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         Vertebrate Paleontology:     more books (100)
  1. Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution by Robert L. Carroll, 1990-01-01
  2. Vertebrate Paleontology by Alfred Sherwood Romer, 1966-06
  3. Patterns and Processes of Vertebrate Evolution (Cambridge Paleobiology Series) by Robert Lynn Carroll, 1997-04-28
  5. Papers in Vertebrate Paleontology Honoring Robert Warren Wilson (Special publication of Carnegie Museum of Natural History) by Robert M. Mengel, 1984-06
  6. Vertebrate Paleontology in Utah (Miscellaneous Publication / Utah Geological Survey)
  7. Contributions in Quaternary Vertebrate Paleontology: A Volume in Memorial to John E. Guilday (Special publication of Carnegie Museum of Natural History)
  8. The Emergence of Whales: Evolutionary Patterns in the Origin of Cetacea (Advances in Vertebrate Paleobiology)
  9. Biostratigraphy and Vertebrate Paleontology of the San Timoteo Badlands, (UC Publications in Geological Sciences) by L. Barry Albright, 2000-03-08
  10. Vertebrate Paleontology in the Neotropics: The Miocene Fauna of La Venta, Colombia by Richard L. Cifelli, 1997-02-17
  11. Vertebrate Paleontology 1092 (Benchmark Papers in Geology Series)
  12. A Preliminary Report on the Vertebrate Paleontology of the Llano Estacado by Edward Drinker Cope, 2010-10-14
  13. Notes and Comments on Vertebrate Paleontology by Alfred Romer, 1968-06
  14. Paleontology of Vertebrates by Jean Chaline, 1990-07-13

1. The Society Of Vertebrate Paleontology
Professional, international organization for VPs, publishes the Journal of vertebrate paleontology.Category Science Earth Sciences Societies vertebrate paleontology......The Society of vertebrate paleontology Founded in 1940 by thirtyfour paleontologists,the Society now has almost 2,000 members representing professionals
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates

The SVP News Bulletin
Funds and Donations

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VRTPALEO Listserver

Policy Statements

VP-related Meetings
Media Guide ... Business Office Education and Public Interest PaleoFAQs PaleoProfiles The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Founded in 1940 by thirty-four paleontologists, the Society now has almost 2,000 members representing professionals, students, artists, preparators, and others interested in VP. It is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, with the object of advancing the science of vertebrate paleontology. More information... The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology JVP is the leading journal of professional vertebrate paleontology and the flagship publication of the Society. It was founded in 1980 by Dr. Jiri Zidek and publishes contributions on all aspects of VP. Tables of contents and abstracts are available, as are guidelines for submission. More information...

2. Yale Peabody Museum: Vertebrate Paleontology
Division of vertebrate paleontology. The University of Nebraska State Museum URL structure has changed!
Vertebrate Paleontology
Collection History Search the Collection Catalog
New Perspectives on the Origin and Early Evolution of Birds:
Proceedings of the International Symposium in Honor of John H. Ostrom
J. Gauthier and L.F. Gall, eds.
Othniel Charles Marsh. William Reed, John Bell Hatcher, Archelon Richard Swann Lull, Malcolm R. Thorpe, G. Edward Lewis, J. T. Gregory, Elwyn Simons, and most recently, John Ostrom have all added significant collections to the museum. Notable among these are Tertiary mammals from the Fayum of Egypt and the Siwaliks of India and Pakistan and Lower Cretaceous dinosaurs from Wyoming and Montana. William Berryman Scott in the late 1800s. Curators of the collection have included such well-known vertebrate paleontologists as W. B. Scott, J. B. Hatcher, William J. Sinclair, Glenn L. Jepsen, Donald Baird, and John R. Horner. Maiasaura material. In addition to these, there are important collections of Miocene mammals from Patagonia and Oligocene mammals from Bolivia. The Division maintains a large archive of field notes, maps, photographs, and correspondence, as well as the Marsh-Lull Reprint Library which includes publications from the late 1700s to the present-day.

