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         Veterinary Medicine:     more books (103)
  1. Head to Tail Wellness: Western Veterinary Medicine Meets Eastern Wisdom by Stacy Fuchino, 2010-04-05
  2. Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Exotics by Lesa Longley MA BVM&S DZooMed (Mammalian) MRCVS RCVS Recognised Specialist in Zoo & Wildlife Medicine, 2010-11-05
  3. Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians by Janet Amundson Romich, 2010-03-02
  4. Textbook of Veterinary Physiology by James G. Cunningham DVMPhD, Bradley G. Klein PhD, 2007-07-10
  5. Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline (The 5-Minute Veterinary Consult Series)
  6. BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Medicine and Surgery (BSAVA British Small Animal Veterinary Association)
  7. Veterinary Instruments and Equipment: A Pocket Guide by Teresa F. Sonsthagen BSLVT, 2010-08-03
  8. Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion: Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care
  9. Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians Sixth Edition by Dennis M. McCurnin DVMMSDipl ACVS, Joanna M. Bassert VMD, 2005-07-28
  10. California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act: 2008 Edition by LexisNexis Editorial Staff, 2008-07-31
  11. Large Animal Internal Medicine - Text and VETERINARY CONSULT Package by Bradford P. Smith DVM, 2008-06-02
  12. Large Animal Internal Medicine (National Veterinary Medical Series) by Timothy Ogilvie, John R. Pringle, et all 1998-03-13
  13. Blackwells Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures: Canine and Feline (Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult)
  14. Veterinary Clinics of North America-Clinics Collection: Exotic Animal Practice (The Clinics Collection: Avian Pet Medicine)

81. Department Of Biomedical Sciences
Bridges biomedical research in fields including anatomy, pathology, and physiology in the College of veterinary medicine and the Division of Biological Sciences.

82. Focus - It, LLC - Resource Guide For Veterinary ESWT
Shock wave therapy for equine and canine veterinary medicine.
"We are bringing the best choice of
to your Veterinary medicine practice!" FOCUS IT provides medical state-of-art-technology and services to you. We have at our highest priority to better service veterinarians, hospitals and patients in their needs for the most recent non-invasive generation of medical state-of-the-art technology that is currently available. "ESWT a new treatment modality
for orthopedic lameness disorders." In the last few years the use of FOCUSED Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) musculoskeletal orthopedic disorders . This treatment modality is beneficial and successful for We make it available and affordable for everyone. Evidence-Based Findings
report success rates (may vary by indication treated)
Research is our Commitment, be a Part it! FOCUS IT is your Specialist for Shock Wave Therapy. We are the leading provider specialized in medical applications of Shock Waves. We offer unique plans under which the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) technology can be made available for your Veterinary medicine practice. For more information, to receive a free brochure or to schedule your demonstration, please call us at

83. Cat Fanciers Feline Veterinary Medicine
Cat Fanciers Web Site Feline veterinary medicine. Consultant Consultantis a diagnostic support system for veterinary medicine.

Includes services, admissions, faculty, programs, history, and research.Category Health Animal veterinary medicine Schools United Kingdom...... veterinary medicine Surgery AVMA accredited.College of Medicine and veterinary medicine Published by the CLIVE Unit.

85. Emergency Euthanasia Of Horses; UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Extension
UC Davis School of veterinary medicine article on when to make the euthanasia decision and how to carry it out as humanely and quickly as possible in the absence of a veterinarian.
California Department of Food and Agriculture, Animal Health and Food
Safety Services, Animal Care Program
UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Extension, School of Veterinary Medicine

The Emergency Euthanasia of Horses
Consideration for Owners, Equine Facility Managers, Auction Market Operators, Horse Transporters, and Law Enforcement Officers (November, 1999)
"One of the most difficult decisions a person may make is when to end an animal's life. Many of these decisions must be made in very stressful and less-than-ideal situations. We hope that this booklet can help make that decision the best one possible for both the animal and the owner. With a true appreciation of life comes the responsibility of ensuring a humane death." Introduction Catastrophic accidents and illness affecting horses can happen at any time. This may necessitate that an animal's life be ended humanely. This guide is designed to aid owners, equine facility managers, auction market employees, horse transporters, and l aw enforcement officers in making the appropriate decisions regarding the emergency euthanasia of horses. It is always best to seek assistance from a veterinarian when considering euthanasia. However, in some circumstances a veterinarian may not be ava ilable. It will be in the horse's best interest to provide a swift and humane death to prevent or minimize suffering. These guidelines are a summary of the current, best practices known for providing a humane death to horses in the absence of a veterin arian.

