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         Structural Engineering:     more books (100)
  1. Structural Engineering Formulas by Ilya Mikhelson, 2004-04-23
  2. Forensic Structural Engineering Handbook by Robert Ratay, 2009-11-16
  3. Structural Engineering Handbook by Edwin Gaylord, Charles Gaylord, et all 1996-12-01
  4. Structural Engineering Failures: lessons for design by Dr Niall F MacAlevey, 2010-08-10
  5. 246 Solved Structural Engineering Problems, 3rd ed. by C. Dale Buckner, 2003-10-24
  6. Structural Engineering Reference Manual by Alan Williams PhDSEFICEC Eng, 2008-04-21
  7. Handbook of Structural Engineering, Second Edition
  8. Schaum's Outline of Structural Steel Design by Abraham Rokach, 1991-01-01
  9. Structural Engineering License Review: Problems and Solutions, 3rd ed by Alan Williams S.E., 2000-04-06
  10. Nonlinear Structural Engineering: With Unique Theories and Methods to Solve EffectivelyComplex Nonlinear Problems by Demeter G. Fertis, 2006-08-21
  11. Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders by James Ambrose, Patrick Tripeny, 2010-11-23
  12. Engineers: A History of Engineering and Structural Design by M. Wells, 2010-04-08
  13. Engineering with the Spreadsheet: Structural Engineering Templates Using Excel by Craig T. Christy, 2006-04-20
  14. Engineering Damage Mechanics: Ductile, Creep, Fatigue and Brittle Failures by Jean Lemaitre, Rodrigue Desmorat, 2005-05-23

1. Civil & Structural Engineering ResourceWeb
Links to professional organizations, publications and software.
Engineering ResourceWeb By Chua Yin Hsiang, Ian
B.Eng.(Civil), M.Sc.(Civil), M.Sc.(Operational Research) Distinction, M.IES, M.ASCE, M.SEAGS
Founder/Edu-Technopreneur, i-Web Technologies and Ace-Learning.Com
Formerly Executive Structural Engineer, Structural Engineering Department, , Singapore Last Update on 11 December 2000 This web site is being developed and maintained on a personal basis. Any feedback or contributions to are welcomed.
Professional Institutions
Abstracts Search
Technical Publications/Journals

2. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library-Structural Engineering
The WWW Virtual Library of structural engineering Welcome to the WWW Virtual Library of structural engineering. The intent of this site is to provide an information resource for structural engineering related topics.
The WWW Virtual Library of Structural Engineering Welcome to the WWW Virtual Library of Structural Engineering . The intent of this site is to provide an information resource for Structural Engineering related topics. If you have information about other related links, please contact Dennis McCroskey at Please visit the Online Shopping Mall for purchasing online. Links to Structural Engineering Resources
Earthquake Information
Professional Societies Engineering Newsgroups Government Information ... Building Departments Earthquake Information

3. Spreadsheets For Structural Engineering
International Association for Bridge and structural engineering. AIPC. Association Internationale des Ponts et
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4. IABSE International Association For Bridge And Structural Engineering
Submit the membership application, review programs and registration guidelines for upcoming conferences, or order publications. The "International Association for Bridge and structural engineering" (IABSE) is a nonprofit scientific society
International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering
Association Internationale des Ponts et Charpentes
The "International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering" (IABSE) is a non-profit scientific society established in 1929 to promote the international exchange of knowledge in the field of structural engineering. It has more than 4'100 members in 101 countries, all over the world. Its secretariat is in Zurich, Switzerland. You are visitor to IABSE's WebSite since December 21, 1998. News - Info Exchange Deadlines. Press Releases. Other News.
Information Exchange. About IABSE General Information. Services. Committees and Secretariat. Conferences IABSE Past and Future Conferences. Calendar of events. Publications Regular and irregular series. List of publications. Order form. Structural Engineering International SEI, the IABSE quarterly journal. Table of contents of past issues. Preview. You, as a Reader, Author, Advertiser.

