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         Team Handball:     more books (91)
  1. Team Handball: Steps to Success (Steps to Success Activity Series) by Reita Clanton, Mary Phyl Dwight, 1996-09-05
  2. Team Handball by Troy Frick, 2001-01-01
  3. Handball in Serbia: Serbian Handball Clubs, Serbian Handball Players, 1957 World Women's Handball Championship, Serbia National Handball Team
  4. Handball in Ukraine: Ukrainian Handball Clubs, Ukrainian Handball Coaches, Ukrainian Handball Players, Ukraine Women's National Handball Team
  5. Team handball;: An introductory manual by Sung J Park, 1973
  6. Handball: A Complete Guide by B. J. Rowland, 1970-06
  7. Team Handball: Goalkeeper, Ihf World Player of the Year, Ihf Badge of Merit, Canadian Team Handball Federation, Ihf Referee's Badge of Honour
  8. Sport in Oman: Oman Sail, List of Games in Oman, Oman Olympic Committee, Oman at the Olympics, Oman National Beach Handball Team
  9. Handball in Spain: Spain Women's National Handball Team, Spain National Handball Team, List of Handball Clubs in Spain
  10. National Sports Teams of Angola: Angola National Football Team, Angola National Basketball Team, Angola National Handball Team
  11. National Sports Teams of Norway: Norway National Football Team, Norway Women's National Handball Team, Norway Davis Cup Team
  12. National Sports Teams of Russia: Russia National Football Team, Russia National Basketball Team, Russia National Handball Team
  13. Handball in Iceland: Icelandic Handball Coaches, Icelandic Handball Players, Iceland National Handball Team, Ólafur Stefánsson
  14. Ball Games: Association Football, Netball, Australian Rules Football, Field Hockey, Bandy, Rugby Union, Team Handball, Korfball, Juggling

1. USA Team Handball
Official site of USA team handball the American national governing body of the sports. Programs, calendar Category Sports team handball Organizations......USA team handball is the national governing body for the Olympic Sport of TeamHandball. THE OFFICIAL SITE OF USA team handball. team handball News.
Team Handball News
Upcoming Events:
2003 USA TH National Championships:
April 11-13 in Reno, Nevada. Click here to visit the Official Tournament Page 2003 USA TH College Nationals: March 28-29 at Furman University. more... 2003 Cobb Cup: Hosted by USA Team Handball and the GA Games on May 3rd - May 4th at Life University, located in Marietta. Open to all U.S. Schools and teams. Please visit: the Official 2003 Cobb Cup Page for details. Click here for other U.S. Tournaments/Events.
March 21, 2003: st Annual Rock International Cup ~ Youth Team Handball Tournament to be held on
June 20-24, 2003. more... March 21, 2003: Atlanta Metro Classic Results. more... March 21, 2003: USA Women’s National Team Challenges the Top Two Teams in the Quebec League. more... March 18, 2003: NEW: Now online the International Handball Federation (IHF) Newsletter.

2. Finland's Page For Team Handball
Finland's team handball clubs, players, links.Category Sports team handball Regional Finland...... Welcome to Finland's oldest active pages for team handball. Homepages for different teams, players, organizations etc Finland
Finland's handball page
Founded in december 1995. Take your byte
journeys to this page since 17 Oct. 1996, and millions before that...
Welcome to Finland's oldest active pages for team handball Home pages for different teams, players, organizations etc: Finland:
Finland's national association for team handball telephone: +358 9 34812357 +358 9 34812228 +358 9 34812501 telefax: +358 9 34812503 e-mail to SKPL, the national association Please note: Jens Backlund does not read the mail addressed to SKPL founded on 23 May 1941 SKPL is a founding member of IHF and EHF clubs with membership: 42, members in clubs: 7,500 active players: 2,700, of those are 1,800 under 19 years 4 competition levels for men and 2 for women youth teams: 140 Part of Finnish Sports Federation (FSF)
URL changed 31 Aug 1998
  • BK-46
  • town: Karjaa (Karis)
    real name: Bollklubben -46
    URL added 23 Nov 2001
    • male team , URL added 23 Nov 2001
      premier division: champions 1968, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987,
      1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2002 (record 18 times)

    3. Fédération Canadienne De Handball - Canadian Team Handball Federation
    Vast resource for handball in Canada. With coaches, club directory, rules, a calendar and profiles of both men's and women's national teams.

