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         Wilson Edwin:     more books (101)
  1. On Shakespeare (Shakespeare Library) by George Bernard Shaw, 1969-10
  2. Theatergoer's Guide: A McGraw-Hill Handbook for Students by Alvin Goldfarb, Scott Walters, et all 1994-08-01
  3. Diary of an Army Baker, Quartermaster Corps, Southwest Pacific, 1942-45 (Studies in American History) by Jack Wilson, 2000-10
  4. Anthology of Living Theater by Edwin Wilson, Alvin Goldfarb, 2000-08
  5. Advanced Calculus: A Text Upon Select Parts of Differential Calculus, Differential Equations, Integral Calculus, Theory of Functions; With Numerous Exercises [ 1912 ] by Edwin Bidwell Wilson, 2009-08-10
  6. Theatergoer's Guide by Edwin Wilson, 2000-06-07
  7. The Congressional Career of Nathaniel Macon by Edwin Mood Wilson, 2009-12-17
  8. The Genesis of a Humanist Manifesto by Edwin H. Wilson, 1995
  9. Guide To Occlusal Waxing by Herbert T. Shillingburg, Edwin L., Jr. Wilson, et all 2000-03
  10. Living Theatre: A History by Edwin Wilson, Alvin Goldfarb, 2011-01-14
  11. Shaw on Shakespeare (Applause Books) by George Bernard Shaw, 2002-05-01
  12. Advanced Calculus By Edwin Bidwell Wilson 1912 (Advanced Calculus) by Edwin Bidwell Wilson, 1912
  13. The Life Of The Rev. James Renwick Jackson, Presbyterian Minister In Pennsylvania (1905-1953) (Mellen Lives) by Agnes Jackson Wilson, John Howard Wilson, 2004-11-30

41. APOD: June 21, 1998 - Edwin Hubble Discovers The Universe
resolution version available. edwin Hubble Discovers the UniverseCredit Mt. wilson Archive, Carnegie Institution of Washington.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. June 21, 1998
Edwin Hubble Discovers the Universe
Mt. Wilson Archive Carnegie Institution of Washington Explanation: No person in history has had greater impact in determining the extent of our universe than Edwin Hubble . From proving that other galaxies existed to proving that galaxies move apart from one another , Hubble's work defined our place in the cosmos. Hubble lived from 1889 to 1953 and is shown above posing with the 48-inch telescope on Palomar Mountain and his famous pipe. In memory of his great work, the Orbiting Space Telescope was named after him . The rate of the universe's expansion is now parameterized by a quantity known as Hubble's constant . A modern debate on the value of Hubble's constant took place in 1996. Tomorrow's picture: A Doomed Dust Disk Archive Index Search ... USRA
NASA Technical Rep.: Jay Norris Specific rights apply
A service of: LHEA at NASA GSFC
Michigan Tech. U.

42. Curriculum Vitae Of Dr. Edwin Bidwell Wilson [St]
IX)WIN BIDWIX/, wilson Dr. edwin Bidvell wilson, ~rofessor of Yt~al Statistics Emeritusat Earvsrd University, and one of the world's outstandin~ scientists
T obacco
ocuments ... Help Council for Tobacco Research: CTRMN011242-1243 Overview
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Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Edwin Bidwell Wilson [St] Date: 15 Dec 1961
Length: 2 pages
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43. LSF : Edwin Wilson Bio
League of Silent Flight. Vice President, LSF. edwin wilson. I am 52 years old andmarried to my wife Betty. I have two children Michael (19) and Elizabeth (16).
League of
Silent Flight
Vice President
Edwin Wilson
I am 52 years old and married to my wife Betty. I have two children Michael (19) and Elizabeth (16). I also have two stepsons Jon and Tom. I have worked at Ford's Louisville Assembly Plant for 27+ years. For twenty years of those years I worked in Quality Control. My current job is in Statistical Process Control where I work with warranty concerns on the Explorers, Mountaineers, and Sport Tracks that we build. My modeling history goes back 42 years to when I was nine. I built many of a Comet rubber stick plane in those days. I even had to ride a bus downtown to the hobby shop to buy my supplies. Eventually I moved up to 1/2A Control Line and later into the .35 class of planes. When I was in high school I did volunteer work at a local boy's club which had a small model plane group. When I started collage I was hired by the East End Boy's Club to tutor and teach crafts, and run the model club, which was called "Fly'n Tigers". The tigers were regular attendees at regional contests and did quite well for themselves. In 1974 a buddy of mine built a R/C glider and I had to try one too. It took us almost six months to get either plane to thermal as we were teaching ourselves to fly along the way. One cool fall day we drifted over a building on the University of Louisville Shelby Campus and got into the air coming from the furnaces that heated the building. That flight lasted about 20 minutes and from then on I was hooked.

