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         Ultimate Frisbee:     more books (19)
  1. Essential Ultimate: Teaching, Coaching, Playing by Michael Baccarini, Tiina Booth, 2008-02-07
  2. ULTIMATE ACHIEVEMENT.(Recreation)(Two UO Frisbee players are recognized nationally in a growing sport): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  3. WHAM-O'S NEW FRISBEE DVD SPORTS PHOTO OF UO PLAYER.(Business)(The Ultimate competitor's mother took the photo, which will be seen at scores of stores around ... from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  4. The Ultimate Get More Biz, Success Principles and Inner Game for Frisbees On-line Businesses 3 CD Power Pack by Montezuma A. Johnson, 2007
  5. Ultimate REWARD.(Higher Education)(A UO team works to reach the pinnacle of the college Frisbee sport): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)

21. Brasil Online
Divulga o time de ultimate frisbee da USP e explica o que © este esporte.
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sobre o BOL
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Tudo sobre o Brasil Online AcessoBOL Sem demora, sem CD, sem complicação Condições de uso do BOL Sobre o BOL Política de privacidade Anuncie ... Ajuda Lembre-se: sua senha de acesso no BOL é secreta; não a informe a ninguém. O BOL jamais solicitará sua senha por e-mail ou por telefone.

22. Ultimate Frisbee Mit Den Blindfischen Aus Berlin
Eine der schnellsten Teamsportarten ultimate frisbee mit den Blindfischen in Berlin.
Tut mir leid Dein Browser kann keine Frames. Um überhaupt etwas von meinen Seiten zu sehen, sind hier die Links zu den Seiten direkt:

Ultimate Frisbee mit den Blindfischen

Internet via e-mail

Urlaubsbilder aus Val die Sole

23. Ultimate Kurs, Abt. Pädagogik Und Informatik, HU-Berlin
Frerk Meyer Logo ultimate frisbee. Das ist ein
Ergebnis der Lehrveranstaltung "Vernetztes Hypermedia" 1994, bei Dipl.-Inform. Frerk Meyer
Ultimate Frisbee
Das ist...
ein Mannschaftspiel um Punkte, das
mit einem Frisbee, auch Flugscheibe genannt
auf einem 110 m langen, 37 m breiten Spielfeld, aufgeteilt in ein Hauptspielfeld und zwei Endzonen, gespielt wird.
Hier gibt es mehr über
den Ablauf des Spiels
die Technik des Werfens und Fangens
Taktische Varianten der Spielgestaltung
spezielle Begriffsbezeichnungen
wo liegen die dieses Spiels ?
Der Internet Frisbee Shop , Online bestellen per WWW.
Informationen Adressen von Organisationen
Impressum Weitere Ultimate Server gibt es in Karlsruhe und Augsburg zuletzt geändert 29.10.96 JG

24. Huskies On Line

25. Ultimate Frisbee: Michigan / Ann Arbor
Guide to ultimate frisbee at and around the University of Michigan.Category Regional North America Ann Arbor Recreation and Sports......Other Ultimate Pages. About administrators. This page was last updated 4/12/02.For comments or questions, contact

Local ultimate travelling teams

26. San Antonio Ultimate - Other Ultimate Links
Texas USA open team. Videos, upcoming events, practice details, player roster and contact information.
san antonio ultimate Site Has Moved The San Antonio Ultimate web site has moved to this location

27. Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association
ultimate frisbee league. Site contains information, schedules, and resources.Category Regional North America O Ottawa Recreation and Sports...... Ultimate Parks Inc. Open Forum Ultimate Happenings Reading Room Links Discs Stuff CUPA UPA WFDF The Rules Ottawa Weather Traffic.
Warning! You are not using a frames capable browser, and as a result, may not be able to access all information on the OCUA site. The following links are here for your convenience, but may not contain all pertinent data, or may not function completely. Feel free to browse anyway though, or upgrade your browser to the latest version: OCUA General Info
OCUA History
Youth League

Affiliate Sites Ultimate Parks Inc.
Ottawa Disc Golf Club


Resources Open Forum
Ultimate Happenings

Reading Room

Ottawa Weather Traffic Web Hosting by: Last modified 15:34 EST, December 09, 2002 Maintained by the OCUA Web Team

28. Tournament Organisation
Generalpurpose advice for tournament organizers, specifically in the context of ultimate frisbee, but more widely applicable.