    4. Saskatchewan Team Handball
    Saskatchewan team handball. Welcome to the pages of the Saskatchewan team handball Federation
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    5. Handball
    A directory with links to team handball sites on the internet.
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated TEAM HANDBALL - GENERAL Submit a Site

    6. Worldwide Handball
    Large source for results and schedules of major handball competitions around the world.Category Sports team handball......Welcome to the best team handball Site always updated with the latest news,results, photos and everything else regarding all the games in our sport.
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    7. My Team Handball Page
    Training, tactics, officiating, and playing rules.
    open("../harhandb.gif","fenster","width=150, height=160",dependent="no"); back: to my main sporting page
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    Welcome to
    my main team handball page.
    What is (team) handball about
    View some action pictures
    Go a little bit deeper in playing it.
    Create a trainings plan
    Or do you want to act as a referee
    Mention punishmenst in officiating team handball. See the referees their handsigns How handball-sports is organized basic technics playing the game two referees the association training exercises match evaluating chart animation view different kinds of throws in playing team handball chart these are possible 1 to 1, . . . chart . . . and these ones of 2 to 2 situations chart definitions regarding to the players positions chart attacking and defending systems in playing handball chart View the standard attacking movements chart some ways for aiming a goal chart executing a free-throw chart view the defenders' movements chart animation View the referees their movements.

    8. Welcome To Atlanta Team Handball
    A site of Georgia's league with merchandise shopping and some more links.Category Sports team handball Regional United States......
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    9. Sports
    In team handball competition, the women's squad has earned three African Championships for Angola.
    Team Handball In team handball competition, the women's squad has also earned three African Championships for Angola. Deprived of the spotlight and glamour accorded international basketball, the women made their debut in rather unsteady fashion, squandering their first big chance, in Luanda, at the 1985 All-African Championships, with a disappointing fifth-place finish. The next two years, however, witnessed the onset of the "true" history about to be written in this endeavor, starting with the win earned by "Ferroviário de Angola" women's team in the African Champions Cup, held in Owerri, Nigeria. The accomplishments of the national women's squad, under Coach Alberto Ferreira, are especially significant in light of the fact that none of their titles benefitted from the home-court advantage. Each was earned on foreign soil, which, given the immensely biased officiating currently prevalent throughout Africa, makes it a feat truly worthy of respect. Angolan Star Athletes: Paulo Bunze and Victor Lemos (team handball) For information on the 1998 African junior handball champions from Angola

    10. Selects Team Handball
    Player profiles and news.
    Welcome to the Selects Team Handball page
    Graphics By Rolly
    The Selects page may now be viewed in these languages.
    French German Spanish
    About Our Team
    The Selects Team Handball Club is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We play in a recreational league that is broken up in to two divisions "A" and "B" . We play in the "A" division and have won the championship the last six of seven years.
    The Selects regular season is now over and we have defended our championship successfully. Spartak gave us two really hard fought games but we ended up squeezing out a victory. We are now preparing for the Nationals the 16-18th of May.
    We would like to thank the Saskatchewan Team Handball Federation for hosting the Western Canadian Championships and we would also like to thank the teams that played. The Selects ended up winning the tournament just edging out Alberta. Once again thanks to everyone involved
    Please be patient as a couple of our links are not up yet. They will be up soon. Remember to send us your tournament information as we will be posting the list of tournaments we have received very soon.
    Enough of the Handball. Try the Selects Beer Page.