44. Wilson, Woodrow -- Winans, Edwin B.: In Cornell University's Making Of America
wilson, Woodrow Winans, edwin B.
A B C D ... Non-alphabetic
Wilson, Woodrow Winans, Edwin B.:
Previous Next Wilson, Woodrow A Wit and a Seer The Atlantic Monthly , vol. 82, issue 492 (October 1898). Wilson of Punctuation The North American Review , vol. 80, issue 167 (April 1855). Wilson's Church Identified The New Englander , vol. 9, issue 36 (November 1851). Wilson's Conquest of Mexico The Atlantic Monthly , vol. 3, issue 19 (May 1859). Wilson's Conquest of Mexico The Atlantic Monthly , vol. 3, issue 18 (April 1859). Wilson's Ever-Victorious Army The Atlantic Monthly , vol. 22, issue 133 (November 1868). Wilson's First Principles of Political Economy The North American Review , vol. 124, issue 256 (May 1877). Wilson's History of the Anti-Slavery Measures of Congress The Atlantic Monthly , vol. 14, issue 86 (December 1864). Wilson's History of the Conquest of Mexico The North American Review , vol. 88, issue 183 (April 1859). Wilson's Last Wish The Living Age , vol. 1, issue 6 (June 22, 1844). Wilson's Life of Cavendish The Living Age , vol. 30, issue 384 (September 27, 1851). Wilson's Mexico and her Religion Putnam's Monthly , vol. 7, issue 37 (January 1856).

45. A. Edwin Wilson
A. edwin wilson During the years 1953 through 1970 the written ministryof Rev. A. edwin wilson regularly reached into the homes
A. Edwin Wilson - During the years 1953 through 1970 the written ministry of Rev. A. Edwin Wilson regularly reached into the homes of many Christians throughout the country via a religious periodical published under his direction. The articles in this periodical covered a broad range of Biblical subjects and came from the pen of an individual who, through many years of prayer, study and meditation upon the Scriptures, was pre-eminently qualified to write on these subjects. 01. Prophecy - Signs
02. Israel and the Gospel

03. Distinctions and Dispensations

04. Types and Antitypes
21. Miscellaneous Writings

46. Personal Page For Edwin Wilson Jr
Academic Affairs; ..more. edwin wilson jr The University of GeorgiaEmail me at Services Student/Financial
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  • 47. Biography Of A. Edwin Wilson -=-
    Rev. A. edwin wilson, having reached his eightieth year and still very active inthe ministry of the Word, is one of the great Bible teachers of our times.

    48. The Mysteries Of The Kingdom By A. Edwin Wilson -=-
    The Kingdom Series The Mysteries of the Kingdom Chapter 5 fromSelected Writings of A. edwin wilson by A. edwin wilson

    49. EMMCVPR 1997
    245260; Mark L. Williams, Richard C. wilson, edwin R. Hancock DeterministicSearch Stragtegies for Relational Graph Matching. 261-275. Object Recognition.
    EMMCVPR 1997: Venice, Italy
    Marcello Pelillo Edwin R. Hancock (Eds.): Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, First International Workshop, EMMCVPR'97, Venice, Italy, May 21-23, 1997, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1223 Springer 1997, ISBN 3-540-62909-2 DBLP
    Contours and Deformable Models
    Markov Random Fields
    • Jia-Ping Wang : Image Segmentation via Energy Minimization on Partitions with Connected Components. 101-116

