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         Hang Gliding:     more books (100)
  1. Hang Gliding (Black's picture sports) by Dunstan Hadley, 1979-11
  2. Hang Gliding (Funseeker Series) by Dorothy Childers Schmitz, Howard Schroeder, 1978-08
  3. Hang Gliding (Funseeker Series) by Dorothy Childers Schmitz, Howard Schroeder, 1978-08
  4. The complete beginner's guide to soaring and hang gliding by Norman Richards, 1976
  5. Hang gliding: The flyingest flying by Don Dedera, 1975
  6. Hang gliding for advanced pilots by Dennis Pagen, 1978
  7. Adventure Vacations: A 50-State Guide to Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, Spelunking, Whitewater Rafting, Snorkeling, Hang Gliding and Ballooning by Stephanie Ocko, 1995-09
  8. Career Hang Gliding: 2 by Madelon D. Tallry, 1986-02-26
  9. Hang Gliding (Know the Game) by Ann Welch, 1986-01-16
  10. The Ewoks' Hang-Gliding Adventure by Judy Herbstman, 1984-05-12
  11. Fly the Wing: Hooking into Hang Gliding by Len Holmes, 2002-01-01
  12. Hang Gliding by J. F. Stevens, 1976
  13. Some basics about hang gliding (Gemini series) by Ed Radlauer, 1979
  14. Hang gliding according to Pfeiffer: Skills for the advancing pilot by Rich Pfeiffer, 1984

41. Ulster Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. hang glidingparagliding northern ireland ulster mosquito paramotor power gliding.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.
hang gliding paragliding northern ireland ulster mosquito paramotor power gliding

42. High Adventure Hang Gliding & Paragliding
USHGA certified, personalized instruction and full service repair shop at Andy Jackson Airpark, in Category Recreation Aviation hang gliding Schools and Instruction......High Adventure is a full service hang gliding and paragliding company near LosAngeles California. hang gliding and paragliding are challenging and fun.
High Adventure offers hang gliding and paragliding instruction located in San Bernardino California. Tandem flight specialists. Learn to hang glide or paraglide with instruction, lessons or training from High Adventure. Hang gliding and paragliding are challenging and fun. Tandem is a great way to learn the art of soaring. Located in Los Angeles, Crestline, Marshall Peak, California, CA. Owner and operated by Rob McKenzie and Dianne McKenzie of High Adventure.

Has list of hangliding activities in county, photo gallery, club directory, and upcoming events.

44. Howstuffworks "How Hang Gliding Works"
The view is tremendous and the solitude is relaxing. Learn all abouthang gliding. Main Travel Destinations How hang gliding Works.
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How Hang Gliding Works
by Craig C. Freudenrich, Ph.D.
How a Hang Glider Flies

Hang-gliding Equipment

A Basic Flight
... Incredibly Low Travel Fares Imagine soaring like a hawk thousands of feet above the ground. Although the air is somewhat chilly, the view is tremendous and the solitude is relaxing. You search for updrafts of air to keep you aloft so that you can enjoy this feeling for hours. This is the experience of hang gliding. Photo courtesy Ramy Yanetz Hang glider Ramy Yanetz over Rio de Janiero The hang glider's wing, called a delta wing or Rogallo wing , is an outgrowth of NASA engineer Francis Rogallo's research on kites and parachutes in the 1960s. Rogallo had proposed the wing as a method of returning spacecraft to Earth. The delta-wing parachute was lightweight, durable and highly maneuverable. Later, John Dickenson, Bill Moyes, Bill Bennett and Richard Miller developed the Rogallo wing into the modern hang glider and launched an immensely popular sport shared by millions of people worldwide. In this edition of HowStuffWorks , we will examine the sport of hang gliding. We'll show you the details of the aircraft, the equipment involved, how to fly it and how to become a certified hang glider.

45. Mornington Peninsula Hang Gliding Sites.
Features current bay wind conditions and descriptions of takeoff sites in the area.
Hang Gliding/Paragliding On the Mornington Peninsula
A Site Guide The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria offers some fine coastal soaring, with most wind directions covered except North through Northeast. The following site descriptions are offered as a guide only. Locations are given as Melways Greater Melbourne street directory co-ordinates as well as latitude/longitude
. You can view current Bay wind conditions here. Of particular interest is the South Channel Island station Other Site Guides:
You can also take a look at some nearby inland sites managed by the Melbourne Hang Gliding Club here , and there is a a site guide for most Victorian sites on the VHPA website
View from Sandringham Yatch Club looking down
Port Phillip Bay to the South.
(Taken from John Reynoldson's trike at 1500 ft AMSL) Share the Air! Please click here for some special information on Paraglider/Hang Glider co-existence! SPECIAL NOTE: This site information is provided on an as-is basis. The pilot is responsible for determining the applicability, legality and safety of the site to be flown. SITE DESCRIPTIONS Arthurs Seat (WNW) 900ft Cairns Bay (S) Craigie Rd, Mt Martha

