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         Cryobiology:     more books (72)
  1. Cryobiology, International Journal of Low Temperature Biology and Medicine (Volume 12, Number 4)
  2. Cryobiology: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Science, 3rd ed.</i>
  3. Journal of the Society for Cryobiology. Volume 3, 1966- 1967. by Theodore [Ed] Malinin, 1967
  4. Society for Cryobiology
  5. Studies in Cryobiology by L K Lozina- Lozinskii, 1974-09
  6. Suspended Animation: Research in Cryobiology by Robert Prehoda, 1969
  7. Cryobiology
  8. Cryobiology: An entry from UXL's <i>UXL Encyclopedia of Science</i>
  9. Cryobiology: Webster's Timeline History, 1845 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-07-11
  10. Physics of snow and ice. International Conference on Low Temperature Science. 1. Conference on Physics of Snow and Ice. 2. Conference on Cryobiology. Vol. 1, Part 1 by Hirobumi Oura, 1967
  11. Problems of cryobiology
  12. Fundamentals of Cryobiology by Zhmakin, 2009
  13. Cryobiology by Edited By: Harold T. Meryman, 1966
  14. Current Trends in Cryobiology: Edited by Audrey U. Smith by Audrey U. [Editor] Smith, 1970

21. International Cryobiology Young Researchers Group
Welcome to the International cryobiology Young Researchers Group Website The Internationalcryobiology Young Researcher (ICYR) Group was established in 1998 by
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Cryobiology is the study of life at low temperatures.
you are here: Home Saturday - March 22 - 2003
Welcome to the International Cryobiology Young Researchers Group Website
The International Cryobiology Young Researcher (ICYR) Group was established in 1998 by a group of graduate students from Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia. Their intent was to create a formalized organization to enhance communication and encourage networking amongst young cryobiologists in similar stages of professional development, and to create a means to direct the future of low temperature biology. Presently, the ICYR is composed of students, post-doctoral researchers, and young cryobiologists from around the world who share a commitment to developing and promoting cryobiology.
The objectives of the International Cryobiology Young Researcher Group shall be:
  • to foster international communication and interactions amongst young cryobiology researchers; and
  • to promote the science of cryobiology.

22. Manual
Manual of the general principles of cryobiology, especially regarding the preservation of sperm and embryos. Detailed but accessible to the educated layman.
Asymptote Cool Guide to Cryopreservation This webpage has now been updated and you will be transferred to the new page

23. International Cryobiology Young Researchers Group
Monday March 17 - 2003. What is cryobiology? P. Mazur, Science 168 939-949(1970). cryobiology is the study of living things at low temperature.

24. 21st Century Medicine
A research and development company in the fields of cryopreservation and ice control technologies for cryobiology and industrial uses. In Rancho Cucamonga, California.
Imagine a technology that preserves fragile cells and tissues at extremely low temperatures without damage for extended periods of time. Now imagine the possibilities . . .
Preserving corneas and other delicate tissues with minimal damage long enough to allow worldwide sharing and eliminate outdating Developing ice-resistant concrete for runways and road surfaces Protecting fragile and rare plants from extinction through ice-free preservation Preserving engineered tissue and tissue substitutes long enough for practical inventory control At 21st Century Medicine, we are developing what others only dream about: a cryobiology technology platform that protects complex organic molecules and living systems from damage at ultra-low temperatures. The implications of our research are profound. But its applications are diverse and decidedly practical.

25. BioMonde Research And Development
Bulgarian cryobiology researchers claim to have freezedried, stored, and transplanted most of the vital organs. No details; claims appear to be of dubious credibility. Supposedly part of the Bulgarian Institute of cryobiology and Lyophilisation.

