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         Physics:     more books (100)
  1. Physics Problem Solver (Problem Solvers) by Joseph Molitoris, 1978-12-31
  2. Physics and Philosophy: The Revolution in Modern Science by Werner Heisenberg, 2007-05-01
  3. Physics (Cliffs Quick Review) by Linda Huetinck Ph.D., Scott Adams, 2001-06-15
  4. College Physics by Raymond A. Serway, Jerry S. Faughn, et all 2008-02-19
  5. Physics Made Simple (Made Simple (Broadway Books)) by Christopher De Pree, 2005-01-11
  6. Fundamentals of Physics, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 20) by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, et all 2007-01-02
  7. Conceptual Physics Media Update, 10th Edition by Paul G. Hewitt, 2008-05-29
  8. Physics Demystified : A Self-Teaching Guide (Demystified) by Stan Gibilisco, 2002-08-01
  9. Quantum Physics For Dummies by Steven Holzner, 2009-02-03
  10. Factory Physics (The Mcgraw-Hil/Irwin Series) by Wallace Hopp, Mark Spearman, 2007-10-24
  11. Fundamentals of Physics, Part 5 (Chapters 38-44) (Chapters 38-44 Pt. 5) by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, et all 2004-06-09
  12. Examkrackers: 1001 Questions in MCAT in Physics by Jonathan Orsay, Jordan Zaretsky, 2001-12-01
  13. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 91st Edition
  14. Schaum's Outline of Physics for Engineering and Science, Second Edition (Schaum's Outline Series) by Michael Browne, 2009-09-15

81. The Internet Classics Archive | Physics By Aristotle
Part of the Internet Classics Archive at MIT. Aristotle's ideas held sway for 1500+ years, and there Category Science physics History People......physics By Aristotle Written 350 BCE Translated by RP Hardie and RKGaye physics has been divided into the following sections Book


Browse and



By Aristotle
Written 350 B.C.E
Translated by R. P. Hardie and R. K. Gaye Physics has been divided into the following sections:
Book I
Book II Book III Book IV ... Book VIII Commentary: Several comments have been posted about Physics Read them or add your own Reader Recommendations: Recommend a Web site you feel is appropriate to this work, list recommended Web sites , or visit a random recommended Web site Download: A 455k text-only version is available for download

82. Winners Of The Nobel Prize In Physics
A comprehensive list of Nobel Prize Laureates in physics, at the NobelPrize Internet Archive. Nobel Prize in physics Winners 20021901.
Nobel Prize in Physics Winners 2002-1901
also available in alphabetical arrangement brought to you by The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
The prize is being awarded with one half jointly to: R AYMOND D AVIS ... R. , and M ASATOSHI K OSHIBA for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, in particular for the detection of cosmic neutrinos and the other half to: R ICCARDO G IACCONI for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, which have led to the discovery of cosmic X-ray sources The prize is being awarded jointly to: E RIC A C ... ETTERLE and C ARL E W ... IEMAN for the achievement of Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute gases of alkali atoms, and for early fundamental studies of the properties of the condensates. The prize is being awarded with one half jointly to: Z HORES I A ... LFEROV , and H ERBERT K ROEMER for developing semiconductor heterostructures used in high-speed- and opto-electronics and and one half to: J ACK S T. ... ILBY for his part in the invention of the integrated circuit. The prize was awarded jointly to: G ERARDUS 'T H OOFT , and M ARTINUS J.G. V

83. UBC Physics & Astronomy Home Page
Undergraduate and graduate programs; research areas include condensed matter, theoretical, subatomic, Category Reference Education Science, Faculty of......physics Astronomy Department of theUniversity of British Columbia, Vancouver,BC Canada. Universit y o f Britis h Columbia physics ASTRONOMY DEPARTMENT.
U n i v e r s i t y o f B r i t i s h C o l u m b i a
P HYSICS STRONOMY DEPARTMENT Welcome Contacts Search this Site Talks/Events ...
Connect to Physics

