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         Airsoft:     more books (57)
  1. Paintball and Airsoft Battle Tactics by Christopher E. Larsen, 2008-02-15
  2. The Airsoft Question and Answer Book by Paul Love, 2010-07-26
  3. Cover Magazine Guide Fire the Airsoft Gun Complet by Cover Magazine, 2005
  4. Complete Airsoft Tactics 2011 Edition by AirsoftPRESS, 2010-09-22
  5. The guide to optimizing a China-made V2 Airsoft AEG Mechbox Clone by The MechboxPRO AirsoftPRESS, 2009-12-04
  6. Practical Gas Airsoft Pistols: Upgrade & Maintenance by The MechboxPRO AirsoftPRESS, 2010-01-02
  7. The Airsoft Legal Guide: Comprehensive Coverage on Airsoft Legal Matters by MechboxPRO AirsoftPRESS, 2009-11-15
  8. Practical Airsoft Tactics: For Beginner: 2009 Edition by Airsoftpress Mechboxpro, 2008-09-25
  9. A lot more Airsoft Tactics: 2010 Edition by AirsoftPRESSThe, 2010-03-16
  10. Airsoft How To Boot Camp: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics with 102 World Class Experts Proven Tactics, Techniques, Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice
  11. Force-On-Force Police Training Using Airsoft: A manual for the law enforcement trainer on the use of Airsoft non-lethal technology by Luis E Martinez MEd, 2008-06-25
  12. Airsoft: BB gun, Red Ryder BB Gun, MilSim, Airsoft gun, Classic airsoft, Airsoft pellets, Air gun, Legal issues in airsoft, Gun safety
  13. Practical Airsoft AEG Mechbox Upgrade 2011 Edition: FAMAS, P90 and M14 by AirsoftPRESS, 2010-08-28
  14. Practical Airsoft AEG Mechbox Upgrade 2011 Edition M4, MP5 & G3 by AirsoftPRESS, 2010-08-28

1. Airsoft Zone News
Information about airsoft guns, tactics, accessories, parts and players.Category Sports airsoft......The airsoft Zone is the premiere website for information about airsoft Guns, Tactics,Accessories, Parts and Players. Redwolf airsoft. Past Featured Articles.

2. Redwolf Airsoft
This website requires the use of Macromedia flashplayer Version 6. If intro does not start, please get the latest flash player by clicking on the icon below.

3. Airsoft Philippines
We are happy to announce that will be one of the major sponsors of KALIS 2.
This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

4. Arnie's Airsoft
News, review, projects and information about airsoft in the UK.
Designed for Please note that 'Arnie's Airsoft' does not advocate the use of guns for violent acts . Airsoft is a sport for adults, and people of a sensible disposition, this site deals with replicas or props , not 'real steel' items. We do not discuss or deal with real firearms or blank-firers, we merely cover the sport of Airsoft. Airsoft replicas should not be confused with firearms, air rifles, blank firers, or BB-Guns. 'Arnie's Airsoft' is a non-profit website - we do not make a financial profit from any information posted here. Legal use: In the UK Airsoft replicas are legally classified as 'toys', but should not be used or brandished in public, in a threatening manner, or used in a way that would cause a person to fear personal injury. Airsoft replicas should not be used for anything other than skirmishes, at professional sites. If an individual ignores this advice, they may expect a lethal Police response, prosecution, and confiscation of equipment; they also bring the sport into disrepute. FPS Limits: The commonly accepted UK limits are for AEG rifles, and

