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         Groundwater:     more books (100)
  1. Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping: IAH-Selected Papers, volume 11 (IAH - Selected Papers on Hydrogeology)
  2. Artificial Recharge of Groundwater
  3. Urban Groundwater, Meeting the Challenge: IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology 8
  4. Groundwater Science by Charles R. Fitts, 2002-06-19
  5. Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater: Mechanism, Analysis, and Remediation by Satinder Ahuja, 2008-09-29
  6. Submarine Groundwater by Igor S. Zektser, Lorne G. Everett, et all 2006-09-29
  7. Groundwater and Wells
  8. Introduction to Groundwater Modeling: Finite Difference and Finite Element Methods by Herbert F. Wang, Mary P. Anderson, 1995-07-07
  9. Effective Groundwater Model Calibration: With Analysis of Data, Sensitivities, Predictions, and Uncertainty by Mary C. Hill, Claire R. Tiedeman, 2007-01-22
  10. Nitrates in Groundwater: IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology 5 (Iah - Selected Papers on Hydrogeology)
  11. Groundwater in Fractured Rocks: IAH Selected Paper Series, volume 9 (Selected Papers on Hydrogeology)
  12. Applied Groundwater Modeling: Simulation of Flow and Advective Transport by Mary P. Anderson, William W. Woessner, 1991-12-25
  13. Groundwater Hydrology: Conceptual and Computational Models by K. R. Rushton, 2003-11-17
  14. Sustainability of ground-water resources (U.S. Geological Survey circular) by William M Alley, 1999

21. Welcome To Groundwater Analytical
Testing laboratory offering login and maintaining certification in several states, besides their base in Buzzards Bay, MA.

1. Introduction. 2. Ground Water Basics. 3. Ground Water Quality. 4. WhatYou Can Do. 5. Ground Water Protection Programs. 6. Glossary. 7. References.
1. Introduction 2. Ground Water Basics 3. Ground Water Quality 4. What You Can Do ... 7. References Return to Title Page

23. In-Situ Fixation, Inc. - Deep Soil Mixing, Contaminated Soil, Soil Remediation,
Company providing in situ remediation/treatment of soil and groundwater utilizing DUAL AUGER soil mixing technology. Specializing in bioremediation and Thermally Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction. Site has information on these and other technologies, including Zero Valent Iron Injection.
About In-situ Fixation, Inc. The primary business of In-Situ Fixation, Inc. (I-SF) using its I-SF has been in business since 1987 and is capable of and experienced in in-situ soil treatment utilizing Bio-remediation, Hot Air/Steam Stripping, Iron Injection and/or Solidification/Stabilization. Additionally, I-SF has the experience and capabilities to work with our clients to perform treatability studies and to develop site specific reagents. I-SF is the first company to successfully employ deep soil mixing for both in-situ Bio-remediation and the remediation of chlorinated solvents using Zero Valent Iron Injection in the United States.

24. Environmental Consulting Services, LLP
Providing comprehensive environmental services (air quality, surface water, groundwater, sampling, characterization, remediation, site assessments, reporting, permitting, spill control, storm water, and regulatory consultations) for industry throughout the United States. Located in Billings, Montana.
"ECS has become a very important part of our nation-wide environmental program. From permits to stormwater training classes, their work has received outstanding reviews from regulators and plant management throughout the United States." Martin V. Elmore, Corporate Manager of Environmental Affairs, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc., Atlanta, GA Welcome to ECS Online - Environmental Consulting Services Environmental Consulting Services, LLP (ECS) was established in Billings, MT in 1994 and offers a wide variety of environmental services to our clients. ECS specializes in the environmental services field of Air Quality (AQ), with the majority of our projects, clients, experience and services performed within this discipline. Although AQ Services are our specialty, ECS provides many other environmental services to our clients. Please take a moment to browse our " " page, as well as our "

