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         Medicine:     more books (100)
  1. Pocket Medicine: The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine (Pocket Medicine Series) by Marc Sabatine, 2010-09-13
  2. Step-Up to Medicine, North American Edition (Step-Up Series) by Steven S. Agabegi, Elizabeth D. Agabegi, 2008-04-07
  3. Case Files Internal Medicine, Third Edition (LANGE Case Files) by Eugene Toy, John Patlan, 2009-07-14
  4. Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and VitalityUpdated and Expanded by Donna Eden, David Feinstein, 2008-08-21
  5. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 17th Edition by Anthony S. Fauci, Eugene Braunwald, et all 2008-03-06
  6. Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access by Robert MD Nussbaum MD, Roderick R. McInnes MDPhDFRS(C), et all 2007-06-08
  7. The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook: A Home Manual by James Green, 2000-12-30
  8. Case Files Family Medicine, Second Edition (LANGE Case Files) by Eugene Toy, Donald Briscoe, et all 2009-08-25
  9. Andreoli and Carpenter's Cecil Essentials of Medicine: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access (Cecil Medicine) by Thomas E. Andreoli MDMACPFRCP(Edin), Ivor Benjamin MDFACCFAHA, et all 2010-03-29
  10. Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing by Yoga Journal, Timothy McCall, 2007-07-31
  11. Harrison's Manual of Medicine, 17th Edition by Anthony Fauci, Eugene Braunwald, et all 2009-03-19
  12. Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams, David Carson, 1999-07-30
  13. The Language of Medicine by Davi-Ellen Chabner BAMAT, 2007-02-14
  14. The Language of Medicine by Davi-Ellen Chabner BAMAT, 2010-01-27

1. U.S. National Library Of Medicine
The world's largest medical library. It collects materials in all major areas of the health sciences Category Society Issues Health Policy United States Government......The National Library of medicine (NLM), on the campus of NIH in Bethesda,Maryland, is the world's largest medical library. Text Version.
Text Version
MEDLINE/PubMed, MEDLINEplus, NLM Gateway
Catalog, Databases, Historical Materials, MeSH, Publications, Training, Grants, Network of Libraries
Computational Molecular Biology, Medical Informatics, Visible Human Project, UMLS
Announcements, Exhibits, New on this Site, Hot Topics
Visiting the Library, FAQs, Staff, Jobs, Contacts U.S. National Library of Medicine , 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20894
National Institutes of Health

Accessibility Freedom of Information Act

2. The Alternative Medicine Homepage
The Alternative medicine Homepage is a jumpstation for sources of information on unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, or alternative, complementary, innovative, integrative therapies. For information on this site please go to the about us page.
The Alternative Medicine Homepage is a jumpstation for sources of information on unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, or alternative, complementary, innovative, integrative therapies. For information on this site please go to the about us page. This site updated - October 2002. All of the Alternative Medicine Homepage awards are located on the about us page. In 2002, the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Section staff of the National Library of Medicine classifies alternative medicine under the term complementary therapies . This is defined as therapeutic practices which are not currently considered an integral part of conventional allopathic medical practice. They may lack biomedical explanations but as they become better researched some, such as physical therapy, diet, and acupuncture, become widely accepted whereas others, such as humors or radium therapy, quietly fade away, yet are important historical footnotes. Therapies are termed as Complementary when used in addition to conventional treatments and as Alternative when used instead of conventional treatment.

3. The New England Journal Of Medicine: Research & Review Articles On Diseases & Cl
The New England Journal of medicine (NEJM) is a weekly general medical journalthat publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial

SEARCH CURRENT ISSUE PAST ISSUES ... HELP Current Issue Table of Contents Editors' Summaries For Subscribers Sign in for Full Text Activate Full Text Access CiteTrack Personal Archive ... Teaching Tools Services Subscribe E-mail Table of Contents Institutional Access Customer Services ... NEJM Career Center For Authors and Reviewers Help for Authors Submit a Manuscript Submit a Letter PaperTRAIL ... E-Review About NEJM Online Tour Editors and Publishers Permissions Information Editorial Policies ... Privacy Policies Help Contact us Site Index FAQs Posted March 17, 2003 Effects of Estrogen plus Progestin on Health-Related Quality of Life
Perspective: Postmenopausal Hormones

Posted March 13, 2003 Enfuvirtide, an HIV-1 Fusion Inhibitor, for Drug-Resistant HIV Infection in North and South America
March 20, 2003 Mutations in the Melanocortin 4 Receptor Gene
This is about the most common form of monogenic obesity. Soluble CD40 Ligand in Acute Coronary Syndromes
Increased levels were associated with an increased risk of death. Central Venous Catheterization
A video shows techniques for catheter insertion.

