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         Skittles:     more books (84)
  1. Skittles Riddles Math by Barbara Barbieri McGrath, 2001-02
  2. The High Rise Glorious Skittle Skat Roarious Sky Pie Angel Food Cake by Nancy Willard, 1996-04-01
  3. Skittles: the last Victorian courtesan: The life and times of Catherine Walters by Henry Blyth, 1970
  4. Beer and skittles by Richard Boston, 1976
  5. Skittle in the Middle ( " Make Way for Noddy " ) by Enid Blyton, 2008-06-02
  6. Skittles: Blue Bk. 2
  7. Beer and Skittles: A Little Maine Murder by B. J. Morison, 1985-10
  8. The High Rise Glorious Skittle Skat Roarious Sky Pie Angel Food Cake by Nancy Willard, 1990
  9. Wrigley Brands: Life Savers, Altoids, Starburst, Juicy Fruit, Eclipse, Extra, Orbit, 5, Doublemint, Skittles, Airwaves, Big League Chew
  10. The art of playing at skittles: or, the laws of nine-pins displayed. Shewing both the old and new methods of forming general goes and tips, ... Also an address to publicans, ... By A. Jones, Esq. by A. Jones, 2010-05-27
  11. Large Read Together Books: Skittles (Story Chest Mathematics Rhyme Books) by Avelyn Davidson, 1985-07
  12. Skittles at Make-believe School by Lucy Kincaid, 1977-02-01
  13. You can make skittles (Sunshine nonfiction) by Brian Birchall, 1996
  14. Finnish skittles

1. London Skittles
A traditional pub game still played in Hampstead. Where to find it, how it's played and the history of the game
Email: Home News About London Skittles Members Section ... Glossary Search for London Skittles The Web powered by FreeFind The Skittler
At last our occasional magazine appears online.
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for the Christmas 2002 issue.
London Skittle Alleys
The Freemasons Arms
Downshire Hill
Hampstead, London
Click for map

Powerleague Norbury
Turle Road Norbury, London Click for map London Skittles News Latest News News Archive All the news articles going back to 1999. You can also search for the article you want. News articles are now hosted on our own site with no advertising. You can submit news and add comments to articles. Don't Ask the Audience How skittles cost a "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" contestant $15,000 How Are We Doing? View our Site Statistics powered by HitBox The Hampstead alley is presently closed due to flood damage. Please click here for further information and updates.
The Game of London Skittles
The traditional pub game of London Skittles is played with nine pins. Unlike other forms of alley skittles it is played not with a ball but a cheese, which is thrown (not rolled) at the pins.

2. Skittles Cam, 24/7 Cat Web Cam With Links, Cat Info And More
A webcam in Manchester, New Hampshire, primarily pointed at at cat. Diaries, archive, reviews.Category Computers Internet On the Web Webcams Indoors Animals......skittles Cam a 24/7 Indoor Cat Web Cam, in Manchester New Hampshire, with links,reviews, cat diaries, activities, health information, ideas etc
A second cam will be back once Skittles has found a comfortable second spot in the new house. Open a smaller window Pictures from Skittles' Road Trip Image Archive
Fun cam shots. Skittles' Diary
Skittles bares her soul. Cat Information

The good bad of toys,
more. Fun Stuff
Sounds, Videos, Savers,
Astrology, Manuals etc... Links
Other sites we like and think
you might like too. Guest book
Say Hi. About Us The folks behind the cam. Scrapbook Assorted images of Skittles' life. Help Site Map Contact Us Link to Us ... SkittlesCam Gear *The pop-up page refreshes every 2 minutes on capable browsers. If yours does not refresh automatically, please press the refresh/reload button.

3. Skittles, Nine Pins - Online Guide
skittles, nine pins History, information, where to buy skittles History. skittles or Nine Pins, the forerunner of 10 pin bowling, has long been played in the Inns of England.
Skittles - History and Useful Information
History Skittles Today Links Rules ... Where to buy
Skittles History
Skittles or Nine Pins, the forerunner of 10 pin bowling, has long been played in the Inns of England. In general, players take turns to throw wooden balls down a lane at the end of which are several wooden skittles in an attempt to knock them all over. There are a number of skittle games across England and there have been many more in the past. In Germany, in the 3rd or 4th century monks played a game with a kegel which was a club carried for self defence. In the game, the kegel represented a sin or temptation and the monks would throw stones at it until they knocked it over. The modern German term for skittles is Kegelen. There are two 14th century manuscripts which show a game called club Kayles (from the French "quilles" or skittles) and which depict a skittles game in which one skittle is bigger, differently shaped, and in most cases positioned so as to be the most difficult to knock over. The throwers, in the pictures, are about to launch a long club-like object at the skittles underarm. The large skittle is presumably a king pin as featured in some of the modern versions of skittles. The fact that the thrower is not using a ball is not at all unusual - the Skittles cousin, Aunt Sally, still uses a baton shaped stick to chuck at the doll and many modern skittles games throw a object called a "cheese" instead of a ball. Effectively a cheese is any "lump" which is used to throw at the skittles and shapes can vary from barrel shaped to, well, cheese shaped, really.