46. Cape Albatross Hang Gliding Club
Your onestop information source on hang gliding in Cape Town and it's surroundsUse the links on the left to navigate this site Latest News
best viewed at
800 x 600



... Join mailing list Your one-stop information source on hang gliding
in Cape Town and it's surrounds
Use the links on the left to navigate this site... Latest News: Well done to Johan Anderson for once again winning the SA Nationals, that makes it 4 in a row.
If you want any of the SAHPA forms ie License applications etc. visit the aeroclub site , here you can download and print them.
As many of you by now know, Johan Anderson is leaving the Fairest Cape for the Wild Wilderness, we wish him all the best. A new Committee was elected at our last club meeting, check out the contacts to see who is who. On behalf of the new committee we thank those old men in their flying machines that where on the old one for the great job they did and we hope to build positively on it. Flight of the month went to Brian, for out flying all other pilots without even having any instruments, well done.

47. Windsports Soaring Center - Hang Gliding
Southern California's largest hang gliding school near Los Angeles. Provides introductory lessons, tandem flights, complete hang gliding lesson packages, photos, rate, and contact information.

48. NWHGPC - North Wales Hang Gliding And Paragliding Club
Information about the club, weather reports, pictures and news.
Home About Sites XCLeague 2003 Join ... Members area
Welcome to the North Wales Hang gliding and Paragliding Club (NWHGPC), one of the oldest free flying clubs in the UK (more about... ). Whether you're a newly qualified pilot or an old hand then we offer an environment where you can enjoy your flying to the full. Our excellent flying sites are in the north-east Wales area within easy travelling time of Liverpool , Manchester and the Midlands.
Want to join?
Membership is open to all BHPA qualified pilots ( join here ) but if you are not yet a pilot and would like to learn to fly paragliders or hang-gliders, there are schools in the area which can help you learn. If you are not sure whether the sport is for you, we have a dual hang-glider and several dual-rated paraglider pilots in the club who can sometimes give trial tandem flights.
  • 3rd March 2003 Dave Edwards hits #2 in the PG National XC League thanks to a 57Km flight from Moel Accre
  • February 2003 Parachute repack session a great success January 2003 Dave Edwards (PG) and Karl Wallbank (HG) win the club 2002 XC league October 2002 New skycams page.

49. Skytribe - The Avon Hangliding And Paragliding Club Online Mag
Contact details, photo gallery, links, sites for this local group flying in the Bristol area.
The Website of the Avon Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club 22 March 2003 Home News The Club Club Diary Sites Guide ... Links Good evening and welcome to the web site of the Avon Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club. Use the menu on the left to browse through the site, or click on a news or diary entry below to see what's going on. We need your input to make this site more useful. Please take the time to add to the site - use the links below to add your own entries in the news and flying diary sections. The web site is still developing - if you have any ideas for improvements or any other comments please send them to News Headlines add news Alex Coltman kick starts 2003 HG XC league Oh, my God! The Contact List is online!! sponsor Avon HG league ... The new committee Latest Diary Entries add entry 20/3/03 - Hay Bluff 20/3/03 - Selsley 18/3/03 - Kettle Again ... 16/3/03 - Blorenge Forthcoming Events We Thank the Following Sponsors for their Continued Support
SystemX and Swing
More Pictures in the Gallery Free Ads for Free Flyers

50. Sylmar Hang Gliding Association
Sylmar hang gliding Association. Current Shot of Kagel Click Image to Refresh.Fly Mount Wilson! Click here for dates. LZ and Launch Information
Sylmar Hang Gliding Association
Current Shot of Kagel
Click Image to Refresh
Fly Mount Wilson! Click here for dates LZ and Launch Information:
SHGA Flight Park
Kagel Launch
Emergency LZ
Club Information: ...
Roster (Members Only!)
Classified Ads
Glider Storage
Upcoming Events
Site Monitor Info ...
SHGA Baseball Cards Resources: Multimedia Gallery:
Kagel Landing Zone QTVR
Emergency Landing Zone QTVR
Kagel Launch QTVR
Dockweiler Beach Training Hill QTVR
... Email SHGA President Email comments and suggestions to

