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         Particle Physics:     more books (99)
  1. Introduction to High Energy Physics by Donald H. Perkins, 2000-04-24
  2. Nuclear and Particle Physics: An Introduction by Professor Brian Martin, 2006-04-28
  3. Group Theory for the Standard Model of Particle Physics and Beyond (Series in High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation) by Ken J. Barnes, 2010-03-10
  4. Introduction to Nuclear And Particle Physics: Solutions Manual for Second Edition of Text by Das and Ferbel by C. Bromberg, A Das, et all 2006-08-25
  5. An Introduction to Particle Physics and the Standard Model by Robert Mann, 2009-11-18
  6. QCD and Collider Physics (Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology) by R. K. Ellis, W. J. Stirling, et all 2003-12-04
  7. Charged Particle Traps: Physics and Techniques of Charged Particle Field Confinement (Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics) by Fouad G. Major, Viorica N. Gheorghe, et all 2010-11-30
  8. Cosmic Rays And Particle Physics by Thomas K. Gaisser, 1990
  9. Gauge Theory of Elementary Particle Physics: Problems and Solutions by Ta-Pei Cheng, Ling-Fong Li, 2000-05-04
  10. Introduction To The Physics Of Particle Accelerators by Mario Conte, William W MacKay, 2008-04-28
  11. Particle Detectors (Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology) by Claus Grupen, Boris Shwartz, 2008-04-21
  12. Particle Astrophysics, Second Edition (Oxford Master Series in Physics) by D.H. Perkins, 2009-02-04
  13. Particle Accelerator Physics by Helmut Wiedemann, 2007-06-12
  14. Experimental Techniques in Nuclear and Particle Physics by Stefaan Tavernier, 2010-02-19

41. CES - Creative Electronic Systems
Develops realtime test and simulation hardware and software products for telecom, aerospace, nuclear and particle physics applications.

42. Institute Of Physics - Division Of Elementary Particle Physics
Home. Division of elementary particle physics Institute of Physics of the Academyof Sciences of the Czech Republic, GENERAL, CENTER FOR particle physics.

43. Beam Line
A quarterly periodical of particle physics, published by the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (fall 1994present).
Fall 200
Vol. , No
Beam Line is a
quarterly periodical
of particle physics
and related items
Spring Beam Line
Aerial photograph of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, one of several laboratories around the world working on the development of advanced X-ray light sources. See what our sister Laboratories are doing! As the major national and international laboratories are increasingly collaborating on major technical projects, we think you would be interested to learn more about them through their institutional journals: CERN Fermilab Lawrence
Livermore Lab Lawrence
Berkeley Lab Updated: Thursday, August 22, 2002 09:52 AM

44. Elementary Particle Physics In Lund
På svenska. ELEMENTARY particle physics. Research; Personnel; Education; Publications;Events; Pictures; Links; Intranet; Address. Department of Physics. Last update
Last update:

45. CDS Search - Articles & Preprints
Articles and preprints collection aiming to cover the published and prepublished literature in particle physics and its related technologies. The collection contains about 400,000 documents, many of which in full-text access.
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46. Introduction To Particle Physics
Beginners guide to particle physics.Category Science Physics Education Nuclear and particle physics......Delve into the fascinating world of particle physics, an easy to understand lookat particle physics. Apparently, your browser doesn't support frames. Bah.
Apparently, your browser doesn't support frames. Bah. Click here to continue at this site.

47. Jump
NDivision leads the Laboratory in the fields of nuclear and particle physics, applyingthe science and technology of those fields to Laboratory programs and

48. The Particle Adventure
While Western physics describes matter and energy well, it doesn't really address the fundamental Category Society Religion and Spirituality Science and Buddhism...... particle physics . What it is. It's a paperI wrote some years ago, when I was a graduate student at the
(in USA Taiwan)

(in USA Spain)

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49. Particle Physics Group
Back to Bristol University Physics Department This is http// send comments on the
University of Bristol
Particle Physics Group
Learn about particle physics Particle Physics in the UK Fundamental particles poster Masterclasses for sixth-formers A talk about the 1999 Nobel prize ... "Building the Universe" Contact the group Group members (phone,email) How to find us Research activities ZEUS at DESY BaBar at SLAC CMS at CERN LHCb at CERN Detector development Electronics Support Join the Group Postgraduate study Postdoctoral research positions Useful links Experiments worldwide Laboratories worldwide Conferences Train and plane timetables ... Install LaTeX on your PC
Back to: Bristol University Physics Department