    50. Genealogy Data Page 2458 (Family Pages)
    Tribble, Doris Estaline Gender Female Family Spouse wilson, edwin Elwood GenderMale Parents Father wilson, Elwood Mother Isbell, Mary Jewell Children
    Genealogy Data Page 2458 (Family Pages)
    For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.
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    Smith, Mariel
    Gender: Female
    Family: Spouse: Longino,
    Gender: Male
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    Latimer, Craig Randall
    Gender: Male
    Family: Spouse: Dean, Martha Karen
    Gender: Female
    Parents: Father: Dean, Robert James
    Mother: Longino, Mary Clare
    Back to Main Page
    Venton, Robert
    Gender: Male Family: Spouse: Lathrop, Kimberly Anne Gender: Female Parents: Father: Lathrop, John Mother: MacNeil, Cynthia Jean Children:
      Venton, Victoria Leigh Gender: Female
    Back to Main Page
    Hill, Myrtle Gender: Female Family: Spouse: Jenkins, Gene Gender: Male Children:
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    Crook, Frances Gender: Female Family: Spouse: Holden, Arthur Gender: Male Children:
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    Bryant, Erma Gender: Female Family: Spouse: Hurley, Carl Gender: Male Children:
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    Hearn, Helen Gender: Female Family: Spouse: Wood, David

    51. Edwin DANA/Edythe Irene WILSON
    Husband edwin DANA Born at Married 1923 at Santa Ana,Orange,CA Diedat Father Mother Other Spouses Wife Edythe Irene wilson
    Music by Barry Taylor, Victoria, B.C, Canada You can Follow the Links in the Family Group Sheets Below Click on "Notes" for further information or documentation Information in Some Family Group Sheets is from Other's Research as Indicated
    Husband: Edwin DANA Born: at: Married: 1923 at: Santa Ana,Orange,CA Died: at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses: Wife: Edythe Irene WILSON Born: 28 May 1905 at: Santa Ana,Orange,CA Died: 1 Sep 1960 at: Lodi,,CA Father: David Currie WILSON Mother: Ethel Geneva ROSS Other Spouses: Ardra FLINT NOTES HOME EMAIL ... SURNAMES
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    52. Mathematician Biographies
    In addition, he introduced the notion of algebraic equivalence and other conceptsto geometry. Link to more information Back to Top edwin Bidwell wilson.
    Biographies of Mathematicians
    The table below is alphabetical order;
    however, the biographies that follow are in chronological order, according to birth dates.
    deLagny Newton Thales ... References Return to: Carrie Soffietti's Home Page
    Thales of Miletus
    Born: about 624 BC in Miletus, Asia Minor (modern day Turkey)
    Died: about 547 BC in Miletus, Asia Minor (modern day Turkey)
    He was a pre-Socratic philosopher, who specialized in geometry. After being a merchant toward the beginning of his life, his interests shifted to astronomy, then to philosophy, and then to mathematics. Thales calculated the height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt with the sun and a stick. He is also known for his five geometric theorems that state (1) a closed angle circumscribed in a semicircle is a right angle, (2) a diameter bisects a circle, (3) if two sides of a triangle are equal then their bases are equal and vice versa (the definition of an isosceles triangle), (4) the vertical angle theorem, and (5) the theorem for similar triangles: if two triangles have equal angles, then any ratio of corresponding sides has the same value as any other (which is the basis for trigonometry). No direct writings are attributed to him, for they may have been lost or his findings were only recorded by others.
    Link to more information
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    Pythagoras of Samos
    Born: about 569 BC in Samos, Ionia

    53. George Edwin Wilson And Eliza Roberts
    He married Eliza Roberts , died bef 1856 in England. Children of George edwinwilson and Eliza Roberts were as follows Notes for George edwin wilson.
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    Clinton County Genies Newsletter
    George Edwin Wilson , born in England; died 1892 in near Rockford, Winnebego, Illinois. He married Eliza Roberts , died bef 1856 in England. Children of George Edwin Wilson and Eliza Roberts were as follows: i George Edwin Wilson , born 18 Mar 1847 in England; died 15 Jun 1926; buried in Clinton, Clinton, Iowa. He married Hannah Marie Fitzmaurice Generation 2 George Edwin Wilson (George Edwin ), born 18 Mar 1847 in England; died 15 Jun 1926; buried in Clinton, Clinton, Iowa. He married on 4 Jun 1871 Hannah Marie Fitzmaurice , born 25 Mar 1849; died 21 Feb 1924 in Clinton, Clinton, Iowa; buried 24 Feb 1924 in Clinton, Clinton, Iowa, daughter of John Fitzmaurice and Abbie Louise (-) Notes for George Edwin Wilson Wolfe's 1911 History of Clinton County p. 886 Among the honored and influential citizens of Clinton, Iowa, is George E. Wilson, who has shown what an earnest, energetic and hardworking man can accomplish, although forced to hew his own fortune from obstacles that beset his way. He started life without financial aid from anybody; has been industrious, and has adhered to those principles and ideals that always insure success, so that his twilight years are being passed in the midst of plenty and serenity.

