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         Groundwater:     more books (100)
  1. Ground-Water Hydrology and Hydraulics by David B. McWhorter, Daniel K. Sunada, 1981-06
  2. Water Follies: Groundwater Pumping And The Fate Of America's Fresh Waters by Robert Glennon, 2004-01-14
  3. Groundwater Monitoring (Water Quality Measurements) by Dr. Anne Marie Fouillac, Mr. Johannes Grath, et all 2009-11-02
  4. A Real Basket Case (Five Star Mystery) (Five Star Mystery Series) by Beth Groundwater, 2007-03-21
  5. Groundwater Hydrology of Springs: Engineering, Theory, Management and Sustainability
  6. The Essential Handbook of Ground-Water Sampling by David M. Nielsen, Gillian Nielsen, 2006-11-27
  7. Groundwater Geochemistry: A Practical Guide to Modeling of Natural and Contaminated Aquatic Systems by Broder J. Merkel, Britta Planer-Friedrich, 2008-07-24
  8. The Handbook of Groundwater Engineering, Second Edition
  9. Groundwater Response to Changing Climate (IAH - Selected Papers on Hydrogeology)
  10. Groundwater Geochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications to Contamination by William J. Deutsch, 1997-09-30
  11. Remediation Technologies for Soils and Groundwater by Alok Bhandari; Rao Y. Surampalli; Pascale Champagne; Say Kee Ong (Editors), 2007-03-15
  12. Practical Handbook of Environmental Site Characterization and Ground-Water Monitoring, Second Edition
  13. Groundwater Resources: Sustainability, Management, and Restoration by Neven Kresic, 2008-09-10
  14. Groundwater Modeling by the Finite Element Method (Water Resources Monograph) by Jonathan D. Istok, 1989-12

Release date: November 25, 1997
For more information contact: Guy Schein, (509) 376-0413,
As part of its continuing evaluation of groundwater contamination at Hanford, the U.S. Department of Energy has confirmed that past leaks from Hanford's single-shell tank farms are a contributing source of groundwater contamination in the site's 200 Area. Although the department previously identified the single-shell tanks as a likely contributor to groundwater contamination, the first of several draft Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) groundwater quality assessment reports of the Waste Management Areas in Hanford's 200 Area provide technical confirmation of this source of groundwater contamination. Other known sources of groundwater contamination include cribs, ponds, trenches, and ditches. The groundwater that has been contaminated is not a source of drinking water and is regularly monitored and compared to acceptable water quality specifications. The site is also implementing protective measures to prevent the migration of contaminants from the area. These measures include traditional methods for treating groundwater contamination "pump and treat" and consideration of innovative technologies. Energy Secretary Federico Pe¤a, as part of his commitment to place new emphasis on both the study and cleanup of groundwater contamination at Hanford, has assigned the Under Secretary, Dr. Ernest Moniz, to work with the Environmental Management Program, the Hanford Site, an expert panel (currently studying tank farm contamination in the subsurface) and regulators to provide an integrated assessment of the scientific methods used to study groundwater contamination and their use in efforts to define site priorities and programs.

42. USGS -- Ground Water Information
Assessing GroundWater Vulnerability to Contamination (circular 1224); Flowand Storage in groundwater Systems (from Science Magazine, June 14, 2002);
USGS Ground Water Information Pages
These pages are designed to provide useful information about ground-water resources of the Nation and ground-water activities of the USGS
New Reports
22 Mar 22:42:12 EST 2003 Click on a major heading to see more links!

43. Earthward Consulting - Environmental Modeling And GIS
Consultations, computer simulations, and expert testimony regarding groundwater analysis, deep well injection, and SWIFT.
Earthward Consulting
Contact us at Email us All information contained is ©
Earthward Consulting, Inc. BSA T962

44. GWPC WebMail Access
The GWPC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of US ground water.Category Science Environment groundwater Organizations......This site is for authorized users from the GWPC. Please click here to login.
This site is for authorized users from the GWPC.
Please click here to