26. 21st Century Medicine
Protecting cells from such damage is the primary challenge of cryobiology. cryobiologyis the science of preserving biological specimens at low temperatures.
The cells in a human being perform their functions using energy derived by combining oxygen with energy rich molecules such as glucose. Unfortunately, a human cell is a delicate, dynamic, yet unstable system, which tends to suffer irrevocable damage when it is frozen and rewarmed. Protecting cells from such damage is the primary challenge of cryobiology. The Principles of Cryobiology
The principles of cryobiology are rooted in the Arrhenius Equation, a theory derived in 1889 by Nobel-prize-winning Swedish scientist Svante August Arrhenius. The Arrhenius Equation states that all chemical reactions occur more slowly as the temperature falls. This rule applies to cellular processes on a microscopic level. Subsequently, when the temperature is raised, the speed of chemical reactions returns to normal. This suggests the intriguing theoretical possibility that many life processes can be made to pause and restart by radically adjusting temperature. This principle has important applications in organ transplants. Today, standard organ preservation solutions allow a heart or a kidney to remain viable for less than 48 hours while it is outside the body. This brief window of opportunity forces surgeons to race against the clock, and often results in compromises, as an available organ has to be transplanted into an available donor even though tissue matching is less than ideal.

27. HIA-Cryobiology
Research Group 'cryobiology' Head Dr. B. Glasmacher (0241) 80 88611 Email Research activities.

Research Group 'Cryobiology'
Head: Dr. B. Glasmacher (0241) 80 - 88611
Research activities
  • Long-term preservation of biological material by deep-freezing and freezedrying
    Development of the "One-step procedure" for autologous reinfusion of cryopreserved human erythrocytes mixed with the cryoprotectant hydroxyethyl starch
    Analysis of the influence of cryoprotectants on crystallization kinetics and glass formation, using DSC-techniques
    Cryomicroscopical description of ice crystal morphology in cryoprotective solutions and of the interaction between ice crystals and biological cells
    Examination of the causes of cell damage during freezing of living cells
    Experimental and numerical study of heat and mass transfer during cooling and drying of biological material
    Study on the cryosurgical aspects of heat transfer during deliberate destruction of tissue.
Biomechanics Ergonomics Cryobiology Measurement Techniques ... HIA

28. CryoLab
cryobiology laboratory at Roskilde University, Denmark. Concentration on cold adaptation in animals, with ongoing research in antifreeze proteins, microtubules, cryopreservation.
May 24-26, 2002
Collection of tardigrads at Öland, Sweden
Mar.15-18, 2002:
Collection of tardigrads at Öland, Sweden.
Att: A.Katholm, a.o. POSTPONED! Jan. 29, 2002:
Novo Nordisk scholarship conference
Att. T.F.Sørensen, H.Ramløv Jan.11, 2002:
Collection of Rhagium inquisitor from Osted forest.
L.Lundby, S.Stærmose

29. Cryobiology, Inc. Sperm Bank
Thank you for considering cryobiology, Inc. for your anonymous donor spermneeds. Our most current genetic siblings. cryobiology, Inc. also
Thank you for considering Cryobiology, Inc. for your anonymous donor sperm needs. O ur most current Donor List is comprised of over 80 Caucasian and 20 ethnically unique donors. Our list is updated quarterly in order to provide you with the most accurate list of donors currently available. We offer both Regular (ICI- Ready) and Pre-Washed (IUI- Ready) vials To assist with donor selection the following are available
- PROFILE (two pages)
- MEDICAL HISTORY (10-12 page)
- PHOTO MATCHING (no charge)
- GENETIC COUNSELING (fee applicable per 30 minutes)
Our lab staff is always available to speak directly with patients and physicians to answer questions, assist in selecting donors, or discuss other issues. Please call 1-800-359-4375 or e-mail us at

30. Cryobiology, Inc.
Thank you for considering cryobiology, Inc. for your anonymous donorsperm needs. Our Ordering Shipping cryobiology, Inc. accepts
Cryobiology, Inc. accepts orders from both physicians and patients, however we only ship to physician offices. Patients who wish to receive specimens at their home or pick up specimens from the lab must present written documentation from a physician's office requesting this service. Orders received by 2:00 EST can be shipped the same day. Because we want to ensure processing of all orders, online ordering is not available at this time. Please call 1-800-359-4375 to speak directly with a receptionist to place an order.
Ordering: Physician Office Orders Patient Orders Shipping: Shipping Details
Shipping Options
Physician Office Orders

back to top
Orders are accepted from physician offices via personnel (i.e. nurse, lab technician) responsible for placing orders by telephone. The receptionist will ask for the donor number, quantity, vial type (regular or prewashed), patient identification, shipping address, delivery date, and name of the person placing the order. Cryobiology, Inc. will bill the physician's office for the cost of vials and shipping fees. New accounts are set up when the first order from the office is placed.