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5. Table Skittles, Devil Amongst The Tailors - Online Guide
There is no mystery about the origin of the various games of tabletop skittles shown on this page. All are miniaturised forms of the larger pub game of Alley skittles or Nine Pins. Also known as Devil Amongst the Tailors.
Table Skittles - History and Useful Information
Devil Amongst the Tailors Hood Skittles Devil Amongst the Tinkers Rules ... Where to buy
Table-top Skittles History
There is no mystery about the origin of the various games of table-top skittles shown on this page - they are miniaturised forms of the larger pub game of Alley Skittles or Nine Pins. For more information on the these origins including the history of Skittles and where to buy and play Alley Skittles, please see the Skittles page. Alley skittles itself splintered into a number of regional variations and, since a skittles alley takes up a large amount of valuable floor space in a pub, in some areas varieties that did not require alleys at all appeared. Most of these amounted to table-top, miniaturised versions of the alley game and several games of this type are still well-known and popular today.
Devil Amongst the Tailors
The most famous of table-top skittles games is indisputably the game known as Devil Amongst the Tailors or Bar Skittles or Table Skittles or Indoor Skittles. This distinctive game appeared in the 1700s and was cleverly miniaturised so that no throwing strip was required at all - the nine pins standing on a square table were knocked down by a ball which was swung around a pole, instead.

6. Skittles, Nine Pins - Online Guide
Forerunner of tenpin bowling is profiled, with a history of the sport in England, photos and a list of pubs where the game is played.
Skittles - History and Useful Information
This site has moved to . Please update your website links. The Online Guide to Traditional Games Home author at
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7. The Life, Of Skittles The Cat And What Has Made Her So Cute.
Several stories, diary entries and pictures. Includes practical cat care information.
Name: Skittles The Cat
Gender : Female
Breed: Analyzed to be Traditional Siamese
Place of Birth : Unknown, though Portsmouth is the assumed location
Date of Birth: Unkonwned, given the estimated date of June 12, 1997
Siblings: Unknown
Health Status: Good and on target. Now for the more "personal" touch: Skittles, for whom this website was named after, was born sometime around June of 1997. Her exact date of birth is unknown, though she has been "given" the birthday of June 12, 1997. Skittles was adopted from the NHSPCA on December 18, 1997. Her name has always been Skittles, even before she was adopted by her mommy and daddy. It seemed to fit her, so it remained Skittes. From the moment her "daddy" met her, they knew she was for perfect. "Mommy" was delayed with exams, and could not be with daddy to pick her up. Now Skittles goes everywhere with her parents. She even went sailing. Read about her adventure. Skittles appears to be either a traditional Siamese, or a Siamese cross. We are unsure of exactly what breeds, but her actions tend to lean towards those of a traditional Siamese. She is not as talkative as some Siamese, which is normal of a traditional Siamese. She does not lack any communication skills, and she loves to play in high places! Skittles is a female, she has been spayed, and she has not been de-clawed. She was taught early enough to not scratch furniture. It can be done. She will scratch when she feels threatened or is attempting to gain superiority over you. Skittles has a tendency to pounce, especially when you are least expecting it. Sometimes she pounces a little to hard and can injure her intended prey. (Typically this is mommy.) Skittles does not like long dresses for some reason.

8. Skittles
Candy Crisis has been released! Visit the classic skittles 1 home page.
Candy Crisis has been released! Visit the classic Skittles 1 home page. Candy Crisis has been released! Visit the classic Skittles 1 home page.

