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         Strongman:     more books (103)
  1. Strongmans His Name Whats His Game by ROBESON JERRY, 2000-01-01
  2. Strongmans His Name...II by ROBESON JERRY, 2000-02-01
  3. Strongman by Denise Rossetti, 2010-03-24
  4. The Rules of Engagement: Binding the Strongman (Volume Two) by N. Cindy Trimm, 2006-06-30
  5. Zishe the Strongman (Kar-Ben Favorites) by Robert Rubinstein, 2010-09
  6. Strongman: The Doug Hepburn Story by Tom Thurston, 2003-12
  7. Satanas es su nombre, Cuales son sus tretas/Strongman's His Name What's His Game? (Spanish Edition) by Jerry Robeson, Carol Robeson, 2009-04-07
  8. The Sustainable Home: The Essential Guide to Eco Building, Renovation and Decoration by Cathy Strongman, 2010-02-23
  9. Delivering the Captives: Understanding the Strongman--and How to Defeat Him by Alice Smith, 2006-11-01
  10. Strongman by Charles Soule, 2009-03-04
  11. Strongman Volume Two: Oaxaca Tapout by Charles Soule, Allan Gladfelter, 2011-01-18
  12. Tiki Mugs: Cult Artifacts of Polynesian Pop by Jay Strongman, 2009-03-28
  13. Strongman: Vintage Photos of a Masculine Icon Postcard Book by Robert Mainardi, 2001-10-01
  14. Applied Strongman Training for Sport- The Poliquin Way by CSCS Charles Poliquin/Art McDermott, 2010

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News, biographies, interviews, competitions, results, training, records, and links.Category Sports Strength Sports strongman...... Topics 3, Last Post Mon January 13, 2003 521 PM by LancePeterson. strongmanSection. General Discussion Talk about everything relating to strongman here!
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Norfolk, Virginia, US News, results and photos from the festival.
Strongman Links I NC-VA Powerlifting I Contact Us
Keg Toss
Log Lift Stone Load ... Truck Pull
We had the opportunity to attend the AZALEA FESTIVAL STRONGMAN CHALLENGE held in Norfolk, Virginia last week. For you strongman fans, we will try to report to you the results of the contest. We had never been to the Norfolk area before and we were very impressed. The contest was held downtown by the waterfront. It was beautiful. Magnus Ver Magnusson was there and was scheduled to be one of the contestants but had to withdraw due to knee surgery. Other contestants included Phil Pfister, Gary Mitchell, John Perry, Walter Gogola, Willy Amos, Shawn Semones, and Scott O'Connor. The contest consisted of the Keg Toss For Height, Log Lift, Stone Load, Farmers Walk and Truck Pull.
Phil Pfister took first place by winning the Stone Load, Farmers Walk and Truck Pull. Johnny Perry took second by winning the Log Lift and placing high in the other events. Gary Mitchell finished third.
Congratulations to James Greene and company for putting on a top notch Strongman competition! Can't wait to attend next years contest. James Greene AZALEA FESTIVAL STRONGMAN CHALLENGE NORFOLK, VIRGINIA APRIL 29, 2000

3. Strongman
Vitejte na strankach silnych muzu ! V knihkupectvi Sovicek (Prostejov, nam.TGM 16) lze zakoupit disketu ze souteze ZUBR CUP 2002! strongman. akce 2003 kontakt index
STRONGMAN akce 2003 kontakt index ZUBR CUP 2002 Stanislav Pukl Vítejte na stránkách silných mužù ! V knihkupectví Sovíèek (Prostìjov, nám.TGM 16) lze zakoupit disketu ze soutìže ZUBR CUP 2002!

4. UKStrongman
Philip Wright's news, reports, and updates on happenings in the UK strongman World.Category Sports Strength Sports strongman Strongmen......
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5. B&K - Aktuellt Inom Strongman
Azalea Festival strongman Challenge Norfolk, Virginia, US News, results and photos from the festival.
- Aktuellt inom Strongman
Aktuellt inom Strongman
Sidan skapad 2000-07-22
Uppdaterad Kraft-Poolen Nu med hemsida!
Mer frågor? Kontakta då: Rune Andersson
Kuseruds Gård

460 65 Brålanda
Tel: 0521-304 50 (kvällstid)
Fax: 0521-315 03
Postgiro: 636 44 71-0
• 2-4 maj, Västerås Relaterad information
Tävlingsplan för alla tävlingar i Sverige 2002

Externa länkar
Strongmanwebblogg ... Sveriges Starkaste Kvinna 1999 google-sökmotor google-sök Internet Kommentarer Maila eller använd formuläret nedan: namn (valfritt): e-post (om du vill ha svar): meddelande: Aktuellt inom Strongman 2003: Samlad tävlingsplan för alla svenska tävlingar 2002 Korrigerade bildtexter från Super Series-reportaget i Stockholm Vi fick hjälp med korrekta bildtexter från Magnus " Punkis " Keijser - klicka på bilderna nedan för rätta bildtexter - fler bilder från tävlingen finns på Magnus hemsida "

