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  1. The Royal Book of Jousting, Horsemanship, and Knightly Combat: A Translation Into English of King Dom Duarte's 1438 Treatise by Duarte, 2010-01-11
  2. Jousting With Jesters: An ABC for the Younger Dragon by Martin Springett, 2006-09-01
  3. Jousting for the New Generation: Challenges to Contemporary Schooling by David Loader, 2007-07-20
  4. FireDrakes, Chronicles of the Daemon Knights by David Korinetz, 2007-10-15
  5. Jousting With Shadows (Historical Romance) by Sarah Westleigh, 1998-01
  6. BRITISH Heritage Magazine August/September 2001 Jousting! Knightly Contests of Skills and Horsemanship (Lost Gardens of HELIGAN, A living Museum of 19th-Century Horticulture)
  7. IN BRITAIN - Volume 41, number 8 - August 1986: The Seat of Power; On the Town: Hawick; Doing What Comes Reasonably Naturally; All in a Day's Work; History at Full Tilt: Jousting; Romantic and Troubled; Sweet and Low; The End of the Pier is Nigh by Bryn (editor) (Brian O'Hanlon; Diane McNair-Wilson; Rob Neillands; David Frank, 1986-01-01
  9. Jousting with the Jackal by Madeleine O'Callaghan, 1988
  10. Thomas Kinsella: jousting with evil.(Critical Essay): An article from: Yearbook of English Studies by Maurice Harmon, 2005-01-01
  11. DRAGON #118 (Magazine - February 1987) "Competition Issue: Archery, Jousting, Gladiatorial Arenas, Nibar's Keep Game"
  12. Renaissance Fair: Jousting, March of Cambreadth, Minstrel, All's Faire in Love, Renaissance Magazine, Huzzah!, Itinerant poet,
  13. Renaissance Reenactment: English Civil War Reenactment, Renaissance Fair, English Civil War Society, Jousting, March of Cambreadth, Minstrel
  14. Jousting with rent seekers: Bruce Davie and tax-exempt bonds.: An article from: National Tax Journal by Dennis Zimmerman, 2004-09-01

1. Jousting
Results and information about the event held as a part of the Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival.Category Sports Equestrian jousting......US Inernational jousting Competition 2002 Featuring. jousting tournaments asentertainment and sport lasted from the early 1200's to the late 1400's.
US Inernational Jousting Competition 2002 Featuring The Seattle Kinghts
Watch an interview with the Jousters!
with external player History:
In the days of old the knights on horse were the most lethal weapon of war. King Edward , The Gordon, The Bruce, The Durward and many other men of title, not only went on the Crusades together but also would compete with each other on the field in jousting matchs. Their Knights would also compete and wage on who would be victorious. see also.... Jousting
From these early beginnings we can only imagine how the skill and technique with the lance developed. We do know that from its military beginning, the concept of a mounted knight with lance and shield charging another evolved into a sport. Knights would gather together to practice, train and show off their skill with lance and horse. Jousting tournaments as entertainment and sport lasted from the early 1200's to the late 1400's. This was also the time of the chivalrous knight. For not only had a fighting style developed, but a code of ethics had developed between fighting men, something that had never before occured. This code of ethics, this positive concept called chivalry, would forever after be associated with the knight. As jousting in warfare became obsolete, the tournament began to change. From the sport of showing one's warrior prowess in skill-at-arms and jousting matches, the tournament became an elaborate show, with skill being secondary. By the late 1500's, the knight was encased in more than 120 lbs. of padding and armour and could scarcely move. His horse would sometimes falter or fall due to the extreme weight of armor on horse and rider. Combine this with a lance rest, that was bolted to the armour, and an unbreakable lance that was wedged to the lance rest, this was a situation that only a few would want to be in. Perhaps this is what ended jousting as entertainment on a large scale in the 1600's.

