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         Control And Data Acquisition:     more books (100)
  1. IEEE Standard Definition, Specification, and Analysis of Systems Used for Supervisory Control, Data Acquisition, and Automatic Control (Ieee Std C37.)
  2. High speed assembly language (80386/80387) programming for laser spectra scan control and data acquisition providing improved resolution water vapor spectroscopy (SuDoc NAS 1.26:4117) by Robert J. Allen, 1988
  3. A study of closed loop control and data acquisition for engine test cells (SAE) by Gilbert Williams, 1968
  4. The Parallel Port Manual Vol. 2: Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition
  5. Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition: Performance and Reliability, Lessons Learned by Daniel Johnson, 2002-09-30
  6. A new test control and data acquisition system for experimental testing of automatic transmissions (SAE) by M. D Smith, 1977
  7. Computer control and data acquisition of a tidal model (Mechanical engineering report) by E. R Funke, 1972
  8. Industrial Control and Data Acquisition Handbook. by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), 1967
  9. Subsea Control and Data Acquisition by L. Adriaansen, 1980
  10. Instrumentation Control and Data Acquisition: Guide to Laboratory Compliance by Wolfgang Winter, 2002-12-02
  11. Evaluation, design, and implementation of an automated process-control and data-acquisition system for the Texas Mobile Load Simulator (TxMLS) (Research report) by Dennis S Collier, 1996
  12. Qualification of Scada (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions) Systems by Orlando Lopez, 2000-12-31
  13. Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition 2006, Controlling the Future Subsea: Proceedings for an International Conference Organised by the Society for Underwater Technology
  14. A control and data acquisition system for use with a hydrothermal diamond-anvil cell (SuDoc I 19.76:94-703) by H. T. Haselton, 1994

81. Velocity Software Systems Ltd. - Embedded System Design Services
Provides full service hardware and firmware design and prototyping for micro controller and embedded systems. Focusing on X86 type architectures for its embedded design requirements in a broad range of data acquisition and device control and monitoring applications.
SOFTWARE SYSTEMS LTD. Embedded Applications for Your World
Velocity provides full service hardware and firmware design and prototyping for micro controller and embedded systems . Velocity focuses on:
  • AMD and Intel X86, Motorola 68HC, 68K and PowerPC Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP, and Altera FPGA
architectures for its embedded design requirements in a broad range of data acquisition and device control and monitoring applications. Velocity draws from a large number of design templates which it can apply to an equally broad range of custom applications . Velocity continuously reviews current technology and applies it to its current design suites. This allows Velocity to provide its clients with fast solutions for their embedded requirements. With the addition of our own TCP/IP protocol stack, to our development suite, Velocity is well positioned to provide custom internet appliance design capability. We offer you a one stop design solution for your embedded system and, in particular, internet appliance needs. If you can think of the problem we can find the solution. In order to succeed in business a company must have more than technical expertise, it must have a trusting and respectful relationship with its customers. Velocity believes that relationships founded upon excellent customer service are the key to ensuring profits for our partners. In short, doing business with Velocity Software Systems Ltd.will provide several sustainable competitive advantages to your company- all evolving around increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.

82. Valiant Technologies, Inc. Home Page
Custom software development in C, C++, LabView, Windows, Unix, FORTRAN, data acquisition, and control systems.
DURABILITY BUY IT! USE IT! Properties Events
SAFETY Valiant Technologies, Inc. ern

83. Intelligent Instrumentation's Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems (EDAS) Home Page
EDAS systems allow remote monitor and control for a wide range of sensors, instruments, machines, Category Computers Hardware Embedded......Ethernet data acquisition Systems allow remote monitoring and control via Ethernetlocal area network (LAN), using open architecture and industrystandard TCP
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Entivity Studio Welcome to Saturday, March 22, 2003
Open Architecture Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems no scrolling...
Digital EDAS
Multifunction EDAS
Serial EDAS
Industrial EDAS
iFactory Monitor
NEW Click here to gain instant access to all of our product's prices! NEW
Intelligent Instrumentation News
New EDAS CE Distributor Channel Partner Program - FLW Southeast New EDAS CE Sample Programs Register and get an Added Bonus! ... past news... If you have questions or comments about any of our products and/or services, please call and talk to us about your needs, or you can email us from our Request Information page with your questions. Home Top Add to My Favorites Search ... Applications Request Information [ Translate this web page into: Spanish Portuguese Pricing and Free Downloads if(window.parent!=window);