4. Entrez-PubMed
National Library of medicine's medline and premedline database.Category Health medicine Reference Online Databases Medline......PubMed is the National Library of medicine's search service that provides accessto over 11 million citations in MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE, and other related
PubMed Nucleotide Protein Genome ... Books Search PubMed Protein Nucleotide Structure Genome PMC OMIM Taxonomy Books PopSet ProbeSet 3D Domains UniSTS Domains SNP Journals UniGene NCBI Web Site for Limits Preview/Index History Clipboard ...
Text Version

Entrez PubMed




PubMed Services
Journals Database

MeSH Browser
Single Citation Matcher Batch Citation Matcher ... Cubby Related Resources Order Documents NLM Gateway TOXNET Consumer Health ... PubMed Central PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine, provides access to over 12 million MEDLINE citations back to the mid-1960's and additional life science journals. PubMed includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources. Bookshelf Additions NIH Clinical Advisory Essentials of Glycobiology

5. WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences: Medicine
Searchable index of biosciences includes a list of biomedical sites and a history of science, technology and medicine. The WWW Virtual Library Biosciences medicine. Information categorized first by provider, then by subject.
The WWW Virtual Library Biosciences : Medicine
Information categorized first by provider, then by subject. Please see the maintainer below if you know of information not in this list.
visits since 11/19/96. Last updated Mon Jan 20th 17:00 PST 1996
The Medicine Index
The COMPLETE list! (124K) Unfortunately, this index has grown and grown and is now one huge, single list. A database that will hold all this information is currently being developed and you can use the preliminary search interface below. Of course, you can still download this list and do any searches on it that your WWW browser permits.
Search the Medicine Index
We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the search engine. It seems that the WWW server SW needs to be upgraded to fix the problems. Please check back later.
See also -
Related fields
Searching for Medical Information
This site subscribes to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation
Dr Richard Appleyard

6. Sleep Medicine Home Page
A comprehensive links and resources onepager for both professionals and sufferers.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Sleep Disorders......Welcome to the Sleep medicine Home Page. Professional meetings related to sleepmedicine can be listed here by sending the appropriate information by email
Welcome to the Sleep Medicine Home Page
Last Updated March 20, 2003 This home page lists resources regarding all aspects of sleep including, the physiology of sleep, clinical sleep medicine, sleep research, federal and state information, patient information, and business-related groups. If you have any additional sleep-related information appropriate for this listing send me information by email.
Sleep-related Newsgroups and Discussion Groups
  • Complimentary CME Activity: MANAGING SLEEP APNEA SYNDROME. Web Cast on November 19, 2002 with enduring material available for one year (ON-DEMAND, ON-LINE and/or CD ROM) - go to for more details.
  • Video news release of a study of NFL football players showing an increased prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea, cited in the New England Journal of Medicine. Video News Release
  • SLEEP-L Moderated. A sleep bulletin board for healthcare workers particularly sleep specialists and researchers. Available through subscription.
  • PEDSLEEP Moderated. Pediatric sleep list which covers developmental and clinical sleep-related issues from birth to adolescence. The list is open to all medical and education professionals involved in child-care. Available through subscription. Contact:

7. Holistic Medicine Web Page
Extensive documentation on holistic medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition, and many other subjects. Links to related sites, conference and retreat listings, medical news items, USENET groups listings, and alternative medicine practitioner directories.
    The holistic medicine and alternative medicine - related information presented on these WWW pages is not meant as medical advice. What is presented are ideas which can be discussed with your chosen holistic healthcare practitioner.
Click Here to send comments or questions.
Major Sections
Articles and Documents Section
Disease / Disability Resources

Holistic Healing Bookstore in Association with

Web Page Links Index
How to Submit Resources to the Holistic Healing Web Page

visits to top-level page since September 1, 1995. (Estimated nearly 20 million accesses to this alternative medicine site if all .html pages are included.)
Articles and Documents
Healing and Wellness Articles
How To Get The Most Out Of The Holistic Healing Web Page!
What Is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic Healing Fundamentals Web Page

Important Fundamentals See for complete listing
Holistic Healing and Web Page Link Index
In order to making browsing easier, you can select alternative medicine categories in the index below or simply go to the