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Research Directory

Research Web Sites

Graduate Students

Job Opportunities
TRIUMF Ampel Computer Lab Outreach Programs Physics Olympiad Physics Olympics Outreach (schools, summer camps, etc.) Industry Service Office Upcoming Events Talks/Events 2 weeks at a glance Grad Recruiting Day-Mar.29 Graduate Info. Graduate Admissions Graduate Brochure Graduate Info/Events LaTeX2e UBC Thesis Class ... Recent Graduate Awards Undergraduate Info. Overview Honours Biophysics Engineering Physics Eng. Physics Project Lab ... Student Information Courses Courses Given 2003S Courses Given 2002W Course Outlines from Previous Years UBC Calendar ... ITS WebCT Server Internal Links Dept. Directory Dept. Network Dept. Forms Dept. WebCT Site ... Parties/Events UBC Sites UBC Home Page UBC Library UBC Calendar UBC Faculty Service Centre ... UBC Turn-It-In (Plagarism detector) External Links Physics on the Web Astronomy on the Web Surf the Web FREE Online Virus Scanner ... Labour Dispute Information The Faculty of Applied Science is maintaining a page with the latest information on class cancellations.

84. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Nuclear Physics
Virtual Library physics Nuclear physics. Information sources for Nuclear physicsresearch institutes and accelerator facilities are as follows.
Nuclear Physics
See also:
Nuclear Astrophysics Datasets Nuclear-Physics conferences HEP (High-Energy Physics), Accelerator Physics NNDC Table of the Nuclides Periodic Table ... Yahoo Physics index , general physics and Software Resources in Nuclear Physics Information sources for Nuclear Physics research institutes and accelerator facilities are as follows. This list is originally based on the HEP list, modified by adding nuclear physics research institutes and universities. Please mail to add your institute or university (please notify the abbreviation for the institute or university).
APS Journals
Phys. Rev. C Phys. Rev. Lett Rev. Mod. Phys. ...
Nuclear Physics electronic
Nucl. Phys., Phys. Lett., Nucl. Inst. Meth., Phsycs Reports
Research Institutes
Argonne National Laboratory, USA. APS (Advanced Photon Source), IPNS (Intense Pulsed Neutron Source), PHYS (Physics Division)
University of Arizona Heavy-Ion Theory Group
Department of Nuclear Physics, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics,Russia

85. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Homepage
A Journal of European Chemical Societies.Category Science Chemistry Physical Publications...... the merger of two major physical chemistry journals Faraday Transactions and Berichteder BunsenGesellschaft, Physical Chemistry Chemical physics (PCCP) is
Readers' Information
Email Alerting
Authors' Information
... Help This journal is reference linked to ChemPort and CrossRef. Formed from the merger of two major physical chemistry journals Faraday Transactions and Berichte der Bunsen-Gesellschaft, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP) is owned and run by thirteen learned and professional societies PCCP has a very broad subject base, publishing new, original research in the areas of physical chemistry, chemical physics and biophysical chemistry. A full list of the subjects covered by PCCP can be found here . Published twice monthly, PCCP offers an attractive mix of regular Papers Invited Articles (commissioned, high profile, topical articles of interest to the broad readership of the journal), Communications and Comments . A number of themed Special Issues are also published. Key features and benefits
  • Rapid times to publication - typically 100 days for full papers and 50 days for communications Published by a learned society on behalf of other learned societies International authorship and world-wide circulation Peer reviewed by at least two referees Research of the highest quality - impact factor 1.78

86. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - Health Physics
Journal of the Health physics Society. Provides abstracts and information about online subscription, Category Science Environment Health physics and Radiological Health......
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87. NASA/Marshall Solar Physics
The Solar physics Branch of Marshall Space Flight Center's (MSFC) Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) Category Science Technology Centers Marshall Space Flight Center...... Movie added to Dynamo page Updated 2002/01/03. The Beyond Solar-BWorkshop - Updated 2001/08/22. Recent Solar physics News Stories.
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THE SUN Why We Study the Sun
The Big Questions