3. Florida Museum Of Natural History - Vertebrate Paleontology Databases
News and features from the University of Nebraska State Museum Division of vertebrate paleontology Highway Salvage Paleontology. Cellars of Time now available!
Vertebrate Paleontology Databases Search the University of Florida Vertebrate Paleontology (UF) Collection
Note: In order to query the database you will need an Internet browser which supports javascript. Search the Florida Geological Survey (UF/FGS) Collection
Note: In order to query the database you will need an Internet browser which supports javascript. Search the Pierce Brodkorb Ornithology (UF/PB) Collection Note: In order to query the database you will need an Internet browser which supports javascript. Send comments or inquiries to: We seek and encourage input from Users about the VP databases and request that you send us any comments and suggestions about errors or inconsistencies that might be determined during your use of this resource. We reserve the right to modify, or not to modify, the existing database in response to your comments. Vertebrate Paleontology Home
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4. Vertebrate Paleontology Lab
The vertebrate paleontology Laboratory. Research. Academic Programs and Opportunities in vertebrate paleontology
Vertebrate Paleontology Lab We've Moved! If your Web browser is a recent version, it should take you to our new location automatically. If you've waited 20 seconds and nothing's happened yet, click here to transfer:

5. Vertebrate Paleontology
The FLMNH collections provide the most complete basis available for study ofCenozoic vertebrate paleontology in the southeastern United States and the
Florida Museum of Natural History
Artist's view of Thomas Farm. Click here for a description. Aucilla River Prehistory Project
Collection Databases

Information on Fossil Dig Volunteering

Florida Fossil Permit and Application Form
VP Staff

Collection Databases University of Florida Vertebrate Paleontology (UF) Collection
Florida Geological Survey (UF/FGS) Collection

Pierce Brodkorb Ornithology (UF/PB) Collection
For further information, or to arrange for a visit to the collection, contact one of us:
  • Dr. Bruce J. MacFadden
    Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
    Professor of Geology, Latin American
    Studies and Zoology, Pony Express Director and Senior Editor Dr. S. David Webb Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology Professor of Geology and Zoology Director, Aucilla River Prehistory Project Director, Program of Vertebrate Paleontology (Florida Fossil Permits) Dr. Richard Hulbert Collections Manager, Primary person to contact regarding discovery and identification of vertebrate fossils.

6. Dino Russ's Lair - HOME
Access a comprehensive resource on dinosaurs and vertebrate paleontology, with sections on paleo art, digs, exhibits, and locations to visit. DINOSAUR AND vertebrate paleontology INFORMATION. Dinosaur. Art. Dinosaur. Digs
Dinosaur Sites to Visit Publications Dino Russ's Utah Field Projects Dino Russ's Montana Project Societies Software Tracks Other Exhibits Other Vertebrates VP Info Who is Dino Russ? Contacting Dino Russ Illinois Dinosaurs? Dinosaur Geology of the Colorado Plateau and Uinta Basin Dinosaur Geology of the Colorado Plateau and Uinta Basin Instructors:
Russ Jacobson and Joe Devera (ISGS) and Jim Staub (SIU) This is a one week field course to be offered in the Summer of 2003 (August 4-8, 2003) through Southern Illinois University Division of Continuing Education and will has as its goal an introduction to the geology and paleontology of the "Dinosaur Diamond" from Fruita, Colorado, to Moab, Price, and Vernal, Utah. Students will visit various field sites and museums on the Colorado Plateau, learn about Mesozoic Geology and Paleontology. The course will have a graduate credit option. SPECIAL NOTE: Course went so well that we are planning to offer again in 2003!!!! Information listed is from 2002 and some minor details such as cost, minor route changes, and links to new reigstration for 2003 will be added later. If you want to see what class was like check out my

7. Vertebrate Paleontology Home
Carnegie Museum of Natural History's Section of vertebrate paleontology presents current research news.
O UR M ISSION The mission of the Section of Vertebrate Paleontology at Carnegie Museum of Natural History is to expand the scientific understanding of fossil vertebrates through original research, to collect and preserve vertebrate fossils through field exploration and curation of our fossil collection, and to participate in science education through museum exhibitions, public education, and scientific lectures.
Recent Discoveries!
A Mammal the Size of a Paperclip!
A Treasure Trove of Specimens: The Bromacker Quarry

