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         Physics:     more books (100)
  1. Kaplan SAT Subject Test Physics 2010-2011 Edition (Kaplan Sat Subject Test. Physics) by Hugh Henderson, 2010-03-02
  2. Physics Essentials For Dummies (For Dummies (Math & Science)) by Steven Holzner, 2010-05-17
  3. Physics Workbook For Dummies by Steve Holzner Ph.D., 2007-10-08
  4. Physics for the IB Diploma: Study Guide (IB Study Guides) by Tim Kirk, 2008-02-25
  5. The Physics of Superheroes: Spectacular Second Edition by James Kakalios, 2009-11-03
  6. Quantum Physics: Illusion or Reality? (Canto) by Alastair I. M. Rae, 2004-10-25
  7. Physics: Why Matter Matters! by Dan Green, Simon Basher, 2008-04-29
  8. Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl, 2007-04-24
  9. Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach, Vol 5 (Chs 37-43) with MasteringPhysics (2nd Edition) (v. 5, Chapters 37-43) by Randall D. Knight, 2007-11-24
  10. Homework Helpers: Physics (Homework Helpers (Career Press)) by Greg Curran, 2005-01
  11. Physics: Principles with Applications Volume II (Ch. 16-33) (6th Edition) by Douglas C. Giancoli, 2004-08-23
  12. The Trouble With Physics: The Rise of String Theory, The Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next by Lee Smolin, 2007-09-04
  13. Quantum Physics: A Beginner's Guide by Alastair I.M. Rae, 2006-01-03
  14. Barron's AP Physics B with CD-ROM by Jonathan S. Wolf, 2008-01-01

21. New Journal Of Physics
What's new? Subject Clustering in New Journal of physics. Associate Members.Focus Issues Journal history. 1998present, New Journal of physics.
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BEC Matters! Articles by subject area Latest volume Vol 5, 2003 (1-26) Journal archive Vol 5, 2003

22. Cookies Required
OJPS is a service of the American Institute of physics, publishing over 100 scientific journals online.Category Science physics Publications......The Online Journal Publishing Service (OJPS) is a service of TheAmerican Institute of physics. OJPS is an essential collection
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  • 23. Eric Weisstein's World Of Physics
    Online encyclopedia of physics terms and formulas. Full searchable, and also browsable alphabetically Category Science physics...... Wolfram web resources, Astronomy Biography Chemistry Mathematics physics. AlphabeticalIndex. About this site. site last updated Wed Mar 12 074152 2003 CST

    site last updated
    : Tue Mar 18 08:47:57 2003 CST 2,690 entries, 13,892 cross-references, 164 figures, 22 animated graphics , live Java applets, and counting... download policy FAQs
    MARCH 22, 2003
    This website is currently under construction. Comments, suggestions, and corrections are welcome, and may be sent to

    24. Physics Classroom Table Of Contents
    An online interactive tutorial of the basic physics concepts discussed in a first-year high school Category Reference Education Online Tutorials......The physics Classroom is an online interactive tutorial of basic physicsconcepts. The lessons use an easyto-understand language
    Table of Contents
    About The Physics Classroom 1-D Kinematics Newton's Laws Vectors - Motion and Forces in Two Dimensions ... Future Plans
    The Physics Classroom Multimedia Physics Studios Physics 173 Internet Problems Chem-Phys Internet Problems ... Miscellaneous Help
    The Project Corner The Refrigerator
    Curricular Helps
    Course Calendars Solutions Guide (P163) Extra Credit
    Course Pages
    Physics 163 Physics 173 Chem - Phys
    Teacher Pages
    The Post Office Henderson Dave Smith Brian Wegley
    The Post Office Tom Henderson Howard Jenewein John Lewis ... Brian Wegley
    Other GBS Pages
    Glenbrook South Home Page GBS Science Home Page
    The Physics Classroom Topics
    1-D Kinematics
    The motion of objects in one-dimension are described using words, diagrams, numbers, graphs, and equations.
    Newton's Laws
    Newton's three laws of motion are explained and their application to the analysis of the motion of objects in one dimension is discussed.

