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         Schwartz Laurent:     more books (69)
  1. Lectures in probability in Banach spaces (Berkeley, spring 1978) by Laurent Schwartz, 1978
  2. Theorie des Distributions - Tome II by Laurent Schwartz, 1951-01-01
  3. Theorie Des Distributions Volume 2 by Laurent Schwartz, 1951
  4. Etude Des Sommes D'exponentielles by Laurent Schwartz, 1959
  5. Geometry and Probability in Banach Spaces (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) by Laurent Schwartz, 1981-07
  6. Lecture [on a paper by Laurent Schwartz,: "Genéralization de la notion de fonction, de dérivation, de transformation de Fourier et applications mathématiques et physiques"] by Harald August Bohr, 1948
  7. Matematica Y Fisica Cuantica by Laurent Schwartz, 1958
  8. Lectures on Disintegration of Measures by Laurent Schwartz;Notes By S. Ramaswamy, 1975
  9. Wired Hard 2: More Erotica for a Gay Universe by Gary Bowen, Mason Powell, et all 2008-10-07
  10. Journaliste Sportif Français: Georges Schwartz, Thierry Roland, Michel Drucker, Laurent-Frédéric Bollée, Michel Denisot, Richard Lesclide (French Edition)
  11. Electroreceptors and Other Specialized Receptors in Lower Vertrebrates (Handbook of Sensory Physiology, Vol. 3) by T.H. Bullock, A. Fessard, et all 1975-01-23
  12. Mathematical Analysis and Applications: Pt. A (Advances in mathematics)
  13. Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Part B by Leopoldo Nachbin, 1981-06

81. Sci.math FAQ: Fields' Medals
of Awardees Year Name Birthplace Country Age 1936 Ahlfors, Lars Helsinki Finland29 1936 Douglas, Jesse New York, NY USA 39 1950 schwartz, laurent Paris France
sci.math FAQ: Fields' Medals
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Sacky, Kelly; Saunders, Gabrielle, and others; schwartz, Carolyn E. Shawkat, Fatima; del'intimité sexuelle m; Saistu que? m; Saint-laurent, Lise
  • Sacky, Kelly
  • Silman-Stolar, Zmira, and others
  • Swisher, Linda
    - FIN -
  • Sacky, Kelly
    Pressure sores prevention: The complications of SCI and HIV/AIDS... [a]
  • Sadibelouiz, M.
    Recessive ataxias in Acadians and "Cajuns ".... [a]
  • Saraste, Helena
    Factors influencing ambulation in myelomeningocele : a cross-sectional study.... [a]
  • Saris, W. H.
    Physical training of school children with spastic cerebral palsy : effects on da... [a]
  • Schoenecker, Perry L.
    The effect of unilateral varus rotational osteotomy with or without pelvic osteo... [a]
  • Schwab, Delvenne A.
  • Sengers, R. C. A.
    Growth hormone treatment in children with Noonan's Syndrome : four year results ... [a]
  • Sewry, C. A.
    Prenatal diagnosis in merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy.... [a]
  • Sirois, J. P.
    A simple device to obtain reliable foot radiographs of ambulatory and non-ambula... [a]
  • Smith-Whitley, Kim
    Nocturnal enuresis in pediatric sickle cell disease.... [a]
  • Smiths, Stanley, J.
    The influence of hospital culture on rehabilitation team functioning in VA hospi... [a]
  • Solotar, L. C.
  • 83. New Books For 03/08/2002
    AUTHOR schwartz, laurent. English. TITLE A mathematician grappling with hiscentury / laurent schwartz ; translated from the French by Leila Schneps.
    New Books for 03/11/2002
    AUTHOR: Wilmott, Paul. TITLE: Paul Wilmott on quantitative finance. PUBLISHER: Chichester, West Sussex, England ; New York : John Wiley, c2000. CALL NUMBER: HG 6024 .A3 W555 2000 v.1 CIMM AUTHOR: Wilmott, Paul. TITLE: Paul Wilmott on quantitative finance. PUBLISHER: Chichester, West Sussex, England ; New York : John Wiley, c2000. CALL NUMBER: HG 6024 .A3 W555 2000 v.2 CIMM AUTHOR: Williams, Sam, 1969- TITLE: Arguing A.I. : the battle for twenty-first-century science / Sam Williams. EDITION: 1st ed. PUBLISHER: New York :, c2002. CALL NUMBER: Q 335 .W55 2001 CIMM AUTHOR: Xiao, Jie, 1963- TITLE: Holomorphic Q classes / Jie Xiao. PUBLISHER: Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2001. SERIES: Lecture notes in mathematics, 1767 CALL NUMBER: QA 3 .L28 no. 1767 CIMM TITLE: Theoretical physics at the end of the twentieth century : lecture notes of the CRM summer school, Banff, Alberta / Yvan Saint-Aubin, Luc Vinet, editors. PUBLISHER: New York : Springer, c2002. SERIES: CRM series in mathematical physics CALL NUMBER: QA 19.2 .T44 2001 CIMM