9. Chamber Of Skittles: Ewan McGregor Fansite
Wallpaper, fan fiction, movie mistakes from movies starring Ewan McGregor, and links to other fan sites.
Ewan Stuff Wallpapers
Ewan Graphics

Movie Goofs

Movie Lyrics
Link Reviews
My Stuff About Me
About Site
Favorite Ewan Links Ewanspotting
Best Of Ewan

Link Exchange

Links I Go To
David Bowie ... IMDB , the webmistress. Welcome to Chamber Of Skittles, a website dedicated to the wonderful actor Ewan McGregor. This is where we will explore aspects of Ewan McGregor not often seen in other sites. You'll find interesting things such as movie goofs, movie lyrics, and original wallpapers. Enjoy your stay! Add to favorites? Click here. E-mail me? Click here. Current Updates 02/21/03 Update: This isn't much of an update, but I sent Ewan McGregor a letter two months ago and today I got his autographed picture! I used the JAA address I think. 02/02/03 Update: Er... hahaha. I didn't update like I promised, did I? Well, anyway, I updated the contacts page, taking away all of the nonworking addresses. The two addresses I have left are guaranteed to work. If they don't, go to Star Archive to check up the most recents ones. 01/02/03 Update: Added a lot more web graphics and buttons . Currently working on A Life Less Ordinary lyrics, you can expect to see them up in a day or so.

10. Cybernetics Skittles Club, Gloucester
Club in Gloucester. It has news, fixtures, averages and results for the team. UK.Category Sports Bowling skittles......Cybernetics skittles Club, Gloucester. This is the home of the Cyberneticsskittles Club in Gloucester. Cybernetics skittles Gloucester
Cybernetics Skittles Club, Gloucester This is the home of the Cybernetics Skittles Club in Gloucester Cybernetics Skittles Gloucester Gloucestershire England Sport Ball Bowling

11. DM Skittles By Huey
Takes place in the local social club. Scores updated weekly during season.
Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

12. Stroud And District Skittles League - Homepage
News, information, results, tables, and competitions. Teams compete from the Stroud, Stonehouse, and Category Sports Bowling skittles......STROUD AND DISTRICT skittles LEAGUE Founded 1935, Welcome to the officialStroud and District skittles League Website. We hope that

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Founded 1935
Welcome to the official Stroud and District Skittles League Website. We hope that it keeps you well informed and up to date on all the news, tables and any other information affecting the League over the coming Season and beyond. Click Here to Add the Stroud and District Skittles League website to your favourites The Second half of the 2002-2003 started on the week beginning Monday 6th January 2003, all outstanding fixtures from the first have must have been played by this date. The website has been updated with all the 4th Round Cup Results, and the Mens 5th Round Draws.
The Website has now been updated with all the News on the End of Season Pairs and Singles Competitions. Why Not pay a visit to the Individal Competitions Pages under the Cup Competitions Menu and check out when your team needs to turn up at Matchplay. Don't forget some teams have entered two sets of competiters, these have been identified as A and B. The Mens Competitions remain as Front Pin, whilst the Ladies Competitions will become All In Skittles.
Should you have any problems or issues which you wish to discuss from now to the end of the season please contact Brian Fream or Email the League.

13. Dog Day Afternoon
Dedicated to skittles, the basset hound, this resource provides caninerelated links for dog owners. Send doggie postcards to friends. skittles (pictured above) was born on August 5, 1990 near Lodi, Ohio.
Click HERE for a free sample!
Or visit our website at Flint River Ranch Pet Food
PHOTO'S from MBR Waddle 98!

You won't want to miss these!
This site is devoted to all our furry four legged friends, especially the Basset Hound. In that case, our four short legged friends! What does a Basset look like? Well, if you've seen one, you probably will never forget it! Bassets are typically about 15 inches in height, and weigh between 50 - 80 pounds as adults. They have very, very long ears and can be found in a wide variety of colors. They are basically big dogs on short legs!
Skittles (pictured above) was born on August 5, 1990 near Lodi, Ohio. She was the only female in a litter of 5. Since we wanted a female, she was the one we picked. Her brothers were all very handsome, though. Skittles is a considered a red and white Basset Hound. After six years, she is now sort or red, white and gray (around the face)! She is by far, the most interesting dog we have ever had...
UPDATE: I am sad to report that on November 18, 2001, my beloved Skittles died from

14. Welcome Cheltenham Civil Service Skittles Club Website
Fixtures, results, annual report, competition details, diary dates.
Welcome Cheltenham Civil Service Skittles Club website CACSSA Cheltenham Civil Service Skittles Club website miscellany providing fixtures and results and tables and news' Prestbury Cheltenham Civil Service Skittles Club CACSSA Fixtures Results League Tables News Brian Wood

15. Welcome To TDB Skittles
Match reports, fixtures, statistics, news and event details. Based just outside Bath, England.