45. U.S. EPA Region 9: Cross-Program Activities: Charnock MTBE Cleanup Project
Case study about problem with MTBE (oxygenate fuel additive) in the Charnock groundwater subbasin, which is an important source of drinking water for Santa Monica and Culver City, California.
Region 9: Charnock MTBE Cleanup Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and over 140 Tribal Nations Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Region 9 Cross-Program Activities Charnock MTBE Cleanup Project Discovery
Water Sources

Source Investigation

Regional Investigation
Maps, Figures, Photos
Charnock MTBE Cleanup
Work is underway to clean up groundwater polluted with the gasoline additive MTBE in Southern California's Charnock Sub-Basin. Responsible parties are paying over $3 million per year to provide replacement water to Santa Monica and Culver City residents. The Charnock groundwater sub-basin is located in Southern California within the communities of West Los Angeles and Culver City ( Site Location Map , 111 KB PDF) and is an important source of drinking water for the cities of Santa Monica and Culver City. The City of Santa Monica sought assistance from EPA after shutting down a number of its drinking water wells in 1996 due to the presence of increasing levels of the gasoline additive Methyl tert Butyl Ether (MTBE). Affected residents of Santa Monica and Culver City are currently receiving replacement water. The Charnock Project involves the investigation and cleanup of MTBE and other gasoline-related pollution in areas affecting water quality in the Charnock Sub-basin (see map listed in the Table of Contents below) and the restoration of this sub-basin for use as a drinking water supply.

46. Water Data Library Main Menu
Access to data and hydrographs for nearly 20000 wells in groundwater basins throughout California Category Regional North America California Government...... Department. Select from one of the following data modules Water QualityData. groundwater Level Data. Climatology Data (under construction).
WDL Main Menu
Welcome to the Department of Water Resources Water Data Library (WDL) home page. This site provides on-line access to hydrologic data collected by the Division of Planning and Local Assistance and other organizations within the Department. Select from one of the following data modules:
Comments or Suggestions?
Please read this important
Send e-mail to with questions or comments about the web site.

47. Inland Rivers Network - Inland Rivers Network
Environmental association committed to conserving the biodiversity, natural functioning and health of the inland rivers, wetlands and groundwaters of the MurrayDarling Basin in southeast Australia. Site includes news, events, river facts, publications, and projects.
The Inland Rivers Network (IRN) is a coalition of environment groups and individuals committed to conserving the biological diversity, natural functioning and health of the inland rivers, wetlands and groundwaters of the Murray-Darling Basin in southeast Australia. Together with local and regional environmental groups, IRN seeks to promote a greater understanding of the threats to inland rivers from poor land and water management. The most recent IRN NEWS Newsletters and articles covering topics such as environmental flows, irrigation and flow regulation in the Murray-Darling Basin can be viewed here. Last updated - 15 November 2000 What's new?

48. National Non-Profit Eduction Organization - American Ground Water Trust
Promotes public awareness of groundwater. Information on nonpointsource pollution and its prevention, Category Science Environment groundwater Organizations...... that promotes awareness, cooperation and action among individuals, groups and organizationsconcerning the benefits from and protection of groundwater as a
Ground Water Info Teacher Institutes Updated
Welcome to our Web Site The American Ground Water Trust is a not-for-profit education organization incorporated in 1986 and headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire, USA. The Trust, an independent authority on the hydrologic, economic and environmental significance of ground water, combines technical expertise with a track record of networking and communication skills.
The Trust
  • Protects ground water and
    promotes resource sustainability Communicates the environmental and economic value of ground water Showcases ground water science and technology solutions Increases citizen, community and decision maker awareness Facilitates stakeholder participation in water resources decisions
Bringing People Together The integrity of the Trust's information and the effectiveness and delivery of our ground water awareness programs are the foundation of our partnerships with local, state and national organizations and agencies. Because of our independence and objectivity, we are positioned to bring stakeholders together to encourage open discussion about practical ways to protect, develop and manage ground water resources. Our message is clear, based on science and makes sense.