5. UCSD - Department Of Structural Engineering
to the Department of structural engineering. structural engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the
2003-2004 On Line Graduate Student Application
Student Affairs Coordinator, Linda Floyd Welcome to the Department of Structural Engineering Structural Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the design and analysis of aerospace, civil, marine, mechanical, naval and offshore structures. WHAT DO STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS DO?
Off-shore facilities Mechanical Structures Sporting Goods THE FUTURE !!! Materials Design Analysis Experiments The program develops knowledge and competence in the areas of materials, response of individual structural components, and the behavior of entire structural systems. Mission Goals Objectives Structural Engineering Presentation Reconnaissance report from the February 28, 2001 Nisqually (Seattle/Olympia) earthquake. For information on Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, contact our Student Affairs Coordinator, Linda Floyd The Department of Structural Engineering 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, CA 92093-0085

6. Dept. Of Structural Engineering KTH
Presents lists of the department's publications, and describes the research projects. Located in Stockholm. Department of structural engineering. On 1st Juli 2001 the Department of structural engineering merged with
General description Staff Research groups For our students ... Search
Welcome to the Department of Structural Engineering at KTH
Department of Structural Engineering
On 1:st Juli 2001 the Department of Structural Engineering merged with:
- Department of Building Sciences
- Division of Soil- and Rock Mechanics
- Division of Highway Engineering
- Unit of Environmental and Natural Resources Information System
To become the Department of Civil Engineering and Building Sciences
Map of KTH Campus
Addresses and telephone numbers
Postal address Royal Institute of Technology Dept. of Structural Engineering SE-100 44 Stockholm , Sweden Visiting address Teknikringen 78A Telephone Fax Electronic mail Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified : april 03, 2002 Intra

7. Godden Structural Engineering Slide Library
Collection of 900 engineering slides from around the world. Historic and modern structures beams, Category Arts Architecture...... California, Berkeley. Godden structural engineering Slide LibraryIntroduction Browse Index. Set A a beam structures. Historic
n i see National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering
University of California, Berkeley
Godden Structural Engineering Slide Library
Browse Index
a: beam structures
Historic, modern structures: bridges, buildings; supports, hinges; determinate and indeterminate; cantilever, simply supported, continuous; constant and variable sections; timber, wrought iron, steel, reinforced, prestressed concrete.
b: arch structures
Historic, modern arches: voussoir, 3-hinged, 2-hinged, fixed, tied-arches; supports, hinge details; bridges, buildings; open, solid spandrel; steel, concrete arches; rib sections include solid, I, truss, shell; transverse bracing, rise-to-span ratio.
c: cable and suspension structures
Historic, modern structures: statically determinate, indeterminate, flexible, stiff systems; stiffened cable, stiffened girder; bridges, buildings; chain, cable, suspension, cable-stayed systems; self-anchored; cable-nets, long-span roofs.
d: truss structures
Historic, modern trusses: determinate, indeterminate; Pratt, Warren, Bailey trusses; X-, K-bracing; bridges, buildings; pinned, riveted, welded construction; hinged, expansion bearings; high-rise buildings, shear bracing, space frames.
e: domes and shells
Historic, modern structures: cathedrals, auditorium roofs; small and large diameter, ribbed, truss, thin-shell domes; folded plates, hyperbolic paraboloid, barrel, cylindrical, waveform translational roofs; double curvature shells.

8. Welcome To 2.0
Distribution site for free airfield, road, railroad, and general transportation, design and evaluation software written by US Army Corps of Engineers.
Enter the Pavement-Transportation Computer Assisted Structural Engineering [PCASE] Web Site Enter the Pavement-Transportation Computer Assisted Structural Engineering [PCASE] Web Site

9. Atir Start Page
structural engineering software featuring concrete and steel design (including cold formed), dynamic Category Science Technology Finite Element Analysis...... 2002 ATIR Engineering Software powerful software for structuralengineering steel and concrete design,bridge analysis.
Home of STRAP Structural Analysis Programs @2002 ATIR Engineering Software powerful software for structural engineering: steel and concrete design,bridge analysis

10. Structural Engineering International SEI
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11. Home
L A is a stateof-practice structural engineering firm with proven expertise in traditional structural engineering, with specialization in multihazard (earthquake, high wind and flood) mitigation, physical security, and failure analysis.
Click here to download registration or for more information on the Force Protection Short Course S T R U C T U R A L E N G I N E E R I N G C O N S U L T A N T S Terrorists threats to homeland security have initiated important changes in the design of the nation's infrastructure. Building code mitigation design now must consider anti-terrorism and rehabilitation in addition to earthquakes, high winds and floods. Integrated multi-hazard building code design is required. The already challenging new generation building code provisions for new buildings, including the International Building Code 2000, and their emerging counterparts for existing buildings, must be applied in conjunction with the new criteria and technology for anti-terrorism. The cost-effectiveness of facility and site design depends upon the successful integration and the merit of new terrorist mitigation technologies and methodologies. Lindbergh and Associates and its principal, Dr. Charles Lindbergh, are leaders in the development and application of multi-hazard building code evaluation and design. Send mail to

