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         Lazer Tag:     more detail
  1. Lazer Tag: Official Tournament Book by James Ward, 1987-05
  2. Lazer Tag Official Game Handbook
  3. Lazer Tag: Adventure, No 1 High Spy by Robert Coulson, 1987-06
  4. Danger, Second-Hand (Lazer Tag Adventure) by Bruce Algozin, Robert Coulson, 1987-06
  5. Invisible Rival (Lazer Tag Adventure) by TSR Inc, Bruce Algozin, 1987-09
  6. Lazer Tag: Official Game Handbook by James M. Ward, 1987-12
  7. Science Fiction Television Introduction: Hard Time on Planet Earth, Clone, Probe, Hero Corp, Sleepwalkers, Lazer Tag Academy
  9. Star Wars Empire (Lazer Tag/Cassette Andbook) by Golden Books, 1999-12-31
  10. The Galactic Games (Lazer Tag Adventure, No 4)
  12. Lazer wars: A laser tag marketing manifesto by Jason E Bock, 1997
  13. New Hope (Lazer Tag/Cassette and Book) by Golden Books, 1999-12-31

1. Lazer Tag Reference Guide
lazer tag information FAQs, equipment both past and present, games played, rules for playing and a forum.Category Sports Laser Games lazer tag......lazer tag is the game that moves at the speed of light. Welcome tothe lazer tag Reference Guide New Forum Launched!
Welcome to the Lazer Tag Reference Guide New Forum Launched!
We've just launched our new Lazer Tag forum! Be sure to check it out . Help us get it going by posting a few questions or topics for discussion. Don't forget, you'll need to register before you can post. About The Site
This site is dedicated to providing information on Lazer Tag branded laser games. To find out what Lazer Tag is, check out our Lazer Tag Frequently Asked Questions . We also have information on games you can play and specifications on the Lazer Tag equipment produced by Worlds of Wonder and Tiger Electronics. We also maintain a list of Lazer Tag links to other sites related to the sport. Looking for some multimedia?
We've got Lazer Tag TV commercials (including commercials from the 1980s ) for you to download. Also, many of the items featured in the equipment section have sound samples you can listen to. Interested in starting a business?
We get many inquiries from people looking to start a laser tag arena business. Unfortunately, we are not in that business and do not have information on starting a laser tag arena. Requests for information on starting a laser tag business will be ignored.

2. Lazer Tag
Cartoon based on the lazer tag toy, it aired for a year in 1986. Learn more about the show and the cast, at this concise tribute. PREPARE TO ENTER. THE lazer tag ACADEMY. © 1998
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3. Welcome To The Unofficial Lazer Tag Homepage
Fan site that pays homage to Worlds Of Wonder's lazer tag, and other past manufacturers. Includes Category Sports Laser Games lazer tag......A fan site that pays homage to Worlds Of Wonder's lazer tag game, as well askeeps up with other infrared tag games. Free message board available.
Welcome to the year 3010... ...and welcome the the Unofficial Lazer Tag Home Page. We originally started this site, back in the mid 1990s, in homage to the infrared tag game "Lazer Tag," which was on the market in the mid-to-late 1980s. It was made by a company called Worlds of Wonder (WoW). Since we started the site, infrared tag games made a come back in the U.S., then seemed to ebb again. Another company, Tiger Toys , picked up the license to produce Lazer Tag, but has since stopped making Lazer Tag again. Other companies have been producing tag systems as well, such as ToyMax with their Laser Challenge line. Other systems, such as Playmates/Sega Lock-On, and Tomy's Electronic Survivor Shot, etc. Infrared tag games haven't been as available on the retail market in the United States since Christmas 1999. We think there will be another resurgence. In the meantime, we are here for LT fans. We started with a focus on WoW Lazer Tag, but encourage anyone who plays home-style tag to post on the message board and share games, tips and ideas.

4. Lazer Tag
I first became aware of lazer tag when I saw some of the equipment at a friend's house, sometime in 1987 I believe. But, it was really expensive so I wasn't tempted.
Lazer Tag
I first became aware of Lazer Tag when I saw some of the equipment at a friend's house, sometime in 1987 I believe. But, it was really expensive so I wasn't tempted. Ironically, what made Lazer Tag popular in this area was the demise of Worlds of Wonder , who manufactured the equipment. Warehouses full of the equipment were sold at a fraction of the original price to pay off creditors. KayBee's and other stores started selling the basic sets for $10, and Lazer Tag became a fad among my social circle. Here is some of the history of the local phenomenon. My major contribution was reducing some of the annoying limitations of the equipment. Among other things, I made a module that could be added to the Lazer Tag pistol to increase its firing rate. Here is a description of the modifications I made. The only thing I've done with Lazer Tag gear since '88 is to add a laser designator to my Starlite pistol. I did that to spruce it up so it could be part of an outfit for a party I went to. I bought a laser pointer kit at Fry's which came with a laser diode mounted on a tiny PC board along a switch and a few other components, and a case to mount it and some batteries in. Instead of putting it in the case, I bypassed the switch and attached a small (78L05) 5V regulator to it along with some diodes to drop the 5V further to the 3V the board needed. I mounted the board above the Starlite's main board toward the front of the gun, and cut a laser portal out of the front of the Starlite's case. I wired the board to the sighting LED switch (the one that turns on the LED that provides the red dot in the sight when you pull the gun's trigger halfway). It works very well. Now I wish there were people around here still interested in playing Lazer Tag...