51. Hang Gliding Flight Log - Hang Gliding Resource And Flight Computer
Online flight log and database for hang glider pilots to register, log and track their flights.Category Recreation Aviation Aircraft Footlaunched Resources......hang gliding Flight Log hang gliding Flight Log. Register Here. Sample Log.About This Site. FAQs For This Site. hang gliding FAQs. Site Statistics.
Hang Gliding Flight Log
Password Type your username and password above. If you do not have a username and password click on the Register/Join Here button. This hang gliding flight log, as an advantage over traditional, paper flightlogs, can instantly compute average flight durations, altitudes, sink rates and more! Hang glider pilots are also able to compare their progress and skill to that of others across the globe! Still want a paper record of hang gliding flights? Hang glider pilots can also print all of the data they enter on their own printer! Simply curious? Visitors can view a variety of hang gliding flight statistics, continually updated in real time. Want to know more about Gliding Flight Log? Want to learn about the benefits of an online hang gliding flight log? Click here: - Hang Gliding Flight Log

52. Hang Gliding Maui - Powered Hang Glider Flights Above Beautiful Hana, Maui
Powered hang gliding Flights above Hana, Maui! Welcome to hang glidingMaui! At hang gliding hang gliding Maui, LLC. 32 Kuukama Street
Powered Hang Gliding Flights above Hana, Maui!
Welcome to Hang Gliding Maui! At Hang Gliding Maui, we are dedicated to the preservation of the sport of Hang Gliding by offering powered hang gliding flights for the first time pilot as well as those with experience. We do this by offering interractive flight lessons using an Airborne Edge Trike. This microlight aircraft features a hang gliding wing and weight shift operation, very much like a traditional hang glider, but powered by a reliable Rotax aircraft engine. The microlight 'trike' (as this type of aircraft is known) provides the experience of hang gliding while also being capable of flying in a wider range of weather conditions. This aircraft also provides additional benefits in comfort and convenience and enables longer air time. 1/31/2003 - We will be on vacation and not making any flights from March 28th - April 4th We will still be taking reservations, so feel free to contact us to schedule a flight for after our vacation.

53. Berkeley Hang Gliding Club
Nonprofit cooperative with more than 50 active pilots, ranging in experience from true beginners to advanced. Great photos.
Berkeley Hang Gliding Club
Welcome to the Berkeley Hang Gliding Club information page. We are a club dedicated to promoting, teaching, and most importantly participating in hang gliding. For those not familiar with it, hang gliding is the coolest sport in the world. For an introduction to hang gliding, see the Hang Gliding FAQ
Who are we?
The Berkeley Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club is a non-profit group comprised of pilots ranging in experience from true beginners to advanced pilots. Originally formed in the 1970s, this hang gliding club is one of only a select few in the United States that operates as a cooperative, where students are taught by instructors within the club. Upon gaining experience and knowledge about the sport of flying, they will in turn be able to share that knowledge with new students. The ongoing interaction between students and instructors is one of the great pleasures and benefits of the club. And because the instructors are volunteers, learning to hang glide is inexpensive. With more than fifty active pilots, the club plans weekly trips to the mountains during flying season, has weekly meetings, and organizes lessons for new pilots biannually.
More about lessons
Each fall and spring, the club organizes lesson sets for new pilots. The lessons include both ground school, where the basic concepts of hang gliding are taught while one's feet are still on the ground, and three weekends of actual flight training. Don't worry about equipment: the club owns training gliders, harnesses, and helmets. Contrary to popular belief, one's first flight is not from a cliff. Training begins on level ground and gradually proceeds uphill as one gains necessary skills and experience. The emphasis of early flights is on perfecting launches and landings. Training does not culminate with the end of formal lessons; hang gliding involves continual learning, and instructors are always willing to help. Soon you will be heading to the mountains.

54. Southampton University Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club
Home Southampton University
About Contact News ... Links Welcome News Headlines
  • Like to go Hang Gliding training over Easter? Details
  • The Club has a Mailing List, please join Details Have a look at this video clip of French pilots doing some extreme stuff. The last bit of the video has a guy skydiving from a tandem paraglider. Please note: this is a BIG file - over 40Mbytes - but worth the wait. More videos in the Gallery Welcome to the Southampton University Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club. We are a small, but keen and active University club dedicated to personal free flight . We have members of a wide range of experience from complete beginners to a pilot that is in the British Team (in-fact Grant is ranked 2nd in the UK for hang gliding). Even if you only want a trial flight or taster day anyone (whatever their ability) is more than welcome to come along and join. For club members we can arrange a tandem paraglider flight for free!
  • 55. Fly Above All - Paragliding And Hang Gliding In Santa Barbara, California - Lear
    Paragliding school based in Santa Barbara, California offering instruction, clinics, tandem flights, Category Recreation Aviation North America......Paragliding and hang gliding in Santa Barbara, California. Leonardo da Vincidreamt of flight and inspired others to make the dream come true.