31. Cryobiology - A Short Course
cryobiology A Short Course. Ken Muldrew, Dept. WWW Resources for cryobiology Glossaryof Unusual Terms A Lexicon of Snow next Document last updated Mar.
Cryobiology - A Short Course
University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Locksley E. McGann, Dept. of Pathology,
University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada. This web-based textbook is intended as an introduction to the science of cryobiology the study of living things at low temperatures. It is a work in progress and will be built up piecemeal, as time permits. You may find various sections assume wildly different backgrounds for the reader, but hopefully as work progresses, this will become less of a problem. Note: You will need IBM's techexplorer plugin to view the equations in this document as they are formatted in TeX. Go to IBM's site to get it.
Life at Low Temperatures

32. Cryo Teams
home, cryobiology team Cryosurgery team Edmonton team Endocare contact Medical physicsteam Breakthroughs Phase III prostate study Imaging cryotherapy Kidney
Cryobiology team Cryosurgery team Edmonton team Endocare contact ... Medical physics team Breakthroughs Phase III prostate study Imaging cryotherapy Kidney treatment Freezing injury Cryopreservation Cryomicrosope Simulations Treatment planning Abstracts Papers Presentations Grants Cryotherapy Cryobiomics MRI, CT and ultrasound Image processing Simulation Gallery ACC Cancer Links ... U Penn Cancer Center Link summaries

33. Bigchalk HomeworkCentral Cryobiology (Other Fields)
Looking for the best facts and sites on cryobiology? HIGH SCHOOL BEYOND Science Life Sciences (Biology) Other Fields cryobiology.

34. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Cryobiology (Biotechnology)
Looking for the best facts and sites on cryobiology? HIGH SCHOOL BEYOND Science Life Sciences (Biology) Biotechnology cryobiology.
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  • Liquid Air (Columbia Encyclopedia) ... Contact Us
  • 35. Cryobiology Innovations And Patents
    cryobiology Innovations and Patents © 2002, XQ23.COM Research More informationon cryobiology and cryobiology Research References.
    Cryobiology Innovations and Patents © 2002, XQ23.COM Research
    Aerospace Medicine



    Great Minds
    LEGISLATION Arthritis Legislation
    More information on: Cryobiology and Cryobiology Research References.
    Recent U.S. patents related to Cryobiology:
    6,368,784: Electroporation buffer with cryprotective capabilities
    6,365,338: Organ preservative solution containing trehalose, anti-oxidant, cations and an energy source
    6,361,934: Method and apparatus for cryopreservation 6,361,933: Solutions for the preservation of tissues 6,359,014: Polyoxypropylene/polyoxyethylene copolymers with improved biological activity 6,358,678: Applications of reversible crosslinking and co-treatment in stabilization and viral inactivations of erythrocytes 6,355,448: Sterilization indicator with chemically stabilized enzyme 6,347,525: Ice seeding apparatus for cryopreservation systems 6,344,340: Viability assay for sporocyst-forming protozoa 6,342,372: Eukaryotic layered vector initiation systems for production of recombinant proteins 6,331,310: Solid dose delivery vehicle and methods of making same