84. Ontrak Control Systems Inc. Serial Data Acquisition Interfaces
Manufacturer of lowcost serial ( RS232, RS485 ) data acquisition and control interfaces with analog, digital and relay I/O.
HOME Serial Data Acquisition Made Easy Company Profile
Hot Products What is Serial Data Acquisition? Now accepting both VISA and MASTERCARD for small quantity orders. AUG
USB Relay I/O Interface Available NOW RS232,RS485 Relay I/O Interface with Amp rating available NOW SEPT 10,2001 NOW AVAILABLE: ADRCOM FREE terminal emulation software.
RS232 Video Multiplexer / Video Switch only Available NOW
with 16-bit analog input only available NOW! New Tutorial covering using LINUX to communicate with RS232 devices now available in our programming section. April
Tutorial on Using RS232 Devices with USB

New tutorial covering TCP/IP ( Internet ) access to ADR interfaces now available. Dec 6, 2000
Programming TCP/IP Access to ADR Cards

Click HERE for News archives
Ontrak Control Systems Inc. manufactures low-cost, high quality, serial data acquisition and control interfaces that allow data acquisition and computer control via a serial port (RS232, RS422, RS485 or USB ). When connected to a serial port the ADR and ADU boards allow control of analog (A/D and D/A), digital I/O, relay contacts and event counters using simple ASCII commands. Easy to interface to LED's, switches, potentiometers, analog sensors or stepper motors. Programming is easy using Visual Basic, Basic, LINUX, C, Visual C++ or any language that allows access to a serial port.

85. Agilent - Data Systems
Agilent's networked data systems (NDS) comprise the Cerity and ChemStation familiesof products and give you the instrument control, data acquisition and data
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Quick Search About Agilent Industries International Online Stores ... Life Sciences/Chemical Analysis Data Systems Contact Us Data Systems Library Technical Support Online Store Education ... Stay Current With e-notes Get better net results - let Agilent's networked data systems raise your lab's productivity
Agilent's networked data systems (NDS) comprise the Cerity and ChemStation families of products and give you the instrument control, data acquisition and data management capabilities you need to help your lab achieve better net results. With Agilent NDS you can:
  • Raise productivity
  • Cut training and validation costs
  • Meet regulatory guidelines
  • Extend the lab as needs grow

Cerity Networked Data Systems
Get better net results - with lab-specific software that's designed to work the way you do!

The Cerity NDS family provides lab-specific software applications that model the way analysts work in particular laboratory environments, making every step of the lab's workflow more efficient.
Cerity NDS for Chemical QA/QC

Ideal for analytical and technical service laboratories in petroleum, chemical and related industries

86. VI Control Systems Ltd. (LabVIEW Programming, Group3 ControlNet, PCB Design, Con
Offers development of controls for complex systems such as linear accelerators and pulsepower systems, data acquisition in difficult environments and sophisticated data analysis. and specializes in LabVIEW application consulting.

87. Data Acquisition And Control Products- B&B Electronics
B B Electronics' data acquisition and control Products are designedfor applications from large systems to the home hobbyist.
  • Automatically collect and buffer data, deliver via modem/ ISP Connection FTP/Email Monitor temperature/control relays with a RS-232 or RS-485 Port. Monitor switch closures or digital voltage inputs or close relays/light LEDs (Digital I/O) Sense/read analog voltage levels (A/D) or output analog voltages (D/A) Count events/objects or measure frequency/speed Control/automate a process with a communication controller/embedded processor Amplify or buffer a high impedance or low voltage device Drive relays/LEDs from a low current TTL level output Remotely sense/output up to eight digital I/O lines using serial connections and a pair of I/O Extenders. (
Which DAQ area meets your needs? Remote Data Collection with Automatic Internet Delivery
Communication Controller/Embedded Processors

Digital I/O Devices

Counter/Frequency Modules
Digital Thermometer and Thermostat

Not sure exactly what you need? Our Technical Support Staff is ready to help. Contact our applications experts for a prompt answer to your interface questions. Custom Applications Engineers would be happy to quote the product that fits your system. You'll be amazed at how inexpensive a custom solution can be.