6. Strongman All Japan Triathlon
Results of the triathlon held in Miyakojima, Japan since 1985.

7. Calvin's Home-Strongman FAQ
Frequently asked questions about strongman competitions by Tapio Ojanaho.Category Sports Strength Sports strongman......strongman FAQ 1.2. A typical strongman competition consists of six events. The firstthree events are used to qualify eight finalists for the last three events.
Strongman FAQ 1.2
Thanks to Michael Leary for help with the particulars of the English idiom. ************************************************************************ TAPIO OJANAHO e-mail: www: puh. +358-0-148 4290 gsm. +358-40-5536190 ************************************************************************ Back to Training Info

8. North American Strongman Society
The North American strongman Society is the premier Amateur strongman organization in North America. Bill Holland who founded NASS has done an excellent job the last five years and has earned the respect from all strongmen who know him.
North American Strongman Society
North America's Amateur Strongman Contents Home About Us News State Chairmen ... Contact Us Welcome to the North American Strongman Society also known as NASS. My name is Willie Wessels. I am the President and owner of NASS. My wife Dione and I are both committed to developing strongman here in America. With the help of all of the state chair's, we will do our best to provide quality contests. We want to make sure your membership with NASS works for you the competitor. Through Newsletters and current event listings, we will provide many opportunities for you to compete. Please check the NASS site often to see what is going on. NASS, or North American Strongman Society is the premier amateur strongman group on the North American Continent. The mission of the society is to provide quality strongman contests for the public while ensuring fair treatment for the competitors.
Through a multitude of qualifying contest (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) from all over the United States, athletes can qualify for the North American Strongman Championships (Weight classes 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, SHW). Last season, we had some forty contest with the finals in St Louis MO. See NASS events page (click here) for all of the upcoming contest. Each competitor must have a current NASS membership card. Membership fee is $25 and $16 for teenagers. Memberships can be purchased the day of the contest.

Career, results, and other information about Joel Sward, professional strongman and track and field athlete.Category Sports Strength Sports strongman Strongmen......strongman JOEL. Joel's Track And Field Career In A Nutshell. Copyright© 2002 strongman JOEL. Webmaster. My athletic background
STRONGMAN JOEL Joel's Track And Field Career In A Nutshell Webmaster My athletic background includes two stints with two different college football teams, a borderline obsession with throwing the shot put and the discus that started way back in 1985, bodybuilding, power-lifting, strongman contests and more.
Along the way I have found myself competing in diverse settings ranging from 20,000 screaming fans and nationally televised audiences to a placid, outdoor field, where just a handful of athletes compete to see who is the best on that day.
Through it all I have tried to keep it all in perspective. To me it is simply all about trying to be the best you can be, whoever you are and whatever endeavor you choose to pursue.
I enjoy sharing my athletic and training pursuits with other people to teach, to encourage and to learn. LET'S LIFT SOME WEIGHTS! Best All-Time Lifts

10. CNN - Kabila: Democratic Leader Or Another African Strongman? - May 18, 1997
Kabila: Democratic leader or another African strongman?
May 18, 1997
Web posted at: 3:11 p.m. EDT (1911 GMT) (CNN) Zairian leader Laurent Kabila no longer works in the hidden jungle command posts of Africa's third largest country. His goal of ousting longtime President Mobutu Sese Seko has been accomplished, and his time is now. The direction of Zaire at least in the near future is up to the fiery new leader. But the problem the world is having with Kabila is knowing whether he will fully embrace democracy or turn out to be another brutal African strongman. Certainly the arrival of Kabila and the Alliance of Democratic Forces offers hope of a fresh start for the 45 million people of Zaire, among the world's poorest. When Kabila's forces marched into the capital of Kinshasa Saturday, thousands took to the streets to celebrate, waving the triumphant "V" for victory sign and shouting slogans in support of Kabila. But citizens are now wondering what the next step for Zaire, called the Democratic Republic of Congo by rebels, will be. "We don't know what we have to do," said one Zairian. "We ask all the European countries that support Kabila to come and support us."

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12. Baghdad's Strongman
Profile of Saddam Hussein, published in the New York Times in 1982.
July 15, 1982
Africa Americas Asia Pacific ...
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Today's News Past Week Past 30 Days Past 90 Days Past Year Since 1996
Baghdad's Strongman
addam Hussein, President and iron-fisted ruler of Iraq, is nothing if not tough. In his youth he was the only one in his revolutionary cell to escape after an attempt to assassinate a dictator. He cut a bullet out of his leg with a penknife and made his way on a donkey across the desert to Syria. On another occasion he held off an overwhelming force of policemen assaulting his hideout until he ran out of bullets for his pistol. With Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's forces pushing six miles into Iraq and threatening the key Iraqi port of Basra, Mr. Hussein is facing the gravest crisis of his career, one in which he will need all his legendary strength. The costly 22-month old border war with Iran marked Mr. Hussein's bid to become the leading figure in the Persian Gulf region and the Middle East, the champion of the Arab world. Instead, his highlytouted army appeared ill-led and inept. The assault soon bogged down, and this spring the supposedly disorganized Iranians began a series of smashing attacks that drove the Iraqi troops back to their borders. Hussein Gloried in War Mr. Hussein closely identified himself with the war. Every day the state-controlled newspapers and television called it ''Saddam's Qadesiyya,'' after the seventh-century battle in which Arab armies, fighting under the flag of the new religion of Islam, swept out of the desert to defeat the Persians, who then ruled between the Tigris and the Euphratres.

