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         Karate:     more books (101)
  1. Karate-Do: My Way of Life by Gichin Funakoshi, 1981-09-15
  2. Best Karate, Vol.1: Comprehensive (Best Karate Series) by Masatoshi Nakayama, 1977-10-15
  3. Karate: The Complete Kata by Hirokazu Kanazawa, 2010-01-02
  4. The Karate Class Mystery (Invisible Inc., No. 5; Hello, Reader! Level 4) by Elizabeth Levy, 1996-09-01
  5. Karate Katie #18 (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo) by Nancy E. Krulik, 2006-01-19
  6. The Karate Mouse (Geronimo Stilton, No. 40) by Geronimo Stilton, 2010-01-01
  7. Karate-Do Kyohan: The Master Text by Gichin Funakoshi, 1973-05-15
  8. The Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do by Shoshin Nagamine, 1998-09-15
  9. The Twenty Guiding Principles of Karate: The Spiritual Legacy of the Master by Gichin Funakoshi, Jotaro Takagi, 2003-11-07
  10. The Kids' Karate Workbook: A Take-Home Training Guide for Young Martial Artists by Didi Goodman, 2009-10-13
  11. Machida Karate-Do Mixed Martial Arts Techniques by Lyoto Machida, Erich Krauss, et all 2010-05-10
  12. Karate Fighting Techniques: The Complete Kumite by Hirokazu Kanazawa, 2004-04-09
  13. Best Karate, Vol.5: Heian, Tekki (Best Karate Series) by Masatoshi Nakayama, 1979-10-15
  14. Best Karate 2: Fundamentals by Masatoshi Nakayama, 1978-07-15

1. World Karate FederationOfficial World Body Site Includes Competition Rules, Hist
Range of chat forums and an ezine with news, results, a dojo directory, an event calendar and features. Pictures from Mike Murphy's Trny !st in the New England Junior Uechiryu karate Championship Series
Important sites on forthcoming events Links IOA International Olympic Academy EKF European Karate Federation UAKF Union of African Karate Federations IWGA International World Games Assosiation MARCH New WKF Referees examination questions now available
English Version.............. View ........Download ( KATA KUMITE
Spanish Version............. View ........Download ( KATA KUMITE
French Version............... View ........Download ( KATA KUMITE By EKF DC decision the 2003 EKF Club Championships have been cancelled and therefore will not take place.
Only the EKF Championships of Regions will take place as official event in the month of June, from 6th to 8th. WKF Anti-Doping Rules
Complete rules

Actions in case of positive doping test result.
The General Assembly of the Yugoslav Karate Federation has elected its new President and Presidential board:
Mr. Dragoslav Bozovic
Vice-President: Mr. Strahinja Tepavcevic
Presidential Board members:
Mr. Miodrag Pesic Mr. Rajko Brajovic Mr. Ranko Jovovic Mrs. Tanja Petrovic Mr. Milisav Kocovic Mr. Miodrag Maslar

2. Homepage Des DKV
. . .

3. Karate-Online Homepage
Die offizielle Homepage des Bayerischen karate Bundes e.V. karate Europameisterschaft der Senioren 2003 in Bremen Neu in K@rateOnline
Die offizielle Homepage des
Bayerischen Karate Bundes e.V.
Karate in Deutschland
Deutscher Karate Verband
Karate on the Web
Search ...
Aktuelle Ausschreibungen
(Summary available in german english french , and spanish
Bayerischer Karate Bund
Bayerische Karate Jugend
Photo-Galerie ...
Karate Europameisterschaft der Senioren 2003 in Bremen
Neu in K@rate-Online :
Ergebnisse Bayerische Meisterschaft 2003 (Senioren) 19 Mar 2003 19 Mar 2003 15 Mar 2003 Zeitplan und Startlisten BM 2003 12 Mar 2003 Neuauflage der WKK Checkliste 1 Mar 2003 Bavarian Open 2003 in Ingolstadt 8 Feb 2003 29 Jan 2003 1. Trainermeeting des BKB zum Thema Kata 29 Jan 2003 29 Jan 2003 Sitzung des Technisches Ausschusses 29 Jan 2003 5 Jan 2003 4 Jan 2003 4 Jan 2003 19 Dez 2002 Aktuelles vom Landesfrauentag 15 Dez 2003 Albert Schindler mit Bundesverdienstkreuz ausgezeichnet 10 Nov 2002
Impressum: Karate DKV BKB WM 2000 ... Contact Karate-Online

