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         Australian Rules Football:     more books (100)
  1. 1996 in Australian Rules Football: 1996 Afl Season, 1996 Ansett Australia Cup, 1996 Afl Draft, 1998 Ansett Australia Cup, 1996 Afl Grand Final
  2. Australian Rules Football in London: Australian Rules Football Teams in London, West London Wildcats, London Swans, Putney Magpies
  3. 1999 in Australian Rules Football: 1999 Afl Season, 1999 Afl Draft, 1999 Afl Grand Final, 1999 Sanfl Grand Final, 1999 Ansett Australia Cup
  4. Sports Originating in Australia: Australian Rules Football
  5. 1940 in Oceania: 1940 Elections in Australia, 1940 in Australia, 1940 in Australian Rules Football, 1940 in New Zealand
  6. Australian Rules Football Terminology: Drop Kick, Tackle, Early Vfl Final Systems, Glossary of Australian Rules Football
  7. 1917 in Oceania: 1917 Elections in Australia, 1917 in Australia, 1917 in Australian Rules Football, 1917 in New Zealand
  8. 1930 in Oceania: 1930 Elections in Australia, 1930 in Australia, 1930 in Australian Rules Football, 1930 in New Zealand, 1930 Vfl Season
  9. 1927 in Oceania: 1927 Elections in Australia, 1927 in Australia, 1927 in Australian Rules Football, 1927 in New Zealand, 1927 Vfl Season
  10. Australian Rules Football Clubs in Tasmania: Hobart Football Club, Devonport Football Club, New Norfolk Eagles, Burnie Dockers Football Club
  11. 1939 in Oceania: 1939 Elections in Australia, 1939 in Australia, 1939 in Australian Rules Football, 1939 in New Zealand, St Peter's College
  12. 1979 in Australian Rules Football: List of Vfl Debuts in 1979
  13. 1987 in Australian Rules Football: 1987 Vfl Season
  14. 1906 in Oceania: 1906 Elections in Australia, 1906 in Australia, 1906 in Australian Rules Football, 1906 in New Zealand

41. Australian Rules Football
australian rules football. Tactics Tips David Wheadon AFL Coaches box, SFLUmpires We Whistle While We Work, Introduction to australian rules football.

Trinity College
Australian Rules Football
Health and Physical Education Sport History of sport Sportswomen and Sportsmen ... Early History of Australian Rules Football
Australian International Football Confederation Football, Australian Rules
Encyclopedia of Melbourne
Robert Pascoe Victorian Rules Football History
State Library of Victoria Exhibit Laws of The Game: The Winter Game
Robert Pascoe The cultural significance of Waverley Park to Australian football
Robert Pascoe History Australian Football League NTFL History AFL Players Association International Australian Football Confederation (IAFC)
Aussie Rules the World WAFC
Wester Australian Football Commission Unofficial The Fremantle Dockers Fremantle Dockers West Coast Eagles (AFL) Unofficial Eagles ... Aussie Rules the World Australian International Football Confederation AFL Official AFL Tables Australian Football League Real Footy ... From The AFL Laws of Australian Football 1998 AFL Official

42. World Australian Fantasy Football Series
Yearround free competition allowing creation and management of teams of australian rules football players. Uses ICQ to conduct drafts.

43. Footy Facts PC 2003
australian rules football statistics software from 1993 to 1999.

44. Texas Australian Rules Football League @
Texas australian rules football League. Invite Friends! 6 registered members.
"); else document.write(""); // >
Texas Australian Rules Football League
Invite Friends! 6 registered members Login Register Your Free Account Search Help ... Need help logging in?
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45. Welcome To The Austin Crows, Australian Rules Football Club
Shirt Size, Med. The Austin Crows are proud to be an official partner ofthe australian rules football League's Adelaide Crows. WALLPAPER,
SCOREBOARD 03/08/03 TXAFL Championship Crows Training
Wed, March 12th
5:15 - Dark
Walnut Creek Park
Sat, March 15th
Zilker Park
Tournament Report METRO LEAGUE 2003 SCHEDULE For more info on
the Austin Metro
league click here Sign up today! METRO FAQ
March 22 - Austin Metro League April 12 - Dallas Tournament May 17 - KC Tournament June 1 - vs. Kansas City (@Dallas) CONTACT TOURNAMENT PHOTOS Email: Miles Sims Tel: 512.507.5077 Email List -Sign up! TXAFL Tournament Photos INFORMATION Schedule Roster Aussie Rules 101 Photo Gallery TEXAS LEAGUE CROWS T-SHIRTS NEWS FLASH Dallas Houston San Antonio AUSTIN CROWS 2002 Team Shirts are in! Only $12.00 each. Shirt Size Med Lrg X-Lg The Austin Crows are proud to be an official partner of the Australian Rules Football League's Adelaide Crows WALLPAPER (c) 2002-2003, Austin Crows Australian Rules Football Club. Crows logo design and the team marks and logos are registered trademarks of the Austin Crows and its affiliates. No portion of this site may be reproduced without the express written permission of the Austin Crows. The Austin Crows take no responsibility for third-party material appearing in any bulletin board or chat sections of this site. All rights reserved.