2. Jousting New Zealand
A Wellington, New Zealand-based group which re-enacts troops on campaign in France during 1350-1400 Category Recreation Living History Medieval Hundred Years War......Surplus jousting Armour and Equipment Available See the For Sale Pagefor Details. Order of the BOAR. Australian Jousters Clash in New Zealand.
Surplus Jousting Armour and Equipment Available - See the "For Sale" Page for Details Order of the

Australian Jousters Clash in New Zealand
Australian jousters Rodney Walker (left) and Arnold Dobbe (right) exchange hits during the International Jousting Association's World Jousting Championships held over the weekend of January 11/12 2003. Both riders have broken their lances. Arnold went on to win the match after Rod received an injury. Rod's subsequent fight-back into the competition showed tremendous strength of character and he went on to win the IJA 2003 World Jousting Champion trophy and title. Approximately 10,000 people came to view the jousting and the other medieval sports displayed over the weekend. $5,000 was raised for the Hutt Valley Riding for the Disabled. Please check out the 2003 Quinn's Post Tournament section for more photos and further details of the event. Download Video of Tournament Match (Callum Forbes and Peter Lyon) Note that this is a large file (32 megabytes).

3. Jousting, Maryland State Sport
Maryland State Sport jousting jousting became the official sport of Maryland in 1962 (Chapter 134, Acts of 1962; Code State Government Article, sec. Maryland was the first state to adopt an official sport.
Maryland State Sport - Jousting
Jousting became the official sport of Maryland in 1962 (Chapter 134, Acts of 1962; Code State Government Article, sec. 13-308). Maryland was the first state to adopt an official sport. Jousting tournaments have been held in Maryland since early colonial times but became increasingly popular after the Civil War. Retaining the pageantry and customs of medieval tournaments, modern competitors are called "knights" or "maids", and many dress in colorful costumes. Men, women and children compete equally with skill and horsemanship determining the class. Horseback rider spearing the ring at jousting event. Photo by R.A.R.E., courtesy of Peggy and Bruce Hoffman, Maryland Jousting Tournament Association.
Tournaments conducted in Maryland are "ring tournaments" which involve charging a horse at full-gallop through an 80-yard course toward suspended rings. Using a long, fine-tipped lance, the rider has 8 seconds to complete the course and "spear" the rings, scoring points accordingly. From three equally-spaced arches, rings are hung 6 feet 9 inches above the ground and range in diameter from one-quarter inch to nearly two inches depending upon the skill-level of the contestant. A family sport, jousting skills frequently are passed from one generation to the next. Today

4. Medieval Jousting Exhibitors, Associations, And Training
A comprehensive list of Medieval jousting Exhibitors, associations, and training
Medieval Jousting Exhibitions,
Associations, and Training
Message/Discussion Board The International Jousting Knights Association
Excalibur Hotel
, Las Vegas - "The Tournament of Kings" a brand new show!
The Story of Jousting

Karma Farms' Moorish Barbs

Black Forest Shires
- lots of pictures!
Medieval Horse Guild

The Kingdom of Acre

Dragonworks Joust Page

Pierrot Productions
Medieval Times
- FL, CA, NJ, IL, TX, SC, Toronto Medieval Times - Orlando, Florida Calvert County Annual Jousting Tournament - pictures! SCA-wide Equestrian Regulations Handbook The Rules for the InterKingdom Equestrian Competition The Joust at Scarborough 1994 - 1995 Texas Renaissance Festival - Quicktime video clips! Herstmonceux Castle Medieval Festival The New Riders of the Golden Age - close-up pictures! The Minnesota Renaissance Festival - pictures The Draft Page - Draft horse informational site The Eastern Shore Jousting Assoc. and the National Jousting Assoc. - Maryland's Official State Sport Swords n Stuff - Gear up for battle! This forge accepts major credit cards! American Jousting Alliance - Jousting training and newsletter, Pine Mountain, California

5. Jousting
Maryland jousting Tournament Association. On March 5, 1950, the first meeting of the Maryland State Tournament
A Knight cannot shine in war if he has not prepared for it in tournaments...
Full contact jousting
I n our beginning...
Bearing in mind that the sport with all of its experts and their experience had passed on some 400 years earlier, we began with only a few horses paired with a strong desire to engage in an ancient and time-honored tradition. It was time that the spectacle of full contact jousting was reborn.
Reviving jousting from scratch left a great deal to experimentation. This process was an evolutionary one, as none of the original participants were still around to ask for advice or assistance. All that remained were some texts left by those who scribed for the sport. Practical experience really needed to be gained, and there is only one way to get that...
Since our inception, and in the two decades of our existence, The New Riders of the Golden Age has been established as the premier jousting troupe in the country. Each year we perform from coast to coast for millions of people at Renaissance faires, state and county fairs, and special events. As performers in a show, we follow a script. The nature of the situation and its variables requires that we be open to improvisation. This allows us to keep the show fresh and alive for the audience as well as ourselves. The script sets the pace and gives a foundation to the excitement already existing from our energy.