    84. I160 : Claude ARNOUX (17 Juin 1681 - )
    Translate this page Hortense laurent (1821 - 1893)x1845 Anne Marie schwartz.
    Claude ARNOUX
    Homme - (17 juin 1681 - )
    • Naissance : 17 juin 1681, La Neuville au Pont,510421,Marne,CHA,FRA,
    Père : Christophe, le Jeune ARNOULX
    Mère : Françoise ROBIN
    Claude ARNOUX
    _Françoise ROBIN PERSONNES ... Page d'accueil Page html créée par Parentèle (4.1.15) le 25 avril 2002 à 13:34:54 (GMT). Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site Parentèle
    Claude AUMIGNON
    Homme - (
    • Naissance < 1766, La Neuville au Pont,510421,Marne,CHA,FRA,
    Père : Jean François AUMIGNON
    Mère : Jeanne BUACHE
    Conjoint 1 Marie Catherine LARCHER
    • Mariage : 8 janvier 1785, La Neuville au Pont,510421,Marne,CHA,FRA,

    _Claude AUMIGNON
    _Jean AUMIGNON Claude AUMIGNON _Jeanne BUACHE ... Page d'accueil Page html créée par Parentèle (4.1.15) le 25 avril 2002 à 13:34:54 (GMT). Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site Parentèle
    Marie Hélène CHAMPY
    Femme - (~ 1754 - )
    • Naissance : ~ 1754, Connantray,510212,Marne,CHA,FRA,
    Conjoint 1 Louis Antoine HADOT
    • Mariage : 25 mai 1779, Vertus,510126,Marne,CHA,FRA,
  • Claude Joseph Narcisse HADOT Marie Hélène CHAMPY PERSONNES Page d'accueil Page html créée par Parentèle (4.1.15) le 25 avril 2002 à 13:34:54 (GMT). Pour en savoir plus, visitez le
  • 85. EURASIP Journal On Applied Signal Processing
    Sodoyer, David, JeanLuc schwartz, laurent Girin, Jacob Klinkisch, and ChristianJutten Separation of Audio-Visual Speech Sources A New Approach Exploiting
    EURASIP JASP Editorial Board Subscription Information Instructions for Authors ... Author Index
    S Safar, Zoltan and K. J. Ray Liu: Systematic Design of Space-Time Trellis Codes for Diversity and Coding Advantages Salembier, Philippe: Overview of the Mpeg-7 Standard and of Future Challenges for Visual Information Analysis Salucco, Filippo (with Mauro Barni, Franco Bartolini, and Alessandro Piva): Robust Watermarking of Cartographic Images Sampath, Balaji, K. J. Ray Liu, and Ye (Geoffrey) Li: Deterministic Blind Subspace MIMO Equalization Sampson, Demetrios (with George A. Triantafyllidis, Dimitrios Tzovaras, and Michael G. Strintzis): Combined Frequency and Spatial Domain Algorithm for the Removal of Blocking Artifacts Saquib, Mohammad and Md Habibul Islam: Joint Transmitter-Receiver Optimization in the Downlink CDMA Systems Sarris, Nikos (with Nikos Grammalidis, Fani Deligianni, and Michael G. Strintzis): Three-Dimensional Facial Adaptation for MPEG-4 Talking Heads Sarti, Augusto and Stefano Tubaro: Image-Based Multiresolution Implicit Object Modeling Sattar, Farook (with Dan Yu and Kai-Kuang Ma): Watermark Detection and Extraction Using Independent Component Analysis Method Sayed, Ali H. (with Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri):

    86. Ligue Des Droits De L'Homme
    Translate this page N°119 - Victor Hugo et le droit (juillet-septembre 2002) En souvenirde laurent schwartz. Né en 1915, le mathématicien laurent

    87. Sito Web Italiano Per La Filosofia-Il Sole 24 Ore-14 LUGLIO 2002
    Translate this page UMBERTO BOTTAZZINI. laurent schwartz La grande matematica passa per ilfiltro del caffé La scoperta scientifica è come la circolazione