4. Shotokai Encyclopedia Of Karate-do And Japanese Martial Arts/Enciclopedia Intern
Goju Ryu karate Do has thrived in the World as a dominant school for most of the past century and will continue to
Objetivos Organización Shotokai Chile Keizu SKB Chile Tour Shotokai E-mail SKB ...
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  • 5. International Traditional Karate Federation
    Traditional karate
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    6. Welcome To The Karate Kid Movie WebSite
    Fan site discussing many aspects of the movie, the people who created, and starred in it. Multimedia, information, and other details.
    The Karate Kid WebSite - This is the site for the Karate Kid Movie starring Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso, Pat Morita as Mr Miyagi, Elizabeth Shue as Ali, William Zabka as Johnny and Chad McQueen.
    You'll find more pictures and information here on the cast, crew, locations, soundtrack CD or LP, trivia, missing scenes and other stuff than any other Web Site or homepage. -Guaranteed.
    The Karate Kid was directed by John G. Avildsen and produced by Jerry Weintraub and you'll find tons of info about these and other crew members like Bill Conti -who wrote the soundtrack or James Crabe who was the cinematographer or Director of photography.
    Hello and welcome to the Karate Kid Website. We're pleased you stopped by. This is an all-new web site devoted to the classic 80's movie loved by millions.
    The Karate Kid Web Site uses frames as well as extensive use of Java and can also use Macromedia FLASH if you have it installed.
    If you are here, it is because your browser does not support the use of frames. This makes it difficult to get full benefit from the Karate Kid site, but we have included a set of links to the main Karate Kid pages below. You will probably get some Java errors from the pages if you are using an extremely old browser but they should work well enough for them to be of some use.
    -If you're a fan of Karate Kid, you're in luck! ...we've

    7. Italian Karate Website - Sito Italiano Del Karate - Http://
    La storia del Giappone e del karate, vocabolario e bibliografia, riviste specializzate e articoli di tecnica. Rapporto tra arte, salute, meditazione e filosofia. Link utili e informazioni su corsi ed eventi.

    8. Theoretische Grundlagen Zum Shotokan Karate-Do
    Theoretische Grundlagen zum Shotokan karateDo
    Letzte Aktualisierung: 25.Januar 2003
    Christian Sroka
    Deutsche Version
    English Version § Mit Urteil vom 12.Mai 1998 (Az.: 312 O 85/98) " Haftung für Links " hat das Landgericht Hamburg entschieden, daß man durch die Anbringung eines Links die Inhalte der gelinkten Seite ggf. mit zu verantworten hat. Daher distanziere ich mich hiermit ausdrücklich von allen Inhalten aller gelinkten Seiten auf meiner Homepage und mache mir diese Inhalte nicht zu eigen. Diese Erklärung gilt für alle auf meiner Homepage angebrachten Links.

    9. Martial Arts Supplies - Martial Arts Uniforms, Karate Equipment
    Offering brand name Martial Arts equipment, uniforms, weapons and accesories.Category Shopping Sports Martial Arts......Martial Arts Supplies including martial arts uniforms, karate equipment, sparringgear and more. Discounted prices $2.95 shipping.
    Accessories Bag Gloves Boxing Gloves Heavy Bags ... Martial Arts Shoes
    Superior products. Superior service. Superior savings. HOME LOG IN YOUR CART CHECK OUT ... Gift Ideas Please Select... 30 day guarantee Arrival time $2.95 shipping Status of order Contact us Frequently asked questions International orders Sales Tax NY only Pay offline Military overseas Dojo accounts Links Trade links Affiliate program Security
    Leave List - Providing you with quality martial arts supplies at great prices. Features for you: Boxing Gloves
    Karate Uniforms
    Our most popular uniforms, 25% off
    Lightning Sparring Gear
    Superior protection at great prices
    Lightning Sparring Gear Set - $59.95
    Taekwondo Uniforms Top quality uniforms for all budgets Nevatear Platinum Set By Everlast Yin Yang CD Case Regularly: $8.95 Blowout Price: $3.95 Macho Warrior Sparring Gear Set The rest of the Warrior line Martial Arts T-Shirts 6 shirts on sale Bizrate's #1 rated martial arts retailer We proudly accept: Martial Arts Supplies Privacy Statement karate equipment ... Windsor Pilates
    Martial Arts Supplies