5. Lightweight
What is airsoft? airsoft has a relatively long history.



Gas Guns

... Order Info
Orders shipped using PRIORITY MAIL
Shipping Charges are added at the time of Final Checkout
"FREE" 1000 BB's with every gun ordered
INFORMATION What is Airsoft? Airsoft has a relatively long history. Designed and marketed in the United States about 30 years ago by a major BB gun manufacturer. AirSoft was conceptualized as a new approach in BB gun application. In place of the utilitarian air gun designed for hunting, the AirSoft BB gun was created with a pure recreational application in mind. It was created for people who enjoy target practicing or indoor plinking with friends. Individuals who are not concerned about the high power hunting application of a BB or pellet gun but just wanted to have Fun. This is exactly where AirSoft BB guns fit in. The design of the AirSoft BB gun centers on a unique propulsion system utilizing a small amount of air to accurately shoot lightweight plastic BB pellets. This design philosophy resulted in a BB gun, which generates a much less damaging projectile that is still accurate enough to be FUN. As the AirSoft product matured, manufacturers added another feature, which drew hobbyist and collectors alike to AirSoft. By modeling AirSoft BB guns after world famous pistols and rifles, an entire line of Replica AirSoft products were created. This created a huge splash not only here in the United States, but it also brought this hobby to the rest of the world. Italy, Japan and many Asian countries caught the craze and took the development of AirSoft to new heights.

6. Gateway AirSoft Association - Home
Full airsoft coverage for the St. Louis area! airsoft is a sport, much like paintball, but with much cooler weapons that fire 6mm plastic BBs.
Headlines Forums Down 04 Mar, 2003 I hate public domain forum software. Anyone can look at the code and figure out how to hack it. So for the umptenth time it's happened again. So screw it, I'm shutting the forums down and will go with a more secure system soon. In other news, I'm working on a review of the last TAC Airsoft game. I'm running behind, but it will get done. :) Great Day! 03 Feb, 2003 It isn't often you get great weather like we had last Saturday this time of the year. So there was no way I wasn't going to play Airsoft. So I headed out to Wildcat and played with the Metro-East/TAC guys. It was a fantastic day of Airsoft, with lots of good players and very even teams. A mini-review plus photos is in the works. By the way, keep in mind their big scenerio-based game coming up on Feb 22nd. Airsoft On The Move... 26 Jan, 2003 The MWRAA game on Jan 18th was a blast! Oh it was cold, but that didn't stop us. Did I mention, the Paint Games Plus field has an indoor heated staging area? Boy did that make a difference! We played tons of fast-action games and didn't notice the chill while on the field much. There was enough snow on the ground for Tim to try out his snow/woodland BDU and custom concealment accessories. Given the number of out-right surrenders he got without having to fire a shot, I'd say it was pretty effective. Chewy had to go home early to care for his wife... they are having a baby! Congrats! Can't wait till the next MWRAA outing!

7. Your Daily Source Of Airsoft Information
airsoft Guns at discount prices, thousands of items to choose from.
The Airsoft Store

Airsoft Catalogs

Airsoft Articles

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at #Airsoft

Our Java Chatroom
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We Will Give 1000 Free BB's Per Gun Order Using Paypal. Store Admin Login

8. Airsoft Atlanta. Georgia Replica Gun Retail Store
Offers guns, rifles and accessories and airsoft Elite products.
About Us Email Order Policy Product Reviews ... Track my online order NEWS: Updated March 12th Spring Pistols Spring Rifles Gas Guns Auto Electric ... Tac Force STORE-FRONT Airsoft Atlanta Receive updates on NEW products, sale items, closeouts, and other specials. Subscribe today! Subscribe to Airsoft Atlanta Newsletter (enter email address): Strayer-Voigt INFINITY gas blowback pistols in stock. Imported from Japan! Check out pictures from our store-front. Airsoft Atlanta NO SALES TO MINORS! PERIOD! 18+ age to order. We also wanted to thank all of our loyal customers for a wonderful response we've been getting. Thanks for all the past orders everyone!

9. (: Air Soft Chat :) Airsoft, 3d Chatrooms And Airsoft Discussion , Meet New Cont
A community based site offering discussion boards, and chat rooms.

10. Airsoft Magazin
Adres¡Å™ klubů, čl¡nky o vojensk© t©matice a zbran­ch, report¡Å¾e a pozv¡nky.
V ítejte na stránkách vìnovaných airsoftu v ÈR. N aleznete zde nejen adresáø klubù, ale i mnoho èlánkù o vojenské tématice a zbraních. N a tìchto stránkách mají své místo také pozvánky na manévry a následné reportá¾e z tìchto akcích. V sekci bazar mù¾ete prodat pou¾ité zbranì èi výstroj.