86. Home
Centre for Tropical veterinary medicine.

87. Are You Thinking About Becoming A Veterinarian?
Frequently asked questions about how someone becomes a vet including career information, veterinary medicine, jobs, education, salary, advice, schools, and personal experiences.
FAQ About Vets Pet Pictures Pet of the Week Pet of the Year ... Add YOUR Best Pet
Free Newsletter
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Sign Up Now! We have compiled an article from questions many people and students have asked us about the becoming a veterinarian and being a vet. It is always good to see someone research and try to understand the details of a career before diving in. The veterinary profession is a hard yet rewarding one but it is only the ones that have a love for it that truly become fulfilled. Included are books that relate to the veterinary profession if you seriously interested in pursuing it. As always, we appreciate when you use our links to purchase books so that we can continue to offer our free educational database. What type of grades do you need to get into Vet School?    Let me say that it is statistically harder to get into a veterinary medicine college than it is to get into a human medical college because of the limited number of veterinary colleges(only 27 in the United States) compared to medical colleges. Therefore, your grades have to be very competitive.     Now this doesn't mean you have to be a straight A student. Veterinary colleges look at many factors in deciding who is a possible candidate including extra activities, experience in working with animals and more but a solid background in biology, science and math is usually desired. The good news is that the veterinary field has significantly diversified in the past decade so colleges also include individuals not from the "normal" statis quo.

88. Association Of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
Includes members, news, events, career information for prospective students, and publications.Category Health Animal veterinary medicine Organizations...... Information. Preparing for a Career in veterinary medicine; Statistics Veterinary Admissions and Enrollment. Center. veterinary medicine

89. Veterinary Medical College Application Service
PREPARING FOR A CAREER IN veterinary medicine.Preparing for a Career in veterinary medicine

90. Home
Over 1000 animals are treated per year, including mammals, reptiles, songbirds, waterfowl, and birds of prey. University of Illinois College of veterinary medicine.
Our Mission
In the Wildlife Medical Clinic, we accept all species of wildlife 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As animals are admitted, they are examined and initial treatments are performed. The animals are assigned to a team of 3-5 volunteers (generally veterinary students) who are then responsible for all the care required. When needed we have veterinarians who offer assistance and perform any necessary surgeries. We have access to all the different services offered in the veterinary teaching hospital. Common procedures are radiographs, blood tests, and microbiology. We are able to purchase medication from the pharmacy and seek help from specialists such as ophthalmologists and neurologists. Our goal is to help animals recover to a state in which they can be released into the wild. Unfortunately, this is often impossible as these animals need to be 100% functional to survive. A rabbit with a lame leg will quickly fall prey to another animal, and an owl that can’t fly will slowly starve to death. If an animal is doomed to die in such a way, we choose to humanely euthanize. Occasionally, we can find permanent homes for some of these animals where they will live their lives in a safe, comfortable environment. Presently in the WMC we have 6 non-releasable permanent residents whom we use for educational purposes.
The purpose of the wildlife clinic is to provide care and treatment for sick, injured, or orphaned wild animals to the point where they can be returned to the wild. Another goal includes providing veterinary students and interested faculty the opportunity to learn and utilize their medical skills to assist wild animals. The wildlife clinic offers an environment which facilitates problem solving, teamwork, and professionalism in the veterinary field. Finally, the wildlife clinic strives to educate the public about local wildlife and their habitats, as well as veterinary medicine.

91. EMS And Veterinary Medicine
EMS and veterinary medicine Learning and Reference Materials Thousands of links,Ask the Dr. A Year in The LifeOf Tufts School of veterinary medicine 1995.

92. Tufts University School Of Veterinary Medicine
One of the nation's youngest veterinary institutions, is a among the world's most renowned. Never before has the field of veterinary medicine had so much to contribute to our understanding of all animals; to biomedical advances; and to our progress as a humane and compassionate society.
This site is best viewed with Flash Player 5 or higher and or higher. Tufts University

93. Veterinary Medicine Library - Home Page
Includes an overview of the facilities, holdings, databases, and services plus online resources.Category Reference Education Libraries and Museums...... About, How to Use. About, How to Use. About veterinary medicine Library. Searchthe UIUC Library website Search the veterinary medicine Library website

