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         Quoits:     more books (25)
  1. Rugby football--Association football--Baseball--Rounders,: Quoits, bowls, skittles, curling (Bell, Ernest, ed. Handbook of athletic sports) by Harry Vassall, 1892
  2. The history of quoits in Wales by A Baker, 1949
  3. Routledge's handbook of quoits and bowls by Sidney Daryl, 1868
  4. De Quoit Vivait Verlaine by Jean Rousselot, 1950
  5. Quoits and Horseshoe Pitching, Lawn Bowls, Also the Italian Game of Boccie and Rules for Shuffleboard
  6. Continental Quoit-brooches (Antiquaries Journal) by Ann Roes, 1965-12
  7. Quoit Brooch Style Buckles (Antiquaries Journal) by Vera I. Evison, 1968-12
  8. The story of horseshoes by Ottie W Reno, 1963
  9. The kid champ by Danny Kuchcinski, 1968
  10. Stanton Harcourt : a report of expeditions on May 19th & May 26th, 1909 by W. R Halliday, 1909

21. Ancient Places - Cornish Quoits
Chun Quoit, Lanyon Quoit. There a number of quoits in the region ofWest Cornwall. The term Quoit seems local to Cornwall, similar
Chun Quoit
Lanyon Quoit There a number of Quoits in the region of West Cornwall. The term Quoit seems local to Cornwall, similar monuments are known as dolmens or cromlechs elsewhere. These monuments are Neolithic and were originally covered by earthen mounds, which have eroded through time. Chun Quiot sits close to Chun Castle, an Iron Age hillfort. This fort commands a very powerful defensive position in open moorland and was very heavily fortified by stone ramparts. On excavation in the 1920's evidence was found of a smelting furnace, showing that tin has been an important Cornish commodity for at least three thousand years. Chun Quoit is regarded as one of the finest such monuments, but Lanyon Quoit is just as impressive with its huge capstone. It almost looks like a small giant's table. The fact that it was rebuilt in its present form in the nineteenth century does not diminish its appearance. At the time of this rebuilding a collection of jumbled stones was found at the south of where the large mound had been. These were thought to be the remains of an earlier burial. The capstone stands 2m high and is 5m in length. Home Cornwall Scotland Glossary ... Site map

22. 'The Quoit Pits' And 'The Pitching Dutchmen Quoit Club'-
Information, photos, rules, pit construction, where to buy, and events. Located in Lancaster County, Category Games Yard, Deck, and Table Games quoits......WWW.quoits.INFO Welcome to 'The Quoit Pits' and 'The Pitching DutchmenQuoit Club. WWW.quoits.INFO quoits of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania,
Part of the Website Welcome to 'The Quoit Pits' Home of The Pitching Dutchmen Quoit Club Lancaster County, Pennsylvania QUOITS (generally pronounced " KWAITS " by most purveyors of the sport) is a very ancient throwing game that is recognized as the predecessor to the more commonly-known game of Horseshoe Pitching. It can be played as a simple backyard lawn game or in full competition tournament style involving clubs or leagues. Because Horseshoes evolved from the game of Quoits, both are played in a similar manner, but the "feel of the game" in Quoits is quite different from that of Horseshoes when it is conducted on a properly maintained Quoit court. There are numerous versions of this very old game found throughout the world, and even here in the US many variations exist, depending on the locale. Quoits themselves ca n vary greatly in composition, being made from iron, steel, brass, bronze, rubber, rope, wood, or even plastic.