    Products Tandems Home ... Hang Gliding
    Paragliding and Hang Gliding in Santa Barbara, California
    Leonardo da Vinci dreamt of flight and inspired others to make the dream come true. Now you can discover the joy of free flight in a paraglider or hang glider, and we can take you there.
    Fly Above All is consistently rated as one of the top paragliding schools by the United States Hang Gliding Association. Come learn to fly in sunny Santa Barbara, California!
    "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."
    - Leonardo da Vinci
    Tollhouse Fly-in

    Gift Certificates!

    Lessons - Clinics - Gear

    Give someone special the gift of flight!
    Learn to Fly!
    Treat yourself to the amazing experience of flight. You'll learn how to fly a paraglider from the top of our 200 foot hill the very first day! - and that's just the beginning! Choose A School Think of your relationship with a paragliding school as a long-term relationship. Make sure the staff respects you and your time and are dedicated to giving you professional instruction and long-term support.

    56. Tandem Hang Gliding Instruction Maryland Washington DC
    hang gliding instruction in the Baltimore, DC, area.Category Recreation Aviation hang gliding Schools and Instruction......HIGHLAND AEROSPORTS. 24038 Race Track Rd. Ridgely, MD 21660. 410.634.2700.




    HIGHLAND AEROSPORTS 24038 Race Track Rd. Ridgely, MD 21660 95 consecutive loops from 16,000. A new world record set at Highland. New and used Glider Inventory Hours of Operation ATTENTION We will begin operations on Saturday, March 8th. Office and flying hours will be from 9 am to 5 pm Thursday through Monday. We will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The field is still very wet, so please do not drive on the grass until further notice. Thanks The Highland Crew Highland Aerosports offers tandem (instructor and student flying together) instruction and solo aerotows. All solos are done on a walk-in basis. All lessons require a reservation. Please call us at (410)634-2700 for more information. Please browse the following pages. If you have any questions, E-mail us at or give us a call. FLIGHT PACKAGES


    ... GROUP RATES document.write(' '); document.write('>');

    57. SkyFly - Paragliding, Hanggliding, ULLi And ULLa Server
    Czech based web resource for paragliding and hang gliding pilots. Many features including weather, advertising, schools, competitions, and photo gallery.

    About server
    Messages Weather Advertising ... Photoface
    Tel: +420 596 112 737, fax: +420 596 114 575
    The intersection to the aerial dimension exceeds all the others vaporous grey human jog, which is roughly incomparable with this pleasurable activity.

    58. Fly Away Hang Gliding School - Learn To Hang Glide With Tammy Burcar In Santa Ba
    Fly Away hang gliding Personal hang gliding Instruction and guideservices by Tammy Burcar. Fly Away hang gliding

    59. Skysailing Ontario: Teaching Humans How To Fly
    Canadian hang gliding and paragliding school.
    @import "/style/sophisto.css"; Southern Ontario's Premiere Hang Gliding and Paragliding Flight School. Home Classes Tandem Hang Gliding ... Links
    Teaching Humans How To Fly
    Karl Dinzl Skysailing Ontario is this province's premiere hang gliding and paragliding flight school. Based in the Greater Toronto Area, Skysailing Ontario services most of Southern Ontario from Barrie to London to Kingston to Niagara Falls. Founded in 1987 by Karl Dinzl, Skysailing Ontario quickly developed a reputation for outstanding professionalism and safety. "Over the years," says Dinzl, "we have sought to increase our reputation as the safest flight school in Ontario. Students are taught in a trusting and relaxed atmosphere and always supported by a good sense of humour." Skysailing Ontario offers a variety of classes formerly our flock. From two-day introductory courses to 40* hour full courses , Skysailing Ontario has the flexibility to meet your needs and the demands of the hectic workweek. In fact, once Daylight Savings Time begins, we are available not only during the day, but also after your regular working hours right until dusk, seven days a week, to help you become a top notch hangglider or paraglider pilot. Still not swayed? Then use the menu bars at the top and bottom of each page to work your way through our site. We're sure there's more info inside to help stir your pot. Find out more about our

    History of the centre, courses and information.
    P aragliding and Hang Gliding at The Welsh Hang Gliding and Paragliding Centre. Would you like to soar like a bird, staying aloft for hours, cruising on warm currents of rising air? Then you've come to the right site. Check out our courses for 2003 and the extensive range of paragliding and hang gliding equipment in the shop. To contact us; Telephone 01873 850910/854090 or mobile 07971 544719 Alternatively click on the button at the bottom of each page to send an e mail T he Welsh Hang Gliding Centre was established in 1975, and is one of the longest established schools in the UK (certainly in Wales) hence we offer a high degree of experience and dedication. David our CFI has been a registered flying instructor since 1993, himself an ex Welsh Hang Gliding Centre student. The school teaches Paragliding Paramotoring and Hang Gliding, we also run flying trips abroad, equipment sales and reserve parachute re-packing. S afety is paramount at the Centre, and progress is at the students own pace

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