25. GroundWater Consultants Web Page
Pisa Offre consulenze in tema di idrogeologia applicata e geologia ambientale.
GroundWater Consultants
idrogeologia applicata e geologia ambientale chi siamo servizi progetti clienti ... top of page chi siamo top of page GroundWater Consultants servizi top of page GroundWater consultants mediante l'uso di modelli numerici di simulazione che consentono una effettiva comprensione del comportamento fisico del "sistema" suolo/acquifero, garantisce l'identificazione di soluzioni ottimali a numerosi problemi ambientali e territoriali:
  • Gestione ottimale dello sfruttamento del sistema acquifero.
  • Ricarica artificiale della falda.
  • Valutazione di impatto ambientale sulle acque sotterranee di opere civili.
  • Ingegneria geotecnica:subsidenza del suolo, dewatering.
  • Contaminazione del suolo e delle falde in corrispondenza di siti inquinati
  • Studio dell'intrusione salina in acquiferi costieri
  • Determinazione delle zone di rispetto degli impianti di sollevamento di acqua potabile secondo criteri cronologici.
L' integrazione dei risultati dei modelli di simulazione con sistemi GIS (Geographical Information Systems) consente inoltre:
  • la creazione di basi di dati geologico-ambientali
  • la generazione automatica di carte tematiche georeferenziate con caratteristiche previsionali a supporto della redazione degli strumenti urbanistici.

26. Genesis Of High Arsenic Groundwater In The Bengal Delta Plains, West-Bengal And
Mattias von Br¶mssen writes on the soil chemistry that causes the problem.
Genesis of high arsenic groundwater in the Bengal Delta Plains, West-Bengal and Bangladesh
Division of Land and Water Resources, Thesis Report Series 1999:18
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
The high arsenic groundwater of the Bengal Delta Plain (BDP) in India as well as in Bangladesh, has become a priority health issue. A large population (
Arsenopyrite (FeAsS) and/or pyrite (FeS ) are the primary source of arsenic in natural systems. In sedimentary systems, arsenic is also adsorbed onto the reactive surfaces of secondary oxides and hydroxides of iron, aluminium and manganese (HFO, HAO and HMO). An aerobic (1) and an anaerobic (2) hypothesis have been put forward to explain the mobilisation of the arsenic in the groundwater. 1) When groundwater is withdrawn, oxygen may enter the aquifer and oxidise the primary sulphides and subsequently releases arsenic and sulphate in groundwater. 2) Alternately, arsenic may be derived as a result of desorption and reductive dissolution of the surface reactive mineral phases such as hydrous ferric, aluminium and manganese oxides (HFO, HAO and HMO) present as coatings in the aquifer sediments. Phosphate is adsorbed onto HFO in a similar way as arsenic. The mechanism of arsenic and phosphate is initialised by anoxic water in the aquifers.
Watersamples from wells in Chakdaha, West-Bengal, India and Bangladesh were analysed for a number of chemical parameters. Some porewater/BAT-point samples were also taken from a depth of 3 to 5 meters in Chakdaha and compared with the well samples. The groundwater was found to be neutral to slightly alkaline and essentially Ca-HCO

27. Groundwater Issues
groundwater Links. General. Software. Seepage/groundwater Modeling SoftwareSoftware Hydrology groundwater Modeling and Analysis Software. Michigan.

28. Water Resources And Environmental Research Center At City College/Courses
The City University of New York, The City College, Department of Civil Engineering. Conducts research on surface water flows, soil erosion, sewerage treatment, landfills, groundwater transport and contamination and other related topics.
Center for Water Resources and Environmental Research
The City University of New York
The City College
Department of Civil Engineering
138th Street at Convent Avenue
New York, New York 10031
Photographs courtesy Philip Greenspun
WELCOME! You have reached the home page for the Center for Water Resources and Environmental Research at The City College of The City University of New York.
The Center conducts research on surface water flows, soil erosion, sewerage treatment, landfills, groundwater transport and contamination and other related topics. For more information about the Center you may write to the above address, call (212) 650-8099 or send electronic mail to . The Center is located on the City College campus in Steinman Hall at the north-east corner of 140th Street and Convent Avenue.
    Created by Prof. R. Birchwood and A.Wilson
Center for Water Resources Environmental Research
Photographs courtesy Philip Greenspun The City College, New York City's largest urban-based engineering and scientific public university, is at the forefront of solving the urgent problems arising from the need for effective, efficient, and economical conservation of water and other natural resources. In spearheading this broad agenda, the Center draws upon the expertise of faculty in a wide range of disciplines at CCNY and other campuses of CUNY.