23. Allen Valley Quoits League,
quoits,traditional sports,playing quoits, countryside passtimes,pub sportsand games, pub games, quoits. Who's Who in the quoits League.
The Wallace Arms has now one team in the competition Welcome to the Allen Valley Quoits League web site. Quoits is pub game played throughout the UK and as far away as South America. The Allen Valley is situated in Northumberland, pubs with quoit teams in the league are listed below. On this web site you will find fixture lists , rules for quoits as played in The Allen Valley Quoits League and lots of other quoits related stuff. Check the bottom of each page for contact information.
Who's Who in the Quoits League
A List of Teams Playing this Season Team Name Home Venue The Haydon Hotel B Team The Haydon Hotel in Haydon Bridge The Grey Bull A Team The Grey Bull Hotel in Haltwhistle The Grey Bull B Team The Grey Bull Hotel in Haltwhistle The Cumberland The Cumberland Hotel in Alston The Comrades The Comrades Club in Haltwhistle The Comrades Flyers The Comrades Club in Haltwhistle The Elk's Head A Team The Elk's Head Whitfield The Elk's Head D Team The Elk's Head Whitfield The Wallace Arms The Wallace Arms, Featherstone Haltwhistle The George and Dragon The George and Dragon, Garrigill Alston

Garden Games. GARDEN quoits. the not so young can compete on equal termsContains 5 hardwood pegs and base, 4 real rope quoits and rules.
Garden Games
GARDEN QUOITS A simple game of skill and accuracy where the young and…. the not so young can compete on equal terms Contains 5 hardwood pegs and base, 4 real rope quoits and rules. Great Garden Games Giant Chess Giant Draughts Giant Genga Boule ... Home

25. Quoits
A game that can be enjoyed by everyone, anywhere. This set containswooden cross, painted wooden pegs and 5 rope rings. The original
A game that can be enjoyed by everyone, anywhere. This set contains: wooden cross, painted wooden pegs and 5 rope rings. The original English game was played with heavy iron disks. Variations were developed with rubber or rope rings so the game could be enjoyed on board ship, on the lawn or even in the house. Our set is made of wood with rope rings and folds down neatly into its wooden box.

26. French Translation Of Quoits -
Source The Collins Paperback French Dictionary © 1995 HarperCollinsPublishers quoits kw ts (n) pl jeu m du palet. Sponsors.

27. German Translation Of Quoits -
SourceThe Collins Large German Dictionary © 1999 HarperCollins Publishers quoitskw ts (n sing) Wurfringspiel nt; to play ~, Wurfring spielen. Sponsors.

quoits. used of a small book contained in a single quire of paper, and so isfrequently found in the title of short poems, treatises, c. quoits (0. Fr.
The name was also borne by the following saints: (1) a Roman tribune who suffered martyrdom under Hadrian; (2) a bishop of Siscia in Pannonia; (3) the patron of the Tegernsee in Bavaria, beheaded in Rome in 269 and invoked by those suffering from gout. The petroleum (Quirinus-oil) found in the neighbourhood of the lake takes its name from him. QUIRITES (literally “ spearmen “; see QUIRINUs), the earliest name of the burgesses of Rome. Combined in the phrase “populus Romanus Quirites (or Quiritium) “ it denoted the individual citizen as contrasted with the community. Hence ius Quiritium in Roman law is full Roman citizenship. Subsequently the term lost the military associations due to the original conception of the people as a body of warriors, and was applied (sometimes in a deprecatory sense, cf. Tac. Ann. ~. 42) to the Romans in domestic affairs, Romani being reserved for foreign affairs. (For the distinction between Quiritary and praetorian ownership, see ROMAN LAW.) Quito derives its name from the Quitus, who inhabited the locality a long time before the Spanish conquest. In ‘533 Sebastian Benalcazar took peaceable possession of the native town (which had been successivly a capital of the Seyris and Incas), and in 1541 it was elevated to the rank of a Spanish city. Its full title was San Francisco del Quito, and it was capital of the province or presidency of Quito down to the end of Spanish colonial rule. It has suffered repeatedly from earthquakes, the greatest damage occurring from those of 1797 and 1859.