5. UK Lasertag - Blackpool, Lancashire, UK.
Outdoor lasertag offering kids parties, and group events to public and corporations seven days a weekCategory Sports Laser Games lazer tag......UK Lasertag. Site Index.
UK Lasertag
Site Index o Home
o What is Lasertag
o History of Lasertag
o Prices
o Corporate Events
o Games Played
o FAQs
o News
o Games Played
o Contact Us
o Pictures o Sudden Impact o Franchise
Welcome to UK Lasertag The sister operation of Sudden Impact Paintball in Blackpool, UK.
***** NEWS ***** NEWS ***** NEWS ***** NEWS ***** NEWS ***** Due to a slight delay we will now be operational, hopefully, towards the end of JUly 2002. Keep watching....
  • The LaserTag Equipment - pictures and information
  • How to play Lasertag better - a guide to win
  • Themed Roleplaying events - special days for special events
  • TagCon2003 - the ultimate in convention play
Please telephone Karl or Fiona on 01253 313163 if you have any questions. s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) Copywright 2002, Active Leisure Marketing Limited

6. Blazer Tag Adventure Center - Austin, TX
Family entertainment center featuring the largest laser tag arena in Texas, video arcade, climbing Category Regional North America A Austin Recreation and Sports......WELCOME TO Blazer tag! Blazer tag Adventure Center offers outof-this-world adventurein the largest laser tag arena in Texas! Copyright ©1999 Blazer tag.
We can make your birthday party an adventure to remember...
For groups of 10 to 200 people bring your church or school group for late night lock-in!
Bring your office or department for a change of scenery! WELCOME TO BLAZER TAG!
Blazer Tag Adventure Center offers out-of-this-world adventure in the largest laser tag arena in Texas!
Just stop by to play a game any time we're open. Laser tag games are 20 minutes long and start every 20 minutes. Or make a reservation for a corporate outing, church lock-in or birthday party!
We also have a Video Arcade with over 40 games; Pizza, chips, candy and drinks; five private party rooms; and Austin’s only revolving climbing rock wall!
FUN FOR AGES 7 to 97!
HOURS Will vary due to Holidays and AISD breaks Monday Tues - Wed CLOSED but available for Exclusive Facility Rental Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Games run every 20 minutes and up to 40 people can play in each game.
PRICES w/ a membership 1 Laser Game: $7 per person $6.50 per person 2 Laser Game package: $14 per person 3 Laser Game package: $21 per person We also have Group Discounts
2 games of laser tag, 2 slices of pizza, and a drink for just $15! Ask for it at the front counter!

7. Lazer Tag Reference Guide: Games: Rules
lazer tag Rules The lazer tag Code. Rule 1 lazer tag is a NoncontactSport Any intentional contact is unpardonable. Any accidental

Get DVDs through and you help to support this site

Lazer Tag Rules The Lazer Tag Code Procedures The Lazer Tag Code
Rule 1: Lazer Tag is a Noncontact Sport
Any intentional contact is unpardonable. Any accidental contact requires immediate warnings to both Lazer Tag Sportsmen to be more careful, with further physical contact subject to immediate censure.
Rule 2: Sensors Must be Visible
Preventing a Lazer Tag beam from tagging a sensor is dishonorable. In the course of a game when a sensor is blocked, any player is allowed to yell, "Sensor!" If the player whose sensor is blocked is not in a duel with someone else, he is obliged to either run away or move to better show his sensor.
Rule 3: Sensors Must be Audible
Masking the sound of a sensor in any way is dishonorable. Unless equipped with a mute button, the sensor indicator should always be free to emit its loudest tones.
Rule 4: Equipment Failure Means Disqualification
Lazer Tag equipment can fail in the course of a contest (usually because of low battery power). In this event, the Lazer Tag Sportsman with the equipment failure is out of the contest. Each contestant is expected to check his equipment thoroughly before starting to play and must suffer the consequences of malfunctioning equipment.
If equipment is provided by the game host, the player with the faulty equipment receives an automatic time-out while obtaining a replacement.