Malaysian seller and distributor of instruments for a diverse range of environmental and agricultural and sampling and analysis, including soil, surface and groundwater, crops, climate, and sewage.
We are specialized in the field of instrumentation for Agricultural Study
and Soil Sampling Equipment. In our sales programme, we have a wide
range of products catering for the Water, Climate, Hydrology and Moisture
Control for the Wood-Working Sectors. Our products are widely used by
various Consultants, Universities, Government Departments, Research
E n t e r

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30. Biospeleology (cave Biology)
Texas Memorial Museum's web site on biospeleology. Information on the biota of caves, karst, and groundwater.
Biospeleology The Biology of Caves, Karst, and Groundwater This page is sponsored by the Texas Memorial Museum, The University of Texas at Austin and the Missouri Department of Conservation Missouri Cave Life (pictorial guide) Explore Biospeleology (links) Handouts for cave managers (Elliott's files) A primitive remipede crustacean, 27 mm long, from Cueva Quebrada, Isla Cozumel, Mexico, by Dennis Williams, 18 October 2000. This may be Speleonectes tulumensis Yager, 1987. Remipedes typically live in low-oxygen, brackish waters in marine caves. See a Cuban remipede, Speleonectes gironensis Yager, courtesy of Abel Pérez Gonzalez. 29 October 2002 Comments to the Troglomeister: Missouri Department of Conservation

31. Groundwater Biology Home Page
Full information about the groundwater biology in the World. groundwater AN UNKNOWN HABITAT Carl voon Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg.
... we shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive
where we started and know the place for the first time through the unknown, remebered
gate when the last of earth left to discover is that which was the beginning" (T. S. Eliot)

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Carl voon Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Moulis - France
Texas Memorial Museum, The University of Texas [U.S.A.]
PESCE'S HOME PAGE [University of L'Aquila - Italy]
Instituto de Biociencias - Universidad de Sao Paulo - Brazil
by T. Iliffe

Gives topics, dates and locations of sponsored events.
international ground water modeling center

33. The Centre For Groundwater Studies
A research and education venture focusing on processes of groundwater recharge, discharge, contamination, Category Regional Oceania Science and Environment Environment......The Centre for groundwater Studies (CGS) is an international research and educationventure focusing on processes of groundwater recharge, discharge

34. Welcome To Groundfreezing - Layne Christensen - Geotechnical Constructions Group
Ground freezing is a technique that has been used extensively for groundwater control and excavation support in the underground construction and mining industries for over 100 years.
Ground freezing is a technique that has been used extensively for groundwater control and excavation support in the underground construction industry for over 100 years.
The process involves the circulation of a refrigerated coolant through a series of subsurface pipes to convert soil water to ice, creating a strong watertight material. The material is so strong, in fact, that it is routinely used as the only method of groundwater control and soil support for the construction of shafts hundreds of feet into water-bearing soils.
Most ground freezing systems are quite similar in principal. The single most important component of a ground freezing system is the subsurface refrigeration system, consisting of a series of refrigeration pipes installed with various drilling techniques. Depending upon the application, the coolant can be brought to temperatures well below -150 degrees celcius. Ground freezing can be achieved by using either a large portable refrigeration plant or liquid nitrogen. After the initial freezing has been completed and the frozen barrier is in place, the required refrigeration capacity is significantly reduced to maintain the frozen barrier. Please enter your e-mail address below to be notified of product / information updates!

35. Centre For Groundwater Studies
Click on this button now or wherever you are in the site toquickly and easily access information on groundwater.
Click on this button now or wherever you are in the site to quickly and easily access information on groundwater.
Welcome to the Centre for Groundwater Studies. Click on any of the menu items above or alongside to explore the site. This section of the web-site has been added to help you find the information you need, whether you are a student, business, researcher or community group 25th August, 2000