    36. University Of Luton | Sensors And Cryobiology Research Group
    cryobiology Research cryobiology research is being undertaken in three key areasThe development photosynthetic prokaryotes. cryobiology publications.
    Cryobiology Research
    Cryobiology research is being undertaken in three key areas:
    • The development of cryopreservation methods for fish eggs and embryos. This work involves the exploration of the structural and physiological factors restricting cryoprotectant modification of eggs/embryos, the nature of chill sensitivity in fish embryos and the development of protocols for either controlled slow cooling or vitrification as a route to successful cryopreservation.
      Optimisation of cryopreservation of modified vertebrate cell lines, including genetically modified strains, to retain high levels of viability; and to explore the use of genetic markers to enable rapid assessment of viability following recovery from storage in liquid nitrogen.
      Optimisation of freeze-drying of a wide range of prokaryotic cell biocatalysts in biosensor configuration in order to achieve very high levels of cell survival (90+%) following resuscitation; and the development of freeze-drying protocols for photosynthetic prokaryotes
    Cryobiology publications Cryobiology research
    Sensors research

    University home

    37. University Of Luton | Sensors And Cryobiology Research Group
    Selected SCRG Publications cryobiology Publications. XH Liu, TT Zhangand DM Rawson. Effects embryos. cryobiology, in press Abstract.
    Selected SCRG Publications
    Cryobiology Publications
    X-H Liu, T T Zhang and D M Rawson.
    Effects of cooling rates and anoxia on the chilling sensitivity of zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos.
    Cryobiology, in press [Abstract]. D M Rawson, T Zhang, D Kalicharan and W L Jongebloed.
    FE-SEM and TEM studies of the chorion, plasma membrane and syncytial layers of the gastrula stage embryo of the zebrafish (Brachydanio rerio): a consideration of the structural and functional relationship with respect to cryoprotectant penetration.
    Aquaculture Research, in press. T Zhang.
    Cryopreservation of fish eggs and embryos. In: P Watson and W Holt (eds.) Vertebrate germplasm resource banking - Strategies and techniques.
    Taylor and Francis, London, in press. X-H Liu.
    Studies on limiting factors relating to the cryopreservation of fish embryos.
    PhD Thesis, University of Luton, March 2000. X-H Liu, T T Zhang and D M Rawson.
    Effects of cooling rates and anoxia on the chilling sensitivity of zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos.

    38. ORO: Oxford Reference Online
    Walker, cryobiology from A Dictionary of Biology. The study of theeffects of very low temperatures on organisms, tissues, and cells.
    Sample Entries
    Key Features Subjects and Titles OUP Team Free Tour ... Alice Walker
    Cryobiology from A Dictionary of Biology
    The study of the effects of very low temperatures on organisms, tissues, and cells. The ability of some animal tissues to remain viable in a frozen state enables them to be preserved by freezing for future use as grafts.
    From A Dictionary of Biology
    Oxford University Press

    Terms and Conditions of Use

    39. CRYOBIOLOGY 2000
    400 Selected Abstract Presentations (continued). 530 Close of Meeting. 530Closing Awards BBQ Banquet. Session 8 cryobiology of Gametes and Embryos.
    Advances in the Field of Low Temperature Biology, Medicine, and Agriculture
    The 37th Annual Meeting of The Society for Cryobiology in Association with the Society for Low Temperature Biology
    July 30 – August 1, 2000
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Kresge Auditorium
    Adjacent to 84 Massachusetts Avenue • Cambridge, Massachusetts SPONSORED BY
    Society for Cryobiology
    Society for Low Temperature Biology
    Center for Engineering in Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital
    Cambridge Healthtech Institute The objective of this meeting is to promote a better understanding of the principles of cryobiology and to provide a forum of exchange for scientists and technologists who specialize in various aspects of low temperature biology, medicine, and agriculture. HIGHLIGHT PRESENTATION
    Cryobiosphere: Viable Paleomicroorganisms in Permafrost Environment Dr. David A. Gilichinsky, Russian Academy of Sciences INVITED SPEAKERS Dr. Thomas J. Anchordoquy, University of Colorado School of Pharmacy Dr. John Biggers, Harvard Medical School

    40. - Your Biology Resource!
    21st Century Medicine A research and development company in the fields of cryopreservationand ice control technologies for cryobiology and industrial uses.
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