Tracking Our Extended Family:
Eosimias ...
A New Family of Eocene Rodents From Asia

Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Section of Vertebrate Paleontology
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-4080

8. Non-vertebrate Paleontology Lab
s of collections and exhibits. Includes many pictures of fossils, Virtual exhibits, links to other paleo sites, biographies of paleontologists contributing to the collection, and current curatorial issues.......
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Texas Memorial Museum
at UT Austin

9. Research And Collections
Research and collections info from the VP lab of the Texas Memorial Museum (UT, Austin).

10. The Journal Of Vertebrate Paleontology
History and Coverage The Journal of vertebrate paleontology (or JVP) was foundedin 1980 at the University of Oklahoma by Dr. Jiri Zidek, with financial
History and Coverage
The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (or JVP) was founded in 1980 at the University of Oklahoma by Dr. Jiri Zidek, with financial support from the University of Oklahoma Presidential Associates Fund; continued in 1984 by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. It publishes original contributions on all aspects of the subject, including vertebrate origins, evolution, functional morphology, taxonomy, biostratigraphy, paleoecology, paleobiogeography, and paleoanthropology. Journal Contents
This site contains the tables of contents for all issues from Volume 1 (1981) to the present and the abstracts of individual papers from Volume 14 (1994) to the present. Go to contents... Guide for Authors
The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology publishes original contributions on all aspects of the subject, including vertebrate origins, evolution, functional morphology, taxonomy, biostratigraphy, paleoecology, paleobiogeography, and paleoanthropology. Go to Author's Guide...

11. Beri's Dinosaur World Magazine
Illustrated site devoted to vertebrate paleontology and dinosaurs.
Original dinosaur images! Bookmark! Next time it will load up faster ! Dinosaur pictures! Quod bonum, faustum, felix, fortunatumque sit.
Welcome to the vertebrate paleontology site, designed, written, painted, animated and edited by the paleolife illustrator Beri. This Web site is designed for dinosaur fans, paleontology enthusiasts and professionals. Some other cool extinct animals like saber-toothed tigers and pterosaurs are also featured. Welcome DINOSAUR IMAGES

Check out these wonderful dinosaur books! "MUST HAVE" DINOSAUR BOOKS! The master dinosaur book-list list 1 dinosaurs dinosaur images extinct animals dinosaur articles facts and speculation news and information DINOSAUR ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE
This site is convenient for surfers of all ages.
Willkommen, bienvenu, benvenuto, bienvenido, welkom!
No portion of this website may be reproduced without written permission.

12. BFV Online
Indexed published literature of vertebrate paleontology, 1509 1993 (database).
The BFV Online
The BFV Online provides interactive access to the SVP's Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates series. Using the BFV Online , users can specify a search criterion, and receive a formatted list of matching literature references. Queries are formed like taxon = 'Tyrannosaurus' . Detailed instructions are available for writing queries Note: Currently, the database covers the years 1509-1958 and 1981 - 1993, and has approximately 112,000 references. Query: To submit the query, hit return or press:
BFV Online site, software

13. Dino Land Paleontology Interviews: Dr. Martin Lockley
vertebrate paleontology, trace fossils (i.e., footprints), (Univ. Colorado; Interview).
DINO LAND PALEONTOLOGY INTERVIEWS DR. MARTIN LOCKLEY Carnivorous Dinosaur Footprint from Rovereto, Italy Among the common paleo questions such as "How did the dinosaurs die out?" and "Did they evolve into birds?" are the more deeply enticed questions, such as "Were dinosaurs social animals?" Nobody has taken more cracks at this question during the past two decades than University of Colorado paleontologist Martin Lockley. Lockley began his career as an Ordovician paleontologist, but soon became fascinated by dinosaur tracks. This fascination has led to a career that has, among other aspects, spanned from studying the only T. rex footprint to attempting to answer whether dinosaurs migrated to writing three popular books. This past summer I interviewed Dr. Lockley for my book project, and was amazed to learn so much about dinosaur social behavior and locomotion. Here are some of the highlights of my interview. Steve Brusatte: Dr. Lockley, were you into dinosaurs or paleontology as a child? Martin Lockley: No, I was not into dinosaurs at all. I was raised on a nature reserve and was always surrounded by animals. I became interested in paleontology when I got into college and a teacher passed along "the paleo bug" to me.