16. Mint SKITTLES®
Mint skittles® is the candy mint that showers you with a colorful varietyof refreshing mint flavors. Speak up about New Mint skittles®.
is the candy mint that showers you with a colorful variety of refreshing mint flavors.
Take anywhere in fun, reclosable, flip-top tubes.
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Experience the newest refreshment in the rainbow.
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17. Redirection Site Quilles De 9
Includes information on the game and a download to play on a computer.
Le site du jeu de quilles de 9 change d'adresse : ou Redirection automatique au bout de 3 secondes

18. The Intimate Diary Of Skittles The Cat, At The Skittles Cam.
No one knew a cat's life was so difficult. skittles diary/journal entries giveus new insight into the world of a cat. View skittles' most current entry.
Updated whenever her little paws can type it into the computer. Did she take that stroll in the grass?
Did she sneak some milk? Claw mommy?
Or did she just sleep her little self pretty? Skittles answers these questions and more. View Skittles' most current entry
March 2003
March 08, 2003
- Waiting
February 2003
February 18, 2003
- Oliphaunt
February 11, 2003
- Crickets
February 02, 2003
- Being Bad
January 2003
January 24, 2003
- Scary rollerskates January 17, 2003 - Garfield January 08, 2003 - What a new year December 2002 December 31, 2002 - Year's End December 07, 2002 - Holiday Soccer November 2002 November 28, 2002 - Thanks November 26, 2002 - Unleashed November 08, 2002 - Made it October 2002 October 27, 2002 - Offline October 23, 2002 - Boxes and Boxes October 17, 2002 - Relaxing October 15, 2002 - Grandpa October 13, 2002 - Here comes the rain again September 2002 September 24, 2002 - Long time no write September 03, 2002 - Drawers August 2002 August 27, 2002 - Busy Me August 20, 2002 - Stuff to play with August 08, 2002

19. Poems
A small collection of poetry with links to other original works.
htmlAdWH('7005340', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002028', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help Poems by Stacey Denman Click on these links for more of my pages :
Skitt's Poetry page

Another Poetry page

And yet another

Even one more
Write Me
I didn' want to go - I was fighting so hard - Yet there I was - someone massasing my heart. My chest was wide open - I could feel the pain - Even scarier - I felt my arms being restrained.
I saw the faces - the people all around me - It became pretty obvious - I wasn't suppose to see. I heard the nurse talking - "Shes going to go" - All I could do was think - scream - was the word no.
I tried to lift up my arm - to reach out to you - I knew you were right there - thought you sensed me too. Wondered why you didn't try - didn't hold my hand - And then I realized - you too thought I was damned.
When I woke up with the fear - it was still so clear I reached out for you - yet you were not there. But at the same time - I felt so totally safe - And in my mind - I studied your sweet face.
I knew you were still out driving - we had a fight - And I secretly feared - this was our last night - That you had left forever - I admit I lost faith - When your arms came back around me - I felt ashamed.

20. About London Skittles
About London skittles. Where to find us. Unlike other traditional gamesof nine pins, London skittles is played not with a ball but a cheese. Home News About London Skittles Members Section ... Glossary On this page: Where to find us How to play Frequently Asked Questions
New Feature: Scoring Demo
About London Skittles
Where to find us
Our club nights are on Tuesdays (and occasionally Thursdays) from 8pm and Saturdays between 6pm and 9pm. Like most sports clubs, we rarely miss a club night, but if you are travelling some distance it is advisable to check beforehand. The skittle alley is in the cellar of the Freemasons Arms, Downshire Hill, Hampstead, London NW3. The real ale is in the ground floor bar. For local directions see the map. As parking is difficult and, more importantly, the game is best enjoyed with several pints of real beer, the use of public transport is recommended. The nearest station is Hampstead Heath on the Silverlink Metro (aka the North London Line). The nearest London Underground stations are Belsize Park (followed by an uphill walk) and Hampstead (followed by a downhill walk). The area is also well served by buses.
How the game is played
Unlike other traditional games of nine pins, London Skittles is played not with a ball but a cheese. This is thrown through the air, without bouncing, at the front pin some 21ft away. The game is scored by counting not the number of pins knocked down, but the number of throws to clear the frame. The player has a maximum of four throws in which to do this. The best score is therefore one, known as a floorer. The worst is a five, scored when there are still pins standing after four throws. The 'par' score is three, which only the best of today's players can average.

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