29. Quoits
Arcadia 360° Pix, A balmy day on deck, a cool drink and a game of deckquoits what could be finer? RESTAURANTS
A balmy day on deck, a cool drink and a game of deck quoits - what could be finer? RESTAURANTS Alfresco Conservatory Pizza Pacific Restaurant ENTERTAINMENT Casino Festival Theatre 1 Festival Theatre 2 The Palladium ACTIVITY Deck Quoits Gymnasium Hair Salon CAFE/BAR Century nighttime Century daytime Horizon nighttime Horizon daytime Oval Sundaes Trumps POOLS Crystal Pool Splash Pool SHIP AREAS Knightsbridge Mayfair Court Garden Court Top Deck by night Top Deck by day Promenade Deck
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30. Quoits - A Background
quoits A Background Background. The game of quoits is ancient, and no-onecan possibly know for sure how, when or why it began. - A Background.html
Quoits - A Background Background The game of Quoits is ancient, and no-one can possibly know for sure how, when or why it began. So, in the absence of any specific evidence, speculation rules.
In the north east of England, many of today's players believe that their game originated in the Olympiads of Ancient Greece, as an early form of discus throwing. From Greece, they say, it travelled to Rome and from there reached these shores at the time of the Roman Conquest. At this point, it is claimed, an interesting form of class distinction emerged – the officers played with specially-made, bronze quoits, while the troops, whose take-home pay did not run to such luxury, made do with discarded horseshoes. A case of putting the quoit before the horse, one might say.
Another theory which I am fond of, but cannot prove, assumes that, having invented footwear for the horse, man did not rest content, but soon adapted the shoes for his own impractical purposes, and began throwing them at a pin, stake or hook, for recreation and amusement. The game of Horseshoes could have been brought here by invaders or settlers from Jutland or the Low Countries – a suggestion backed up by the fact that the Boers in South Africa and Dutch settlers in America and Canada still play it. Horseshoes, then according to this story, came first and the developed an offshoot called Quoits. At the Dunnottar Quoiting Club near Stonehaven, in Scotland, some of the members subscribe to yet another story, Quoits, they say, was invented by James IV, who encouraged his soldiers to relax and pass the time before major battles by throwing horseshoes at an iron pin stuck in the ground.

31. Fun-Attic Sports And Toys - History Of Quoits (Muckers)
History and how to play the game.Category Games Yard, Deck, and Table Games quoits...... and innovative sporting goods. Creative gifts for the sports/ring toss/quoitscrowd. Gifts, Toys Games for Fun, History of quoits.
Home Products FlingSock Free Games ... Links History of Quoits Home
Greek athletes enjoyed the game where it was a sport to throw a discus. Later the game evolved from distance to accuracy and stakes were added. Quoits became very popular among the English Noblemen. British solders played the game of Quoits while in America during the American Revolutionary War. The British and American solders used it to pass the time. The common man couldn’t afford to have a set of Quoits made and so horseshoes became the next best thing.
The game is made up of two stakes and four rings which are called hobs. It can be played with two players and each player will receive two rings to toss from one end of the play area. Once they have tossed from one end, the score will be tallied and then the rings will be toss back from the opposite end. If you have four players, teammates are at opposite ends of the court and where they remain the whole game. The stakes are set about 18 - 20 feet apart. Scoring varies by whose version you play. If the hob is only one ring away, you receive one point. For a leaner or hobber you receive two points. If you throw a ringer you receive three points and if the other team throws a ringer on top of yours they receive points for your ringer and theirs.
Quoits tournaments take place throughout the United States and in Canada. At Fun-Attic Sports and Toys we carry Muckers, which is rubber version of the steel Quoits. The rubber version has become very popular because it is constructed for all ages. Young children starting out will not cut up their hands from sharp steel edges. The more experienced players will appreciate the feel of the weighted natural rubber rings. To find out more, be sure to visit our

32. Fun-Attic Sports And Toys - Muckers Ring Toss Game (Quoits)
Creative gifts for the sports/ring toss/quoits crowd. Want to learn more aboutthe history of the Horseshoe and quoits game? See the quoits History page.
Home Products FlingSock Free Games ... Links Muckers (Quoits) Home Muckers set includes -

