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         Microscopy:     more books (100)
  1. Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Textbook for Materials Science by David B. Williams, C. Barry Carter, 2009-08-05
  2. Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis by Joseph Goldstein, Dale E. Newbury, et all 2003-02
  3. Electron Microscopy, 2nd Edition by John J. Bozzola, Lonnie D. Russell, 1998-10
  4. Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy
  5. Atomic Force Microscopy by Peter Eaton, Paul West, 2010-05-20
  6. Bioimaging: Current Techniques in Light & Electron Microscopy by Douglas Chandler, Robert W. Roberson, 2008-09-16
  7. FLUORESCENCE MICROSCPY 2E (Microscopy Handbooks) by B Herman, 1997-12-01
  8. Plant Microtechnique and Microscopy by Steven E. Ruzin, 1999-05-20
  9. Scanning Electron Microscopy: Physics of Image Formation and Microanalysis (Springer Series in Optical Sciences) by Ludwig Reimer, 2010-11-02
  10. Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging by Douglas B. Murphy, 2001-12-15
  11. Digital Microscopy, Volume 81, Third Edition: Methods in Cell Biology
  12. Physical Principles of Electron Microscopy: An Introduction to TEM, SEM, and AEM by R. Egerton, 2010-11-02
  13. Advanced Computing in Electron Microscopy by Earl J. Kirkland, 2010-08-31
  14. Elementary chemical microscopy by Emile Monnin Chamot, 2010-08-19

1. Microscopy Society Of America - MSA
microscopy Society of America. Mission To Promote and to CommunicateAdvances in microscopy. Nestor J. Zaluzec / Zaluzec@microscopy.Com.Category Science Methods and Techniques
Microscopy Society of America
Mission: To Promote and to Communicate Advances in Microscopy
This WWW server will provide you with access to up-to-date information about the Microscopy Society of America, its affiliated societies, and microscopy resources which are sponsored by the society. The Microscopy Society of America (MSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the knowledge of the science and practice of all microscopical imaging, analysis and diffraction techniques useful for elucidating the ultrastructure and function of materials in diverse areas of biological, materials, medical and physical sciences.
Visitors to this Site General Society Information Messages to the Membership From MSA Council Publications of the Society Honors and Awards presented by the Society Meetings/Conferences

Welcome Welcome to microscopy Online, a World Wide Web resource designedspecifically for the microscopist. Our goal is to provide
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Welcome Welcome to Microscopy Online, a World Wide Web resource designed specifically for the microscopist. Our goal is to provide both the commercial and non-commercial microscopy communities with a forum for information exchange.
As a key feature of the site, our keyword-searcheable Buyer's Guide enables you to locate a particular microscopy related product or service from our extensive database of vendors. The Microscopy Online Bulletin Board provides a globally accessible forum for microscopists to exchange information and ideas.
Visit our Introduction Page to learn more about the resources that we offer. New Visitors will want to check in at our Visitor's Bureau . Registered visitors will receive electronic mail concerning new features and information in Microscopy Online.
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MS Internet Explorer
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3. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Microscopy
Experience science and photography through a microscope. Features an image gallery, a virtual scanning electron microscope and microscopy links. Education Web Site by Dennis Kunkel microscopy, Inc. The image gallery contains over a thousand microscopy images
This page of the WWW-Virtual Library covers all aspects of light microscopy, electron microscopy and other forms of microscopy. Topics can be viewed individually, or as part of one long list . The newest links are periodically incorporated as part of the main list, and are also presented in my list of updates . The links on this site were last checked using Cyberspider on November 28, 2000, when all 2483 links were evaluated. Please enjoy. Internet Resources Reference Sites Laboratories, Organizations and People Equipment and Technology ... Vendors and Other

4. 3-D Confocal Microscopy Home Page
Learn the basics of 3D laserscanning confocal microscopy. Features free graphics software, source code, tips and links.
Currently Featured Sections:
Making Animations for the Web

