , panel instrumentation from (formerly ITT Instruments), portable calibrators from AOIP and general purpose portable and bench test instruments from Sefram and OR-X As members of the GAMBICA trade association we are able to offer applications advice and specialist assistance on all of the products that we supply, so please contact us by filling out the form below, calling us on or else by E-mail to

27. ERP ("Brain Wave") Laboratories
of research. In each laboratory, two personal computers are used forexperiment control and data acquisition. Data are digitized
ERP ("Brain Wave") Laboratories The Beckman Institute ERP Laboratories, used primarily by researchers in the Cognitive Neuroscience Group, are designed to permit the acquisition of electroencephalographic and event-related brain potential data from human subjects while they perform various kinds of cognitive tasks involving the presentation of visual or auditory information. There are two laboratories, each with a sound-proof room for subject testing, space for facilities for subject preparation, and a large general purpose area in which control, recording, and analysis equipment are located. The labs have connections into the campus-wide fiber optic network. Data acquisition
Cognitive Neuroscience Group
Three different software packages for experiment control and data acquisition are currently in use: NeuroScan (from Neuro Scan, Inc.), InstEP (from InstEP Systems), and MS- Windows based software developed by Brian Foote of the Cognitive Psychophysiology Lab (CPL). The latter custom software permits the CPL to conduct experiments which have requirements that are outside the limits of the commercial packages. Procedures are coded in Borland C++ using a large library of building blocks; the software runs in a MS- Windows environment. This software is an extension of the CPL's LABPAK originally developed for its PEARL-II laboratory computer systems. Selection among the three software packages for a particular experiment is determined primarily by the experimental control requirements and by the nature of the stimuli to be presented.

28. Destronix Pty Ltd
Industrial computer systems engineering and consultants, SCADA supervisory control and data acquisition, RTUs, PLCs.

29. Industrial Automation At Apix Automation
Manufacturer of industrial automation PLC, DCS, control and data acquisition hardware, software, and services.
t tt
On-line openLOGIK equipment estimator speeds up equipment estimation fast!!!! DSPControl Boards Daqpak IO Modules microLOGIK PLC openLOGIK PLC ... Instruction Manuals openLOGIK Debuts openLOGIK: New PLC Control system debuts and is a hit at ISA 2001 with more advanced features and performance!!! More features like redundant PLC controllers and remote fiber optic communications Scalability from small to large scale distributed control systems The openLogik PLC Control System has all of the features and functionality of a DCS system but with a PLC price. Features like remote fiber optic communications, redundant PLC Controllers on the same backplane, advanced software for control and improved reliability. The softLOGIK suite of automation software keeps your plant controls in top performance with more advanced control configuration DSPControl Boards DSPControl: The leading industry bus solution for VME, CompactPCI, and ISA data acquisition and IO for high performance features!!!

30. Second Wind Inc.
Wind data loggers, wind monitoring systems, supervisory control and data acquisition for windfarms.
Second Wind Inc.
366 Summer Street
Somerville MA 02144-3132
(617) 776-8520 (v)
(617) 776-0391 (f)

New Design!
New 50-meter Tower Design
Now Available
About Second Wind PHASER NOMAD ADMS ... Employment Opportunities
Rev. 03/21/2003

31. CICADA - Configurable Instrument Control And Data Acquisition
DM Mehringer, RL Plante, DA Roberts (San Francisco ASP), 115. CICADA Configurable Instrument control and data acquisition. Peter
: Novel Use of a Simulator for the Calibrations of Scientific Instruments
Up: Telescope and Instrument Control Systems
Previous: Distribution of the OPUS Data Processing System
Table of Contents
Subject Index Author Index ... PDF reprint
CICADA - Configurable Instrument Control and Data Acquisition
Peter J. Young, William H. Roberts, Kim M. Sebo
Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories, Private Bag, Weston Creek, ACT, 2611, AUSTRALIA
CICADA (Young et al. 1997) is a multi-process, distributed application for the control of astronomical data acquisition systems. It comprises elements that control the operation of, and data flow from CCD camera systems; and the operation of telescope instrument control systems. CICADA can be used to dynamically configure support for astronomical instruments that can be made up of multiple cameras and multiple instrument controllers. Each camera is described by a hierarchy of parts that are each individually configured and linked together. Most of CICADA is written in C++ and much of the configurability of CICADA comes from the use of inheritance and polymorphism. An example of a multiple part instrument configuration - a wide field imager (WFI) - is described here. WFI, presently under construction, is made up of eight 2k x 4k CCDs with dual SDSU II controllers and will be used at Siding Spring's ANU 40in and AAO 3.9m telescopes.

32. SAMS-FF Hardware
Hardware Design Highlights The modular SAMSFF hardware package includes three differenttypes of sensors, a control and data acquisition module, data storage
Contact Information:
SAMS-FF NASA Project Manager:
Ron Sicker
NASA Glenn Research Center; Cleveland, OH 44135
PIMS Project Manager:
Kevin M. McPherson
NASA Glenn Research Center; Cleveland, OH 44135
e-mail: Contractor Project Lead:
Tom Kacpura
e-mail: Links: NASA Glenn Research Center Home Page Microgravity Measurement and Analysis Project (MMAP)
This script provides the current date Hardware Design Highlights The modular SAMS-FF hardware package includes three different types of sensors, a control and data acquisition module, data storage devices, and ground support equipment interfaces. The three different types of triaxial sensors combine to measure both high and low frequency accelerations and the roll rate of the spacecraft. Triaxial Sensor Head (TSH) Responsible NASA person: Kevin McPherson

33. RTS Global - Home
USA. Vision inspection and automated control systems for industrial production processes. Part tracking, motion control and data acquisition.