Dedicated to promoting the growth of jousting. Photos, journals, and a listing of the events that Category Sports Equestrian jousting Associations and Clubs......
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7. How The Shire Of Tor An Riogh Made Our Jousting Horses.
Construction techniques horse, pulley, lance, shield; field setup, many pictures.
How the Shire of Tor an Riogh Made Their Jousting Horses
You are Visitor Number 12874 To Visit this Site. If you have any questions or would like to ask about the possiblity of getting our horses to your Gleann Abhann event. Then email me THL Isaac MacDaniel. I will do my best to answer your questions.
This is a Kingdom of Meridies Web-Ring site. Prev Next 5 Random Next To join the ring, click here
For info e-mail Asbrand of Norway

Palm Beach jousting Club. THINGS WE'LL BE DOING Ring tilting, Spearthrowing, Quintain hitting and Tournament combat jousting. It
Palm Beach Jousting Club THINGS WE'LL BE DOING:
Ring tilting, Spear throwing, Quintain hitting and Tournament combat Jousting.
It is our mission to inspire the youth of Palm Beach County
by providing displays and events for worthwhile needy causes.
To educate the future generations on the importance of sportsmanship and preservation of chivalrous acts.
Horse Safety Association
"Member /Instructor"
Visitors Since November 3, 2001
Proud Sponsor of the Boy Scouts of America
Email the WebMaster

9. Welcome To EarthLink
Photos and information about jousting in Maryland, where it is the official state sport, as well as a message board.
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10. Jousting Terms
jousting Terms. Caparison The decorative covering worn by joustinghorses at tournament. Chanfron Metal plate armor that is molded
Jousting Terms
The decorative covering worn by jousting horses at tournament.
Metal plate armor that is molded and constructed for the war horse.
Chief Marshal
The man who is in charge of the tournament list. He also assists judges and settles disputes.
Coat of arms
The name given the identifying symbols that were placed on shields, surcoats, horse trapping and banners.
Basic Medieval torso protection.
This was the name given to the metal tip that was attached to the end of the lance for a Joust a' Plaisance, or a joust of pleasure.
Cuir Bouille
Leather soaked in hot wax and bent into shape while still hot.
Also call collar armor, designed to protect the neck.
This is the enlarged area of the lance that is located just in front of where the shoulder is tightened.
A game fought with spears or lances.
A system for identifying individuals by means of distinctive hereditary insignia.
The name given when two teams of knights met as if in the open battle field, in general, a free-for-all.
A place of refuge on the tournament field where knights could rest, rearm or hold prisoners.

11. The Knights Of Royal England
of group, contact information, photograph gallery.......An English group presenting jousting and combat shows.
The Spectacular Knights of Royal England have the experience to offer you all manner of mediaeval entertainment for your special event. As the premiere jousting company in Europe staging over 60 shows each year and having performed at both large and small venues all over the world the Knights of Royal England from the National Jousting Association are able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of mediaeval entertainment and entertainers.
Gallery Shows email ... Links

12. Jousting
jousting is the most spectacular and potentially the most dangerousactivity that we engage in. We have revived jousting as a modern
Jousting is the most spectacular and potentially the most dangerous activity that we engage in. We have revived jousting as a modern equestrian competitive sport. The objective of our style of jousting is to shatter a lance on the opponent’s shield while he or she is trying to do the same to you. Points are awarded on how well you strike your opponent with maximum points being awarded for shattering your lance. This style of joust, known as the joust of peace became common from the 14th century onwards. We use real armour because a solid hit to an unprotected person with our style of lance will deliver more than enough force to kill. (Callum Forbes and Phil Pedersen jousting with our old-style heater shields and dowel lances in 2000) We also do not try to dismount the opposing rider because this will lead to real injuries - either to the horse or to the rider. However our hits are hard enough to cause unplanned dismounts and these do happen especially during competitions. But we award no additional points for this. (Robert Gulliver took a very hard hit at Abbey 2001. He fell hard and was unconscious for several minutes. Fortunately he suffered no serious injuries - helped by the period armour he was wearing. This is one of the reasons why we use authentic armour - because it worked!)