Links to Sites with Confocal Images/Animations
Lance Ladic, Ph.D.
Dept. of Physiology, University of B.C.
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
These pages are part of the ImagerWeb
Dept. of Computer Science, UBC

5. Molecular Expressions: Images From The Microscope
Hundreds of photomicrographs (photographs through the microscope) of everything from superconductors Category Science Methods and Techniques microscopy...... This website is maintained by our Graphics Web programming team in collaborationwith Optical microscopy at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

License Info Image Use Custom Photos ... Home
The Galleries:
Photo Gallery
Silicon Zoo Pharmaceuticals Chip Shots ... Movie Gallery
Welcome to the Molecular Expressions website featuring our acclaimed photo galleries that explore the fascinating world of optical microscopy. We are going where no microscope has gone before by offering one of the Web's largest collections of color photographs taken through an optical microscope (commonly referred to as "photo-micro-graphs"). Visit our Photo Gallery for an introductory selection of images covering just about everything from beer and ice cream to integrated circuits and ceramic superconductors. These photographs are available for licensing to commercial, private, and non-profit institutions.
Powers of Ten
- Soar through space starting at 10 million light years away from the Milky Way down through to a single proton in Florida in decreasing powers of ten (orders of magnitude). Explore the use of exponential notation to understand and compare the size of things in our world and the universe. The Olympus MIC-D Digital Microscope - Olympus has thrown the doors open to a new era in optical microscopy education with the introduction of the MIC-D inverted digital microscope. Designed specifically for a wide spectrum of applications ranging from basic classroom instruction to more advanced laboratory analysis, this versatile microscope features a palette of contrast enhancing techniques that rival many research-level instruments.

6. Microscopy-UK (Home Of Enthusiast Microscopy On The Web)
Seller of microscopes, accessories, specimen slides, microphotography equipment, and related biological Category Science Biology Instruments and Supplies microscopy......microscopyUK. Interested in Microscopes and microscopy? This is the placeto be microscopy-UK, the home of enthusiast microscopy on the web.
Microscopy-UK Interested in Microscopes and Microscopy? This is the place to be : Microscopy-UK, the home of enthusiast microscopy on the web. Discover the small scale world at the end of a microscope with us - a site contributed to by microscopists all over the world. A monthly microscopy magazine (micscape), microscopy videos, microscope how-to articles, 3D microscopy, an online microscope shop run by Brunel Microscopes, stunning microscopy images, thousands of pages about microscopes - both historical and traditional - to help you understand the world beneath a microscope. A benevolent site helping the world at large discover a tiny one within. Interested in Microscopes and Microscopy? This is the place to be : Microscopy-UK, the home of enthusiast microscopy on the web. Discover the small scale world at the end of a microscope with us - a site contributed to by microscopists all over the world. A monthly microscopy magazine (micscape), microscopy videos, microscope how-to articles, 3D microscopy, an online microscope shop run by Brunel Microscopes, stunning microscopy images, thousands of pages about microscopes - both historical and traditional - to help you understand the world beneath a microscope. A benevolent site helping the world at large discover a tiny one within. You can see everything you are looking for by clicking on the link below and entering the fantastic world of enthusiast microscopy. Click here!

7. Journal Of The Microscopy Society Of America
Journal of the microscopy Society of America. Incorporating Microbeam Analysis. ReturnMSA Home Page. Nestor J. Zaluzec / Zaluzec@microscopy.Com.