8. Welcome To Baylor College Of Medicine, Houston, Texas
A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health for all people through education, research Category Health medicine Education Medical Schools United States...... Environment. Graduate school. Related resources. Research volunteers needed.Tomorrow's medicine Today. For patients For health care professionals
Alumni information form Alumni spotlight Baylor Alumni Association CME online registration ... Privacy Notices
URL: (Modified 20-Mar-2003

9. M.D. Degree Program At The Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Bronx, NY, USA. Admission information, programs, resources.
Class of 2006 Histology ICM - Introduction to the Patient ICM - The Clinical Experience Disease Mechanisms ... Change Your Password Class of 2005 Endocrine System Nervous System / Human Behavior
Human Sexuality
ICM - Clinical Examination ... Change Your Password Class of 2004 Internal Medicine General Surgery Pediatrics Family Medicine ... Change Your Password Class of 2003 Contact the Registrar for Elective Options Medicine Subinternships Internal Medicine Residency Advising Senior Handbook Neurology ... Change Your Password THEME COURSES Nutrition Medical Informatics Ethics Evidence Based Medicine ... Change Your Password The Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Yeshiva University
Links of potential interest. M.D. Program Description Office of Education Library Calendar of Events ... WEBMAIL - Web access to AECOM mail accounts Yeshiva University Academic Calendar Albert Einstein College of Medicine
of Yeshiva University Department of Computer Based Education. Belfer 1107b
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx, New York 10461
Roll your mouse over the Class Year. Can't see any courses listed?

10. History Of Medicine Home Page
Extensive collection of material. Open to the public.Category Society History By Topic Science medicine......Skip NLM Navigation NLM Home Page Histroy of medicine Division Home Page ContactNLM Site Index Search Our Web Site NLM Home Page Health Information Library

HMD Site Index

U.S. National Library of Medicine
, 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20894
National Institutes of Health

Last updated: 16 December 2002

11. Welcome To
Rich in resources on Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, qigong, tuina, dietetics, diagnosis and theory, clinical point selections, acupuncturist referrals, news, college courses.
Please upate your browser,
which does not process frames.

12. CEBM - Centre For Evidence Based Medicine
The movement, centered in Britain, to more aggressively inform clinical diagnosis with experiencial cases could provide a path along which casebased reasoning researchers might profitably walk.
what's new events resources the CEBM about us contacting us members EBM links EBM on the net affiliates Welcome to the new Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine website. As you can see, the site has undergone a quite a change recently and we aim to continue development even further over the coming weeks. Watch this space! One particularly exciting development for the new site is the ability to view course and event information and then register for them online. We hope you enjoy using the CEBM site. Feedback is gratefully received and will help us in developing a user-friendly and useful website. If you wish to visit the old site you may do so by clicking here learning background issues EBM what it is and what it isn't ... downloads toolbox NNTs LRs pre-test probabilities calculators - and more. Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University Department of Psychiatry, Warneford Hospital, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7JX. T: +44 (0)1865 226485. F: +44 (0)1865 793101

13. Case Studies In Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine
The site presents veterinary patients in a grand rounds format. The participant is asked to examine all of the relevant material and then to make a diagnosis and answer questions regarding the case. Followup information and a case discussion follows.
Case Studies In Small Animal
Cardiovascular Medicine
Mark D. Kittleson, D.V.M., Ph.D. All rights reserved.

14. Holistic And Alternative Veterinary Medicine
Pet Education Information on massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine and other holistic techniques in dogs and cats. Index of commonly used food supplements.

15. Nature Medicine: Nature Journals
Nature medicine is a biomedical research journal, articles cover fields suchas cardiovascular research, gene therapy, immunology, vaccine development.
Nature Journals Nature Nature Materials Nature Reviews Cancer Nature Reviews Immunology Nature Reviews Genetics Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology Nature Reviews Neuroscience Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Nature Biotechnology Nature Cell Biology Nature Genetics Nature Immunology Nature Medicine Nature Neuroscience Nature Structural Biology Gateways Asia gateway German gateway Japan gateway Genome Gateway Physics Portal Signaling Update Cancer Update Drug Discovery Bioentrepreneur Academic Journals Bone Marrow Transplantation British Dental Journal British Journal of Cancer British Journal of Pharmacology Cancer Gene Therapy Cell Death and Differentiation Dentomaxillofacial Radiology EMBO Reports European Journal of Clinical Nutrition European Journal of Human Genetics Evidence-Based Dentistry Eye Gene Therapy Genes and Immunity Heredity International Journal of Impotence Research International Journal of Obesity Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology Journal of Human Hypertension Journal of Industrial Journal of Perinatology Leukemia Microcirculation Molecular Psychiatry Neoplasia Neuropsychopharmacology Oncogene Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases Public Health Spinal Cord The Hematology Journal The Pharmacogenomics Journal
March 2003


A microbicide for HIV?