11. MFI Main Airsoft BB Guns Air Soft Replica Firearms BB Machineguns & Weapons Acce
MFI AIR SOFT REPLICA GUNS IN STOCK READY TO SHIP! Updated 0212-2003 @ (1300 hours) NOTE This is a real update not some counter. MFI is updated within 15 minutes of any change in inventory.
Updated: 03-07-2003 @ (0600 hours)

This is a real update not some counter. MFI is updated within 15 minutes of any change in inventory. Below you will find line drawings of the products we normally carry. For full color photos and in depth information click on the drawing or hyperlink words of the product that interests you. MFI is proud to provide the largest selection of the highest quality products, Limited Lifetime Warranty and most comprehensive service available in the Industry All of these items are IN STOCK ... this is not Bull#@$*... In stock means... " In our Warehouses in California and Kentucky!" We carry only the finest products available and stand behind everything we sell. This page is updated as needed. Prices are subject to change without notice. Always call for current package deals and availability. 606-787-0022. Listed in order of price. As we now carry over 40 different models you can narrow the list by clicking on particular type of gun you want. Submachine Guns Assault Rifles Pistols Grenades ... Non-Firing Click for color photo!

12. .:: :: Airsoft - Dé Enige én Echte War Game! ::.
Nieuws, informatie over het lidmaatschap, evenementen, links, chat en een discussie forum.
Nieuws Airsoft Downloads Links ... Chat
Poll systeem - Posted by PhilipKIA on Mar 15, 2003. Zoals u waarschijnlijk al gezien heeft hebben we tegenwoordig op de startpagina van de website een poll staan. Deze kunt u vinden aan de rechterkant van het scherm. Met deze poll hopen wekelijks nieuwe informatie te krijgen van onze bezoekers! Iedere maandag zal er een nieuwe poll worden geplaatst. Skirmish 9 Maart - Posted by Silver on Feb 26, 2003. organiseert een groots event ter opening van hun nieuwe terrein in Belgie. De gronden zijn maar liefst 14 hectare. Voor meer informatie bezoek . Datum voor het event is 9 Maart 2003. De Minimale leeftijd voor deelname is 18 jaar. TM Brengt ons de Colt. M733 - Posted by PhilipKIA on Feb 26, 2003. TM heeft net hun nieuwe AEG press released. Hun nieuwste product word the Colt. M733 - De voorganger van de M4. Tevens is er een plaatje van de downloaden. De zip file is 1.3 mb en bevat een 1600x1200 BMP image van de M733.
Klik hier voor de zip file

Marui 2003 Line Up? -

13. Airsoft Extreme Is The Premiere Airsoft Gun Shop In The US
Sells a full line of guns, rifles, accessories, and tactical gear.Category Shopping Sports airsoft......Welcome to airsoft Extreme. The premier American airsoft retailer withthe finest selection of AEG's and gas blowbacks on the market.
Welcome to Airsoft Extreme Come visit our walk-in retail store in San Jose Click here for more information, hours and location. The premier American retailer of replica toy airsoft guns with the finest selection of replica toy electric rifles and replica toy gas blowbacks on the market. We carry a large selection of replica airsoft guns from top names such as Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, Airsoft Elite, Western Arms, KSC, and more. We also have a wide range of parts and accessories to improve the performance and appearance of your airsoft guns. We offer top-notch customer service, full upgrade, custom gun, and repair services to suit your every airsoft need. This site is best viewed at 1024x768 in the latest version of Internet Explorer . If you need the latest version of IE, click the link. **Works BEST with Internet Explorer** ENTER
Customers will be responsible for applicable taxes. Only CA residents must pay a sales tax of 8.25%. Amount of taxes vary for Europe and Asia and Airsoft Extreme will provide the necessary documentation to minimize hassle and unnecessary surcharges. Airsoft Extreme will NOT accept AEG or GBB orders from Canada (accessories and parts ok).
We accept all major Credit Cards.