    14 LUGLIO 2002 UMBERTO BOTTAZZINI Laurent Schwartz La grande matematica passa per il filtro del caffé
    La scoperta scientifica è come la circolazione dell'acqua attraverso il caffè macinato, quando - come si usava in Francia fino a qualche tempo fa - si lascia precipitare l'acqua bollente nella polvere di caffè contenuta in un filtro di carta posto sopra la tazza. A un certo punto, dopo un po' di tentativi senza esito, «un rivolo d'acqua si apre la via attraverso tutto lo spessore del caffè». Così Laurent Schwartz , il grande matematico francese scomparso la settimana scorsa a 87 anni, amava ricordare le modalità della sua scoperta della teoria delle distribuzioni, che nel 1950 gli era valsa la medaglia Fields. Quella teoria costituisce un'estensione del calcolo differenziale e integrale che si è rivelata strumento essenziale della fisica moderna, ponendo su basi rigorose e astratte una serie di metodi di calcolo formale, come quelli inventati a suo tempo da Heaviside e Dirac. Una percolazione straordinaria di idee che Schwartz elabora negli ultimi anni di guerra, vivendo nella Francia occupata dai nazisti - lui ebreo e trotzkista sotto falso nome e in quotidiano pericolo di vita. Schwartz presenta le sue idee in un lavoro del 1948 che «certamente sarà considerato come un classico della matematica dei nostri tempi». Dirà Harald Bohr motivando l'attribuzione a Schwartz della prestigiosa medaglia.

    88. Encyclopædia Britannica
    View Article Index Entry. schwartz, laurent French mathematician who wasawarded the Fields Medal in 1950 for his work in functional analysis. Susan Schwartz

    89. Read This: A Mathematician Grappling With His Century
    Read This! The MAA Online book review column review of A MathematicianGrappling with His Century, by laurent schwartz. Read This!
    Read This!
    The MAA Online book review column
    A Mathematician Grappling with His Century
    by Laurent Schwartz
    Reviewed by Robert Dobrow
    "Many people nowadays seem to consider scientists, mathematicians and others, like people uninterested in moral questions, locked away in their ivory towers and indifferent to the outside world," writes Laurent Schwartz, winner of the Fields Medal in 1950, in his autobiography A Mathematician Grappling with His Century What Schwartz grappled with was the social and political issues that wracked France, Europe and the world in the mid-20th century. Chapter titles of this remarkable story include Trotskyist, The War against the Jews, Algerian Involvement, For an Independent Viet Nam, The Distant War in Afghanistan. The reader will find few theorems in this book. Except for a brief discussion on Schwartz's most important mathematical contribution, the concept of distributions, which generalized the notion of function and allowed for a considerable broadening of calculus, most of the math in this book is written from a historical perspective and largely accessible to non-mathematical readers. As Schwartz writes, mathematics "concerns only about 15% of the volume." What concerns the rest is Schwartz's great passion besides mathematics: his devotion to the struggle for oppressed people and for human rights.

    90. Schwartz A El Pais
    Translate this page laurent schwartz, matemático. El prestigioso matemático francés laurent schwartz,autor de la teoría de las distribuciones, falleció a los 87 años.
    ELPAIS.ES Viernes, 12 de julio de 2002
    EFE El prestigioso matemático francés Laurent Schwartz, autor de la teoría de las distribuciones, falleció a los 87 años. Miembro de la Academia francesa de las Ciencias, Schwartz recibió en 1950 el premio Fields, considerado como el galardón equivalente al Nobel de matemáticas. 'El descubrimiento de un concepto nuevo, que liga simplicidad, ubicuidad y fecundidad es un fenómeno raro que da a su obra una brillantez difícil de igualar', afirmó la Academia, que señaló que la teoría de las distribuciones 'influyó profundamente en las matemáticas del siglo XX'. Convencido militante de izquierdas, además de doctor en Matemáticas, Laurent Schwartz no dudó en comprometerse con diversas causas pacifistas: el derecho a la insumisión durante la guerra de independencia de Argelia, la protesta contra la invasión soviética de Afganistán, o declaraciones de apoyo a los inmigrantes sin papeles. Schwartz dedicó parte de su vida a la enseñanza y con su 'personalidad comprometida', en 1997 publicó una autobiografía titulada Un matemático y su siglo

    91. Laurent Piriou
    Translate this page laurent Piriou. Département de Mathématiques 78 (1997). Extensions entresimples, (en commun avec Lionel schwartz) K-Theory 15, 269-291 (1998). La
    Laurent Piriou
    44322 Nantes Cedex 03
    FRANCE email : lire l'annuaire
    • Journal of Algebra 194, 53-78 (1997)
    • Extensions entre simples, (en commun avec Lionel Schwartz) K-Theory 15, 269-291 (1998)
    • A property of the degree filtration of polynomial functors, (with Lionel Schwartz) to appear in Inassaridze issue of Georgian Mathematical Journal
    Equipe de topologie
    Liste des seminaires