49. Attention Science Teachers -- Try Out Soda Bottle Hydrology
Activities and experiments for teaching children (various grades) about groundwater, aquifers, and hydrology. Page contains both student's and teacher's introductions. From the US Dept of Energy Office of Environmental Management.
EM Home
Attention Science Teachers Try out Soda Bottle Hydrology
Classroom Activities with Water
is the study of water. The hydrologic cycle or water cycle is the endless recycling process water goes through on Earth. Heat from the sun makes water evaporate. The water vapor rises into the atmosphere, where it cools and condenses forming clouds. The clouds release water through precipitation (rain, sleet, snow, etc.). The water falls onto the ground and into the ocean. Some of it is absorbed into the ground and some of it runs along the surface to the ocean. Then the water starts to heat up again and goes through the cycle again.
Teacher's Introduction
The following activities are designed to give students a better grasp of concepts relating to groundwater aquifers , and hydrology . The first activity, Pre-Lab Construction, sets up the materials for the following activities. Activities can be conducted in sequence or individually; feel free to improvise or expand at any level. The suggested materials are commonly available at drug, hardware, and grocery stores. They are listed in the order they are used in the activities. Depending on what grade level you teach, and your class objectives, these activities can be used individually or collectively. They can be conducted as a demonstration (especially for younger students) or as a laboratory activity by students in higher grades. Younger students may have difficulty performing the experiments without making a mess. Students who will perform the activities can collect clear plastic two-liter soda bottles at home about two weeks before the class begins these activities. For the activities to work best, students should collect only clear bottles with formed (not attached) bottoms. The bottles need to be stabilized for the activities to work well without making a big mess. This can be done with a ring stand and a clip or rubber band. Also, each activity must be started with dry sand.

50. Groundwater Portal
BC ministry site, with general ground water information, water well data, information on groundwater Category Science Environment Water Resources groundwater......•, Freshwater (Environment Canada), groundwater (Environment Canada), ,Land and Resource Registries Portal, •, More groundwater Related Links,
BC Water Portal Aquifers Find a Well Groundwater Reference Library ... Freshwater (Environment Canada) Groundwater (Environment Canada) Canadian Ground Water Association The British Columbia Ground Water Association Land and Resource Registries Portal More Groundwater Related Links Our Address
Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection
Province of British Columbia
PO Box 9340
Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC
Street Address:
2975 Jutland Rd
Victoria BC

51. A - Bentofix - Carbofol - Secugrid - Secutex - Depotex - Secudrän - Terrafix -
Germany. Multinational group of manufacturing companies, active in geotechnology. Woven and nonwoven fabrics and composite structures for landfill enclosure, groundwater protection, civil and hydraulic engineering, and tunnelling. Technical articles and case studies available upon request. Dictionary of industry terms and definitions. English and German.
Tel +49 5741 4008 - Fax +49 5741 4008 40

52. California Groundwater Assoc.
54 Years of Caring for California's groundwater Resources. A nonprofit organizationrepresenting the groundwater industry in California. Members include

54 Years of Caring for California's Groundwater Resources
ssociation A non-profit organization representing the groundwater industry in California. Members include:
Water well drilling and pump contractors, suppliers and manufacturers, geologists, engineers, regulators and others in the groundwater field. OUR MISSION
aring for California’s groundwater resources iving high quality service to members and the public cting in the best interest of the groundwater industry he California Groundwater Association (CGA) is a non-profit organization that has promoted protection of groundwater since 1948. Our members include water well drilling and pump contractors, suppliers and manufacturers, geologists, engineers, hydrologists, government employees and others working in the groundwater field. We represent over 15,000 groundwater professional working with water well owners throughout California. eyond maintaining high standards in the ground industry, the CGA is devoted to providing continuing education to its members and furnishing accurate information to the public regarding the quantity, quality and availability of California’s groundwater resources. CGA is an affiliate of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).