94. Ethics And Values Program : Tufts University School Of Veterinary Medicine
The most highly developed program in veterinary ethics in the United States and Canada. It includes The Importance of Ethics and Values in veterinary medicine; The Ethics and Values Program; The Center for Animals and Public Policy.
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Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine
About the School Admissions and Financial Aid Academic Programs Hospitals and Services ... Making a Gift Academic Programs DVM ECFVG Signature Programs PhD in Comparative Biomedical Sciences ... MS in Animals and Public Policy
Although it is clear that veterinary educators are becoming increasingly sensitive to the need for ethical instruction, much work on embracing such training into the curriculum still needs to be accomplished. Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine has led the way in this regard, and has fashioned the most highly developed program in veterinary ethics in the United States and Canada.
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    In an important respect, the ethical task of veterinarians is often more difficult and complex than that of physicians or dentists. It is clear whom the physician or dentist serve: they serve the patient, and their primary concern must always be for the welfare and interests of the patient. Veterinarians, on the other hand, serve both the animal (which is the patient) and the client, who pays the fee and who, in the eyes of the law at least, may determine much of the course of treatment. Sometimes the interests of these parties conflict, and the veterinarian is caught in the middle, wanting to help both. Students of veterinary medicine also differ from medical or dental students in several important ways. They are motivated to study healing in regard to animals because of their concern for and attachment to a particular species, or because of personal experiences with various animals, whether encountered on farms, in sport, or at home. They need to learn complex details about the nature, development, diseases, reproductive biology, habitat needs, and behavior of a vast range of species; our students do not limit their formal study to those animals which originally sparked their commitment to become veterinary medical doctors.
  • 95. DVM - Home Page
    News written specifically for veterinarians and other professionals in the veterinary industry. Clinical Category Health Animal veterinary medicine Publications Journals...... 14. Where Did I Go Wrong? Axioms guide, as well as rule, veterinary life. It wasa strange phone call, indeed. At least, that's what my secretary thought.

    96. SLU Skara
    Local centre in Skara, western Sweden. Research oriented towards veterinary medicine.
    SLU in Skara has a strong connection to the surrounding area. Today we have a unique
    food engineering education and interesting research in cooperation with neighbouring
    food industries. In Skara many pioneering discoveries have been made, especially within
    the field of veterinary medicine where the traditions is several hundred years old.

    Created by

    97. LTSN-01 Welcome To The UK LTSN Centre For Medicine, Dentistry
    LTSN01 (LTSN subject centre medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine) is oneof 24 subject centres making up the UK's Learning and Teaching Support Network

    98. WEAC Home Page
    VirginiaMaryland Regional College of veterinary medicine (Virginia Tech) chapter.
    W ildlife and E xotic
    A nimal C lub
    Where the wild things are ...
    Virginia-Maryland Regional College
    of Veterinary Medicine

  • WEAC Officers
  • Upcoming Events ...
  • WEAC Links
    Please send questions or comments to Regina R. Allen , Webmaster.
  • 99. National Board Of Veterinary Medical Examiners
    The Board provides standardized licensing examinations for use by US state and Canadian provincial Category Health Animal veterinary medicine Licensing Agencies......Site last updated March 13, 2003. The NBVME was previously known as theNational Board Examination Committee for veterinary medicine (NBEC).

    100. VetCentric - Smart Owners. Healthy Pets.
    Veterinary information and resources for animal owners. Browse the encyclopedia, read about the latest advances in veterinary medicine, or search the knowledgebase.
    Prescription Pickup here for

    your refill
    All VetCentric Encyclopedia Glossary FAQs Article Archive Dogs Cats Horses Birds ... Wildlife Utilities FAQs Encyclopedia Glossary UserCentric ... Help VetCentric is a comprehensive veterinary pharmacy that ships to all 50 states. Working with your veterinarian, VetCentric can deliver nearly any prescription medication, flea and tick preventive, or customized compounded medication directly to you. Interested? Swear Birds
    When fowls get foul.
    Got Your Goat?

    Most often they are found on the farm—but some goats enjoy the role of pampered family pet.
    BREED SPOTLIGHT: Everyone Loves A Sheltie

    The Shetland sheepdog is a smart, loyal family dog. Try not to reward its good behavior with too many treats, though: obesity is one of the health problems that’s common in the sheltie.
    Keeping Your Dog’s Face Out of the Cat’s Bowl

    It isn’t a good idea for cats and dogs to "share" each others food—nor should your senior pooch split his special diabetic diet with the young, pregnant canine that sleeps down the hall from him.
    Safe on the Set
    With the American Humane Association policing the set, the public can rest assured that animals in movies and on television are safe and sound.

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