Journal of the Microscopy Society of America
Incorporating Microbeam Analysis
Note: This is an archival page being maintained for historial purposes.
For up-to-date information about the Society Journal, please switch to the Current Journal Pages which can be found at
The Journal of the Microscopy Society of America (JMSA) is an official publication of MSA , as well as MAS . The Microscopy Society of America (MSA), is a professional organization of over 4000 members. Founded in 1942 as the Electron Microscopy Society of America, EMSA changed its name on its 50th anniversary to clearly indicate its interest in fostering all kinds of microscopy, not just the special branch represented by EM. The Microbeam Analysis Society (MAS) is an organization of professionals who work with or have an active interest in microbeam instrumentation. Microbeam instrumentation includes, but is not limited to, instruments utilizing electron, ion, or photon beams to characterize any material, organic, inorganic, or biological. General Information about JMSA Return MSA Home Page
Nestor J. Zaluzec / Zaluzec@Microscopy.Com

8. Microscopy Page
microscopy Sources on the Web (176 sites). Check this page to see what's available.(Mod. 12th January) Ftp sites with microscopy related files.
Microscopes and Microscopy - Modified 31st January 1996 (Jump direct to Announce Courses FTP Groups ... Web
(Servers - Europe North America [Note from North American Mirror maintainer: Some links here are now outdated. For the most recent links, see the new WWW-Virtual Library in Microscopy Welcome to Microscopes and Microscopy . There's plenty of relevant material in many nooks and crannies around the Internet, these pages aim to provide a central directory to make it easy to find. Please send an e-mail to if you have suggestions for improvement.
Latest additions
Newly added items will be placed here with the most recent material first. Use this section to check what's been added since your last visit. Older items will be dropped from the list after a couple of months. The most recent ten items are also listed below. (Mod. 25th January)
Hottest ten:
Four star award
Microscopy Services Laboratory
Scott Scientific
The Scanning Probe Microscopies Laboratory ...
Microscopy Sources on the Web (176 sites)
Check out this rich mixture of microscopically inclined images, information, people and places. To make it easier to find what you want the list is ordered geographically, by organisation, and also by subject. (Mod. 25th January)

9. Microscopy-UK (Home Of Enthusiast Microscopy On The Web)
microscopyUK. Welcome! You are using a browser that doesn't support our menunavigation system which uses Frames. No worry, we are prepared for this.
Microscopy-UK Welcome! You are using a browser that doesn't support our menu navigation system which uses Frames. No worry, we are prepared for this. You can see everything you are looking for by clicking on the link below. Click here! All main non-email enquiries please to: Mic-UK, c/o Ltd,
4a Oxford Road, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 8SJ, UK.
email: Mol Smith Mic-UK and Micscape - established 1995 and heading for its 7th year online! Home of Microscopy -established 1995

10. Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy
Dennis Kunkel's microscopy has moved to a commercial web server. TheURL for Dr. Kunkel's web pages is http//
Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy has moved to a commercial web server. The URL for Dr. Kunkel's web pages is: Please update your links and bookmarks.

11. ANL Microscopy And Microanalysis WWW Server
Welcome to the microscopy Microanalysis WWW Site http// Information Services for the microscopy and Microanalysis Community.
ANL and Security notices
Welcome to the
at Argonne National Laboratory You are Visitor Number This WWW server can provides you with access to up-to-date information about State-of-the-Art Microscopy and Microanalysis programs in the AAEM/TPM effort of the ANL Materials Science Division as well as general information about On-Line information services which are administered for Local, National and International Microscopy/Microanalysis Societies. This information is provided courtesy of your friendly neighborhood SysOp Each line of highlighted text (in color and underlined) is a software link to another document or information resource somewhere at ANL or via the Internet to another site. Single click on any to automatically follow a link to expanded documentation and/or find additional information. Analytical Microscopy Project TelePresence Microscopy Project
On-Line Software (Java) From Ants to Atoms
A Virtual Laboratory

Plasma Cleaning Technology

for Contamination Mitigation
in Analytical Electron Microscopy
Maps to ANL
PDF Slides/Lecture Notes of Short Courses given by Nestor
Information Services for the Microscopy and Microanalysis Community
Connection to MSA Microscopy ListServer and Archives Connection to and access Software/Image Libraries
List of Meetings, Conferences and Workshops