46. Home Page
Statistical overview of australian rules football (AFL) matches since 1987, and extensive analysis of the last three games played between any two teams.



Round 1



West Coast

NRL Round 2 Head to Head About Us Contact Us ... In-Depth Previews, Analysis and Selections Available only to Subscribers Subscription Enquiries at AFL, Round 1 Friday March 28th Collingwood vs Richmond MCG (n) Saturday March 29th West Coast Eagles vs Port Adelaide Subiaco Kangaroos vs St Kilda MCG Brisbane Lions vs Essendon Gabba (n) Sydney vs Carlton Telstra Stadium (n) Sunday, March 30th Adelaide vs Fremantle Dockers AAMI Stadium Melbourne vs Hawthorn MCG Western Bulldogs vs Geelong Telstra Dome Check out the latest AFL odds at TAB Sportsbet

47. Welcome To The New York Magpies - Australian Rules Football Club
Dedicated to developing and growing the sport of australian rules football in theUnited States of America. Click to Enter Site. st. ne. mb. us. cm. pa. ce. co. rm.fs.
Dedicated to developing and growing the sport of
Australian Rules Football in the United States of America
Click to Enter Site st ne mb us cm pa ce co rm fs

48. Mark Of The
Celebrating the best marks of australian rules football.
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49. About The Game Of Australian Rules Football
click here. click to enlarge. 2001 National Champions, DIV 2. About the Game.Introduction to australian rules football What is australian rules football?
st ne mb us cm pa ce co Magpies Store

About the Magpies Who AreThe New York Magpies ? The Magpies are an amateur Aussie Rules Football Club dedicated to establishing and growing our great Australian sport in the New York metropolitan area and across the USA. The Magpies were established in March of 1998. For more about the game. click here 2001 National Champions, DIV 2 About the Game Introduction to Australian Rules Football
    Table of Contents The Rules of Australian Football What is Australian Rules Football? Australian Rules Football (also "Aussie Rules" or " footy") is a physical contact sport. It is a form of football with roots traceable from early forms of Rugby and Gaelic football, but it is uniquely Australian. Its rules were codified in 1858, and probably predate all other modern forms of football, such as American, Canadian, Rugby Union and League, Association (Soccer) and Gaelic football. Today it is a multi-million dollar business, with a National Competition and numerous smaller leagues. Interest in the game is generally at an all time high within and outside Australia, yet despite this, some parts of Australia are still lukewarm in support of their team in the AFL, and the game has yet to take a firm hold overseas. Back to Table of Contents Where is Aussie Rules played?

50. Full Points Footy
A site devoted to the history of australian rules football.
Welcome to
a web site devoted to the history of Australian football, containing the following sections: Visitors to the site should note that not all of the sections are complete. Please refer to the Update Schedule for the latest 'state of play'. The following pages have been added to the site during 2003: Month Section Files Added January Clubs Subiaco Part 1 and Subiaco Part 2 Great Games 1904 SAFA Grand Final: Norwood vs. Port Adelaide Interactive ... Random Mini-Poll February Clubs Glenelg Part 1 and Glenelg Part 2 Great Games 1972 Champions of Australia Final: North Adelaide vs. Carlton 1986 VFL 1st Semi Final: Fitzroy vs. Sydney Many of the files in the site are large and therefore quite slow loading; please be patient. The site is best viewed using Internet Explorer version 5.0 or above at a monitor resolution of 800 x 600. Comments and constructive criticisms are always welcome. I can be contacted by email at The site is continually being developed and extended. If you would like to be notified whenever new material is added, please send a blank email to