88. -- Your Source For Process Measurement Sensors And Instruments. Thermo
Manufacturer of process and laboratory measurement and control products. Thermocouples, data conversion Category Science Instruments and Supplies Distributors O...... for process measurement and control. Everything from thermocouples to chart recordersand beyond. Temperature, flow and level, data acquisition, recorders and
Canada United Kingdom Benelux Czech Republic France Germany United States Temperature
Pressure, Strain, Force

Electric Heaters

Data Acquisition
... Tree View
The new OMB-DAQBOARD-2000 series sets the benchmark for high-speed, multi-function plug-and-play data acquisition.
Click for more info.
Calibrators Chart Recorders Data Loggers ...
privacy statement

89. Environmental Monitoring And Process Control--WTC, Inc.
Offers a full line of data acquisition, monitoring and control systems for environmental monitoring and process control. Specialty is turnkey systems for air compliance monitoring.
Ideal Applications:
  • Horticulture/Floriculture Agriculture Insectaries Aquaculture Turf Control Research Facilities Climate Control
Ideal Applications:
  • Ambient Air Networks PEMS/CEMS Cement Industry Waste Water Treatment Incinerators
Since 1969 WTC has been customizing UNIQUE DATA acquisition, monitoring, and control equipment. We offer more than just compliance reporting. We deliver turnkey solutions, which enable personnel throughout the organization to utilize data for analyzing and improving processes. WTC can custom-engineer a system to meet your specifications. Not sure what you need? Let a WTC professional visit your site and help you determine a system to meet your existing requirements and future goals.

90. WillStein Software
Develops custom LabVIEW solutions for laboratory and pilot plant automation, data acquisition, and process control.
WillStein Software Chromatography Toolkit and Custom Solutions for LabVIEW Product / Prices / Ordering Miscellaneous External Links
WillStein Software develops and publishes solutions for use with LabVIEW (Windows and Macintosh). These solutions focus on data acquisition applications in the chemical industries. Additionally, we provide LabVIEW consulting services for both Windows and Macintosh in general industries such as test and measurement and equipment automation. WillStein Software
1723 Elmwood Avenue
Wilmette, Il 60091 USA
(e-mail is the best way to contact WillStein)

91. Concurrent Computer Corporation
Makes PowerMAX OS fully preemptive, multithreaded, Unix-based RTOS. Leading provider of concurrent real-time multiprocessor OSs, high-performance real-time computer systems, solutions, software for business and government. Focus strategic business areas including simulation; data acquisition; instrumentation and process control; interactive real-time (includes wagering, gaming, video-on-demand); vibration control.

Investor Info Press Room
... Site Map
Headlines March 21, 2003

Concurrent Introduces Latest On-Demand Applications to Asia Pacific Audiences at CCBN 2003
March 20, 2003
Concurrent Computer Corporation Announces BP Pipelines Order For Its Next Generation Series 3200-2000 Systems
March 19, 2003 and Concurrent Partner to Deliver VOD Solution to Telcos
March 17, 2003
Concurrent Computer Corporation Revises its Third Quarter Expectations
March 12, 2003
March 11, 2003

Concurrent Computer Corporation to Present at Roth Capital Conference
March 3, 2003
February 25, 2003
Concurrent XSTREME Division President Shares On-Demand Vision at Kagan VOD Summit

92. Tranzview WWW SCADA Data Acquisition POS DVR Surveillance
is an Embedded Linux PC system that includes WWW (Web Based) SCADA and CCTV DVR functionssuitable for Remote control, data acquisition , Industrial Automation

93. SCADA RTU And Industrial Automation, Scada And Rtu Equipment
Developer and manufacturer of process control, data acquisition and communications equipment primarily serving the water, power, gas, oil, transportation and process control markets.
SCADA, RTU and Industrial Automation Products
SCADA and RTU solutions are our specialty. What is SCADA? SCADA is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. What's an RTU? An RTU is a Remote Telemetry Unit. RTU and SCADA technology is typically used in distributed control and monitoring applications. This includes water and wastewater, oil and gas, factory automation and process control systems. We have been in the industrial automation business for nearly 2 decades. We started as a two-man "garage-shop" operation, doing custom hardware and software industrial automation solutions, and have grown to a multi-million dollar business incorporating both custom and standard product solutions. What makes us so successful? Pure and simple, it is our people. With well over a century of combined experience in industrial automation, our key engineering and management players know the industry. We are not content to rest on our past accomplishments, however. We are constantly striving to put the latest innovations in technology to practical use. One example is our new Scada Bridge wireless RTU
Think of Industrial Control Links for solutions and products in any of the following areas:
  • RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit)
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • datalogger (data logger)
  • alarm autodialer
  • telemetry
  • process controller
  • PC-based controller
  • industrial controller
  • alarm annunciation