    25. Multimedia Physics Studios - Table Of Contents
    The Multimedia physics Studios is a collection of GIF animations depictingmajor physics concepts. The animations cover common physics
    Welcome to the
    Multimedia Physics Studios
    The Multimedia Physics Studios consists of a collection of GIF animations and accompanying explanations of major physics concepts. The animations cover common physics principles discussed in a first-year high school physics course. The animation and discussion have been written specifically for high school physics students. While the animations provide a strong visual reinforcement of physics concepts, they are not interactive. Interactive Shockwave animations are currently under construction; an initial preview of such files can be found at the Shockwave Physics Studios . Related information and discussion of physics concepts can be found at this same site in The Physics Classroom
    1-Dimensional Kinematics
    Newton's Laws Vectors and Projectiles ... Shockwave Animations
    GIF Animations
    1-Dimensional Kinematics

    26. NIST Physics Laboratory Home Page
    About the physics Laboratory. Search the physics Lab Webspace. or visitthe Site Map. Search NIST Webspace. NIST home page. Divisions
    About the Physics Laboratory What we do Staff directory Working with us Products and Services Physical Reference Data Publications General Interest Selected Projects Nanotechnology Quantum Information Biophysics / Medical Physics Search the Physics Lab Webspace
    or visit the Site Map Search NIST Webspace NIST home page Divisions / Research Areas
    The Physics Laboratory is divided into six major divisions, described below. Also see: Major Research Facilities
    Seminars / Meetings
    develops measurement methods and associated technology for determining electron and photon interactions with matter. Atomic Physics carries out a broad program of long-term experimental and theoretical research in atomic physics. Optical Technology promotes accurate and useful optical radiation measurements in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectral regions. Ionizing Radiation provides national leadership in fundamental research and measurement standards for all types of ionizing radiation. is responsible for the standards of time and frequency; and since length is now derived from the second, develops optical frequency standards.

    Historical archive containing profiles of women who have made original and important contributions Category Society People Women Science and Technology History......Contributions of 20th CenturyWomen to physics Historical archive of profiles of20th century women who havemade original and important contributions to physics
    Welcome to CWP at UCLA
    86 Eminent Physicists

    Search the Archive
    Fascinating Documents

    Annotated Photo Gallery

    In Her Own Words . . .

    Some Physics History

    Presented here is an archive of data on 86 twentieth century women who have made original and important contributions to physics. The citations describe and document their major contributions and provide biographical information pertaining to the scientific lives of the women. A POSTER The archive is limited to citations of 20th century women whose contributions to physics were published before 1976. CLICK HERE TO SEARCH FOR NAMES OF WOMEN YOU KNOW
    There are women who are not cited whose contributions before 1976 qualify them to be included. It has not been possible, with the resources available to us, to reach completion in this sense. As in the history of most areas of human endeavor, in physics women are disappeared people. If this research project were to continue, there would be more women, known and unknown to us at present, with citations here.
    Only fully researched citations are presented. The CWP database contains the names of many more women than have citations posted in this website. Unfortunately resources were not available to process citations for all the women originally cited. (

    28. UCLA Physics & Astronomy
    Offers weekly events calendar, news, and announcements, and provides overview of academic programs, Category Science physics Academia Universities United States......(refresh to see another link) Welcome to the Department of physics and Astronomywebsite. Please report problems and errors to
    (refresh to see another link)
    W 2001-02 Annual Report , and the faculty web pages.
    Claudio Pellegrini, Chair
    Box 951547, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1547
    phone: 310-825-3440 - fax: 310-206-5668
    e-mail: DEPARTMENT NEWS: WEEKLY EVENTS CALENDAR News Archives Spring 2003 - Class Announcement Physics 185 - Physics Beyond Physics
    Physics 215 D - Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Molecular Biophysics
    In Memory of those we have recently lost
    Offices of Plasma Physics
    , Faculty, Staff and Grad Students have been relocated
    More Plasma Science and Technology Institute News NEW SPRING QUARTER 2003 PSTI is proud to announce The Distinguished Research Lectures by Dr. Robert Strangeway