12. National And International Professional Society Sites For Microscopy & Microanal
Directory of websites.Category Science Methods and Techniques......National and International Professional Society Sites for microscopy Microanalysis.International Federation of Societies for Electron microscopy.
National and International
Professional Society Sites
International Federation of Societies for Electron Microscopy
Sites in North and South America
Microscopy Society of America Email: Microbeam Analysis Society American Microscopical Society Microscopical Society of Canada ... Society for Luminescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy (SLMS) State Microscopical Society of Illinois (SMSI)
Sites in Europe
Armenian Electron Microscopy Society Belgium Microscopy Society Dutch Society for Microscopy EMAG - The Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group ... ELECTRON MICROSCOPE SOCIETY OF INDIA (EMSI) Chandigarh, Union territory, India
Sites in Africa
Microscopy Society of Southern Africa If any other Microscopy and/or Microanalysis Organization would like to be listed on this page please contact Nestor J. Zaluzec ( EMail: I will gladly add the hypertext link.You may also use this Electronic Form Return
Nestor J. Zaluzec /

13. Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Introduction To Microscopy
Web treatise on microscopy that covers a broad range of topics from basic to advanced.Category Science Technology Biomedical Engineering......The Molecular Expressions microscopy primer reviews basic and advanced topicsand concepts in optics, light, color, optical microscopy, digital imaging

Microscopy Primer
Light and Color Microscope Basics Special Techniques ... Home
The Galleries:
Photo Gallery
Silicon Zoo Pharmaceuticals Chip Shots ... Movie Gallery
Introduction to Optical Microscopy,
Digital Imaging, and Photomicrography
This treatise on Microscopy is divided into several sections that are available through the links displayed immediately to the left (in the darker boxes) and below. In order to print the entire document, you must download each link independently, send the file to your printer, and put the results together. In the Bibliography, we have included links to other works on optical microscopy and our section on Web Resources contains links to other microscopy sites on the Internet. This material is targeted for educational purposes only, and is not available to be posted on remote websites (either commercial or educational) or distributed in any electronic format. Frequently Asked Questions - Mortimer Abramowitz, senior microscopist at Olympus America, Inc., answers the 50 most commonly asked questions about microscopy and photomicrography. Physics of Light and Color - Visible light represents only a small portion of the entire electromagnetic spectrum of radiation that extends from high-frequency gamma rays through X-rays, ultraviolet light, infrared radiation and microwaves to very low frequency long-wavelength radio waves. The complex phenomenon of visible light is classically discussed in terms of rays and wavefronts. Starting with the nature of electromagnetic radiation, a wide variety of topics are covered in this section, including refraction, reflection, diffraction, interference, birefringence, polarization, primary colors, human vision, mirrors, prisms, beamsplitters, laser systems, geometrical optics, filtration, color temperature, and the speed of light.

14. Dennis Kunkel Microscopy And Stock Photography Image Gallery
View scanning electron microscope pictures of interesting creatures and household items. Offers a Category Kids and Teens School Time Science Technology Microscopes......Stock Photography and Education Web Site by Dennis Kunkel microscopy, Inc. ScientificPhotography, Biomedical Images. Biology Images, microscopy Images.
Stock Photography and Education Web Site by Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc. The image gallery contains over a thousand microscopy images photographed with electron microscopes. You will find biology images, biomedical images, medical images and many other kinds of scientific photography.
Visitor: Insects Plants Arachnids
(Spiders and mites) Medical Images Invertebrates Fungi and Slime Molds Protozoans Algae Bacteria Viruses Scientific Photography Biomedical Images Biology Images Microscopy Images

15. Dennis Kunkel Microscopy Education Web Page
Stock Photography and Education Web Site by Dennis Kunkel microscopy, Inc. Copyright© 2001 Dennis Kunkel microscopy, Inc. / Dennis Kunkel.
Visitor: (This counter and others on the Education portion of the site reflect the amount of visitors that previously visited my former site.) Image Use Search the Image Library Use a
JavaScript SEM
Return to top of page