Global Home

Business Groups
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About TechnoGration
Profile of RTS Investor Information Overview Investor news Share price Investor club ... Contact Us Welcome to Robotic Technology Systems PLC (RTS) - a world leader in the design and delivery of integrated automation solutions for scientific, environmental, manufacturing and process applications. RTS offers the resources, application expertise, technology and technical capability to support your business and to help ensure its ongoing success... '); document.write(' '); document.write(' '); document.write(' '); document.write(' '); //> News Re: Management at RTS Wright Industries Visit us at Waste Management 2003, Tucson AZ Visit us at Lab Automation, Palm Springs,CA 1-6 February 2003 Interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2002 ... Terms and conditions

34. 5 SIS Control And Data Acquisition With Pegasus
5 SIS control and data acquisition with Pegasus. This section describesbriefly the main procedures of the Pegasus software that
5 SIS control and data acquisition with Pegasus
This section describes briefly the main procedures of the Pegasus software that are used during observations with MOS. For more informations on Pegasus, see the ``Pegasus User's Manual@'' It is now possible, from Waimea or Hale Pohaku, to open a Pegasus session and to simulate observations with SIS. We strongly recommend that new SIS users to use this facility before their run . Being accustomized to Pegasus procedures will significantly improve the efficiency of your first observing nights.
5.1 Checking the status of the instrument and starting observations
When you arrive for the first night of observation, you should find the instrument prepared in accordance with the requests you have sent ( several weeks in advance of your run ) to CFHT. This means that the requested CCD, filters and grisms have been installed, the internal focus has been checked for each filter, and the direction of dispersion for each grism has been precisely aligned with the columns of the CCD. You will find a ``set-up form'' summarizing this information close to the control terminal. Also, an image of a grid mask has been taken and processed during the afternoon for the computation of orientation and distortion corrections. For precise cutting of masks and for a good match between the positions of the slits and of the objects, this step is essential. If, under exceptional circumstances, the set-up team asks for a few more minutes at the beginning of the night for checking this point, it is wise to accord them this extra time.

35. LTTP Section 3 - Data Acquisition And Control Systems
this area. High speed communications are also required for instrumentcontrol and data acquisition in geophysical applications.

36. Warthman Associates, Technical Writer - Home Page
Offers technical documentation writing, user interface design and user training, and online help file Category Computers Consultants General and Freelance...... nanotechnology, biotech, biotechnology, nanometrics, ultra wideband, ultrawideband,peerto-peer, P2P, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, system
Products We do contract technical writing for semiconductor and computer-system manufacturers, software developers, electrical and data infrastructure developers, and other electronic, electrical, and communication organizations. Specialties —We write about computer and networking systems, microprocessors, system-on-chip (SoC) and digital signal processing (DSP) devices, software, semiconductor design tools and production equipment, and large electrical systems. Skills —We write engineering specifications, reference manuals, data sheets, and operating guides. We also prepare documentation plans, and we audit system documentation for completeness, accuracy, and usability. Content —We create original content for specific audiences, based on our knowledge of technologies and users' needs. Our writers have degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, and physics. They understand what they write about.
Writing Services The technical writers at Warthman Associates create original (start-from-nothing) or semi-original (start-from-something) technical documents, including user guides, tutorials, reference manuals, data sheets and data books, application notes, training seminars, technical briefs and brochures, engineering-design specifications, user-interface design specifications, and programming-grammar specifications.

37. SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SCADA supervisory control and data acquisition for factory,laboratory, and industrial automation applications.
Our definition of SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software is: Computer based Alarms Data acquisition Operator interface Non real-time control Database and Log Files Reports and Information Sharing
Computer Based
We feel that SCADA software must have all possible types of connectivity and integration. This means serial ports, Ethernet, PCI slots, and the ability to run a wide variety of applications. PLCs and simple operator interfaces (i.e. not based on the regular Windows operating system) are too limited in their functionality and capabilities. Click for industrial computers or Visual Basic and C#
Alarm and Event Monitoring
A SCADA system must be able to detect, display, and log alarms and events. When there are problems the SCADA system must notify operators to take corrective action. Alarms and events must be recorded so engineers or programmers can review the alarms to determine what caused the alarm and prevent them happening again.
Data Acquisition
SCADA must be able to read data from PLCs and other hardware and then analyze and graphically present that data to the user. SCADA systems must be able to read and write multiple sources of data.

38. ActiveX/COM Overview - Tutorial - NI Developer Zone - National Instruments
The OPC Foundation has defined a set of standard COM interfaces forindustrial control and data acquisition devices. Most suppliers

39. EMR Radio And Telemetry
Irish firm doing radiobased SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition).

40. REAL Controls, Incorporated - Automation, Control And Data Acquisition Solutions
Engineering design and consulting company specializing in process control, automation, data acquisition, database and software product development.
Innovative Solutions for Process Control, Automation and Data Acquisition Systems Automation Integrator and Software Developer Home Page More About Us Customer Comments Recent Projects ... Contact Us REAL Controls is a member of the National Instruments Alliance and a Certified LabVIEW Programmer REAL Controls, Incorporated is an engineering design and integration company. We specialize in developing high quality, easy to use, hardware and software solutions for process control, automation and data acquisition applications. Want to monitor your process over the internet? We can help! Need to control your equipment from a remote location? No problem! Need help collecting data from sensors or laboratory instruments? Been there! Having trouble designing an equipment automation or process control system? Done that! Have a special application but can’t find the right company? Call us today!

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