16. WWWVL History Of Science, Technology And Medicine - Overview
National Institute of Health and the National Library of medicine provide health information resources. Find articles, organizations and medical service directories. U.S. National Library of medicine National Institutes of Health Department of Health Human Services
WWW Virtual Library
THE WWWVL-HSTM IS NOW CLOSED! All the links and many more are now included in the ECHO (Exploring and Collecting History Online) Virtual Center at: You should be redirected to the ECHO site in a few seconds, otherwise click on the link above. An archived version of the old WWWVL-HSTM site is available here for reference only, but please don't link to it. Thanks to everyone who has used the WWWVL-HSTM over the past 7 years. And good luck to the ECHO team!

17. Medical
Resources. Nature medicine. Nature Science Update. Nature Reviews Cancer. Cancer,Cancer. Chemistry, Chemistry. Clinical medicine, Clinical medicine. Dentistry, Dentistry. about npg nature science update naturejobs ... register SEARCH Resources Nature Medicine Nature Science Update Nature Reviews Cancer The Signaling Gateway ... Spinal Cord NPG Subject areas Access material from all our publications in your subject area: Biotechnology Cancer Chemistry Clinical Medicine ... Physics
This page allows you to find all relevant Nature Publishing Group resources in the field of medical research View jobs in medical research NEWS:
Alzheimer disease's double-edged vaccine

Nature Medicine
Lung cancer : Acting on active AKT

Nature Reviews Cancer
Tumorigenesis : Back in time

Nature Reviews Cancer
Tumour Suppressors : Keep cancer on the run

Nature Reviews Cancer
Cancer Genetics : Making sense of missense

Nature Reviews Cancer Oncogenes : Decisions, decisions... Nature Reviews Cancer TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Lab automation and robotics Nature WEB FOCI: Anthrax Immune Evasion Atherosclerosis The mouse genome RESEARCH AND REVIEWS: The case for early detection Nature Reviews Cancer Neuropathology of human Alzheimer disease after immunization with amyloid- b peptide: a case report Nature Medicine Clonality analysis after retroviral-mediated gene transfer to CD34+ cells from the cord blood of ADA-deficient SCID neonates Nature Medicine Predicting hepatitis B virus-positive metastatic hepatocellular carcinomas using gene expression profiling and supervised machine learning Nature Medicine Identification and isolation of multipotential neural progenitor cells from the subcortical white matter of the adult human brain Nature Medicine

18. UCLA Folkmed Database - Search Page
Includes searchable database by keyword, usage, condition, belief, date, region or ethnicity of origin.
About the Archive How To Search the Archive Credits
Go to the Advanced Search
Enter Keywords to Search For:
must match all these words (and)
may match any of these words (or) show me
all records at a time.
and the University Seal are all registered trademarks of
The Regents of the University of California.

International Institute of Anomaly medicine and Center for Transformational Arts offers workshops and sessions in Tibetan Bioenergy Self Healing with Dr. S.M. Davydov.
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).
Dr. Sergio Davydov just finished his new creation - CD "Sakura-The Beginning" represents a return of Dr. Sergio Michael Davydov to music of the "Lost Healing Arts," with poetry writen and vocalized by Dr. Andrew Bonnici - Doctor of Meditation Psychology.
To pre order and hear SAMPLE CLIPS of the CD, click here.

Design and layout by Leif Orion . Music courtesy of the CD Sakura.

20. Galaxy : Medicine
Vertical search engine development custom topic specific search engines. By choosing AMA membership, they have expressed their commitment to medicine and professionalism.
Web Directory Vertical Domain Name ...
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  • Brain games, health information, brain disorders - Pfizer's BRAIN: The World Inside Your Head
    Tour traveling museum exhibit, receive free health information, play brain games, view teachers activity guide and lesson plans. Learn about brain development, brain diseases including Alzheimer's, Depression, Migraines and more.
  • Alzheimer's Association, Central Indiana Chapter Alzheimer's Association, Central Indiana Chapter provides programs/services for families/caregivers, funds research, and educates the general public, health professionals and governments about Alzheimer's disease. URL:
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