12. ASCE Publications CE Database Page
Search on a variety of engineering topics, from construction and design and structural engineering, to hydraulics and hydrology and surveying. Provides access to over 80,000 bibliographic and abstracted records.
Description Search Page Search Tips Subject Heading List ... ASCE Home ASCE'S Electronic Information Retrieval Service to All Its Publications Published since 1970
The CEDB Provides Access to over 100,000 Bibliographic and Abstracted Records - Current Coverage: 1970 - Present To start your search, enter one or more words for each category you are interested in.
For help, click on the name of the Field(s) you want to use. Document Type all document types journal paper technical note feature article special publication (book) electronic book standards manual and report conference proceeding news item editorial forum item book review memoir All Text Fields Author (Last, First) (e.g. Smith, J*) Title Subject Headings Year Range Start Year: End Year: CE Database Search Descriptions Search Tips Getting the Actual Document ... ASCE Home For best results please use the latest version of or Internet Explorer
For any questions, comments or suggestions, see

13. ASCE - Structural Engineering Institute
structural engineering Institute, Trial Design Problems Business Professional Activities Division Codes Standards Activities

About SEI
Announcements Continuing Education

About SEI
Announcements Continuing Education
... Subscribe to e-Newsletter

14. GrSoft Online
and demonstration of available software for reinforcement bars and mesh schedules and analysis of punching shear.......
Best Viewed by:
Our Front Page represents the front door for all the features we offer. This page is intended to guide you through the web with practically no effort. All shipped products or upcoming events are presented bellow. Reinforcement Schedule 19-June-2000 GrSoft announced Reinforcement Schedule 2.0 , a powerful software tool for reinforcement scheduling acc. to ISO 4066 and DIN 1356 including smart new features to let you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. 1-June-99 Reinforcement Schedule WISH LIST !
GrSoft is planning to develop a new sophisticated version of Reinforcement Schedule designed to meet the needs of the construction professionals.
THE BEST IDEAS WILL BE REWARDED Punching Analyzer 20-Oct-98 Punching Analyzer Video now available FOR FREE !
(Recommended resolution 1024x768 or more). 22-Jul-98 GrSoft is proud to announce Punching Analyzer 1.0, the high quality software tool for analyzing slabs and foundations for punching shear acc. to EUROCODE II. 29-Apr-98 GrSoft is looking for beta testers 24-Apr-98 GrSoft Announces Punching Analyzer beta version Civil Engineering Web

15. ASCE - Structural Engineering Institute
Organized to advance the science of structural design through a wide range of professional activities .Category Science Technology structural engineering...... The Technical Activities Division is made up of over 70 Technical Committeesdealing with a variety of structural engineering issues.
Technical Activities Division (TAD)
To join a Technical Committee click on this link and complete the application
TAD Forms
  • Meeting Request Form
  • Chairman Summary Form
  • Teleconfernce Form
  • New Committee Form The Technical Activities Division is made up of over 70 Technical Committees dealing with a variety of Structural Engineering issues. These committees develop technical publications, technical sessions for conferences, specialty conferences, provide articles for journals. Manuals of practice, committee reports and more.
    Purpose: Advance the science of structural design by increasing the knowledge of the physical properties of engineering materials, developing methods of analysis, studying the relative merits of various types of structures and methods of fabricating, and disseminating knowledge relating to this division of the engineering profession. The Technical Activities Division is managed by the Executive Committee. This years Executive Committee is made up of the following member; Reidar Bjorhovde
  • 16. Mechanical Engineering Software - Engineering Power Tools
    General utility with modules covering mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering.
    Contents Download Registration Info Help ... Bookmark This Page Give your design efficiency a boost with this library of OVER 140 engineering programs and data tables. With Engineering Power Tools the answers are just a click away.
  • Fast Organized Neatly categorized with drop-down menus. Intuitive Simple to use, includes context-sensitive help. Powerful Solve complex, multi-step problems quickly. Networkable Power Tools will run across your LAN.
  • Engineering Power Tools is powerful software for professional engineers. This program can greatly increase your efficiency by eliminating wasted time, looking up formulas and then performing the same calculations over and over again by hand. The software solves a wide range of commonly encountered engineering problems quickly and efficiently. Over 140 program modules and data tables are organized into one easy-to-use package. The following categories are included: Math HVAC Mechanical Electrical ... Structural Context sensitive Windows Help is provided. The registered version allows saving and restoring of data files as well as printing of all forms. Engineering Power Tools can be easily networked from a single location (multiple installations are not typically required).