    54. Edwin Howlett Wilson [1875-1943]
    edwin HOWLETT wilson* 18751943 From The Storied Province of Quebec Past and Present Ed. Col. Their children are edwin Kilgour wilson, and James C. wilson.
    From "The Storied Province of Quebec Past and Present"
    Ed. Col. William Wood, Dominion Publishing Company, Limited, Toronto 1931

    Prominant business executive and citizen of Montreal, Edwin H. Wilson has had a career of usefulness to the greater community. He is widely known in the Dominion. Edwin H. Wilson was born September 6, 1875, in Montreal, son of James Crockett Wilson and Jeanie Kilgour , and received his academic instruction in the public schools of his native city. In 1892, at the age of sixteen, he left Montreal to work in his father's paper mill, at Lachute. He engaged actively in the workings of all departments therin, beginning as a junior clerk, acquainting himself with the business from all points of view. in 1899, at his father's death, he took charge of the mills. His brother, Frank Howard Wilson , two years his senior, took charge of head office in Montreal. In 1893 mill production was doubled and again in 1901. In 1913, the Wilson plant at 1061 St. Alexander Street, Montreal, was built, and today, in this plant, are employed five hundred workers. There are other units for paper manufacture and sale in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Lachute and St. Jerome. The company is the largest of it's category in the Dominion. They manufacture wrapping paper, paper bags, toilet paper,envelopes etcetera; and the volume and mill efficiency attained has been largely due to the ability of Mr. Wilson. In 1928, on the illness of his brother, Edwin H. Wilson became president and assumed full charge of the corperation's business. He has continued in charge, and it's affairs have prospered well under his direction.

    55. The @stro Pages - @stro Objects Archive - Edwin Hubble
    wilson Archive. edwin Hubble, Ph.D. Dr. edwin Hubble (18891953) is probablyone of the most famous observational astronomers of the 20th century.
    menu: index astrophotos articles @stro objects ... search: (c) 1997-2000 the @stro pages Edwin Hubble, Ph.D. The @stro object for the week of 04/10/2000 image courtesy of the Mt. Wilson Archive Edwin Hubble, Ph.D. Dr. Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) is probably one of the most famous observational astronomers of the 20th century. He is credited with many amazing discoveries and his findings revolutionized celestial theories. His research continues to form the basis of current astronomical research. Dr. Hubble was born in Marshfield, Missouri, to Virginia Lee James from Virginia City, Nevada, and John Powell Hubble from Missouri. He received his BS from the University of Chicago in 1910 and was awarded a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford University in the same year where he went on to earn an MA. In 1913 he passed the bar and practiced law until he gave it up for astronomy. In 1914 he returned to the Yerkes Observatory at the University of Chicago to work on his doctoral work in astronomy. In 1917 he received his Ph.D. in astronomy. He was invited to join the Mt. Wilson observatory staff in Pasadena, California, but the day after he finished his doctoral thesis and took the oral examination he enlisted with the US Army to take part in World War I. He was commissioned a captain and later attained the rank of major. He was discharged from the Army in 1919 and immediately moved to Mt. Wilson to accept the position he'd been offered before the war.