At the beach - play near the waters edge in the wet sand to help keep your pegs vertical. PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE CHILDREN
Want to learn more about the history of the Horseshoe and Quoits game?
See the Quoits History page. Looking for the Lawn Jarts game but just can't find it? Here's why!
Muckers - $20.95 US+ Shipping Additional Muckers Ring - $3.95 US+ Shipping Additional Muckers Peg (red) - $2.95 US+ Shipping Additional Muckers Peg (yellow) - $2.95 US+ Shipping Larger View View Cart Back to Products If you do not have a secure browser or experience problems with secure ordering, go here Products FlingSock FlingSock Top 10 ... Links Fun-Attic, Inc. 3719 Jasmine NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 or Toll Free (orders only please)
View Cart Important safety note! Call Toll Free (orders only please) Fun-Attic, Inc. information on Saturnian products

33. Quoits
quoits. While every effort has been made to ensure that the following informationsupplied is correct at the time of printing, some errors may occur.
While every effort has been made to ensure that the following information supplied is correct at the time of printing, some errors may occur. Please notify changes or omissions to the Community Information Officer (email). Australian Retired Persons Association SA Inc. -
Blackwood Regional Group
at Blackwood Football Clubrooms, Trevor Tce, Blackwood 5051
Contact Secretary Michael Swain tel. 8278 7224 or Ron Dunston tel. 8278 3450
Hours 10.30am - 3.30pm Wed, also irregularly for outside events
Eligibility Active people over 50
Fees Must be a financial member of ARPA parent organisation This information is supported by Sport and recreation
Council Services
Your Council In Mitcham ... Home Find Services Fast Agendas and Minutes Animals and Birds Calendar of Events Cemeteries Child Care and Kindy Citizenship Community Bus Community Care Community Groups Crime Prevention Elected Members Emergencies Employment Energy Conservation Environment Groups Fire Prevention Footpaths Green Waste Halls Hard Waste Immunisation Library Services Local Agenda 21 Local Heritage Media Releases Mitcham Matters Native Plants Parks/Gardens/Reserves Public Health Rates Recycling Resource Conservation Roads Schools Sport and Recreation Swimming Pools Universities Urrbrae Wetlands Volunteering Wasps Waste Management Water Conservation Weeds Youth

34. Your Heading Goes Here
quoits at Beck Hole. Home Village History Map of Village Places To Stay B B Cottages.Things To Do Walks NYMR quoits Sword Dancers. Legend Folklore The Worm.
Quoits at Beck Hole Home
Village History

Map of Village
Birch Hall Inn ... Wild Thing Watch this space for information - coming soon.

35. - Quoits
quoits was popular for much of the last century and the Walpole Armshad a pub team for many years. We aim to try and identify all Home Buildings Families Farming ... Email Quoits Quoits was popular for much of the last century and the Walpole Arms had a pub team for many years. We aim to try and identify all those in the pictures, so if you recognise someone as yet unidentified, let us know and we will update the site. Let your cursor rest on each person's head and if we know their name, the label will appear - if we don't, you will see one or more letters. Please let us know the name which refers to the appropriate letter or letters.
Quoits Speedway
1914 at the Walpole Arms Landlord, Sid Wilch is second from the right standing Undated but probably at the Walpole Arms Sid Wilch is standing in the middle at the back (with cap) Jimmy Adams the gamekeeper at Mossymere is sitting on the far left
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36. Quoits
ecomm pro ecommerce solution. Home. Encyclopeadia. Q. Q - Qui. quoits. The Web,Index. Help. Encyclopaedia. quoits. see horseshoe pitching.
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  • 37. Interlocking Quoits
    Interlocking quoits. Figure 1 Figure 2, I make no claim to have originatedthis type of pattern. It was derived from the principles
    Interlocking Quoits
    Figure 1
    Figure 2
    I make no claim to have originated this type of pattern. It was derived from the principles laid down in the book The Language of Pattern by Keith Albarn, Jenny Miall Smith, Stanford Steele and Dinah Walker (Page 75).
    I have however added the colour and 3-dimensionality that the authors omitted in the book. To create the image you see at Figure 1 I used that wonderful bit of software, Bryce 4.
    The method of generating these patterns is not at all obvious from the finished products - indeed at first glance they do not look as though they have been created according to a logical scheme at all, but they have.
    Start with the circumference of a circle (in blue - Figure 2). Divide this into any number of equally sized segments. Connect the vertices with straight lines in a random, continuous loop (trying to ensure that the two chords from each vertice are of different lengths) then draw circles with origins at each vertice and radii equal to the length of the two chords from that point formed by the continuous loop. Then, by the judicious removal of parts of the generated curves a woven series of toruses (quoit shapes) can be seen. The rest is a matter of colour.
    The Gallery
    The Front Page The Seasons