8. Lazer Tag @ The Ultimate Playground
lazer tag craze hits North Iowa H aving problems trying to find something new to do on a Friday night? Going to the movies, bowling, or just hanging out with friends seem to be the only options available?
Lazer Tag craze hits North Iowa
Troy Handke
Staff Reporter
H aving problems trying to find something new to do on a Friday night? Going to the movies, bowling, or just hanging out with friends seem to be the only options available? The Ultimate Playground, located in the Regency Plaza, has something else for the public to test out: Lazer Tag. Lazer Tag offers an exciting game that can be played individually, with a team or in league play. The Ultimate Playground has the biggest Lazer Tag facility in a 100 mile radius, according to Brian Logan, manager. Using an all computerized system, the game has a capacity of 12 players at a time. Each player's vest comes equipped with a battery pack that has six different targets for the opponents to shoot at. The object of Lazer Tag is to shoot your opponent(s) more than they shoot you. When hit, the vest will vibrate for a short period of time. During this time, your are unable to shoot or be shot by your opponent again. You are "dead." The other players are not your only concern, as "century pods" randomly fire at all players. After the seven and 1/2 minute session, a computerized sheet will show how many times you and your team hit the other players.

9. Dynamic Directory - Sports - Laser Games - Lazer Tag
Adequate lazer tag lazer tag information FAQs, equipment both past and present, games played, rules for playing and a
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Dynamic Directory Top Sports Laser Games :Lazer Tag Description

10. Unofficial Lazer Tag Home Page: Message Board
Re new comershal laser tag(i think) Peter Montgomery 215252 8/08/2001(0) lazer tag Club in Dallas! - Tom 005518 8/05/2001
Click the logo to return to the home page. Please contact guido if you have a problem with a post.
This is Only an Archive
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11. Of New York
Unofficial lazer tag Homepage. A comprehensive site about lazer tag branded equipment with a message board, games,
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software products ... about us welcome to villageworld com of new york
Lazer Tag
Root Sports Laser Games / Lazer Tag
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12. The Lazer Tag Academy Main Page
The lazer tag Academy. lazer tag Academy is special powers. For most people,Starlites, the lazer tag guns are harmless toys. But for
The Lazer Tag Academy
Lazer Tag Academy is the story of Jamie Jaren, a thirteen year old Lazer Tag champion from 3010 who journeys back in time to stop the evil Draxon Drear. She joins with her ancestors, Tom, Beth and Nicky Jaren who also share her special powers. For most people, Starlites, the Lazer Tag "guns" are harmless toys. But for others, like the Jarens, they become weapons that allow them, along with the Star Sensor, allow them to travel in time, move object, ect.
Lazer Tag Academy is a cartoon based on the Lazer Tag toy and was produced by Ruby Spears Animation. It aired on NBC from Sept. 13, 1986- Aug. 22, 1987 and was canceled only due to the bankruptcy of Worlds of Wonder, the makers of Lazer Tag.
In the mid 90's the rights to Lazer Tag Academy were purchased by Saban Entertainment (owned by Haim Saban who did the music for the show) and it re-aired under the title Laser Patrol on the Sci-Fi Channel. In July 2001, Saban's library of more than 6,500 episodes of children's programming was purchased by Disney as part of the Fox Family Channel buy-out (FFC was owned by Saban). So does Disney now own Lazer Tag Academy? They might! Email Toon Disney and see if they might show it!
Jamie Jaren Jamie is the Lazer Tag champion in 3010, who has journeyed back in time to team up with her ancestors to stop Draxon Drear.

13. Blazer Tag - Austin, TX - Corporate Events
warmup game. If your group is new to laser tag, follow that withMissions 1 and 2 to develop basic team thinking. Then come back
CORPORATE EVENTS: Team Building Missions
We've developed these game formats to start easy and become more complex as you grow your team skills.
Every Team Building Event begins with the 5-minute warm-up game. If your group is new to laser tag, follow that with Missions 1 and 2 to develop basic team thinking. Then come back next week and the week after to take on harder challenges.
If your crew is already familiar with laser tag, you might want to begin further down the list with the more advanced missions. Our Event Coordinating Department can help you decide which ones are right for you.
Solo Game (warm-up) - 5 Minutes
There's no pressure here - just a chance to warm up and get familiar with the equipment and the arena. All players will receive a computerized score card that shows the details of the game.
Team Mission 1 - Basic team format; No Game Enhancement Modules (GEMs)
The objective is to give newly formed teams a chance to work together without excessive complexity.
Team Mission 2 - Team format with GEMs
The objective here is for teammates to work together to score more points than the opponents. Utilizing the GEMs to gain stronger firepower, teams will learn to cover each other's backs and see the advantage of securing strongholds in the arena.