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50. High Energy Physics - Theory
A collection of research papers on high energy particle physics, and on quantum field theories.
High Energy Physics - Theory (since 8/91)
e-Prints are available for the following years:
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  • recent hep-th listings
  • current month's hep-th listings
  • lastupdate of daily changes to hep-th database (ftp format)
  • some info for hep-th
Links to: arXiv hep-th find abs

51. The New Mexico Center For Particle Physics
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Faculty Students ... Main
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52. Big Bertha Thing Particle Physics Periodic Table Research
High energy particle physics research project, results and software. Outlandish particle periodic table. Scientific cartoons. Spam attack stategic studies. Documentation on 1st and 2nd battles of cyberspace. Astrophysics net ring.
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  • Outlandish Particle Periodic Table
  • PASTURES (Particle Structure Results) Search Software
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  • 53. Risto Raitio's Pages
    Includes guidance on popular reading in the subject as well as related links and descriptions of current work in particle physics and astrophysics.
    Risto's Home Page
    Click for a key
    Anne Children Grand Children Home Cabin List of Files
    Physics Jobs Hobbies Computing List of Files Mail Risto Anne Updated Feb 25, 2003
    Aquila Sun Rise
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    54. 2000 CP Physics Conference
    The Conference will focus on experimental and theoretical aspects of CP violation in elementary particle physics. It will consist of plenary sessions only, aimed at giving a complete picture of what is presently known and of the future progress in the field, both theoretically and experimentally.
    CPconf 2000
    International Conference
    On CP Violation Physics

    September 18-22, 2000
    Ferrara, ITALY

    Photo Credit: Ferrara, The Castle
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    55. Experimental Particle Physics At KTH
    Section of Experimental particle physics Head of Section Professor Per Carlson.Welcome to the Section of Experimental particle physics!
    Section of Experimental Particle Physics Head of Section : Professor Per Carlson Welcome to the Section of Experimental Particle Physics!
    We are part of the Physics Department of KTH situated in Stockholm's Physics Centre. Vacancies
    (Updated: 7th January 2002)
    • Visiting scientist (2 years: any project) and Postdoc. (2 years: GLAST ). Contact Prof. Per Carlson for more information [
    Group Members
    Our Research Interests
    Particle Physics
    Astroparticle Physics X-ray Imaging Instrumentation ... Examensarbete News Stockholm Physics Centre (SCFAB), Experimental Particle Physics, KTH Physics Department, SE-10691 Stockholm, Sweden Tel: [+46]-(0)8-55378000 / Fax: [+46]-(0)8-55378216 Contact webmaster You are visitor number since 1 Febrary, 2003.

    56. Oxford Particle Physics Welcome Page
    University of Oxford. Department of Physics. particle physics. Nuclearand Astrophysics Laboratory, Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3RH, UK
    University of Oxford
    Department of Physics
    Particle Physics
    Nuclear and Astrophysics Laboratory,
    Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3RH, UK
    Tel: 01865 273333 Fax: 01865 273418
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    The new version is
    You will be taken here automatically after 10 seconds. Please send any comments to Susan Cooper The old external page is still available. The old local page is still available. Last update: 17th May 2000

    57. Feynman Diagram Drawing Program: FeynDraw
    FeynDraw Windows program is used to quickly draw, scale, print, and save as images, Feynman, qed, qcd, twistor, string, or other particle physics diagrams and can be downloaded free for trial use.
    Feynman Diagram Drawing Program
    - 29 Oct 2001
    Student Price $20
    FeynDraw is a new modern Windows software program enabling you to easily draw scientific and mathematical diagrams. Draw sets of QED, QCD, and other Feynman diagrams or use FeynDraw to generate topological diagrams. Send us an email if you want notification of the planned Linux version. FeynDraw was developed because of a lack of a sophisticated drawing product for the Windows environment which could be used to generate Feynman or topological diagrams and provide images for use on the internet and in publications. Version 2.25 was released on 29 Oct 2001. This release fixes an origin setting problem with postscript print drivers. It has been tested with the Adobe Generic Postscript Printer Driver V4.5.1 and the HP Laserjet 4ML Postscript Driver and viewed using the GSview Postscript interpreter. (By the way, you can get GSview at to provide an easy method of generating PDF files from Postscript print files.) Click here to obtain a FREE TRIAL COPY of FeynDraw for Windows at this site. The file is 1,210,269 bytes long and will take about 5 minutes to download using a 56k modem. A 28.8k modem will take twice as long. The demo is fully functional. The demo program puts "DEMO" on the prints and saved images. Purchase (see below) will remove the "DEMO" message. Try it out and see for yourself if it meets your needs.