94. Index
Manufacturer of process control instrumentations such as sensors, indicators, transmitters, controllers, data acquisition systems, and receiving instruments.
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95. LabJack -- USB-based Data Acquisition And Control
USB based measurement and automation devices interface computers to the physical world.Category Business Electronics and Electrical...... to the physical world. Priced at $119 and up, LabJacks are the price/performanceleader in data acquisition and control hardware.
What is a LabJack?
LabJacks are USB-based measurement and automation devices which provide analog inputs/outputs, digital inputs/outputs, and more. They serve as an inexpensive and easy to use interface between computers and the physical world.
  • For more fundamental information about what you can do with a LabJack see the basic info FAQ For technical information and specifications, go to our products page or directly to the LabJack U12 page. To be notified of the latest LabJack news, sign up for our newsletter
For current availability and general ordering information, please go to our Store Front
LabJack Corporation, 13701 W Jewell Ave, Suite 284, Lakewood, CO 80228-4173
Phone: (303)942-0228, Fax: (720)294-0550

96. Intec Automation Microcontrollers & Data Acquisition Systems
Cprogrammable MC68HC16 based microcontrollers. Wide range of data acquisition and embedded computer applications, machine control, and OEM development are supported.
Applications Microcontrollers Software Development Kits ... HOME
Microcontrollers SS555 ("Steroid Stomp") Power PC + Obscenity of features + Small F16-mite ("Steroid Stamp") No other micro this small, this powerful at this price! Freedom16v2 Micro Larger than mite, accepts numerous options F-16 Development Kits Controller plus software/hardware development tools Software Options microCommander Interact with remote microcontrollers over the internet Dunfield C Affordable DOS compiler, library and IDE ImageCraft C W9x ANSI compliant compiler library and IDE The ultimate In Circuit Debugger load programs into Flash EPROM Integrated assembler/editor/comm A library of numerous hardware specific C functions FX-16 User friendly, powerful, elegant multitasking kernel Accessories Arrow-Pad overlay with window for LCD for a nifty User Interface Battery backed clock/calendar clock complete with software drivers for F16v2 Memory upgrades for F16v2 Stacking Prototyping Board with over 21 of plated through holes (F16v2)

97. Software Resources In Nuclear Physics
TS Toolkit a generic software system for supervisory data acquisition and control(SCADA) applications (from CERN); Virginia Tech Partial-Wave Analyses.
Software Resources for Data Aquisition and Data Analysis in Nuclear Physics
This entry will offer locators to resources on the WWW which give information about existing and and future software products relevant to data aquisition and data analysis in nuclear physics. As of June 30, 2000 this web site will no longer be under maintenance.

98. CGM Engineering, Inc.
An industry leader in software design and system integration. We use technology for data acquisition and control to deliver your measurement and automation system needs.

99. Data Acquisition Systems Software Hardware Pc Based Boards Control
data acquisition software, systems, hardware, pc based data acquisition,scada, control, boards, cards and logging. data acquisition
data acquisition
data acquisition systems, software, hardware, boards, pc based, industrial, pc, control, scada, cards, logging
Overview Products News Distributors ... Contact Us
    Data acquisition systems, software, hardware ...
    If you are looking for any of the following: Or any other related products just click here
    Measurement Systems Ltd is a UK based company which is a market leader in industrial data acquisition and real time management information. The mission of the company is the design, development and manufacture of industrial data acquisition hardware and real time software products aimed at providing applications and solutions for:
  • Process and industrial monitoring Control and factory automation Real time information Test and measurement logging
  • In addition to a wide range of software and hardware products MSL together with our approved business partners and distributors , provides complete turnkey solutions By using MSL the host computer can collect and process input from modules located at the point of measurement and take actions via outputs in real time through the use of a SCADA package.

100. Control Systems,Signal Processing,Software Development, Luppold & Associates, In
Design, develop, implement, and install control system, digital signal processing, and data acquisition software.

About Us Contact Info

About Us Contact Info
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