Premier amateur strongman organization in North America. Contests throughout the year. News, schedule, Category Sports Strength Sports strongman Organizations......FOR NEW OFFICIAL NORTH AMERICAN strongman SOCIETY WEBSITE CLICK HERE.

14. Homepage Von Martin Muhr - The Bavarian Rock
Pr¤sentation des st¤rksten Mann Deutschlands mit seinen Erfolgen und Fotos.'','ptbVGXlzhH1Uk','width=488,height=50');
Kontakt: Martin Muhr

D-82275 Emmering

15. Dynamic Directory - Sports - Strength Sports - Strongman -
North American strongman Society Premier amateur strongman organization in North America.

16. The Page Of Power
A place for armwrestlers, strongman enthusiasts, and weight lifters.
This page has moved HERE! . Please update your links.

Online NewsHour backgrounder
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18. Bill Kazmaier World's Greatest Strongman
CarolinaVirginia Strength I strongman Links I. World's Greatest strongman.Bill Kazmaier. Carolina-Virginia Strength I strongman Links I.
Carolina-Virginia Strength I Strongman Links I Kaz Pic's from York Barbell Spectacular 2000
Kaz Strongest Man

Kaz American Strength Legends

What you don't Know can hurt you.
KAZ Interview

World's Greatest Strongman Bill Kazmaier Bill Kazmaier is simply the greatest strength athlete of all time. In his prime he was untouchable. I believe, given his recent physical condition, that he could compete today on a very high level. ( Have you seen his Met-Rx commercial on the tube? ) I have never seen anyone who could come close to him when it comes to raw power. I have put together a few links. Hope you Kaz fans will enjoy them ! Kaz Pic's from York Barbell Spectacular 2000
Kaz Strongest Man

Kaz American Strength Legends

What you don't Know can hurt you.
Carolina-Virginia Strength
I Strongman Links I Powerlifting and Strength Sports

19. CNN - Cambodian Strongman Lashes Out At Asian Trade Group - July 14, 1997
Cambodian strongman lashes out at Asian trade group
July 14, 1997
Web posted at: 10:19 a.m. EDT (1419 GMT) PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (CNN) Cambodia's Second Prime Minister Hun Sen lashed out Monday at the Asian trade organization that condemned his bloody government takeover, and he threatened to reconsider Cambodia's bid to join the seven-nation body. Hun Sen said he was afraid of joining the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) because of what he described as the organization's interference in Cambodia's internal affairs. Hun Sen said Cambodia might now reconsider its application for ASEAN membership: "We consider if we go to ASEAN or if we stop. I want to stop if ASEAN continues to interfere in our internal affairs". ASEAN, which groups Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, has put Cambodia's application on hold after Hun Sen ousted First Prime Minister Prince Norodom Ranariddh on July 6 after two days of fighting in Phnom Penh. Cambodia had been due to join ASEAN this month, along with Laos and Burma. ASEAN said last week that it still recognized Ranariddh as first prime minister.

20. Heavy Sports Strong Man Page
A site devoted to strong man contests, profiles, links. The strength athlete's one stop home page for information on competions, results and events.


For a huge selection of gym equipment click here Strongman/Strongwoman Page Have a pic for this page? Email it to us!! THE POWER SHOP Exclusive Interview with Jill Mills The World's Strongest Woman JILL The online home of Strong Woman Champion. Heavy Sports Emag Articles about power!! Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding and interviews with today's strongest athletes. StrongMan FAQ If it's asked frequently, it might be here! 2 Man/Woman Deadlift Challenge Contact your lifting buddies and let them know about this event, the more, the better. NO travel costs, NO hotels, you complete the lift in on your own "turff". Monster Muscle The best magazine covering the strength sports we love. Built Solid Strongman Challenge $20 000 in prize money!! May 16th and 17th/2003 North American Strongman Society North America's Amateur Strongman/woman IFSA World Champ. Strong Man Super Series - Current Strongman News I FSA Super Series Strongman News Jan 23/2003 Svend Karlsen's Viking Power World Strength Legends Diesel Power Forum- - Strength Discussion Board National Strength Athletics Association(NSAA) Explosive Athletic Training Ohio Valley Strong Man Competitions BodyTech Strength Promotions ... Ken Brown's Site A well put together site for this US Strongman.

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