29. DoWhatWhen Sports - Free Listings Of Pickup Games For Every Sport Including Ulti
Free listings of pickup games for every sport including ultimate frisbee, basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey.
Local Pickup Games :
City Name or Zip Code
Member Login :
Email Address
Don't have your game listed?
Join Now
and start your own pickup game today! It's quick and easy.
What is DoWhatWhen SPORTS?
Learn about this site and what it does.
Links to Game Rules:
Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Basketball Rules
(NBA) Soccer Rules (FIFA) Hockey Rules (NHL) Tennis Rules [pdf] (ITF) Football Rules (NFL) Baseball Rules (MLB) Other Related Sites: Ultimate Players Association UPA Pickup Games Saturday, March 22 + LIST A GAME (FREE) + UPDATE LISTINGS (FREE) Complete Pickup Game List ( ADD ONE TODAY! DoWhatWhen SPORTS Link Directory (add your link today) Football NY, Lindenhurst (updated Tuesday, December 3 2002) Baseball CA, Marina Del Rey (updated Thursday, August 1 2002) Coed pickup soccer CA, Berkeley (updated Monday, July 1 2002) Soccer NC, Raleigh (updated Friday, June 21 2002) Soccer IL, Wheaton (updated Tuesday, June 11 2002) Soccer MD, Silver Spring (updated Tuesday, June 4 2002) pickup baseball MA, Peabody (updated Thursday, May 23 2002) Bakersfield Ultimate Players CA, Baker

30. Portland, OR | Ultimate Frisbee
Directions, registration, teams listing, event schedule and contact information.Category Sports Flying Discs United States Oregon......This site gives information about ultimate frisbee in Portland, Oregon. Pleaselet us know if you have information that should be on this site. ENTER.
This site gives information about Ultimate Frisbee in Portland, Oregon. Please let us know if you have information that should be on this site. E N T E R Use site map if menu script
doesn't work in your browser. (For info about Ultimate in Maine
visit this site.)

31. The Ultimate Documentary - The Santa Barbara Condors 2001
Examination of the evolution of ultimate frisbee. Includes history of the sport, information on the film, the crew, screenings and video clips.
The Ultimate Documentary
About The Film
Screenings Film Crew Video Clips ... Resources
The Ultimate Documentary
If the 1960's were an era that revolved around new ethics, they were also a period circling for new athletics. The Peace and Love Generation needed a sport with a different spin on team rivalry and fair play. A man named Tom Kennedy caught the drift for this new sport, and introduced "Ultimate Frisbee" to the West Coast.
Ultimate became a unique game that stood in stark contrast to other contemporary team sports. Its reliance upon honesty and compromise among individual players, in favor of referees, was known as "Spirit of the Game". This principle united players not only on the field, but also across the sidelines, where a whole Frisbee subculture soon developed. Spirit of the Game was the core of Ultimate Frisbee and the first indication that 60's social ideals had spread, like Tie-Dye, into the fabric of sport.
Thirty years later, the center of Ultimate Frisbee's orbit is still on the West Coast in the form of the Santa Barbara Condors, the 2000 national champions. The Ultimate Documentary follows this California team through their 2001 season as they defend their championship title all the way to Sarasota, Florida. Along the journey, we learn how the sport has (r)evolved with the times and meet several team members from yesterday and today, who reflect on where the sport is headed tomorrow.

32. Pittsburgh Ultimate
Upcoming events, contact information, pickup game details, pictures, news articles and area teams.Category Sports Flying Discs North America United States...... Spring Club Teams Pounce Run Balance of Power College Teams Mr. Yuk Pansy En Sabah Nur Tournaments Mars ultimate frisbee Tournament PUFF, the CoEd
Community for Pittsburgh Ultimate
P.O. Box 81153
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
CPU Board Home

Pittsburgh Ultimate Links
Seasonal Leagues:
Winter Fall Summer Club Teams:
Run Balance of Power College Teams:
Mr. Yuk
Pansy En Sabah Nur Tournaments:
Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
, the Co-Ed Tourney ... *New* Ultimate Discussion Board Featured Photograph Sideline seriousness - Marta and Kristen of Billy Joel Submission Position enjoying Winter League finals Pickup Schedule Mon: Tue: Wed: Thu: Fri: Sat: 1:00p @ Schenley Oval (Open Pickup) Sun: Using the Pickup mailing list Directions to Fields Last updated Tue Dec 10th, 2002 Recent Leagues Winter Spring Winter Spring ... Summer Archived Leagues Summer Summer Summer E-mail Contacts CPU Board Summer League Commissioners (Geoff Atkinson, Matthew Bourland, Jason Short) Evan Schmidt (Spring League Commish) David Lionetti (Mars TD) Hope Celani (Pounce contact) Bram Reichbaum (Balance of Power contact) Kevin Peterson (CMU Mr. Yuk contact) Sean McComb (Pitt En Sabah Nur contact) Kristen Lutomski (Pansy contact) Henry Thorne (UPA Board Member, RUN contact)

33. University Of Iowa Ultimate Frisbee
The purpose of this ultimate web page is to inform the general web public of the sport of ultimate frisbee. What is ultimate frisbee?
University of Iowa Ultimate
The New Iowa Hawkeye Ultimate Club Page
The Iowa Hawkeye Ultimate Club Web page has a new face. Please change any links to this site to the new site listed below: The purpose of this ultimate web page is to inform the general "web" public of the sport of ultimate frisbee. For information on the University of Iowa Ultimate Team, go to their New Page
What is ultimate frisbee?
Ultimate frisbee is a fast-paced sport using elements from soccer and basketball; binding them together with spirit. The game is played on a 40 by 120 yd field (including endzones). There are seven players per team and play generally lasts for a couple of hours. For more information regarding the game, see the UPA Rules of Ultimate, Ninth Edition
General UI Club Information
If you have any questions about club information, feel free to

34. Välkommen Till STUL / Welcome To STUL
Klubbinformation om frisbeegolf och ultimate frisbee.

35. Keiv's Home Page
Attended Kansas State University and majored in Engineering. Main interests include science, engineering, freethought, and ultimate frisbee.