    11. Carolina Team Handball --2001-2002
    Team results, links, and rosters are posted.Category Sports team handball Regional United States......Carolina team handball 20012002. The Carolina Roster Dr. JohnSilva - Coach/Faculty Advisor; JB Sampson - Assistant Coach; Myles
    Carolina Team Handball 2001-2002
    The Carolina Roster
    • Dr. John Silva - Coach/Faculty Advisor
    • J.B. Sampson - Assistant Coach
    • Myles Bacon - President
    • LaMont Council - Secretary/Treasurer
    • Mark Sanders - Operations Manager
    • Bryan Blackorby - PR Manager
    • Dom Boykin
    • Nathan Box
    • Blake Cloninger
    • Kris Graves
    • Volker Grzimek
    • John Hartmayer
    • Kevin Johnson
    • Stan Moore
    • Tim Nelson
    • Sergio Rodriguez
    • Clay Roesch
    • Charles Schuettinger
    The success of the fall 2001 season has left the Tar Heels with a thirst for what's to come. With a solid nucleus of experienced players, the Tar Heels are looking to solidify their spot as one of the best teams in the CTHC's history. With strong showings in the Tar Heel Invitational and South East Team Handball Conference play, Carolina has high expectations for it's four major tournaments this spring. Keep an eye out here for all of your CTHC team news, tournament schedules, and results. News, Updates, and Links USA Handball Official Site
    Worldwide Handball

    A Brief Club History

    The End of Spring 2001
    2002 Blue Cup Tournament

    12. - History - Team Handball
    Check out history, rules and regulations, Olympic champions, links and official information. team handball is very popular in much of the world, but little known in North America.
    Sports History
    Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
    Team Handball
    Table of Contents
    Team handball is very popular in much of the world, but little known in North America. Its very name is confusing even to an American who knows quite a bit about sports. The modern game actually grew out of three sports that were developed, independently, in three different European countries: The Czech hazena , the Danish handbold , and the German Torball All three were based on soccer, but essentially replaced the foot with the hand, so that the ball could be advanced by batting or throwing, rather than by kicking. Hazena was being played by Slovak peoples as early as 1892; its rules were first codified in 1906, by a college professor. Handbold (the Danish word for handball) was developed in 1898 by a teacher, Holger Nielsen, as an alternative to soccer. In 1906, Nielsen revised the rules considerably and began organizing competitions outside the school at which he taught. Similarly, Torball was created in 1915 by a German gymnastics teacher, Max Heiden.

    13. Team Handball
    Select a region on the map to see who plays team handball.
    Official Handball Organizations European Handball Federation US Team Handball Federation Eqyptian Handball Federation New South Wales Handball Association ... Slovenian Handball Federation Handball Newslinks Worldwide Handball News European Handball Federation Handball World FC Barcelona (in German) DC Diplomats Handball Club Major Events
      2003 Calendar of Events 18th Men's World Championship
        Saturday 18 January - Sunday 2 February 2003
      14th Men's Junior World Championship
        Sunday 24 August - Sunday 7 September 2003
      16th Women's World Championship
        Sunday 30 November - Sunday 14 December 2003
      World University Championship
        BRAZILIA, Brazil Friday 27 December 2002 - Saturday 4 January 2003
      Where is handball played?

    14. Team Handball - Johann & Sandra's Team Handball
    An introduction and resource material about team handball, with a comprehensive list of general and Category Sports team handball Personal handball, including links, photos, and information about the game.
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    15. Team-Handball Index
    team handball page provides results, news, links and general information. approval of the International Handball Federation, the European Handball Federation will authorize 14 to generally authorize 14 players per team for the 2003 World Championships.
    Diese Seite ist zur Zeit nicht verfügbar. Bis heute liegen noch keine IHF-Fragen zu den neuen Regeln vor.
    Da der Handball-Referee-Training Software ohne diese IHF-Fragen ein lehrreicher Teil fehlt, haben wir uns entschieden, die weitere Entwicklung solange einzustellen, bis die IHF-Fragen zu den neuen Regeln erschienen sind.
    Wir halten Sie an dieser Stelle regelmäßig auf dem Laufenden.
    Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis, Ihr Handball-Referee-Training Team e-mail:
    Last update / Stand:

    16. CalHeat :: SF Bay Area Team Handball Club
    San Francisco Bay Area competing in the 1st division of US TeamHandball league. Both men's and women's teams.
    @import url("themes/Calheat/style/style.css"); QBPATH='/pn/javascript'; VISUAL=0; SECURE=1; SF Bay Area Team Handball Club Member Login CalHeat Home
    Contact us