    58. HEP Education And Outreach Activities
    Foundation, supports several large accelerator laboratories where thousands of universityphysicists from across the US collaborate on particle physics research
    Many physicists who study the fundamental particles and forces of our universe want to share their excitement about science with others. UPDATE 2001: Find out about more than 250 education and outreach programs You may also order a booklet describing these programs or call or e-mail any of more than 100 universities and national laboratories listed here to learn more about what they offer. What is all the excitement about?
    What is particle physics?

    A story of how we all can benefit
    Particle physicists study matter at the very smallest scale, an exploration of the structure and interactions of the most fundamental particles that make up everything in the universe, from stars to starfish. The United States government, through the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation, supports several large accelerator laboratories where thousands of university physicists from across the U.S. collaborate on particle physics research. Other contacts worldwide: Education Contacts at HEP Labs Particle Physics Education and Outreach Activities Website sponsored by the National Science Foundation in association with The US Department of Energy and The American Physical Society, Division of Particles and Fields

    59. [gr-qc/0101003] An Introduction To Quantum Cosmology
    This is an introductory set of lecture notes on quantum cosmology, given in 1995 to an audience with interests ranging from astronomy to particle physics
    General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology, abstract
    An introduction to quantum cosmology
    Authors: D.L. Wiltshire
    Comments: 60 pages, harvmac, 11 figures, epsf. These summer school lecture notes have been available for 5 years; but are being placed on the archive to make them more easily accessible. Published in "Cosmology: the Physics of the Universe", eds B. Robson, N. Visvanathan and W.S. Woolcock (World Scientific, Singapore, 1996) pp 473-531
    Report-no: ADP-95-11/M28
    This is an introductory set of lecture notes on quantum cosmology, given in 1995 to an audience with interests ranging from astronomy to particle physics. Topics covered: 1. Introduction: 1.1 Quantum cosmology and quantum gravity; 1.2 A brief history of quantum cosmology. 2. Hamiltonian formulation of general relativity: 2.1 The 3+1 decomposition; 2.2 The action. 3. Quantisation: 3.1 Superspace; 3.2 Canonical quantisation; 3.3 Path integral quantisation; 3.4 Minisuperspace; 3.5 The WKB approximation; 3.6 Probability measures; 3.7 Minisuperspace for the Friedmann universe with massive scalar field. 4. Boundary Conditions: 4.1 The no-boundary proposal; 4.2 The tunneling proposal. 5. The predictions of quantum cosmology: 5.1 The period of inflation; 5.2 The origin of density perturbations; 5.3 The arrow of time.
    Full-text: PostScript PDF , or Other formats
    References and citations for this submission:
    (refers to , cited

    60. What Is Particle Physics
    Dr. Leon M. Lederman, recipient of the 1988 Nobel Prize in physics and former directorof Fermilab, has defined physics and particle physics in the following
    An Article Written Originally for Midlevel Teachers
    Ed Home Educators Page - Articles
    Dr. Leon M. Lederman, recipient of the 1988 Nobel Prize in physics and former director of Fermilab, has defined physics and particle physics in the following terms: "Physics is essentially a cultural activity . . . there is a need to knowthere is a heritage handed downa vision that the human brain can "solve" or put into rational order the physical problems of our own existence, starting with the creation of the universe in a big bang and predicting its evolution to the infinite future.
    Physics is thought to be very difficult by most physicists, but this is the creation of new physics. Understanding of what has been done requires no more patience and intelligence than finding out what has been done in art, music, and literature. Physics is vital to a large number of other disciplines for which it furnishes either the basic laws or the instruments or both.
    Particle physics is a search for the most primitive, primordial, unchanging and indestructible forms of matter and the rules by which they combine to compose all the things of the physical world. It deals with matter, energy, space, and time.
    The objectives of particle physics are to identify the most simple objects out of which all matter is composed and to understand the forces which cause them to interact and combine to make more complex things."

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