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         Autocross:     more books (28)
  1. WINNING AUTOCROSS SOLO II COMPETITION the Art and the Science by RICHARD H. & J.B. MILES TURNER, 1977-01-01
  2. Winning Autocross Techniques   [WINNING AUTOCROSS TECHNIQUES] [Paperback]
  3. WINDBLOWN WITNESS The Official Porsche Newsletter / Magazine of the San Diego CA Region February 2008 (Volume 49 Number 2, Car Autocross, Treffen & Fest)
  4. Motorsportart: Motorradsport, Supermoto, Bergrennen, Rallycross, Tractorpulling, Rallye, Trial, Beschleunigungsrennen, Autocross (German Edition)
  5. WINDBLOWN WITNESS The Official Porsche Newsletter / Magazine of the San Diego CA Region October 2007 (Volume XLVIII Number 10, Car Autocross, Treffen & Fest)
  6. Autocross manual by Peter Noad, 1968
  7. A ripened talent: a farm boy from Minnesota with a passion for autocross finds himself in charge of risk management for an agribusiness conglomerate. His ... An article from: Risk & Insurance by Mindy Toran, 2004-08-01
  9. Mopar Suspensions; Complete Guide For Building Mopar Suspensions For Street, Autocross and Road Racing by Mike Martin, 1984
  10. excellence magazine, May 2008 - Perfect Turbo - The Brilliant Werks K1, RS Spyder Meets 962, King of the Cones Autocross 911 SC, Dual Purpose 356 Speedster. by excellence magazine, 2008
  11. Autocross to Win by Iain Mannix, 2000-05
  12. Secrets of Solo Racing: Expert Techniques for Autocrossing and Time Trials by Henry A. Watts, 1990-01
  13. Go Ahead - Take the Wheel by Dave Gran, 2009-03-01
  14. Driven Man: David Richards, Prodrive and the Race to Win by Alan Henry, 2005-06-05

21. Autocross FAQ
autocross Frequently Asked Questions. Index
Autocross Frequently Asked Questions
    About this FAQ
    About this FAQ
    What is this FAQ all about?
    These are some Frequently Asked Questions associated with the motorsport of Autocrossing, and the autox mailing list which discusses Autocrossing. ( This version was last updated 9/23/97. This FAQ is only being served by this web site as a service to the public and its author. The autox mailing list is not located at this site. The administrators of the mailing list are not located at this site. For more information on the mailing list, click HERE Material contributed by others remains their property.
    Where can I find it?
    The FAQ is available only in HTML format, located at the URL: The San Francisco Region SCCA web-site hosts these pages, and through Akkana Peck's help and generosity, it is now available to you.
    Who contributed to this FAQ?
    This FAQ was compiled and edited by John Crooke, a rookie autocrosser in the Washington DC metro area . Please email your comments, additions, and corrections concerning this FAQ to John Crooke

22. SCCA Solo
Solo II is the SCCA brand name for autocross competition. Solo II events are driving skill contests that emphasize the
Grassroots Motorsports
Solo II is the SCCA brand name for autocross competition. Solo II events are driving skill contests that emphasize the driver's ability and the car's handling characteristics. This is accomplished by driving a course that is designated by traffic cones on a low hazard location, such as a parking lot or inactive airstrip. While speeds are no greater than those normally encountered in legal highway driving, the combination of concentration and car feedback creates an adrenaline pumping experience. It is like being in a movie chase scene, only you are holding onto the steering wheel instead of a box of popcorn!
T.C. Kline, a well-known driver and car builder with over 20 years of autocrossing and road racing (both club and pro) experience, shared the following with us when asked about Solo II. He made three statements that sum up his beliefs about it; the first one was, "Autocrossing stands on its own as a viable form of racing ­ it doesn’t need to exist as an entry-level sport that leads to something else." His second statement was an astute observation based on his years of involvement with a variety of racing venues. He said, "Autocrossers always make good road racers, but road racers do not always make good autocrossers." This statement was supported by the third concept he shared, which was, "I consider Solo to be, arguably, the best place to learn car control." (continued)
SCCA, Inc.

23. Associação Nacional De Equipes E Pilotos__________________________________
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24. Autocross Mollerussa
Cursa automovil­stica. Classificacions i fotos.
Autocross Mollerussa 17 Novembre 2002 Mollerussa Fotos Circuit

25. Autocrossteam CRAZY BLUE
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Image gallery containing photos of autocross and Solo II events.
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27. The Merkur Information Center
Containing XR4Ti tech articles, photos of various Merkur projects and mods, autocross and roadrace prep information.
The Merkur Information Center
Celebrating four years in service to the Merkur Community!
Looking for technical information? Visit
Stay tuned to find out what this means for the Merkur Information Center.