51. Travel Intelligence | Australian Rules Football By Andrew Mueller
australian rules football By Andrew Mueller It's the quiet ones you have to watch. ,australian rules football Australia/Melbourne. , Baghdad Iraq/Baghdad.
Other Features on: Australia Victoria City
Australian Rules Football
By Andrew Mueller
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Melbourne does not seem a place prone to irrational passions. It is a city where life proceeds at the stately place of its green and gold trams, a town of wide streets and modest period architecture, where the glittering modern tower blocks and new casino complex of the central business district seem as out of place as a party of punk rockers on the razzle who have blundered into a private members' club. Melbourne generally affects a knowing, faintly contemptuous amusement as regards is brash, beautiful northern sister Sydney; Melbourne, a historical heartland of Australian conservatism, has always been a city which has prided itself on knowing better.
Allegiances are advertised everywhere: bumper stickers, scarves, replica jerseys, fridge magnets, garden gnomes, discreet lapel pins and, every so often, tattoos. Back when the premier Australian Rules competition was the Victorian Football League, Melbourne - a city whose population is still only around three million - was home to no less than eleven League clubs. Their home grounds were rarely more than a wind-assisted drop punt apart, yet most could rely on hefty attendances every Saturday afternoon.
The relocations and amalgamations that have occurred over the last decade and a half, as the Victorian Football League has become the Australian Football League, have reduced the number to nine - likely to become eight when North Melbourne complete a move to become Sydney's second club - but have hardly dimmed the ardour of the fans. On a chilly, windy, rainy August Friday night, for an essentially meaningless game in the last week of the regular season, I join 34,012 others at the Melbourne Cricket Ground to see Carlton play Richmond. The following afternoon, an equally irrelevant fixture at the MCG, between Essendon and Melbourne, attracts me and 47,479 others.

australian rules football Online. All the latest AFL news and views. Includes an interactive online football community, share the passion with other aussie rules fans.

53. North Carolina Tigers Australian Rules Football Club Home Page
North Carolina Tigers australian rules football Club home page
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54. The Baulkham Hills Australian Football Club
Play junior AFL in the Hills area of Sydney
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55. Stockholm Australian Rules Football Club "S.A.R.F.C." Home Page
The Stockholm Vikings Stockholm australian rules football Club. A small group ofdiehards are starting an australian rules football Club in Stockholm, Sweden.
The Stockholm Vikings Stockholm Australian Rules Football Club
A small group of diehards are starting an Australian Rules Football Club in Stockholm, Sweden. We are proudly supported by Fosters Goals

Danish Australian Football League
April 2001 News Flash
If you are interested, please let me know. Contact me by email or by mobile phone on 0736560715 .
We can put you on our e-mail mailing list and/or get your phone number. Email us at S.A.R.F.C. ( in the meantime.
Please come back and visit.
This page hosted by   Get your own Free Home Page

56. Drummoyne Power JAFLC
Play Junior australian rules football
index dphome dpleft index dphome dpleft

57. Australian Rules Football League Of Ireland (ARFLI)

58. Pittwater Tigers Junior AFL
A junior australian rules football Club for ages 5 to 16, based on Sydney's northern beaches.
Welcome to the Tiger's website!
Play Aussie Rules with
the Pittwater Tigers
Fun and safe for boys and girls 16 years and under.
Founded in 1971 Australia's premiere football game for all ages.
New players are always welcome
Register now for the 2000 season
Enquiries: Mike Murray 02 9979 1956
This site is updated regularly with club news and events. During the season it will be updated weekly with results, match reports and ladders. You will also find statistics and profiles for every player.
C'arn Tigers! About the Club Tiger Tales Ladders Team Reports ... AFL Links The AFL Web Ring (links to other AFL sites)
next site
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59. Glenorchy District Australian Rules Football Club
The home page for the Glenorchy District Football Club. The news, photos, history, teams, results, roster and the Club. The Club promotes australian rules football in the Glenorchy district.
Glenorchy District Football Club Inc.
Established 1919 Welcome to the Glenorchy District Football Club 1 Anfield Street, Glenorchy, Tasmania 7010 PO Box 156 Glenorchy, Tasmania 7010 email: webmaster: Home Site Map News ... ©Glenorchy District Football Club s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)

60. The Wildcats Online
Junior australian rules football in the Lower North Shore of Sydney
Welcome to The Wildcats Online Click here to enter

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