Magnetism - The Key

The Photosphere

The Chromosphere

The Transition Region
The Heliosphere

SOLAR FEATURES Photospheric Features
Chromospheric Features
Coronal Features Solar Wind Features THE SUN IN ACTION The Sunspot Cycle Solar Flares Post Flare Loops Coronal Mass Ejections ... Helioseismology The MSFC Solar Group T he People Their Papers RESEARCH AREAS Flare Mechanisms 3D Magnetic Fields The Solar Dynamo Sunspot Cycle Predictions ... Solar Wind Dynamics PREVIOUS PROJECTS Orbiting Solar Observatories Skylab Solar Maximum Mission SpaceLab 2 ... Yohkoh CURRENT PROJECTS MSFC Tower Magnetograph MSFC Dome Magnetograph The RHESSI Mission The Ulysses Mission ... The Sun in Time (EPO) FUTURE PROJECTS The Solar B Mission The STEREO Mission The SDO Mission Solar Probe ... Interstellar Probe The Solar Physics Group at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center was formed in the early 1970's in conjunction with the Apollo Skylab Mission. These pages contain an overview of solar physics itself along with highlights of our own work, our current projects, and possible future missions.

88. Welcome To Maryland Physics!
Text Only, physics logo, Save the Date MD Day 4/26/03! Dr. Sullivan Lands at theSouth Pole, physics Home, qotw, About Us, Alumni, Calendar, Contact Us, The Photon,
Text Only Save the Date: MD Day - 4/26/03!
Dr. Sullivan Lands at the South Pole
Physics Department, University of Maryland,
College Park, MD 20742-4111
Phone: 301.405.3401 Fax: 301.314.9525
Contact us with comments, questions and feedback

Last modified Monday, December 19, 2001 CMPS UM

89. University Of California, Santa Barbara, Department Of Physics
UCSB physics News. UCSB physics graduate student Jason Alicea was recipientof the LeRoy Apker Award. Bubbles and Black Holes Henriette Category Reference Education
Department of Physics
University of California
Santa Barbara

Department of Physics
Broida Hall, Building 572
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530
Phone number: (805) 893-3888
FAX number: (805) 893-3307
more contact information

Visiting UCSB
Alumni Info Events ... [UCSB main page]
UCSB Physics News
UCSB Physics graduate student Jason Alicea was recipient of the LeRoy Apker Award
"Bubbles and Black Holes": Henriette Elvang wins APS Topical Group in Gravitation Prize for best talk by a graduate student at the 19th annual Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting
Crystal Martin awarded Sloan Research Fellowship by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Eric Dunham receives Outstanding Student Paper Award at the 2002 American Geophysical Union meeting for work on earthquake source physics. UCSB Press Release 3/10/03
David Awschalom in USA Today Here's a switch, for quantum computing.
David Awschalom named as joint recipient of the IUPAP Magnetism Prize for 2003
David Awschalom leads efforts to successfully establish CNID: New Center for Nanoscience Innovation Transfers Knowledge From Universities to Industry.
UCSB Physics Circus in the news: "An experiment in fun."