    38. FerrettiWeb - The Quoits Page
    The quoits Page. What Is quoits? Unless you happen to hail from the Lehigh Valleyarea, you're probably wondering what the hell is quoits? The quoits.
    The Quoits Page
    What Is Quoits?
    The Board

    The Quoits

    Game Setup and Play
    Where Can I Purchase Quoits?
    What Is Quoits?
    Unless you happen to hail from the Lehigh Valley area, you're probably wondering what the hell is quoits? You may have heard of a version of the game that is similar to horseshoes, where you toss heavy metal rings at the horseshoe stakes instead of the horseshoes. Different. The version of quoits we play here (the Slate Belt version) involves tossing rubber rings at an angled slate board with a short (about 4 inch) stake sticking out of the center. Rules and game play is similar to horseshoes, with 2 teams of 2 players each playing to 21.
    The Board
    The playing surface of the quoit board is an approximately 2-foot-by-2-foot square, 1 inch thick piece of slate (yes, heavy ). The "pin", (also referred to as the hub) which sticks up through the center of the board, is a brass or aluminum cylinder roughly 4 inches long and 3/4 of an inch in diameter. Rings are etched into the board around the pin to aid in measuring whose ring is closest to the pin. A 2X4 block of wood is fastened to the bottom of the back of the board to give it slope. Two boards are included in a set.
    The Quoits
    The Quoits themselves are rubber rings approximately 5.5 inches in diameter and about an inch thick. They are flat on the underside and rounded on top. The hole in the center of each quoit measures 3 inches in diameter. Four quoits are included in a set.

    quoits GROUND SN, An area of ground used for the gameof quoits. CL, RECREATIONAL. BT, SPORTS GROUND.
    QUOITS GROUND SN An area of ground used for the game of quoits. CL RECREATIONAL BT SPORTS GROUND

    Use the drop down box as Quick Links to the rest of the site Events Homepage Results Fixtures Tour of Newzealand Players ON THE NIGHT IF YOU CAN GET TO NEWCASTLE FALCONS GROUND, KINGSTON PARK, BY 5.45 PM WITH YOUR TEAM, WE WILL TRANSPORT YOU TO THE VICKING PUB AT SEAHOUSES IN OUR (TEAM) PEOPLE CARRIERS(GIVE YOU SOME IDEA OF TEAM COMFORTS DURING AWAY GAMES) IF YOU OWN A CAMERA AND WOULD LIKE A RECORD OF YOUR QUOITS EVENING, PLEASE BRING IT ALONG. FIND BELOW AN INSIGHT AS TO HOW THE GAME SHOULD BE PLAYED HOWEVER, DO BE PREPARED FOR SLIGHT VARIATIONS IN OUR EVENT. YOU COULD PICK UP SOME IN PHRASES? (MIGHT SPOOK THE OPPOSITION) The Northern Game The Association of Amateur Quoits Clubs for the North of England was the name give to the official body that laid down the 15 rules that were published in "The Field" in 1881. This set of rules constituted what is now called The Northern Game and it has remained largely unchanged ever since. Although the Northern Game has lost some of it's popularity, it is still played seriously and enthusiastically in the North of England under the auspices of The National Quoits Association which was formed in 1986 and is undergoing something of a resurgence of late. The game has the hobs (stakes that the quoits were aimed at) 11 yards apart in 3 feet squares of clay, the maintenance of which is quite an art, it seems. Originally, players used an iron quoit which weighed about a pound but regional variations resulted in quoits which reportedly weighed up to 23 lb. which may or may not be an exaggeration. In the Northern game, nowadays, quoits measure about 5 1/2 inches in diameter and weigh about 5 1/2 pounds. Some of the terms commonly used in the Northern game are:

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