36. Fantasy League Ultimate Rules
Provides a method of scoring, etiquette, and history of a game played by members on the sideline of an ultimate frisbee match.
Rules of Fantasy League Ultimate 1st Edition with Variations No set of rules can replace a good argument. A Postscript version is also available. Preface The purpose of the rules of Fantasy League Ultimate (FLU) is to provide a guideline which describes the way the game is heckled. It assumed that no FLU heckler will intentionally violate the rules; thus there are no harsh penalties for inadvertent infractions, but rather a method for attempting to sway the other hecklers to your side of a dispute (i.e. arguing). Often a heckler is in a position where it is clearly to the heckler's advantage to miscall an Ultimate play, but that heckler is morally bound to abide by the rules. The integrity of FLU depends on each player's responsibility to uphold the spirit of the game, and this responsibility should not be taken lightly. However, a healthy argument is always encouraged.
Fantasy League Ultimate is a non-contact, non-motion sport played by any number of hecklers. The purpose of the game is to make watching Ultimate almost as exciting as playing it. The object of the game is to score points. A point is scored when a heckler's player(s) successfully completes one of a specific set of plays.
Spirit of the Game
Ultimate has traditionally relied upon a spirit of sportsmanship which places the responsibility for fair play on the player. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of the bond of mutual respect between players, adherence to the agreed upon rules of the game, or the basic joy of play. Protection of these vital elements serves to eliminate adverse conduct from the Ultimate field. Such actions as taunting of opposing players, dangerous aggression, intentional fouling, or other ``win-at-all-costs'' behavior are contrary to the spirit of the game and must be avoided by all players. However, in Fantasy League Ultimate, all of the above are encouraged between hecklers.

37. Viksjöfors IF - Ultimate - Frisbee
Om framg¥ngar och bakslag samt med bildarkiv.

38. Knoxville Ultimate Frisbee
Knoxville ultimate frisbee. Welcome to the homepage of Knoxville Ultimate.Knoxville has a men's and women's college team, and an
Knoxville Ultimate Frisbee
Welcome to the homepage of Knoxville Ultimate. Knoxville has a men's and women's college team, and an "open" team (we are waiting for the older women to revitalize the woman's club team). The open team plays co-ed frequently. We welcome anyone to drop by and play with us. If you found this page, you probably already know about Ultimate, but if not, drop by the Ultimate Players Association for lots of info about the sport.
Go to the bottom of this page to subscribe to the Knoxville Ultimate e-mail group (Knoxulty)! If you have trouble with this, e-mail me, Charlie Cwiek, at , and I will send you an e-mail invitation to join Knoxulty (this method is much easier).
This site was last updated on March 6, 2003. History of Knoxville Ultimate Practice Times and Locations Knoxville Ultimate Trophies Smoky Mountain Ultimate Tournament ... Ultimate Links Galore This site is dedicated to the memory of: Shawn Adams
Click to subscribe to Knoxulty

39. Zürich Ultimate Flyers
ultimate frisbeeTeam. Trainingsdaten, Geschichte des Teams, Bildergalerie und Links.

40. HOT LOVE Berlin - Ultimate Frisbee - Home
ultimate frisbee mit Hot Love Berlin ist ein sehr schneller Teamsport mit Infos ƒÂ¼ber Trainingstermine, etwas ƒÂ¼ber Hot Love Berlin und Links zu anderen Seiten.
English Version
ultimate frisbee in Schulen anzubieten und das ultimate handbook . Wichtig ist auch das jeder Spieler versucht mit dem Gegner zu spielen, fair ist und eben versucht gute Laune zu verbreiten, also reichlich "Spirit" mitbringt!
Wer sind wir?
. Wir gaben uns den Namen HOT LOVE: Leidenschhaftschaftlich spielen, mit viel loving Spirit, ist auch ein cooler Song von T-Rex.
Wo trainieren wir?

Shirts und Scheiben
VERY HOT! Tunierberichte: "Leibsch 2000" "Rostock 2000" "Hang-over 2000" "Bremen 2001" ... "Rostock 2001"
Artikel: "Scheibe eingeschlagen!" "hotlove - Scheibenpflege" "Ultimate Frisbee is Nature's Viagra" "FRISBEE-FORSCHUNGSBEDARF" ... "Frisbee senkt Lebenserwartung" HOT LOVE Kontakt HOT LOVE Links Besucher seit dem

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