90. ThinkQuest Library Of Entries
Visual physics is a FREE powerful tool for physics students and teacherswhich integrates Internet resources while learning the science.
Welcome to the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge of Entries
The web site you have requested, Visual Physics , is one of over 4000 student created entries in our Library. Before using our Library, please be sure that you have read and agreed to our To learn more about ThinkQuest. You can browse other ThinkQuest Library Entries To proceed to Visual Physics click here Back to the Previous Page The Site you have Requested ...
Visual Physics
click here to view this site
A ThinkQuest Internet Challenge 1997 Entry
Click image for the Site Languages : Site Desciption Pick a topic: force, work, tension, torque, projectile, momentum, electricity, or kinematics. Then connect to a simulation of that physics subject. See it, read it, run it, get an explanation, and then quiz yourself on the topic. This self-paced physics tutorial takes a new approach to teaching a sometimes tough subject. You can also find a list of physics-related links, and a biographical section on famous physicists.
Students Cong Cariboo Hill Secondary School
Canada Evan Cariboo Hill Secondary School
Canada Jonathan Cariboo Hill Secondary School
Canada Coaches Stephen Cariboo Hill Secondary School
Canada David Cariboo Hill Secondary School
Canada Greg Cariboo Hill Secondary School

91. Journal Of Chemical Physics -- Editorial Office
Journal of Chemical physics Editorial Office. This web site is forthe electronic submission of manuscripts to the JCP editors for
Journal of Chemical Physics
Editorial Office
This web site is for the electronic submission of manuscripts to the JCP editors for possible publication in the Journal of Chemical Physics.
Information For Authors
Electronic Manuscript Submission
About The JCP

92. American Physical Society - For The Advancement And Diffusion Of
information, member directory, and many linksCategory Science physics Associations...... international affairs, careers and employment. public affairs, fundraising. mediarelations, physics internet resources. prizes and awards, society governance.
Join APS today!
Visa Information

on Professional Conduct
The American Physical Society
about the society

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93. NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program HOME-PAGE
Experiments and theories regarding the coupling of gravity and electromagnetism, the quantum vacuum, Category Science Technology Space NASA Research Propulsion......Welcome to the NASA Breakthrough Propulsion physics (BPP) Project PublicInformation Site NEWS (January 31, 2003) There is no funding
Welcome to the
NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) Project
Public Information Site NEWS (January 31, 2003): There is no funding available for the Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) Project.
To see more BPP artwork click on the picture ABOUT BPP - In 1996, NASA established the Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project to seek the ultimate breakthroughs in space transportation: (1) propulsion that requires no propellant mass, (2) propulsion that attains the maximum transit speeds physically possible, and (3) breakthrough methods of energy production to power such devices. Topics of interest include experiments and theories regarding the coupling of gravity and electromagnetism, the quantum vacuum, hyper fast travel, and super luminal quantum effects. Because the propulsion goals are presumably far from fruition, a special emphasis is to identify affordable, near-term, and credible research that could make measurable progress toward these propulsion goals. This web site describes the methods and activities of the Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project. For an introduction about the challenges of interstellar travel and some of the emerging concepts, please visit our " Warp Drive- When?

94. Aspen Center For Physics
The Aspen Center for physics is a scientific organization which promotes organizedresearch in physics, astrophysics and related fields through a program of

The Aspen Center for Physics is a scientific organization which promotes organized research in physics, astrophysics and related fields through a program of individual and collaborative research, seminars, workshops and conferences and which promotes the education of the general public through public lectures and other activities.
About the Center
  • Brochure - A general description of the activities and history of the center. Officers - Current officers of the ACP. Members - ACP Advisory Group. Library - Aspen Center for Physics Library holdings
Program Information

95. If You Can See This Message, Either You Are Not Using A Java 1.1
If you can see this message, either you are not using a Java 1.1 compatiblebrowser, or you have Java disabled. Make sure you are
Your comments and questions are welcome. Send them to Greg Bothun
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96. Fermilab Web Site - This Page Has Moved
On March 1 Fermilab rolled out a new website. This new website comeswith a new look, a new architecture and a new navigation scheme.
On March 1 Fermilab rolled out a new website.
This new website comes with a new look, a new architecture and a new navigation scheme.
Pages you have bookmarked may have moved to a new location. We suggest you use the Fermilab home page to find the file you are looking for.
If you need help, email Elizabeth Clements for assistance. We hope the new Fermilab website will make it easy to find the information you are looking for.
Security, Privacy, Legal

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