14. Welcome To Adventure Island
Amusements include gokarts, miniature golf, lazer tag and a roller coaster simulator. Rates, location details and employment information.
Welcome to the land of pirates, alligators, volcanoes and prehistoric wetlands. A place where every day is an adventure. Welcome to:
Adventure Island
Conveniently located directly on Perdido Beach Boulevard (Hwy 182) in Orange Beach, Alabama. Adventure Island is home to the Gulf Coast's only Active Volcano. This five-story mountain of fire comes alive with an amazing show of power and beauty. Feel the vibrations, hear the boiling water, see the steam, and watch a musical eruption that will amaze the entire family.
The Ultimate In Family Fun!!
s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) For Help or Questions about this website click HERE

15. Papio Fun Park
A sixacre family entertainment center featuring miniature golf, go-karts, batting cages, lazer tag, and an indoor arcade. Site includes hours, descriptions and photos of activities available, and package deals offered.

16. Lazer Tag Equipment Modifications
lazer tag Equipment Modifications. For a while we about 50 lazer tag players here,of whom about 30 would typically show up at games (usually held once a week).
Lazer Tag Equipment Modifications
How to add a fast-fire module to a Lazer Tag pistol
Back to my experience with Lazer Tag This web page maintained by John DuBois

17. Bridgewater Sports Arena - Central New Jersey's Premiere Ice Sports Arena
Offers skating, ice hockey, lazer tag, an arcade, and a fitness center. Includes details about services, package deals, and schedules of events.
Celebrate your
Birthday with a

Party at BSA!

Central New Jersey's Premiere Sports Center
1425 Frontier Road
Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807
Located off Route 22 West near Route 287, Exit 14A
Click HERE for Driving Directions Call Us at: 732-PLAY-BSA
Fax: 732-627-0973 E-Mail:

Contact the Web Master Regarding any Technical Issues Home Information Schedules Public Skating ... Contact

18. Welcome To Lazer Land's Home On The Web!
Have your next party at Lazer Land. What is Laser Tag? Laser Tag isthe fastest growing segment of the family entertainment industry.



What is Laser Tag? Laser Tag is the fastest growing segment of the family entertainment industry. It's a fast-paced, action adventure game in which you are a participant! Fun for almost all ages, laser tag is a game where you can battle friends and foes. With your phaser in hand, laser beams zip through the air and fiery explosions blast from your point of contact. Exciting and exhilarating, laser tag games provide safe fun for the entire family. At Lazer Land, we feature the popular Lazer Runner system that includes state-of-the-art electronics and technology. Equipped with the battle vest and phaser, you are ready to play as an individual or group. Our facility can hold up to 14 players at one time. Our vests light up in different colors during a team game to enable players to go anywhere throughout the 2,000 sq. ft. room, which is set up like a maze. When hit by an opponent the phasers go off for five seconds and then recharge automatically. They are also equipped with a 'lock-on target' feature. At the end of the game, each player receives a score card showing total score, number of targets hit, shots fired, accuracy percent, and more.

19. WACK~A~DOO Entertainment, INC.
Offers lazer tag, soft maze, pool tables, and arcade games on Chincoteague Island.
6318 Maddox Blvd.
Chincoteague, Va. 23336
Lazer Tag Soft Maze
Arcade Games Pool Tables Birthday Parties Music
PRICES Lazer Tag - $7 per person per game
Soft Maze - $2/hr per person
Arcade Games - individual priced
Pool Tables - 75 cents per game (winner holds table) Groups of 10 or more will receive a discount for Lazer Runner Lazer Tag!!!!!
Print out these coupons and use them when you visit WACK~A~DOO Entertainment. One coupon per sale only. Coupons can not be used with any other discount or offer. Buy 3 get 1 free coupons may be used either as 3 people pay and the 4th person is free or a single individual buys three games and his/her 4th game is free. $1 off coupon are good for one individual only for one game only. All coupons are good for one use. If you have questions on our coupon/discount policy, call or email us.
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If you have comments or suggestions, email Free email Credits:

20. Welcome To The "LAZER TAG" Pages At Splash Lagoon!
DELUXE PACKAGE • lazer tag Session • Special lazer tag Game Features for BirthdayPerson Free lazer tag Session Coupon for Birthday Person (for use at
You don't just get wet at Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort! Bring your group or compete individually with others in our 3,000 sq. ft. Lazer Tag Arena. Choose a special code name for your mission and then enter the realm of a futuristic battlefield. Let the fun begin as you battle to see who will score the most points and who can do it with the most efficient accuracy! It's the game of "tag" at the speed of light! It just goes to show that at Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort, we truely have something for everyone. 3,000 Sq. Ft. State Of The Art Battle Arena!
Click here for map and directions. Located just South of I-90 on Peach Street.
Want to see all the Splash Lagoon Party Packages? All you need to do is visit our " Party Packages " information page!
Want to get in on the Action?

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