    Guests News by topic


    Web Links

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    From day Feb 16, 2003 Welcome to CalHeat As an amateur club, we do not have team sponsorship and each player is responsible for their own expenses associated with travel and competition and 2002 CalHeat is also involved with the development of youth Team Handball players by supporting the Centerville Jr. High Team Handball club with coaching and refereeing. We are always looking for individuals interested in joining our club, including players, coaches and volunteers. Our Vision for this club is to expand our structure to where we have a development feeder system consisting of Jr. and Sr. High School programs that would feed into youth teams (14-16, 16-18, 18-21 yr olds), a Senior Division II team and a Senior Division I team. Where and when do we meet for the Fresno Tournament Posted by: Ulf on Friday, March 21, 2003 - 11:10 AM

    17. USA Team Handball | About USA Team Handball
    USA team handball is the national governing body for the Olympic Sport of TeamHandball. THE OFFICIAL SITE OF USA team handball. About USA team handball.
    About USA Team Handball
    Click here for the USA Team Handball Directors and Staff About USA Team Handball
    USA Team Handball is the National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport of Handball in the United States. We are a non-profit organization designed to develop team handball through schools, recreational leagues and colleges; provide multiple levels of competition for all ages, skill levels, and interests; as well as developing the Men's and Women's teams for the Pan American Games, World Championships, and the Olympic Games. USA Team Handball is a member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), Pan American Team Handball Federation (PATH), and the International Handball Federation (IHF). Mission of USA Team Handball
    To promote and establish a focused team handball developmental pipeline in order to achieve and sustain competitive excellence at all levels with the goal of winning gold medals Philosophy of USA Team Handball
    USA Team Handball is committed to insuring the integrity and growth of the sport of team handball. Our commitment is focused on offering the necessary training and materials for empowering our membership to execute quality programs that provide the utmost enjoyment of the sport. The foundation of our programs is built on education-based grassroots development from which rises the structure of recreational competition, creating a pipeline for elite athletes to national teams.

    18. Handball Rules
    team handball rules written bu Luke Wildman.
    Handball Rules
    The following summary of the rules of European or Team Handball were written by Luke Wildman who started me off at this sport but has stopped playing so I thought I'd better keep a copy available. (Team) Handball happens to be the fastest and most exciting sport in the world. The court is 40x20 m (two basketball courts) and features 2x3m goals at each end. Each Goal is surrounded by a 6m goal area (2 6m radius arcs with (center = goal post) joined by a tangent in the middle. Another arc, 9m from the posts, lies outside the goal line. This is the free throw line and it is usually dashed. A 1m long penalty throw line lies 7m in front of the goals. There is also a halfway line with a center dot for the restart. There are 12 players on each team, 2 goal keepers and 10 field players. There is one goal keeper and a maximum of 6 field players on court at a time. Substitution can occur at anytime so long as player-off before player-on. The ball-playing rules are in 3's. 3 steps with the ball (a full three steps too, landing after catching the ball is step 0) but no pivoting like basketball. 3 seconds holding the ball.

    19. Tripod
    Officers, competition calendar, national team player and action pictures and history for this organization.
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    20. Handball Links Around The World
    team handball links around the world. Take your byte. Back to Finland'spage for team handball. Tillbaka till Finlands handbollssida.
    Team handball links around the world. Take your byte
    journeys to this page since 17 Oct. 1996, and millions before that...
    Links to other handball sites
    Last major revision period ended on 6 October 1998.
    Mr. Jens Backlund should really update this page more often.
    Major changes will not currently appear in this page.
    Patience, please.
    Last minor revision made on 8 February 2003
    No whatsoever responsibility for other peoples pages listed below.
    New links indicated with the date of addition.
    Alankomaat AT AU Australia ...
    International Handball Federation (IHF)
    active players in clubs worldwide: 7 million members of IHF: 147 countries Europe 46, Africa 45, Asia 32, the Americas 19 and Oceania 5
    European Handball Federation (EHF) , new URL 28 Mar 2002
    World Championships 2003 for men, Portugal , 8 Feb 2003 European Championships 2002 for women, Denmark
  • official page , 17 Dec 2002
  • danish page , 17 Dec 2002 European Championships 2002 for junior women, Helsinki, Finland , 9 Jul 2002 European Championships 2002 for men, Sweden , 12 Feb 2002 World Championships 2001 for women, Italy
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