    56. I08269: Helen Lenore AXTELL ( Feb 1841 - UNKNOWN)
    _George edwin BOWKER _+ _Alfred Merle BOWKER _ _Emma Elzada BRYANT + Alfred edwin BOWKER _Albert edwin DUGGINS Perry wilson.
    Helen Lenore AXTELL
    Feb 1841 - UNKNOWN
    • BIRTH : Feb 1841
    Father: Ebenezer AXTELL
    Mother: Cynthia FISK
    Family 1 Jencks MOWRY
    • MARRIAGE : Jun 1886

    _Thomas AXTELL
    Helen Lenore AXTELL _Cynthia FISK INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5-WIN95 (Jul 20 1998) on 01/31/2003 12:17:48
    ? BRYANT
    Father: Christopher BRYANT
    Mother: Tryphena STEVENS
    ? BRYANT
    INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5-WIN95 (Jul 20 1998) on 01/31/2003 12:17:48
    Sara Ann BUTLER
    Sep 1849 - UNKNOWN
    • BIRTH : Sep 1849, Wisconsin
    Father: David BUTLER
    Mother: Elizabeth GUMBERT
    Family 1 Wallace SMITH
    • MARRIAGE : Apr 1871, Franklin, Tennessee

    _David BUTLER
    Sara Ann BUTLER INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5-WIN95 (Jul 20 1998) on 01/31/2003 12:17:48
    Private -
    • BIRTH : Private
    Family 1 Mildred PIGG
    • MARRIAGE : Private

    INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5-WIN95 (Jul 20 1998) on 01/31/2003 12:17:48
    Wendy Beth HOLMES
    Private -
    • BIRTH : Private
    Father: Larry HOLMES
    Mother: Barbara Annette BOLTE _Larry HOLMES Wendy Beth HOLMES INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5-WIN95 (Jul 20 1998)

    57. Disinformation | Ed Wilson Got Shafted
    Photo Of edwin wilson Entering Court This is a February 5th, 1983 photo of Ed wilsonentering the Federal Courthouse in Houston during his trial for selling
    WHY DO PEOPLE HATE AMERICA? is out now - the most important book of the year is here just in time!
    UK: Apology for Blair's Claim of 'Executions'
    Army Depots in Iraqi Desert Have Names of Oil Giants
    WTO Rules Against Bush Steel Tariffs
    DEA Issues Final Rule on Hemp Foods
    ed wilson got shafted
    by Preston Peet ( - October 18, 2000
    In 1977, Edwin P. Wilson sold Libyan dictator Moammar Quaddaffi, 42 000 pounds (20 tons) of C-4, one of the most powerful explosives around, and perfect for terror operations Libya was on the US list of nations sponsoring terrorists, and was therefore off limits to this kind of business. After a worldwide, 5-year operation to bring Wilson to "justice," prosecutors and investigators for the US government finally got him, and put him in prison for fifty-two years. They committed perjury to do it. The US Department of Justice announced on April 14th, 2000 that it is going to open an investigation into federal prosecutors' misconduct in obtaining a conviction (February 5th, 1983) of Wilson for selling the C-4 to Quaddaffi. The disclosure came about as a response to Wilson's filing a motion to hold seventeen current and former CIA and 'Department of Justice' ('DoJ') officials in contempt of court for not informing his defense that the prosecution was knowingly using a false document in prosecuting Wilson. "The allegations of this case have been referred to (the 'Office of Professional Responsibility'), which will conduct a thorough investigation," says a footnote at the end of the eight page motion filed by the government. The 'San Francisco Examiner' reported (April 14th, 2000) that 'DoJ' spokesperson Myron Marlin says that the 'DoJ' will not actually investigate the prosecutors' criminal use of false information during the trial until Wilson's appeal over his conviction is "settled."