M e r k u r R e l a t e d
Click here to see my New and Used Merkur XR4Ti parts for sale

now at
now at
Now at

My collection of Archived Tech Articles now at

P e r s o n a l currently unavailable currently unavailable G e n e r a l Chris Anglin Last updated by Chris Anglin on 27 May 2002

28. Tha Waffle 's Home Page
Features the '84 sports car based on a VW chassis currently running in autocross events. History, original documentation, logo, wanted, links and gallery.
Click here for additional PICTURES Hi I'm Tha Waffle. A proud owner of a '84 Kelmark GT.
Email me at in the meantime.
On 08/07/98 I purchased my new pride and joy. The Kelmark is a VW based kitcar. My Kelmark is sitting on 72'chassis. The motor and transmission is VW but the engine has been rebuild. Carburation is still the solex variety but it does the work. The interior has fresh carpet and new seatcovers. The dashboard consists of a full complement of VDO Jet Cockpit style gauges. On the outside we have a fairly new coat of alpine white paint. Also installed a new set of air shocks in the back for that smoother ride and regular gas ones in the front. The orginals were pretty much shot. As for the rubber we have a set of Firestones S/S 235/60R15 up front and 275/60R15 in the rear. Had to replace the gas tank in September. What a job! Had to loosen the whole front end to get enough clearance for removal. 07/02/99 Time came for some new tires Now I have a set of BFGoodridge TA's in still the same sizes as previous. 10/04/00 My engine performance is going down hill. Upon checking my compression on the #3 cylinder is low. Time to remove the engine and give it a close inspection.

29. Mike's Autocross Page
A concise overview of what autocross is, with photographs and links.Category Sports Motorsports Auto Racing autocross......Mike's autocross Page. What is autocross? . Doug Braun and I havehad many battles over the last few years autocross Links .
Mike's Autocross Page
What is Autocross?
Autocross is a form of motorsport that anybody, in any type of well maintained car, can participate in. It is an ideal way to get a taste of motorsports competiton, or just improve your driving skills and have fun. It can be as serious as you want to make it, though, like any form of racing. Autocross events are generally held in parking lots or other large, open asphalt or concrete areas. A race course is laid out using orange traffic cones. The course is only ever used for a single event, the next autocross that you attend will have a different course, and different challenges. Cars drive through the course one at a time, competing against the clock for the fastest time. A competitor gets only a limited number of runs on the course, usually 3 or 4. No one is allowed a "practice run" through the course, though everyone is allowed to walk the course before the competition runs start in order to try and determine the best approach to that course. Learning how to best approach a course that no one has ever seen before is a key skill in autocross. The runs typically only last 45-60 seconds, and the speeds do not often exceed 55 mph (most of the time you'll be going 30-45), but it may be the most intense 45-60 seconds you've ever experienced in a car. If you don't believe me, ask for a ride with one of the fast guys (or ladies) at your next autocross. Most people are

30. Site Sur L'AUTOCROSS Francais
Translate this page Ce site est dédié à l'autocross Français - Thissite is dedicated to French autocross.

31. The North American Motorsports Pages
Comprehensive information on SCCA, autocross, Time Trials, Hill Climbs, race tracks and other racing subjects.
In This Section
Introduction to the North American Motorsports Pages
See What's New!

the North American Motorsports Pages
How These Pages are Organized

Things To Do stuff that'll be happening here soon
These pages are the successor to the popular and now retired "Unofficial SCCA Pages". With the impending appearance of an Official SCCA Web Page complex, it was time for me to move on, and these pages are the result. Most of what was good in the old Unofficial SCCA Pages will live on here, and the popular and useful Race Track pages are a part of this setup too. I'll will be providing links to pages we think you should know about; these are not the only motorsports pages on the net, after all (some of the competition is pretty good, to tell you the truth.) Finally, there is now a magazine, the North American Motorsports Journal. Please visit often; we hope to keep the content fresh, relevant, and useful. Thanks for visiting. Richard Welty
How These Pages Are Organized
The buttons on the left go to the major sections. A running log of updates, changes, and additions is kept;

32. Solo II Novice Handbook
This material is copyrighted because the whole point is to make it readily availableto autocross novices and it is not intended to create a profit for me and
A guide to help you make it through your first season any fee to your users. If you wish to copy this information onto your own web-site, I really prefer if you just link to this site so that your readers will always have the benefit of the most recent version of this handbook. Not I, nor anyone listed in this handbook is responsible for your actions, despite what you read. Be safe, use common sense, and take responsibility for yourself.All Sports are inherently dangerous. We know that, and we play anyway because it's fun. We apply our own values to the decisions we make about safety and risk within the rules. Your mileage may vary, therefore you are the only one responsible and accountable for your choices. by Kate Hughes
Glen Region, SCCA
Painted Post, New York
revised, March, 1998 With thanks to: Karl Hughes (Finger Lakes Region) for his novice help sheets;
Josh Sirota (San Francisco Region) and Andy Hollis (Houston Region) for course-walking and driving tips;
Christine Johnson (Houston Region) for enthusiastically sharing her novice program ideas;
Team.Netters - Paul Brown, Sid deLeon, Frank Freda, Stuart Galt, Dan Hollenbaugh