16. Welcome To Microscopy And Analysis - The International Magazine For Microscopy
microscopy and Analysis is the premier international magazine for microscopists. microscopy Microanalysis 2003, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 37 August 2003.
Microscopy and Analysis is the premier international magazine for users of microscopical, analytical and imaging equipment. We have over 50,000 subscribers and 115,000 readers worldwide. For Readers For Authors For Advertisers Search ... Publication and Contact Info
For Readers:
Information for Readers Registration Reader Enquiries Buyers Guide ... Conferences and Exhibitions
Information for Authors Submit an Article Guidelines to Authors Editorial Policy
Information for Advertisers
To Suppliers' Websites To Microscopy Websites
March 2003 Contents: Articles, Product Focus, Literature Highlights, Book Reviews, Diary, Meeting Reports, People and Places, What's New
Directory 2003 features: Company Listings Product Categories 2003 Conferences Topical Articles Article Archive Web Resources
Go to: Directory 2003 xxx WHAT'S NEW New microscopy products GIVEAWAY This months Giveaway: A Spot RT-KE Color Camera Register to win this camera by entering #150 at our Reader Enquiry Service Closing date: Friday 11 April 2003 PRODUCT FOCUS Product Focus on new X-Ray Microanalysis Equipment

17. Microscopy And Microanalysis
Springer LINK, Forum Springer. Forum What's New SearchOrders. No longer published by SpringerVerlag.
No longer published by Springer-Verlag.

18. The Nanoworld
Access information about the University of Queensland's Centre for microscopyand Microanalysis. microscopy Microanalysis Search UQ The CMM. Research.
Search UQ:
Research Instrumentation Resources ... Instrument Training
Current Australian Weather
[ Map courtesy of James Cook Uni ]
Established November 1994
This WWW site evolved from the original
Nanoworld BBS established by the
Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis
at The University of Queensland in 1991
Science News
Science news stories courtesy of ABC Science Online.
[Click on any headline for the full story]. This page has been accessed times since July 1, 1995.
Bookings CyberSTEM
Image Gallery Training Information Guide feedback ABN 63 942 912 684 University Provider Number: 00025B Authorised by: Deputy Director of CMM Maintained by: Last Updated: 17 March 2003

19. Center For In Vivo Microscopy Home Page
The Duke Center for in vivo microscopy, CIVM, is dedicated to developingtechnology and applications for magnetic resonance microscopy.
A National Institutes of Health
Research Resource Center
dedicated to develop technology and
applications for Magnetic Resonance Microscopy

He Join us for
Concepts in MR and CT Imaging

a continuing medical education course
at Kiawah Island Resorts, SC
June 16-20, 2003
Updated Duke Medical Center

20. Microscopy & Imaging Resources On The WWW (Cellular Imaging Core, SWEHSC)
An extensive list of links pointing to microscopy related resources.Category Science Methods and Techniques microscopy......Cellular Imaging Core microscopy Imaging Resources on the WWW On the WWWsince 1996. Interesting Educational. Educational microscopy. General
Cellular Imaging Core Home Page SWEHSC Research Cores Facility Cores Pilot Projects About the SWEHSC Cellular Imaging Core
Resources on the WWW
On the WWW since 1996.
  • General Microscopy Resources - Information about professional societies, vendors, web resources and email discussion groups.
    Light Microscopy

    - Links to sample preparation protocols and staining techniques, immuno/histo/cyto-chemistry, collections of images of tissues prepared for histology and safety.
    Confocal Microscopy
    - Information about the history, confocal theory, principles and optics as well as a selection of general links.
    Fluorescence Techniques
    - Links with information about fluorescent dyes, antibodies and resources for sample preparation.
    Electron Microscopy
Digital Imaging
  • Introduction - An look at the basics of what makes up a digital image, color and file formats, as well as a few links on human vision.

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