    58. Edwin Hubble
    the greatest observational astronomer of our century, edwin P. Hubble was a staffastronomer at Carnegie Institution's Mount wilson Observatory, California
    EDWIN HUBBLE Probably the greatest observational astronomer of our century, Edwin P. Hubble was a staff astronomer at Carnegie Institution's Mount Wilson Observatory, California, from 1919 until his death in 1953. His arrival coincided roughly with the completion of the Mount Wilson 100-inch Hooker Telescope, then the world's most powerful telescope. Hubble's observations in 1923-1924 with the Hooker Telescope established beyond doubt that the fuzzy "nebulae" seen earlier with less powerful telescopes were not part of our galaxy, as had been assumed, but were galaxies themselves, external to the Milky Way. Subsequently, with Milton Humanson, Hubble discovered the velocity-distance relation, which led to the concept of the expanding universe. The general picture of the universe established in his work remains at the heart of present-day cosmology. The orbiting Space Telescope is named in his honor. Biographical information: Hubble was born in 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri. His undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago emphasized mathematics and astronomy, and led to the B.S. degree in 1910. He spent the next three years as a Rhodes scholar at Oxford, where he studied in the field of law and received the M.A. degree. He returned to astronomy at the Yerkes Observatory of the University of Chicago, where he earned the Ph.D. in 1917. Hubble was offered a staff position by George Ellery Hale, the founder and director of Carnegie Institution's Mount Wilson Observatory, near Pasadena, California. But before accepting, Hubble served with the U.S. Army in France, where he rose to the rank of Major. He returned to America in 1919 and accepted the Mount Wilson appointment. He remained with Carnegie until his death in 1953. Shortly before his death, Palomar's 200-inch Hale Telescope was completed. Hubble was the first to use it. He died of stroke on September 28, 1953. For more information, contact

    59. TIME 100 Scientists Thinkers - Edwin Hubble
    But all these pale next to the discoveries edwin Hubble made in a few But peeringdeep into space from the chilly summit of Mount wilson, in Southern California

    Sigmund Freud

    Leo Baekeland

    Albert Einstein

    Alexander Fleming
    Tim Berners-Lee

    Edwin Hubble
    He saw a vast universe beyond the Milky Way, then found the first hints that it began with a Big Bang BY MICHAEL D. LEMONICK During the past 100 years, astronomers have discovered quasars, pulsars, black holes and planets orbiting distant suns. But all these pale next to the discoveries Edwin Hubble made in a few remarkable years in the 1920s. At the time, most of his colleagues believed the Milky Way galaxy, a swirling collection of stars a few hundred thousand light-years across, made up the entire cosmos. But peering deep into space from the chilly summit of Mount Wilson, in Southern California, Hubble realized that the Milky Way is just one of millions of galaxies that dot an incomparably larger setting. Hubble went on to trump even that achievement by showing that this galaxy-studded cosmos is expandinginflating majestically like an unimaginably gigantic balloona finding that prompted Albert Einstein to acknowledge and retract what he called "the greatest blunder of my life." Hubble did nothing less, in short, than invent the idea of the universe and then provide the first evidence for the Big Bang theory, which describes the birth and evolution of the universe. He discovered the cosmos, and in doing so founded the science of cosmology. Hubble's astronomical triumphs earned him worldwide scientific honors and made him the toast of Hollywood during the 1930s and 1940sthe confidant of Aldous Huxley and a friend to Charlie Chaplin, Helen Hayes and William Randolph Hearst. Yet nobody (except perhaps Hubble) could have imagined such a future when the 23-year-old Oxford graduate began his first job, in New Albany, Ind., in 1913.

    60. Post-WWII - 1980s - Wilson & Terpil
    1980s. The edwin P. wilson and Frank Terpil Cases. Included here 2. edwin P. wilson.Goulden, Joseph C. The Mercenary Life. Intelligence Quarterly 1, no.
    The Edwin P. Wilson and Frank Terpil Cases
    Included here:
    . Frank Terpil
    . Edwin P. Wilson . New Evidence in Wilson Case
    1. Frank Terpil
    Lloyd, Richard. Beyond the CIA: The Frank Terpil Story . New York: Seaver, 1983. Wilcox : "Account of renegade CIA agent who turned on the agency and on his country."
    2. Edwin P. Wilson
    Goulden, Joseph C. "The Mercenary Life." Intelligence Quarterly 1, no. 2 (1985): 1-4.
    Goulden, Joseph C. "The Rogue of Rogues." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 1, no. 1 (Spring 1986): 76-82. Goulden argues for a law requiring former intelligence officials, civilian or military, to report for five years after leaving the government for whom they are working and the nature of their duties. Writers certainly are expected come up with "solutions" to the problems they raise; nevertheless, Goulden's argument does not have either the force of practicality or necessity on its side. Goulden, Joseph C., with Alexander W. Raffio Death Merchant: The Rise and Fall of Edwin P. Wilson

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