33. Texas Triathlon, Motorsport Automobile Driving Event
An annual motorsport automobile driving event held in the Dallas, Texas area. It includes drag racing, road racing, and autocross.
The Texas Triathlon is an annual Motorsport Automobile Driving event held in the Dallas, TX area. It includes drag racing, road racing, and autocross. 2001 event has already passed, and 2002 event has NOT been scheduled yet.
For our mailing list, calendar, etc., please join our YahooGroup below.
Click to subscribe to texastriathlon

34. Campeonato Nacional De Autocross
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35. Panic Motorsports
A team of drivers and officials based in central South Carolina. Members reach from the Eastern U.S. seaboard to the Netherlands and are involved in autocross, road racing, drag racing, and karting.
What happens when a bunch of friends get togther to form a race team? Race Results South Carolina Region-SCCA Schedule Becca's Webpage Want more information? E-mail us!
... .comClick here! PANIC MOTORSPORTS

101 Walnut Creek Ct.
Lexington, SC 29073
Phone (803) 358-9308 Fax (803) 957-6140
Last update: 17 March, 2003
This page designed and managed by Rebecca Bertok, Marketing Director, Panic Motorsports. Send an e-mail to if there are any problems with the site. The Panic Motorsports name and logo is trademarked and therefore, ANY public use of the Panic Motorsports name and logo is prohibited by law without the consent of the directors of Panic Motorsports. If you would like to establish a link to our page, please use the official Panic Motorsports icon below. Changing the logo in any fashion will retract the "consent of use" clause laid out above. Car info pages Panic attacks to date: Steve's Webpage What's your mental state? PANIC LINKS ...and race schedules Welcome to Panic Motorsports, a team of drivers and officials based in central South Carolina. Our members reach from the Eastern U.S. seaboard to the Netherlands. Look around as you please, and send us an e-mail if you'd like more information.

36. Home
Chicago area events. Includes autocross, drivers education, track dates, ralleys and concourse.
Welcome to the new home of ! Now that this is complete we're going to be able to bring to you a variety of improvements to the site. In the meantime, please contact us if you find anything out of ordinary with the new site. is the official home of the Chicago Region Porsche Club of America. The Chicago region is a member of Zone 13 of the National PCA As you browse through our Chicago region website, take note of the "National" icon where available in order to check out the corresponding topics on a national level. Also, whenever you see the "movie" icon, click on it to see the corresponding introductory movie. Go ahead, click on the icon to learn about our "social" events! Our goal is to keep you up to date with current events and allow you to communicate with your fellow Porsche enthusiasts. PORSCHE Pictures of all the 2003 events

37. Madison Sports Car Club Autocross Series
Madison Sports Car Club autocross Series based out of Madison, Wisconsin,offering amateur motorsports to the racing enthusiast.

38. - [ ]
Featuring track events, autocross, Shows, photo gallery, and membership information.

39. What Is An Autocross / Solo II?
Introduction. An autocross is a skill driving event in which one car at a time negotiatesa prescribed course, using traffic cones to define a variety of turns.
An autocross is a skill driving event in which one car at a time negotiates a prescribed course, using traffic cones to define a variety of turns. The sites are usually laid out on huge, open parking lots, or on sections of airport runways. The course is set up so that you are operating in lower gears, with a top speed of no more than 60 mph or so, depending on the car. The average time of a run on the course is approximately one minute, plus a penalty of two seconds for each rubber cone (pylon) hit. During each run you operate your car at it's limit of acceleration, turning, and braking...and yours. You maintain complete control of your car while maneuvering through the course in the lowest possible time. While driving on the street, the time span of most emergencies is only a few seconds. Thus the experience of maintaining control becomes a valuable training session. You will develop a sense of timing, judgment, and ability to interpret your vehicle's handling characteristics - at safe speeds and in a safe place. Your experiences at an autocross will enhance your driving ability on the street.
The Car
The events are open to any make of car, from an economy commuter car to racing only formula cars and racing Karts. NER/SCCA has 30+ classes for autocross competition: 9 stock (few changes from what the dealer sells), 5 street prepared (more changes allowed), 6 prepared (significant preparation allowed, usually running on racing tires), 5 modified (nearly unlimited modification), 3 street touring, 2 street modified, and the kart classes. Also, there are four ladies classes. For newcomers to the sport, there are two novice classes available.

40. W A S S E R W E R K S  - Southern New England's VW/Audi Club
Watercooled Volkswagen and Audi club of Southern New England that includes shows, autocross events, SCCA events, and Limerock events.
Wasserwerks - Southern New England's VW/Audi Club

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