13. History Of Jousting
period was the Tournament of the Horse which often included jousting. Most of the Faires have incorporated these action
History of Jousting
One of the better known sports of the Renaissance period was the Tournament of the Horse which often included jousting. Most of the Faires have incorporated these action packed events into their entertainment. You may see dashing Knights clash at full gallop vying for royal favor. Spectators are urged by the Knight’s squires and medieval criers to support their champion. Although the origins are unsure, formalized jousting rose to the height of it’s popularity in Europe during the 1400’s. An off shoot of the war games ("Melees") staged by Knights on horseback and foot soldiers in open fields, jousting was conducted in colorfully decorated area designated by the nobles for spectator viewing. Initially these "jousts" served as a way for Knights to hone their fighting skills during times of peace, but quickly became a money making venture as the winning team could hold the losers for ranson accepting their horses and armor as payment. The numerous deaths spawned by these events led Popes and English Kings to ban jousting. Such bans did little to curtail the events which became a crowd pleasing attraction at market faires and

14. Jousting
jousting. The origins of jousting are believed to be in classical Rome, butthe sport rose to its greatest popularity in Europe by the 1400's.
Jousting The origins of jousting are believed to be in classical Rome, but the "sport" rose to its greatest popularity in Europe by the 1400's. It all evolved from mock battles in which knights on horseback, assisted by foot soldiers, formed into teams and charged at each other in some wide meadow. The result was a "melee" (the word hasn't changed in a millennium) of shattered lances, clanging swords, flailing arms and legs - astride and afoot - that went on all day and into the night. The earliest recorded melee was in 1066 A.D., though mock combat had probably been around for centuries by then.
At first, the battles served more to hone fighting skills than to provide popular diversion. But in peaceful times, a knight needed a way to retain his skills. The Jousts were great money-makers for the victors; instead of claiming mere points, the winning team held the losers for ransom, often accepting their horses and armor as payment.
The deaths which resulted from such "sport" led Popes and English kings to ban jousting tournaments, though English subjects often persisted and were repeatedly excommunicated. The tournaments had become a featured attraction at any kind of market fair or other significant gathering. At the height of their popularity, jousts rivaled a state fair, Super Bowl, rock concert and Octoberfest all rolled into one.
By the middle 1200's, the joust emerged as the favored way to prove which of two (or more) knights was better. Most contests were a "Joust a Plaisir" (for pleasure) in which a winner was declared on the basis of points scored, though some were still conducted "a l'Outrance" (to the death). In the sporting version, the knights' swords were dulled and their lances tipped with "coronals" (little crowns) to prevent their penetrating a joint in the armor. Some authorities believe that the lances were deliberately weakened, a precaution still in effect today.

15. Jousting Over Java | CNET
special coverage nbsp;Sun Microsystems and Microsoft have officially traded courtroom punches in their dispute over implementation of Java in the Internet Explorer 4.0 browser. NEWS.COM looks at the effect of this legal battle on application development, Internetrelated technologies, and the Java programming language itself.,4,15004,00.html?

16. Unicycle Jousting
The two guys in the picture are rick raddatz (in the white helmet) andbrian lewis (in the green helmet). it was taken on the Microsoft
The two guys in the picture are rick raddatz (in the white helmet) and brian lewis (in the green helmet). it was taken on the Microsoft redmond campus about 1989 or so. brian invented this lunacy when he was at oregon state univ. in the mid 70s. the lance is an 8 foot wooden dowel...the sort of thing that's normally used to hang clothes on. it has a tennis ball on the end, with silicone caulk on it. we discovered that the lance tends to skitter wildly on the shield, which is both dangerous and makes it difficult to get a good hit. the caulk minimizes this: it makes the lance tip stick to the shield long enough to get a decent hit. the shield is about 30 inches in diameter, made of 3/4 inch plywood, and has a sturdy horizontal brace (also 3/4 ply) along where your forearm goes. there's a handle on this brace near one edge, and along the center is a leather sleeve for your left forearm. we've found that it's important to wear a glove that comes well up your right arm: brian got his skin pinched between the lance and the shield, requiring stitches. we also decided that we needed to establish some rules: the blow must come from the tip of the lance, and must be aimed at the center of the shield, favoring "low and inside" so that any deflections will go between the riders and not across them, and will not ride up, where it might hit the rider in the face or throat. the riders must attempt to pass to the right...that is, the way americans and mainland europeans drive, not like brittons, japanese, and australians. the shield must be held perpendicular to the blow.