53. Groundwater Portal
The British Columbia Ministry of Environment Lands and Parks provides an overview of groundwater resources.
BC Water Portal Aquifers Find a Well Groundwater Reference Library ... Freshwater (Environment Canada) Groundwater (Environment Canada) Canadian Ground Water Association The British Columbia Ground Water Association Land and Resource Registries Portal More Groundwater Related Links Our Address
Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection
Province of British Columbia
PO Box 9340
Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC
Street Address:
2975 Jutland Rd
Victoria BC

54. Urban Groundwater Database
Welcome to the Urban groundwater Database. The Database is managed by Claus Ottoat the Centre for groundwater Studies, CSIRO Land and Water in Australia.
Welcome to the Urban Groundwater Database
The Database provides brief descriptions of a wide variety of cities and their groundwater issues, together with contacts and references. It is an initial access point with links to further information material.
The Database is an initiative of the International Association of Hydrogeologists Commission on Urban Groundwater (Chairman Ken Howard ) and consists of City/Town entries contributed by people from around the world. The Database is managed by Claus Otto at the Centre for Groundwater Studies CSIRO Land and Water in Australia. You can also search the on-line IAH-CGUA Bibliography on Urban Hydrogeology
Centre for
Groundwater Studies
The UGD is a USER-CONTRIBUTED database. You provide the data for your favourite Towns/Cities, and this data will be formatted and stored permanently at this site in a form accessible to everyone.
You may either -
Submit/alter data for a Town/City!
Navigate the alphabetical listings!
Search the Database!
This page has been accessed times.

55. Indiana University Groundwater Flow Modeling Laboratory
The purpose of the laboratory is to facilitate applied research in the area of groundwater flow and Category Society Issues Environment Research Organizations......The groundwater Flow Modeling Laboratory at the School of Public and EnvironmentalAffairs supports the development and application of groundwater flow models.
at the
Environmental Science Research Center
School of Public and Enironmental Affairs
Indiana University The Groundwater Flow Modeling Laboratory at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs supports the development and application of groundwater flow models. The primary focus is on the Analytic Element Method (AEM). The lab is directed by Professor Henk Haitjema.
Recent research projects
An introduction to the Analytic Element Method
Articles, books, conference proceedings, and reports
Pdf documents of monographs and manuscripts Free groundwater flow model
Groundwater flow courses available
Other hydrology and groundwater related sites Webmaster: Charles Haitjema

56. AMS Inc.
Sampling technology and equipment for soil, soil gas vapor and groundwater.

57. Groundwater Services, Inc.
Welcome to the homepage for groundwater Services, Inc. Publications andother resources produced by groundwater Services, Inc. Information
Welcome to the homepage for Groundwater Services, Inc.
about GSI
engineering services software publications ... Privacy Policy
Information regarding engineering services available at GSI, including site assessment and remediation, ground and
surface water modeling, environmental software development, database and GIS compilation, and litigation support.
Publications and other resources produced by
Groundwater Services, Inc.
Information about GSI-designed software products for the environmental professional, including the RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases, RBCA for TRRP, Bioscreen, and Biochlor.
Includes pricing, downloads, and online ordering with our secure server.
Information regarding training courses available through GSI. Register now for:
TRRP training in Dallas, TX
General information about Groundwater Services, Inc.

58. Coastal Bend Groundwater Conservation District
Information on board members and meetings, staff and employment opportunities, and links to water management sites and publications.
Board of Directors Minutes Advisory Council About Us ... Contact Us Our offices are located in the old library building. 1017 N. Alabama
P. O. Box 341
Wharton, TX 77488 Neil Hudgins , General Manager
Office Phone: (979) 531-1412

59. - Aquifer Test Software, AquiferTest, Single Well Soluti
Develops applications to help hydrogeologists analyze aquifer tests and design effective aquifer remediat Category Science Environment Water Resources groundwater Software......Aquifer Test Software. Purchase Online Download Immediately. Developersof groundwater and aquifer test software. The only aquifer
Aquifer Test Software
Purchase Online
Download Immediately
Developers of groundwater and aquifer test software. The only aquifer test software you will ever need:
and Single Well Solutions See our full line of products at


60. Groundwater Primer - Table Of Contents
Virginia Tech University online primer covers pollution sources, contaminant types, transport and Category Science Environment Water Resources groundwater......groundwater Primer Table of Contents. Click on the chapterheadings to see the available topics. Chapters
Groundwater Primer - Table of Contents
Click on the chapter headings to see the available topics.
  • Introduction Sources of Pollution Types of Contaminants Transport of Contaminants Fate of Contaminants Models Remediation Monitoring Legal Aspects Miscellaneous Index
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