A complete line of spring, electric and gas airsoft guns at low prices. TShirts. $7.50 With Any Gun Purchase

15. Airsoft Dynamics - Softair Guns, Equipment And Customisation.
Sells guns, pistols, rifles, and accessories.Category Regional Europe Sports Country Sports Shooting......The UK's premier online airsoft supplier. Bringing the Magic of Japanese airsoftto the UK! Bringing the Magic of the Japanese airsoft Hobby to Your Doorstep!
Specialist Custom Works Please Select Latest News :- New Tokyo Maui G36C Release Date Announced CLICK HERE .. For more information
What's New Showroom A.D Customs ... Back Home
Bringing the Magic of the Japanese Airsoft Hobby to Your Doorstep!
Don't bother searching through high street model stores for parts you will never find! We at Airsoft Dynamics specialise in all variants of hobby gun customization and tuning. Everything you could ever need delivered to your door within 48 hours* at prices other retailers can only dream of. We have over 50 years combined experience with Airsoft guns , products and gun customization , our experienced technicians are the best in the business providing you with the best support for your purchases and advise on available upgrades and custom parts . Get the most out of your new hobby with a few clicks of the mouse! Don't pay over inflated UK "

16. AirsoftPlayers | For Those That Play The Game
An airsoft portal site, with reviews, chat, discussion forums, and interviews.Category Sports is a site focusing on the networking of airsoftplayers from all over the world. Featuring a full forum, online
Login Signup Contact Forums ... Upgrade Guide Heading Off to O:SC3 3/21/2003, by Pikachoad I am leaving for Dothan, AL, for Operation Southern Comfort 3. Next week, keep your eye out for the Lightfighter interview to be posted, as well as the launching of the redesign. New Special Promotion from AirsoftShop 3/8/2003, by Pikachoad Eddie has announced his latest offering to members. If you are looking for a great deal on a G36c, login to the site and check out the AirsoftShop Special Promotion 2/19/2003, by Pikachoad Check the Articles section for my review of the 2003 ShotShow, which includes pics of the BRAND NEW AEG design by Systema. Entire new mechbox approach. Submit Your Interview Questions For Lightfighter 2/12/2003, by Pikachoad That`s right kids- interview time again. This time it is with the gear retailer/enthusiast Lightfighter. Just click the Interviews link on the left (and be logged in) to pose your question. Clarence Lai Custom Handgun Review Posted! 2/1/2003, by Pikachoad

17. Planet Airsoft - Only For The Xtreme Airsofter
Tons of airsoft information, reviews, pictures of the latest guns, tactics, players and weapons.Category Sports airsoft......

18. Airsoft Network : Your Source For Airsoft News
An airsoft site with current news from the airsoft scene. Affiliated with a number of other airsoft Category Sports is a site focusing solely on the findingand posting of airsoft news. airsoft Atlanta.
All News Categories General Retailers Events Websites ... Network # of Posts Show 10 Show 20 Show 30 Show 50 ...
Network Sites AirsoftPlayers Airsoft-Guide Airsoft-Links Airsoft Network
Thursday, March 20, 2003 March Rising Sun Recon Posted by Pikachoad at 12:02:49 PM General
Stinger, the man in Japan, has posted his March report of the state of affairs of airsoft in Japan, known as Rising Sun Recon. You can read his latest installments, and then check out some of the previous reports, here New Products From Guay Guay by Pikachoad at 5:08:51 AM General Guay Guay Gun Shop has announced two new products. The first is a Super 9 Scope Mount Rail, and the second is a M93R Compensator Kit. You can check them both out here
Tuesday, March 18, 2003 New Retailer: BlazingToys by Pikachoad at 3:59:58 PM Retailers Cliff from BlazingToys asked me to let everyone know about his new store:
"I was wondering if you could announce the opening of our new Airsoft Online Store:

19. Airsoft Unlimited
Sells guns, rifles, pistols and accessories.

20. Firefight Airsoft Adventure Games
airsoft and softair adventure games using airsoft guns.
Airsoft Adventures at Firefight Ltd
All films are in Windows media format at present.This site is best viewed at 1024x768 using windows Explorer. Welcome to Firefight Adventure Airsoft games site . We have been involved in the Airsoft sport for around 10 years now giving us the advantage of being the longest standing site around. Firefight is now in the process of starting up new Airsoft sites, the first being in Kent (sussex) which is now up and running, also we have a Airsoft site in Scotland which is now open please visit for details. The reason for expanding is that we get alot of interested players who ring up and want to play on a Firefight site that's near them, and that's what Firefight going to supply. The new sites will operate following the example of the Reading site, and even improve on the examples too ! Wanna Book a gun ? New Website on it's way........... Contact us at

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