    29. Virtual Library: Physics
    WWW Virtual Library categoryCategory Science physics Directories......logo The Virtual Library physics. Know of a great guide page for a physics speciality?Please suggest it for inclusion in the VL. The Virtual Library catalog.
    The Virtual Library:
    Know of a great guide page for a Physics speciality? Please suggest it for inclusion in the VL. The Virtual Library catalog

    30. The Laws List
    An alphabetical glossary of the various laws and theorems in this science.Category Science physics Reference......Laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments, thoughtexperiments in physics. The laws list, 26 Lw Laws.
    The laws list Lw
    Laws Introduction. The laws list is a list of various laws, rules, principles, and other related topics in physics and astronomy. This list is not intended to be complete. History. The laws list originally started out strictly as a list of laws. Then, because of their similarity, I began adding rules to the list (after all, in physics, there is generally no difference between a law and a rule). Over time I added more and more similar subjects. Now, the list is more of a minidictionary of physics and astronomy terms, rather than strictly a list of laws, rules, and so forth; however, for historical reasons I still refer to it as the laws list, even though it is something of a misnomer. Contents. The laws list: A
    aberration to Avogadro's hypothesis Lw The laws list: B
    Balmer series to Brownian motion Lw The laws list: C
    candela to Curie-Weiss law Lw The laws list: D
    Dalton's law to Dulon-Petit law Lw The laws list: E
    Eddington limit to event horizon Lw The laws list: F
    faint, young sun paradox to Fizeau method Lw The laws list: G
    G to gravitational radius Lw The laws list: H
    h to Huygen's construction Lw The laws list: I
    ideal gas constant to ideal gas laws Lw The laws list: J joule to Josephson effects Lw The laws list: K k to Kohlrausch's law Lw The laws list: L L to Lyman series Lw The laws list: M Mach number to muon experiment Lw The laws list: N N A to null experiment Lw The laws list: O Occam's razor to Olbers' paradox Lw The laws list: P particle-wave duality to pseudoforce Lw The laws list: Q Lw The laws list: R R

    31. Spectra-Physics
    Manufacturer of diode pumped, ultrafast, NdYAG, ion, entertainment and CW tunable lasers. Mountain Category Business Arts and Entertainment Lighting Laser......Spectraphysics manufactures solid state, semiconductor, ultrafast, gas and dyelasers for applications in telecommunications, computer/microelectronics

    New 350 mW UV Vanguard Laser from Spectra-Physics
    Spectra-Physics Announces Major Brand Merger New Spectra-Physics Catalog Offers Latest Gas and Diode Lasers for The Lab Articles Expand Their Reach
    Quasi-CW Solid-State Lasers

    Jan. 13, 2003
    Solid-State Q-Switched Lasers - Expand Their Reach

    Jan. 13, 2003
    Complete Tradeshow Schedule

    Learn more about the new Spectra-Physics, our broader spectrum of capabilities and how we can provide a whole new level of value and convenience.
    News - Updates - Tradeshows
    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (February 14, 2003)
    DPG-Tagung Hannover, Germany, The Japan Soc. Of Applied Physics Yokohama, Japan CLEO 2003 Baltimore, MA

    32. Mp_arc
    An archive of papers published in the field of mathematical physics.Category Science physics Mathematical physics Publications......
    Welcome to the
    Mathematical Physics Preprint Archive mp_arc
    is an electronic archive for research papers in Mathematical Physics and related areas. This service, which is completely free to users, allows one to deposit papers in an electronic format over the web or by e-mail (see instructions and/or a template ), to retrieve them in a variety of different ways (including e-mail ftp wais http ), and to receive weekly updates . Other services are under discussion, and suggestions are always welcome. For general instructions on how to interact with mp_arc by e-mail, click here Recent Papers: beginning end of last 20 Abstracts and Papers by year: number and related papers. abstracts papers from to

    Return up to matches, per page. Mailing List Public part of the list of subscribers to mp_arc's weekly mailings. Home and Mirrors of mp_arc: Austin TX Barcelona ES Roma IT Users of this archive may be interested to know that the International Mathematical Union has adopted a resolution encouraging mathematicians to make their work available online. See Call to authors Users of this archive might also be interested in the Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal - a refereed journal of Mathematical Physics.