17. Medieval Castles Of England, Hedingham Castle, Essex
This wellpreserved Norman keep in Essex was built c.1140. Illustrated history and description, including a reconstruction of the siege of 1216. Visitor information, events including jousting tournaments.
Castle weddings
Castle weddings, civil ceremonies and wedding receptions in medieval surroundings. For those wishing to get married in a castle , Hedingham Castle, set in landscaped parkland, is the perfect medieval setting for castle weddings and wedding receptions. The splendid Norman keep, standing 110 feet high, has dominated
the local countryside for over 850 years, and it is now possible
to hold your civil ceremony in the magnificent Banqueting
Hall, where the Earls of Oxford entertained royal visitors.
Sixty guests can be seated in the Banqueting Hall and a further
20 guests may watch the wedding ceremony from the minstrels'
gallery above. If you choose to continue your wedding celebrations at Hedingham,
you can proceed across the Tudor bridge to the elegant Queen
Anne house, which is a popular and romantic location for wedding
. It is surrounded by a private garden and has beautiful
views across the lake. The fine rooms include the Hall, Ashhurst Room, Drawing Room and Dining Room.

18. Arizona Renaissance Festival: Jousting
Arizona Renaissance Festival. The Story of jousting. Words like pomp, pageantryand chivalry serve to evoke the romantic aspects of jousting.
Arizona Renaissance Festival
The Story of Jousting
    Jousting is given the 20th Century roar of approval at the Arizona Renaissance Festival for jousting now, as 400 years ago, is a merrie sport; a make-believe pageant of Sir Galahads and Sir Lancelots, of villainous Black Knights versus the virtuous Red Knights, mounted on thundering steeds, plumes waving, chain mail clanking and the festival crowd sarcastically screaming "Cheat to win!!"
    On winter weekends in the Arizona desert, Knights will again strap on the heavy suits of armor, settle astride snorting chargers, take up their lances and tilt with each other. These Knights (actually stunt riders and actors) are regular performers at more than a dozen "Renaissance Villages" around the country and will be battling at the Arizona Renaissance Festival on a tournament field within the Festival park in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains just east of Apache Junction, Arizona.
    Words like "pomp, pageantry and chivalry" serve to evoke the romantic aspects of jousting. When you get close to see the dull glow of chain mail next to bright armor, you begin to grasp how tightly woven the joust is with its history. An understanding of today's combats is impossible without the tracing of their ancient roots.

19. Horses Impossible
Shows for large and small events, from medieval jousting and roman chariot racing, to Cossack trick riding.
Welcome to the World of Horses Impossible
We are a breathtaking stunt team that brings together horses and riders to perform amazing stunts and trick riding displays that will astound any audience. Our performances emphasises the mutual trust and respect between horse and rider that enable us to perform seemingly impossible feats and make us the most exciting team of horses and riders anywhere today. We are available for indoor and outdoor spectaculars.
Please Select

20. The Official Site Of The International Jousting Association
THE ORIGINAL EXTREME SPORT! Professional jousting. Hello jousting fans! The IJAwelcomes you to the new and improved website for Professional jousting.
The Official Site of the Initializing... Jousting

Our Goal

etitors ... Tournament results Community

Message board

Guest book

Email us
Open in new window NEW PICTURES!!! Talon and Cliff at Rolling Hills Estates show- California, September, 2002 GO here RHE Hello Jousting fans! The IJA welcomes you to the new and improved website for Professional Jousting. The upcoming year will be a big one for this sport. We are in the process of acquiring sponsors so we can promote a major international tournament in Los Angeles in late spring or early summer. As soon as a date is set we will announce it here so you can get tickets. Competitors please email Talon if you wish to compete. TO ALL OUR LOYAL FANS We are close to being funded!

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