    10. Shotokan Karate Of America
    Nonprofit organization headed by Tsutomu Ohshima. Pages include world wide SKA dojo directory, contact Category Sports Martial Arts karate Shotokan Organizations......SKA Home Ohshima Sensei What Is karate? karate History Master FunakoshiBeginning karate SKA Special Trainings SKA Info Contact

    SKA Home

    Ohshima Sensei

    What Is Karate?

    Karate History
    Members Only

    Tsutomu Ohshima, Chief Instructor

    11. Karate-do Information Centre
    Portal to links, history, schools and other related resources.
    Karate-do Information Centre Karate-do Information Centre

    12. SOUTHERN Karate
    band. karate home biography discography tour dates contact catalog. someboots lp/cd, Read Gavin's karate European tour diary.

    13. Willkommen Zum JKA-Magazin
    Aktuelle OnlineVersion der Verbandszeitschrift mit Informationen ¼ber karate im Allgemeinen und allerlei Verbandsinformationen wie Lehrg¤nge, Pr¼fungen und Wettkampfberichte.
    Diese Seite verwendet Frames. Frames werden von Ihrem Browser aber nicht unterstützt.

    Kickboxing karate Martial Arts Aerobic Kickboxing
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    Teaches an eclectic selfdefense system.

    16. USA Karate Home
    A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting karate within the USA. Includes information on the Category Sports Martial Arts karate Organizations......* The USA karate Federation is a tax exempt nonprofit corporation. (501.c3). (PDF format). 8. The WORLD karate FEDERATION mirror pate.
    * The USA Karate Federation is a tax exempt nonprofit corporation. (501.c3). Contributions to our many worthwhile purposes are deductible from your taxes.
    I n the attack against America
    we are reminded that life offers no easy way for the weak
    UNLESS THEY ARE PROTECTED BY THE STRONG In the martial arts, we strive to be wise and kind and to value peace and tranquility.
    Those who would upset our peaceful nature must beware.
    We call upon the leaders of the United States of America,
    and indeed all over the world, to fully use the
    For more information about how to use this site click here Schedules Page and Link to Complete Event Reports Join the USAKF as an INDIVIDUAL MEMBER and register your DAN GRADE USAKF RELATED SITES USAKF PARTNERS USAKF Hall of Fame ... Technical Committee US Jujitsu Federation Hall Of Fame Kobudokan - USA Kobudo Federation USAKF Foundation Kwanmukan International US Teams Past ... Webcreation Collaborative Group Services Please send in your news, PRs, tidbits, or rumors to us And click here to register your name to receive information from us Now that we have reached the Pan American Games, we are changing our focus and getting away from politics. We want to and indeed must produce the best karate-ka in the world. We will lend all our efforts towards that goal. And, above all, we are advocates for USA Karate athletes.

    17. "Academia Carmelo Marchese"
    Historia, filosofia, reglamentos de la WKO, enlaces, y mas sobre el estilo Shotokan.
    member of :
    Haga click aqui para entrar

    18. Shotokan Karate Magazine
    Magazine featuring the most senior and famous Shotokan Sensei in an apolitical manner.Category Sports Martial Arts karate Shotokan News and Media......If you are not being redirected please click here
    If you are not being redirected please click here

    19. Acadiana Karate
    Located in Lafayette, Louisiana and offers additional street defense and cardio kickboxing classes. Includes contact information, class times and location details.

    20. Karate On The Web - Websites And Books
    WWW karate directory contains an extensive list of karate and other martialartsrelated resources. Self-Defence products karate on the Web.
    Karate on the Web
    I will try to organize these links and books better when I have time. (suggestions are welcome). At this point, I am concentrating on assembling a comprehensive set of resources.
    Karate Websites in U.S.
    Other health and sports pages
    More martial arts sites
    Friendly sites
    LinkExchange member

    Member of 123Banners

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