    33. Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal
    Welcome to the
    ISSN 1086-6655
    MPEJ users may be interested to know that the International Mathematical Union has adopted a resolution encouraging mathematicians to make their work available online. See Call to authors A printed version of MPEJ is published by World Scientific Publishing Co. (see
    Volume 8, 2002
    Cover page Table of contents
    • No. 1. (13pp) D. Bambusi, G. Gaeta: On persistence of invariant tori and a theorem by Nekhoroshev

    34. Fear Not! Physics. Explained. Finally.
    An interactive, visual, and nontechnical site that shows some laws of physics in action.Category Science physics Education Tutorials......Homework help for physics. Trouble with your physics homework? Maybe we can help! RollerCoasters Free Rides. Sure they're fun and loaded with physics too!

    Why this site?
    Word Game Quick Questions New! ... User Contributed Physics Dictionary!
    Look up:
    (Try: electron, vector, solar cell) Browse: [ a b c d ... z Help! Do you know what any of these words mean? Homework help for Physics Trouble with your Physics homework? Maybe we can help! Choose your problem's category: Select a Category One dimensional motion Two dimensional motion Forces and Newton's Laws Conservation of Energy Conservation of Momentum Gravity Oscillations Rolling/Ang. Momentum Just browsing? Try these for fun: Speeding Ticket Baseball Accident Investigation Bungee Jump ... Speed and Acceleration
    The science behind how something moves. Why things fall Fall Video
    What is "the pull" in "the pull of gravity?" Collisions Light Heavy Same
    What happens when two things crash into each other? Why Satellites Don't Fall
    How is it that they stay up there? Roller Coasters Free Rides
    Sure they're fun...and loaded with Physics too! Make your Jump Shot Video Ball Ride
    The science behind making a shot in basketball. Cart Throws Ball
    If a cart throws a ball, where will the ball land? Seesaws Can you help two kids ride a seesaw?

    35. Chemical Physics Preprint Database
    A fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for the international theoretical chemistry Category Science Chemistry Physical Publications......Welcome to the Chemical physics Preprint Database The Chemical physicsPreprint Database is a fully automated electronic archive
    Welcome to the Chemical Physics Preprint Database:
    The Chemical Physics Preprint Database is a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for the international theoretical chemistry community. You are the visitor to our homepage since April 20th.
    Introduction and Background
    General Help

    36. The Health Physics Society
    Professional organization dedicated to development, dissemination, and application of both the scientific Category Science Environment Professional Associations...... Membership HPS Affiliates Welcome to Our Web Site – Your Gatewayto Information about the Health physics Profession. We are an
    var browserOK=false; var browserOK=true;
    April Newsletter
    April Journal EPA Drinking Water Standards Upheld
    Welcome to Our Web Site – Your Gateway to Information about the Health Physics Profession
    We are an international professional scientific organization dedicated to promoting the practice of radiation safety. We are active in all aspects of radiation protection including information dissemination, standards development, education, preparation of position papers, and promotion of scientific conferences and committees. Our Web site contains information on all Society activities and on HPS structure and objectives membership news and events publications ... education , and public information . You can join the Society or "ask the experts" using interactive features of this Web site. For general information or questions about the Society or for Society business, please contact the Secretariat ; for issues about technical content, please contact our editors ; if you have Web-related problems, contact the Webmaster . Also please see our security notice and