36. WRA Home Page
A specialist worldwide consultancy (based in UK), offering analytical, modelling and software development skills for hydrology, water resources, groundwater and water quality investigations.
Water Resource Associates Water Resource Associates is a specialist world-wide consultancy, offering analytical, modelling and software development skills for hydrology, water resources, groundwater and water quality investigations. It was formed in 1994 by a network of established individual consultants with world-wide experience of water issues. We provide a specialist consultancy service in any field - water supply, irrigation, flood control, groundwater, basin development, systems analysis and modelling - where water is a key component. Our combined experience spans 110 countries covering all the major climatic regions of the world. Special areas of expertise
  • resource estimation and long-term yield analysis rainfall-runoff modelling analysis and prediction of floods and droughts development of general and bespoke software hydrogeological investigations water quality assessment and modelling data capture, digitising and database design
We had added a section on flooding for developers, lawyers and insurers. Recent projects include
  • providing the standard hydrological model for all regions of the UK Environment Agency developing microFSR flood analysis software providing systems analysis for the South Java Flood Control Sector Project supervising a water data project within the Middle East Peace Process yield analysis for Severn-Trent Water plc
Clients include: European Union, French Government, Severn Trent Water, Southern Water, UK Environment Agency, Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmnental Research (SNIFFER), HR Wallingford, National Power, Major Consulting Engineers

37. King County Groundwater Management
Generic and local information on the occurrence, movement, and management of ground water.
Groundwater Management What is Groundwater? Groundwater Protection Committees
2001 Annual Report
Groundwater is rain water that has filtered into (or recharged ) the ground and then stays beneath the surface like water in a wet sponge. All soil materials fill with water, although we usually think of groundwater being located in coarser soil materials such as sand or gravel, zones called aquifers where the water can easily be obtained and used. Finer soils, like silts, clays, and intact rocks, ( confining beds ) yield water only very slowly. Groundwater can be observed when it fills a well to a level called the water table . It moves from areas with a high water table to areas with a low water table, but at a very slow rate, usually only inches per day even in the most productive aquifers. Over a long time, groundwater discharges to surface water bodies such as lakes, wetlands, streams, rivers, and the ocean. Groundwater provides "base flow" for rivers - that's why they keep running after the rain has stopped falling. Groundwater is the major source of drinking water for citizens in the eastern, southern, and western (Vashon and Maury Islands) parts of King County, beyond the area supplied by the

38. SEVIEW - SESOIL, AT123D & BIOSCREEN Integrated Modeling System
Integrated package incorporating SESOIL, AT123D and BIOSCREEN everything needed to perform contaminant transport and fate modeling. Model results can be used to establish sitespecific cleanup levels in soil and groundwater.
Integrated Contaminant Transport and Fate Modeling System




  • New Reports
  • SESOIL updated
  • AT123D updated
  • Scaleable Windows
  • Simplified Setup
  • New Climatic Data
  • Chemical Database
  • Enhanced links
  • Updated Docs SEVIEW 6.1 Features
    Develop Site-Specific Cleanup Objectives
    Click here to download SEVIEW 6.1 demo
  • 39. D & A Environmental Inc, Committed To Offering Quality Environmental Services
    Offers site investigations, consulting work, soil and groundwater remediation, OSHA compliance audits, underground storage tank testing, non destructive testing, tank removal API 653 above ground tank inspections, leadbased paint inspections and risk management, asbestos inspections and abatement, indoor air quality testing, water quality testing ,and site characterization.
    "Committed to Offering Quality
    Environmental Services"

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    120 N. Abington Road
    Clarks Summit PA 18411
    Ph: (570)586-1306
    Fax: (570)586-7998
    E-mail : Site designed and hosted by Andres Web Services, Inc.
    If you have suggestions or comments please contact

    40. Princeton Groundwater
    PRINCETON groundwater, Inc. PO Box 273776 Tampa, FL 336883776 Phone (813)964-0800 Fax (813) 964-0900 E-mail
    P.O. Box 273776
    Tampa, FL 33688-3776
    Phone: (813) 964-0800
    Fax: (813) 964-0900
    E-mail: Princeton Groundwater, Inc. is not affiliated with Princeton University Modeling Other Related Sites Consulting Training The Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology Course
    Cleary, Cherry, Nielsen, Kavanaugh and Brownell
    This Course is approved by the Connecticut LEP Board for 40 hours of CEC credits
    and the Massachusetts LSP Board for 38 hours of CEC credits!
    2003 COURSES: July 14 - 18, 2003
    Orlando, FL Aug. 4 - 8, 2003
    San Francisco, CA REGISTER VIEW
    EMAIL The Remediation Course Cleary, Kueper, Rorech, Kavanaugh, Brownell and Einarson
    This Course is approved by the Connecticut LEP Board for 40 hours of CEC credits and the Massachusetts LSP Board for 41 hours of CEC credits! 2003 COURSES: Mar. 17 - 21, 2003

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