    2002 (LE MONDE). Mathématicien de renommée mondiale, pourfendeur
    Mardi 9 juillet 2002 (LE MONDE)
    Le Monde 2002

    93. Médailles Fields
    historique du prix
    • 1936 (Oslo) AHLFORS Lars, Finlande
      DOUGLAS Jesse, Etats-Unis

      1950 (Harvard) SCHWARTZ Laurent , France
      fonctions z de Riemann
      1954 (Amsterdam) KODAIRA Kunihiko , Japon
      SERRE Jean-Pierre
      , France
      1958 (Edimbourg) , France
      ROTH Klaus Friedrich
      , Grande-Bretagne (nombres transcendants) 1962 (Stockholm) MILNOR John, Etats-Unis cobordisme 1966 (Moscou) COHEN Paul Joseph , Etats-Unis SMALE Stephen, Etats-Unis , n GROTHENDIECK Alexander , France ATIYAH Michael Francis, Grande-Bretagne 1970 (Nice) BAKER Alan , Grande-Bretagne (nombres transcendants) THOMPSON John , Grande-Bretagne HIRONAKA Heisuke, Japon/USA 1974 (Vancouver) BOMBIERI Enrico, Italie (nombres premiers) MUMFORD David Briant, Etats-Unis 1978 (Helsinki) DELIGNE Pierre , Belgique FEFFERMAN Charles Louis, Etats-Unis QUILLEN Daniel G., Etats-Unis MARGULIS Gregory A., U.R.S.S. groupes de Lie 1982 (Varsovie) CONNES Alain , France Von Neumann SHING-TUNG Yau, Etats-Unis

    94. Lookat Photos
    Lookat Photos Photographers Agency Zurich, Switzerland
    No War / Various Uzbekistan. Cotton, the „White Gold" of the Ferghana Valley / Daniel Schwartz South Africa: The Long Walk to HIV/AIDS Drugs / Luca Zanetti "The Making of the American Bomb". The McAlester Army Ammunition plant, Oklahoma / Robert Huber Featured Publications Khadi - Textile of India Handspun, handwoven and for centuries on traditional weaving looms manufactured, that's Khadi. From the rough hip-cloth up to the flowing saris, that is how Khadi material is used in India. Today Indian designers even use Khadi for the international fashion market. Perfect Peace - The Palestinians from Intifada to Intifada For more than ten years, from 1990 to 2001, Kai Wiedenhöfer lived and photographed in the Israeli-occupied territories. He has learnt the Arabic language, taken a close look at the Middle East, and thoroughly tried to understand the mentality of its inhabitants. Rubinstein's Legacy © 2000-2002 Peter Dammann.

    95. Les Soirées Des Grandes Écoles: Science • Culture • Société
    This site is a member of WebRing.
    To browse visit Here ADIGEF
    Association Luxembourgeoise des Diplômés des Grandes Écoles Françaises document.write(''); document.write(''); var PUpage="76001070"; var PUprop="geocities";
    Les Soirées des Grandes Écoles
    Science • Culture • Société
    Les Soirées des Grandes Écoles sont des conférences régulièrement organisées à Luxembourg, dans un esprit de prospective, par l' ADIGEF (Association des Diplômés des Grandes Écoles Françaises) et l'Ambassade de France (Centre Culturel Français), avec le soutien de l'Association Victor Hugo. Elles portent sur des sujets d'actualité, en relation avec les sciences, la culture et la société. La prochaine conférence fera suite à plusieurs autres conférences, qui ont rencontré un très grand succès dont la presse s'est largement fait l'écho : La science à l'usage des non-scientifiques , par Albert Jacquard, ancien élève de l' École polytechnique L'espace, une aventure humaine , par Jean-François Clervoy, ancien élève de l' École polytechnique et de l' École Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace C'est tout pour aujourd'hui! ou le retour des Shadoks

    96. ICM2002-£Ì¡¤Ê©Í߶û´Ä
    The summary for this Chinese (Simplified) page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

    97. INSA - Annuaire Des Elèves
    Translate this page Schia Virginie Noemie Corinne, Schnee Benoit. Schwaller Anais, SchwartzLaurent Jacques Maxime. Scola Joseph, Sebastiampillai Dilipan.

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