    37. The Wonders Of Physics
    Organized by the University of Wisconsin. Includes information about the program, including shows, Category Science physics Education Outreach and Entertainment......Magellan 3Star Site The Wonders of physics. In the matter of physics, the firstlessons should contain nothing but what is experimental and interesting to see.
    The Wonders of Physics
    In the matter of physics, the first lessons should contain nothing but what is experimental and interesting to see. A pretty experiment is in itself often more valuable than twenty formulae extracted from our minds. Albert Einstein
    General Description
    Never has there been a time when an understanding of science has been more important to the well-being of individuals and to the nation than the present. Yet many recent studies have documented a lack of interest in science and hence a decline in science literacy in the United States. To address this problem, the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1984 began a program called The Wonders of Physics aimed at generating interest in physics among people of all ages and backgrounds. The heart of the program is a fast-paced presentation of physics demonstrations carefully chosen to be entertaining as well as educational. The show has been presented by Professor Clint Sprott on the Madison campus over 150 times to a total audience of about 50,000. In addition a smaller traveling show has been developed and presented by physics graduate students and staff several hundred times to audiences of all ages throughout Wisconsin and the nation. A variety of educational tools and materials have been developed including printed handouts, videotapes, and computer software.

    38. Fusion Energy And Plasma Physics Research At PPPL
    Devoted to plasma physics and controlled fusion research.Category Science physics Plasma Laboratories......Fusion energy and plasma physics research at the Princeton Plasma physicsLaboratory, a US Department of Energy Laboratory. Security Notice
    Fusion energy and plasma physics research is the primary mission of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). A collaborative national center for fusion energy and plasma physics research, PPPL is managed by Princeton University for the U.S. Department of Energy. An associate mission for PPPL is to provide the highest quality of education in fusion energy, plasma physics, and related technologies.
    Secretary of Energy Abraham Announces
    U.S. to Rejoin ITER Program Budget Planning Meeting
    March 19, 2003 Science on Saturday 2003 Schedule
    PPPL Colloquia for 2002-2003

    PPPL HOTLINE, February 13, 2003 Virtual Tour of PPPL
    PPPL is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and managed by Princeton University.
    DOE Eurekalert

    USDOE and Other Fusion Links

    U.S. Fusion Energy Program Policy Information
    ... Download PPPL Logo
    Updated: 17 March 2003
    Send questions or comments to Carol A. Phillips at

    39. U.C. Berkeley Physics Department
    welcome to the berkeley physics department. Department of physics; University ofCalifornia; Berkeley, CA 947207300 Voice(510) 642-7166 Fax (510) 643-8497. Category Reference Education Berkeley Departments
    Quick Links Department of Physics; University of California; Berkeley, CA 94720-7300
    Voice:(510) 642-7166 Fax: (510) 643-8497
    Directory About Us Alumni ... Contact Us
    Site development by LSCR. Website Questions/Comments? Email us

    40. Welcome To The University Of Michigan Health Physics Web Site
    Information and links from the University of Michigan health physics students.Category Science Environment Health physics and Radiological Health...... Organizations and Societies. Professional Resources. Educational Resources. Welcometo the University of Michigan Health physics Web Site. We've changed!
    Comments Additions/Updates Home About ... Search Search
    Quick Links Current Topics Introduction Research Resources Organizations and Societies ... Educational Resources Welcome to the University of Michigan Health Physics Web Site.
    We've changed!
    In order to better serve the visitors of this site, the Health Physics Society is modifying and updating the site's present listings of internet resources. Please excuse the broken hyperlinks as corrections to these will be made in the coming weeks. Thank you. We welcome your comments about these changes.
    If you are a visitor please feel free to use the comments link found at the top and bottom of every page to send us feedback and comments.
    If you are a company, government agency, or research site and you you wish to have your site added or updated to this listing please use the "Additions/Updates" link in the upper right hand corner of this site to contact the web site administrator. Thank you.
    (Counter Started on 14 January 2003) Home About Members Resources ... Search Search ©2003 UMSHPS

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