    17. SESOC Home Page
    structural engineering Society New Zealand
    Structural Engineering Society New Zealand

    Structural Groups

    Job Vacancies
    To promote the science, art and practice of structural engineering
    • To ensure the advancement and dissemination of knowledge relating to structural engineering
    • To provide a forum for structural engineering practitioners to communicate amongst themselves and to the public at large
    • Affairs of the Society are managed by a Management Committee of 10 to 13 elected persons
    SESOC's membership is now over 550, primarily from New Zealand but also a number from Australia, Pacific rim and other overseas locations. Membership is targeted at those having an interest in all aspects of structural engineering, across the range of construction materials (timber, concrete, structural steel) as well as aspects of construction management and education. Please download the MSWord or the PDF file , then print it out, fill it in and mail it in for consideration.

    18. Computer & Design Services Ltd
    Analysis, design and detailing software applications for civil and structural engineering.

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    19. Godden Structural Engineering Slide Library Intro
    The structural engineering Slide Library was collected over the period 1950through 1980. William G. Godden structural engineering Slide Library.
    n i see National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering
    University of California, Berkeley
    William G. Godden Structural Engineering Slide Library
    Professor Godden The Structural Engineering Slide Library was collected over the period 1950 through 1980. It was developed as a visual resource for illustrating structural systems in undergraduate courses in structural analysis and design. Each structure is identified, and a brief description is given. The collection was made available in 1980. For publication on the Internet, the original collection and writing have been retained, largely without editing, but supplemented with additional slides and more recent structures. The original slides are numbered in the form Nx, the additional slides in the form Nx.y. The Structural Engineering Slide Library is the product of 30 years of teaching structural analysis, structural design, and architectural engineering to undergraduate and graduate students in Europe and the United States. During this period the author has traveled extensively and has used color photography to bring to the classroom illustrations of structural engineering so that theory can be related directly to practice. The resulting slides are not always the standard type of book illustrations, but rather views taken from specific angles for the express purpose of illustrating particular facets of structural theory, response, or design. Over the years, this has developed into a large and comprehensive collection taken in many countries, covering all kinds of structural engineering, historic as well as modern. The Slide Library is a selection of 560 slides from this larger collection.

    Free structural engineering ANALYSIS Software. Auxiliary Support Files Read ThisSecond User Input Files Help Place all needed files in the same subdirectory
    Auxiliary Support Files
    Read This Second

    User Input Files


    Place all needed files in the same sub-directory
    BRIDGES Continuous Beam Bridge
    Continuous Frame Bridge

    Truck Load on Simple Span

    SEMI-RIGID CONNECTION (related) PROGRAMS Plane Frame Analysis with Non-Linear Semi-Rigid Conn. (REVISION 11-07-2002)
    (documentation rev. 04-11-2002)
    Properties of a Prismatic Beam-Column
    BUILDINGS Space Frame Analysis Space Frame Analysis (more joints) (complete revision 11-05-2002) Limit Analysis of Steel Frames Plane Frame with infinitely rigid ends Plane Frame Analysis with walls Non-Composite Steel Beam with Web Opening ... Four Bolt Unstiffened Extended End-Plate (rev. 03-18-2003) Eight Bolt Stiffened Extended End-Plate (rev. 03-18-2003) Buckling of Steel Frames Critical Buckling Load of a Column (rev. 02-27-2003) BRIDGES and/or BUILDINGS Natural Frequency of Grids Natural Frequency of Plane Frames Plane Frame Analysis (with Stiffness Given Option) Beam Fixed End Forces ... Column Analogy to Find F.E.F. for a Non-Prismatic Beam FOUNDATIONS Rectangular Mat Foundation (variable Soil Modulus) 3-Dim. Pile Cap Analysis (English units)

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