14. Florida Museum Of Natural History
Zoology and vertebrate paleontology.
text only TUSKS! Ice Age Florida's
June 15, 2002 - May 18, 2003 A unique opportunity to explore the largest fossil collection of Florida's prehistoric elephants and their Ice Age relatives ever assembled in one exhibit. Learn more... Pearsall Collection of American Indian Art: 40th Anniversary Selections
March 22, 2003 - Spring, 2005

Over 200 of the finest examples of American Indian art from the museum's Leigh Morgan Pearsall Collection will be on display, representing nearly every cultural area of North America. Learn More... Visit Us Exhibits Current Events ... Travel Programs
General Information About the Museum Calendar Classes/Tours Collectors Shop Current Events Education Exhibits In The News Links Membership Staff Directory Travel Programs Volunteer Info Birds Fishes Fossil Plants Invertebrate Paleontology Mammals Molecular Systematics Lab Mollusks Plants Vertebrate Paleontology Caribbean Anthropology Ceramic Technology Lab Environmental Archaeology Florida Archaeology Historical Archaeology South Florida Archaeology Collection Databases Collection Policy Expedition Florida Photo Galleries Virtual Exhibits Other Hosted Sites webmaster

15. SVP Website: We've Moved...
Future meetings of the society.

16. SVP Awards
Research funding opportunities and awards.
Romer-Simpson Medal
Romer Prize

Gregory Award

Skinner Award
Past Winners

Call For Nominations
You are encouraged to nominate worthy individuals for the Society's awards and prizes by notifying the appropriate committee chair in writing. Awards will be presented at the SVP annual meeting. Morris F. Skinner Prize Deadline: Friday, April 18
for contributions to science through the collection of fossil vertebrates Joseph T. Gregory Award Deadline: Friday, April 18
for outstanding service to the welfare of the Society A.S. Romer - G. G. Simpson Medal Deadline: Friday, April 18
for lifetime achievement in the field of vertebrate paleontology Honorary Membership Award Deadline: Friday, April 18
for distingished contribution to the field of vertebrate paleontology Predoctoral Fellowship Grant Deadline: Friday, April 18 to promote a professional career in vertebrate paleontology Richard Estes Memorial Grant Deadline: Friday, April 18

17. Vertebrate Paleontology
Vertebrate Paleontology
See Area map. Main PRC Buildings 10 May 2002
Team Web
at UT Austin
Comments to:

18. Vertebrate Paleontology, University Of Nebraska State Museum
Online museum with primarily vertebrate fossil exhibits, including Ashfall Fossil Beds Park.Category Science Earth Sciences United States Nebraska......News and features from the University of Nebraska State Museum Divisionof vertebrate paleontology. From a mural by Mark Marcuson.
From a mural by Mark Marcuson
March 13, 2003 Urgent!
Division of Vertebrate Paleontology Proposed for Elimination by Budget Cuts! How You Can Help!
An Open Letter to the People of Nebraska: Urgent!
About the Division
Staff, Students and Volunteers
Museum Notes
Nebraska Feature Fossils ...
Other interesting links
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19. University Of Nebraska State Museum Vertebrate Paleontology
University of Nebraska State Museum Division of vertebrate paleontology.The University of Nebraska State Museum URL structure has changed!
University of Nebraska State Museum
Division of Vertebrate Paleontology
The University of Nebraska State Museum URL structure has changed! Please update your links and bookmarks to the Vertebrate Paleontology Division to:
Sorry for any inconvenience!
This page last updated: Tuesday, November 11, 1997

20. Humor
A series of onepanel cartoons about vertebrate paleontology.
Extinct tunes Prof. Dreistein Panel # 1 Panel # 2 Panel # 3 Panel # 4 ... Hosted by GEOCITIES
Member of the Comic Sites Alliance

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